The LEGEND Willians Astudillo comes in to pitch, fires 46 mph fastball 🤣 

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Twins utilityman and fan favorite Willians Astudillo got a pitching appearance in the Twins' game against the Angles! Watch how it all went down, including his 46 mph fastball he threw!
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Published on


Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jeremy Alford
Jeremy Alford 9 minutes ago
And the manager allows him to do this? I don't watch much baseball but even his windup is slow so obviously a slow ball is coming lol.
Polo Robles
Polo Robles Hour ago
Sepa la chingada que dicen los comentarios, yo solo hablo francés, alemán, ruso y español.🤭🤭
Sam Pille
Sam Pille 2 hours ago
Isnt there an unwritten rule you need to throw above 60? Idk
burteriksson 3 hours ago
What is this?
concerned citizen
concerned citizen 4 hours ago
operating on another plane.
CardsAndChill 4 hours ago
I’d watch him pitch 9 😂
ricandadd1 5 hours ago
Easy 123, damn
mike quinty
mike quinty 5 hours ago
Greatest pitcher ever
JoZ 5 hours ago
White Sox Mercedes tattooed a 3-0 count on the top of the 9th inning of his 47mph eephus, the best part is the Videos Title 😆 🤣 😂 😹
Dolemite67 6 hours ago
This is how to avoid Tommy John surgery!!
Dolemite67 6 hours ago
Damn!!! Lol it worked! Results that's what matters. Seeing performances like this keeps you interested no matter what the score is. Now I'm getting my 8yr old grandson to tryout for the Dodgers lol.
yannick fortin
yannick fortin 6 hours ago
Vladhagen 6 hours ago
When a random ewok wanders onto the mound and tosses a few.
Alberto L
Alberto L 6 hours ago
No lie.. I think my wife throws faster 😂
Brewtank 8 hours ago
If there was a movie about Jack black playing on the MLB this would be it
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 8 hours ago
Now if only Jose Canseco could of done this lmao
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 8 hours ago
That was a knuckle ball lol
Lynx Star
Lynx Star 9 hours ago
Did anyone forget about Wilbur Wood?
Jeffrey Shinault
Jeffrey Shinault 10 hours ago
Thinking man's game
Christopher Cudworth
Baseball has become a parody of itself
Chato 11 hours ago
Sweeeeeeet 👍🤣
Steve Quate
Steve Quate 11 hours ago
What has MLB became, thank god I don’t play it anymore. What a joke
Will Jackson
Will Jackson 12 hours ago
If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid
Rather Notsay
Rather Notsay 13 hours ago
Why is every player on both teams number 42? Am I insane?
Biohacker 27
Biohacker 27 14 hours ago
This is just amazing.
Ape Lord
Ape Lord 14 hours ago
46 mph? That’s nothing bro My car goes 160
KeenCrafting 15 hours ago
Very efficient inning pitched!
Alfonso Galicia
Alfonso Galicia 16 hours ago
Rusty Gribble
Rusty Gribble 16 hours ago
I don't know why he doesn't play more. In 4 Seasons 379 at bats, .298 batting average and slugging .439.. Oh Here's the kicker Slugging .439 W/ only 20 career strikeouts😯
Rusty Gribble
Rusty Gribble 16 hours ago
This guy had over 2300 plate appearances in his minor league career and struck out a grand total of 91 times. That has to be a record at any level
Rohan Ti
Rohan Ti 16 hours ago
Lynetteh zacharyp
Lynetteh zacharyp 16 hours ago
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Sgt warden
Sgt warden 17 hours ago
That was bizarre.
Trevor Perks
Trevor Perks 17 hours ago
there are guys who spent their entire lives dedicated to pithing. This is disgraceful to the game and your own team to pull bullshit like this.
Robert Denton
Robert Denton 17 hours ago
Honestly the most entertaining thing I've seen in the MLB this year.
Vidatribe 17 hours ago
Ice that rotator cuff
ChevySquareBody760 18 hours ago
So what’s going on here lol
Cat Breath
Cat Breath 22 hours ago
This is a disgrace. Making a mockery of America's national pastime.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 23 hours ago
That was easily one of the greatest pitching performances in any inning
Gilligans Hat
I don't think that word "legend" means what you think it does.
kuma138 Day ago
Just a legend doing legendary things.
Maybe someone is paying attention, throwing 100+ mph is nice but not always necessary, we’ve lost the art of pitching and hitting too.
d i r t n a p s
1 inning, 7 pitches. Nuff said.
ECC Day ago
What rule does it state must be greater 6 runs to pitch a position player?
The Angels could use him in their bullpen right now
Min L
Min L Day ago
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rls725 Day ago
I'm very glad I came across this
That pitcher was like ,, here hold my beer I got this 😆😆😆😆😆
Nick Hanlon
Nick Hanlon Day ago
Wait for the ball. I am a cricketer and we have a lot of this in our game. Its called spin bowling. Do not move until the ball is half way.
Jeremy Leipzig
Reminds me of when I was 12 and shot basketball with both hands and still beat all the kids trying to look cool
His off speeds are perfect for timing spots.
Julia Williams
Love it!
His name looks like a typo
YaoMing11 Day ago
I could throw faster than him in 6th grade 🤣
Malcolm Baldwin
This guy is awesome , i want to buy him a pizza
Gunner Elliott
He pitches that to my 10 year old and his lunch will get ate. 😆
varickooo Day ago
Tbh im pretty happy with most of those pitches 😂
Kendreal Thompson
Can I play
Arlen Chamberlain
That some serious Hawaiian time.. lol
Micro Soft
Micro Soft Day ago
wait, i coulda pitched in the league?
Frank Pitochelli
Frank Pitochelli 2 days ago
Actually, the slow pitch can be frustrating to hit, and most times the batter will ground out..!
Cristhian Berroa
Cristhian Berroa 2 days ago
I think this a show, that's no real 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Fox Spirit Studios
Matter Lives Black .............. Sorry MLB your ruined your sport supporting BLM. When ever i see MLB i will see BLM and i hate BLM.
jacob loyd
jacob loyd 2 days ago
He’s either a genius or just the most laziest pitcher on the field 😂, but I worked so hey my guy is a genius
Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns 2 days ago
My favorite player.
Jay Nicks
Jay Nicks 2 days ago
Wow. Wasn’t expecting a 1-2-3 inning. I was honestly expecting someone to crush one out. But well done pitcher.
eric smith
eric smith 2 days ago
hes safer throwing 46 than 72. 70 mph is home run derby velocity
LeaveLeague 2 days ago
Wasn't he throwing 85 mph balls last year everytime?
Rhoan Jenson
Rhoan Jenson 2 days ago
Three up and three down, what else can you ask for from a pitcher.
AdamOrnelles 2 days ago
I was thinking about this. If you throw a slow ball the total amount of momentum from the hit means the batters can't hit it hard enough for it not to be caught by an MLB outfielder and you can't really bunt it far enough to get away from the catcher either.
J.P. Britt
J.P. Britt 2 days ago
ronron dadon
ronron dadon 2 days ago
ronron dadon
ronron dadon 2 days ago
Stephen Kaake
Stephen Kaake 2 days ago
Slow Pitch Baseball
JL 2 days ago
can't hit a slow ball far.
BLU3COLLAR 2 days ago
He is the career leader in ERA in Twins history.
JoZ 5 hours ago
Until he Mercedes last night in the 9th inning on a 3-0 count 😄 🤣 😂
Edward Hutcheson
Edward Hutcheson 2 days ago
If they can't get the timing right👿 they are sitting ducks.
Catching Demons Daily
Whatever mlb can do to get views 🍿🍿
LSL 151
LSL 151 3 days ago
When he’s run speed is faster than his pitch. Talk about deception.
IceJake 3 days ago
I love this
David Villa
David Villa 3 days ago
If you see this guy walking on the street, you will never think he is a sport man
Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams 3 days ago
Lol how can I get a contract! I can do that!!
Roger Hinckley
Roger Hinckley 3 days ago
When you draft and sign players from wish only 😆
S Z 3 days ago
What is happening? Is this a pretend game major lame bazeball?
Matt Bellner
Matt Bellner 3 days ago
Best baseball I’ve seen this season.
Felipe 3 days ago
What's happening?
Terrie Obermiller
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Christopher Bramlet
How did Dave Lister get in the game? It's good writing.
Jay Slo
Jay Slo 3 days ago
Lmao, better ERA than their actual pitchers 🤣
Misery Cloud
Misery Cloud 3 days ago
Such a boring sport
Brandon 3 days ago
This reminds me of when Pablo Sandoval pitched a 1-2-3 inning a few years back.
Andrew Le
Andrew Le 4 days ago
I knew baseball was a joke. Imagine putting in a QB who throws 30 mph footballs.
Rolf Kenneth Olsen
Is this a sport??? Give these boys some steroids. This is not a real throw?
Jesse Wang
Jesse Wang 4 days ago
Is the best location for a fast ball up and inside? What’s statistics say is best for a strike out ?
baller alert
baller alert 4 days ago
Degrom been real quiet since this😂😂
Kawika 4 days ago
Only guy that got his slowball down to a science
Cody Schubert
Cody Schubert 4 days ago
What exactly is happening here? Why did this guy pitch?
TomCook1993 4 days ago
Hey if it works it works!
Jack Nida
Jack Nida 4 days ago
Why not just pull someone from the stands to pitch? This is a disgrace!
E S 4 days ago
Thats as exciting as baseball gets....
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