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Oct 18, 2020




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Fuzion Velez
Fuzion Velez 14 days ago
rose said he enjoyed palying with lebron he just said he couldent play to his max due to injuries and he wanted to try it again in the future
Fuzion Velez
Fuzion Velez 14 days ago
if rose goes to the lakers id say it worth for kuzma , cause rose is cheaper and hes going to be more valuable off the bench rose can really fit or even starting
GoldWater H
GoldWater H 17 days ago
Wtf? Get to the point was going to subscribe but not after this one
Qujuan Martin
Qujuan Martin 20 days ago
Derrick Rose 🌹 will remain a piston.
Quicko Espiritu
Quicko Espiritu 20 days ago
Well.. a good trade.. I guess
X7_Kryptic 26 days ago
One word....Unstoppable 😳
Sylvia Gitau
Sylvia Gitau 28 days ago
I think their rooster is fine as it is they shouldn't trade anyone.
remy mostyn
remy mostyn 29 days ago
the lakers need a quailty point and..... tye pistons would use kuzma so well
Phang Ross
Phang Ross Month ago
Laker trade kuzmen for derrick rose ,laker too stupid to do that .derreck rose on end of career, kuzmen on his prime
Oscar Harrysson
Oscar Harrysson Month ago
If I was GM I wanted a first round pick just to take Kuzma whit out anything else involved. He is so F bad,
Steve Wise
Steve Wise Month ago
That’s bs...they’re considering other trades that didn’t include Rose.
prod. jmtz
prod. jmtz Month ago
the craziest upload streak in sports youtube? someone didn't watch kot4q last December
Nathan the beast Beast boy
Flight mike exposed the fake news
Randy Month ago
Flight Mike Exposed the Fake News
Blen Quing
Blen Quing Month ago
chris paul is really a perfect player but he needs to lower his price.
Luther Molock
Luther Molock Month ago
Can’t afford CP3 Contract
Joel Acosta
Joel Acosta Month ago
I feel like rose wouldn't want to play with LeBron
Nathan Wyatt
Nathan Wyatt Month ago
Clippers need a pg they might trade
Etchi Month ago
Rose was like my #2 after Kobe so if ever he get to play for lakers Ill be like hell ya please also if ever chris got on LA -_- then it will not have a good chemistry.
Adam Wang
Adam Wang Month ago
Sounds like clippers needs a rondo for KL...
J Groves
J Groves Month ago
Shittt we could see Blake come to LA seeing how hes from LA and played on LA for years. Could do D.howard, Kuzma,Caruso and whatever roleplsyers it will take for blake and possibly D.rose too
WhiteMeteor Gaming
Hell naw, if avery bradley is involved in a trade no thanks, I want bradley as a laker, his defense is great and has a great mid range game, im more ok with Kuzma and Danny Green tho
Michael Geronimo Flores
Imagine if the Chris paul trade happend lmao
alex harris
alex harris Month ago
Me before this video :😐 Me seeing the title of this video : 🤯🗣YES, YESSSSSS
Kola Alade
Kola Alade Month ago
For Kuzma, go for Buddie Heid. D rose = Caruso. Stop acting like the Clippers now
Joseph Bean
Joseph Bean Month ago
Let's see what lakers do?
Jesse Singh
Jesse Singh Month ago
Flight mile exposed the fake news
The1Mustache3 Month ago
Flight Mike exposed the fake news
The1Mustache3 Month ago
It is simple. Just restructure Caruso to a longer term contract ...keep rondo. And boom. Get rid of avery bradley. Caruso is beast.
Kishor Hegde
Kishor Hegde Month ago
Cuz they can't take on his contract
Ben Lang
Ben Lang Month ago
Kawhi should just play SG and let PG13 play SF. Harrell at PF.
William Valentine
Would love the ps5, never had a game system since the xbox360, and I’ve never won an online thing, don’t know if you just leave a comment or what to be entered but I love ur content and have been watching for a long time now
NeW KinG
NeW KinG Month ago
Kyle kuzma will score a lot without lebron and AD So he needs a team when he can be the lead. While Drose can be use while Lebron is on bench or out of game. Drose average 18 ppg..
NeW KinG
NeW KinG Month ago
Trade green lol Lance stephenson shows a better 3 point performance than green😂😂 Lakers need a cheaper shooter. Having rose and Clarkson is a steal.
NeW KinG
NeW KinG Month ago
Lakers big problem is that when lebron is on the bench they are being outscored.. They need some one who can maintain the score along with davis. And its rose averaging 18.1 ppg imagine..at only $7m...yeah they dont need a chrispaul.... Imagine 18.1 ppg?😂😂 Kuzma is the 3rd high scorer average 12 ppg.
Thai Pham
Thai Pham Month ago
I'll expose fake news but I'll start my own rumour...
joabeth binuya
joabeth binuya Month ago
Want drose to clippers merge with pg and kawhi
Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAM
#TogetherEvery1AchievesMore TEAM!
Gene Sulprizio
Gene Sulprizio Month ago
I don’t care for your news reporting sign.
James412 J.
James412 J. Month ago
They better leave Kyle alone CP isn't that good of a fit on the Lakers he's good were he is in OKC.. Now D Rose has a decent thing in Detroit he needs some more ballers on that team to be serious contenders.. Now Bradley and Rose would or could be a serious one two combo for Detroit who knows..
James412 J.
James412 J. Month ago
I wish D. Booker would come to LA or Victor O cause he's done with Indiana either one of these two would be crazy for either LA team..
Glynn Addison
Glynn Addison Month ago
They aren’t giving up Christian Woods
Maurice Jackson
Maurice Jackson Month ago
Dude you ramble to much. Just get the damn video
Nut in Space
Nut in Space Month ago
Bro D.Rose is like the Ryan Fitzpatrick of the NBA. Solid players journeymen and everyone loves them. D.Rose just had really bad luck and had a stupid coach.
Aaleeyah Petty
Aaleeyah Petty Month ago
Rose to the Clippers 🏁
Kenye Charles
Kenye Charles Month ago
What if u want a xbox series X?
DJVICK23 Month ago
Just subbed and rang the bell 🛎
conboss conboss
conboss conboss Month ago
this dude said at the start of the video that he was trying his hardest to not create fake media and rumors and then literally right after that said that one of the rumors in his video was something he creeated
conboss conboss
conboss conboss Month ago
hey good job you started the actual video before 2 minutes
Phillip Williams
Drose going to the clippers I'd bet not the Lakers
xXbeownedXx Month ago
PS5 plzzzzzxzzzz
gk cinco
gk cinco Month ago
Get kuzma tf outta here
ahahha hello
ahahha hello Month ago
Flight mike exposed fake news
Ten K
Ten K Month ago
Q d introwww
E J Month ago
Staking team even more.
flight mike exposed the fake news
SOLARVERSE 1 Month ago
That move would be great! 1
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Lou Ferdinand Almendra
Drose should rather go to the heat imo
Xavier Luna
Xavier Luna Month ago
If I were be asking I think the Miami Heat need DRose as their point guard. Jimmy butler is a great leader but theres a time that jimmy get tired and Jimmy is greater if he focus on his forward position.
Gracefield Attoh
Treton Brown
Treton Brown Month ago
Flight mike exposed the fake news
Treton Brown
Treton Brown Month ago
Pleaseeeeeeeeeee let me win this PS5, I can’t afford a console and all I wanna do is play 2k😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Brad Modd
Brad Modd Month ago
downgrading not a good idea, Bron and AD aren't going through another season without injury....something has to give and someone will have to be able to fill those all star shoes
Roosevelt Haynie
Fezzy Kid
Fezzy Kid Month ago
Why cant the lakers trade for cp3
Rex Arashy
Rex Arashy Month ago
Hope not, Rose always getting injure and his not the same guy and he play with Lebron and didn't work. Kuzma can get better, Rose won't.
Erick Lopez
Erick Lopez Month ago
Would be the Best Trade. Kuz had a time now it's time for us really to show Out 👀
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Niether option I hope because I'm a Piston fan and those return pieces are trash! Kuz is on a expiring contract and we don't need him taking time away from Saku's development just to watch Kuz leave the following year!
Alok Somani
Alok Somani Month ago
Flight Mike exposed the Fake News...and then made some of his own! Lol, JK, I actually like your trade proposal of Kuzma + something for Rose. Hate to give up Bradley in that deal though.
kevin leavy
kevin leavy Month ago
Good job mike
Johnathon Ash 2nd
BanditBlu 98
BanditBlu 98 Month ago
Rose is back man he has glimpses of mvp rose on the Lakers he would be nasty
-ynq Oo
-ynq Oo Month ago
Jusin. Tolentino
Hello. Justin
froilan anthony
froilan anthony Month ago
lakers must get Klay Thompson needs a legit 3 pointer
Silent Butter Bruh
Rose to Miami
Samuel Walton
Samuel Walton Month ago
Rose go to the Lakers ?????👍😜😊😊😊😜😜
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly Month ago
Change the intro ... It's lame ass hell!!!!!
Nina Sandra
Nina Sandra Month ago
Blah blah Chris Paul too expensive when you can resign Rondo.
Alejandro Hernandez
Lakers should trade Kuz or Danny for D-Rose and try and get Jerami Grant in FA. Along with this we should bring back everyone from this year.
Huh Meh
Huh Meh Month ago
They don’t have enough money to trade for CP3 is the easiest way to say it
Peezy Pesos
Peezy Pesos Month ago
ilaisa lucios
ilaisa lucios Month ago
Trade LeBron. He is bad business
Tembani McCormack
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣! That’s how silly this rumour is!!!
SmokeThat SkinWagon
Lebron: Hey Rose, you haven't been relevant since like 2012, want a ring? Rose: sure, haven't done much else with my career in the last couple years, why not?
Joe Bencosme
Joe Bencosme Month ago
I would not even trade for Kyle Kuzma Derrick Rose is worth more
DatGuyJC Month ago
I’m a diehard Lakers fan but wait did you just say Kawhi can’t create for himself?
javier villela
javier villela Month ago
I don’t like rose, he’s not clutch anymore, I saw him last year and he was gonna blocked and stolen from consistently when game was on the line, rajón Rondo is more clutch n better in playoffs
FaZe Jizz
FaZe Jizz Month ago
If bron gets him a ring he’s the goat
Darian Williams
Darian Williams Month ago
So the clippers need a Rondo?
Matthew Wangerin
D Rose should go to Golden State. They could trade down, let Detroit have Wiseman at #2 and take Rose and draft the big man out of USC
Curtiss Smith
Curtiss Smith Month ago
D Rose will not be a Laker Because Clippers will be Snatching every player Lakers think about getting 😁
Jacob Cao
Jacob Cao Month ago
I feel like they need to keep Caruso and rondo at pg because they both bring good defense and Caruso has height. In my opinion derrick rose really isn't worth it because if kuzma becomes more consistent hell have way more years left to play
mandingo wolf
mandingo wolf Month ago
I could use ps5 at dialysis 4 1/2 hours. That would be lovely
Edward Brito
Edward Brito Month ago
Hold out for better offer injury history is worrying. Kuzma is bad but at least he suits up. Get rid of him resign doesn’t make sense not sure why they didn’t do it this year.
Oprahside Jr
Oprahside Jr Month ago
kuz 4 rose
Rad Everything
Rad Everything Month ago
Sub with post notifications you a goat 🔥🔥
Koob Yaaj
Koob Yaaj Month ago
I rather keep Danny green and trade kuzma bc he can’t help. Danny green won multiple championship and he knows how it is. Kuzma for rose is good
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks Month ago
Give up Danny green and kuz for rose. And then use the extra cap space to sign a decent shooter or save that money to give AD an even bigger contract if he opts out of his deal.