The Legend of a Real Superhero Named Phoenix Jones 

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This is the greatest real superhero of All Time


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Apr 5, 2021




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Lebendiges Gespenst
Lebendiges Gespenst 42 minutes ago
This is just kickass 2 irl lmao
Robby Hour ago
Sucks ass he had to deal coke
DJ Mini Belly
DJ Mini Belly Hour ago
I remember finding out about this guy when I was younger and thinking he was cool. It's actually kinda sad heading about this
Henry Steinhebel
Henry Steinhebel 2 hours ago
I have met this dude on numerous occasions , pretty much just driving his car around north seattle and nothing else
Madsquerl 3 hours ago
Clark Kent and superman had the same voice but no one puts that together either.
Flagstaff Parkour
Flagstaff Parkour 3 hours ago
This guy was in AZ in 2011 when I was teaching a parkour class. He joined my class and I taught him a few things
Prima_Ignis 3 hours ago
Dude look up Captain Sticky if you didn't already
FOULPLAY 3 hours ago
Always good to see some double toasted
Kyle Bruh
Kyle Bruh 3 hours ago
He sold drugs, but hey I would give him a pass
KJK239 4 hours ago
Bro they like if kick-ass the movie was based on a true story lmao
Pwnwjwje Kekekei
Pwnwjwje Kekekei 4 hours ago
Jov Ven
Jov Ven 4 hours ago
This is just the ''Kickass'' movie.
Alpha Wolf The Guardian
yooooo he was in my town?
ThatAnimeGamer 4 hours ago
Lmao this has more views than the original video
Chuck Danger
Chuck Danger 4 hours ago
Dude is a fake, drug dealing, codependent, ripoff of a guy. He was never what he claimed to be. He charged his super friend crew outrageous money for benefits that were never provided.
ABSRD 7 hours ago
Reminds me of kick ass
DizastaGangster 7 hours ago
in another universe Phoenix Jones is just a comic book character and the same universe may be the same one Spider Man exists in
Chuckie LaVine
Chuckie LaVine 8 hours ago
They all look like they are form the Watchmen
Tupher 10 hours ago
This is amazing but please be careful buddy!
LordBidenChan 10 hours ago
ben- i am phoenix jones when fighting thanos- i (breaths heavily) am ... phoenix jones snap
gette1416 10 hours ago
I mean how else was he supposed to afford his hobby?
Young Jest
Young Jest 10 hours ago
Im in favor of this being the new police
Lilly Wilson
Lilly Wilson 10 hours ago
Why have I never heard of this
Frog 11 hours ago
I think he was fired because, as we learn in all comics, once your identity is known, everyone who you love and care for will now be potential targets. That’s probably what both the daycare and the parents feared.
JuiceWrld 4OREVER
JuiceWrld 4OREVER 12 hours ago
Can we all agree somewhere in the beginning is inspired by kick ass cause that girl got purple hair wow that's crazy
Royal Movement
Royal Movement 12 hours ago
Damn real life kick ass
Guitar Guru .357
Guitar Guru .357 14 hours ago
A cocaine fueled man that thinks he’s hero in Seattle? So? The streets are full of them right now.
Jordan manners
Jordan manners 16 hours ago
Ngl thought it was Jon Jones
skelotl worrior
skelotl worrior 17 hours ago
You had some great content here and you went the laziest route possible. This shouldn't make me this angry but christ dude this video could have been good.
skelotl worrior
skelotl worrior 17 hours ago
Honestly man, fuckuck you. You had an amazing character handed to you for a video and you can't be bothered to do more than react to someone else's well put together video. Jesus christ dude. I'm glad I usually skip your vids
skelotl worrior
skelotl worrior 17 hours ago
Bruh is this whole videos just you streaming someone else content.
Corey Lake
Corey Lake 19 hours ago
Dude he's no super hero. He just calls the police on people from a distance. Yuppies in the suburbs do the same thing in their neighbor hood watch. His costume is pretty dope though.
Cj Roby
Cj Roby 19 hours ago
Aint shit when they cross paths' with Captain Chaos !!!!
NyX 21 hour ago
If this took off, it could've been like Watch Dogs Legion
The Gold Wolf
The Gold Wolf 21 hour ago
Unironically the best comic universe
NyX 21 hour ago
This is LITERALLY The Movie Kick-Ass in Real Life
Underrated God
Underrated God 21 hour ago
This reminds me of that movie kickass
MrWhole12Inches 22 hours ago
wait.....so he really was a drug dealer =(
Berry Mitchels
Berry Mitchels 23 hours ago
This man is going to go down in history as a real life superhero who fell from grace and got up on his feet again. As silly as this all may be, you can't deny, that's pretty damn awesome.
Error Macro
Error Macro Day ago
This shit was a long ass time ago
Dalmond Day ago
Watch this dude watch another US-first video
SandaBoxing Day ago
Phoenix Jones is also a legit MMA fighter; low level Pro.
The Boring Developer
I think I'd rather have Arthur and The Tick personally.
KiLLJOY Day ago
Damn bro when did you hit 8 million subs 👀
The real life superheros have alot of work to do to get on the real life supervillains level
Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis Day ago
The man got fired for being that guy. of course he had to find a way to make a living.. need a little dark to level the light 🤣
Budget King
Budget King Day ago
Snug_187 Day ago
Y’all might not know what a setup looks like but all 3 black people in this comment section know for a fact that he was not selling cocaine. That’s nigga couldn’t even get those plugs fucking with police like that. They told him.........
Jerm The worm
Man was high out his mind on cocaine prob the whole time, it all makes sense now 😂
half built human
I kinda wanna be like phoenix Jones now
David Benson
David Benson Day ago
Let them overdose. Why keep saving them? Why?
Ronnie Thornley
Omg dude I can’t even hear the video you won’t stop taking
Keytron Onit
Keytron Onit Day ago
He end up selling drugs these days
Starch Day ago
Anakin Skywalker
Marleykye 2000
Imagine Phoenix jones vs gypsy crusader
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin Day ago
When ur third grade teacher tells you you can be anything you want
Wardre Caridius
What would Charly's vigilante alter ego be?
osamu dazai
osamu dazai Day ago
you know bibleman???
Travis Chao Extra
we are just going to normalize that above his face cam it says 520 million dollars from beast
Tfbtrav Day ago
I love how they’re trying to defend the guy outside the bar who called him a racial slur, he deserved to get dropped, I’d have done the same
CFH M3TAL Day ago
Phoenix "Bones" Jones
Lexo Saber
Lexo Saber Day ago
Precum bender hahaha
james philips
DC is going to not be happy with a vigilante named night owl
RaZe Magnus
RaZe Magnus Day ago
Ayeee I remember this guy back from when I was reading Kick-Ass. Got curious on whether or not people like him existed and well, got my answer.
Bman4742 Day ago
Just be careful when Narcaning people because your insta sobering them up they might not be friendly I’ve been clocked before after resuscitating someone with Narcan on the street its not a great feeling.
Ezkandar Karim
Kick-Ass irl
Abduljalil Kazimov
so with enough money, batman could become a reality hmm
Nightfire734 Day ago
Kinda just a whole ass upload but half the time with twice the views.
I used to live in a town with 2 of these sorts of people, one was a wizard who rode around on horseback and another was a guy who just dressed up as a rat
For some reason this makes me depressed, most of us wanted to be superheroes as a kid and this guy did
Nolan Andersen
Yo was Phoenix Jones part of CHOP? That would be hilarious
Jamman Day ago
This needs to be a movie
_TH3R3KTARMY _ 2 days ago
Lmao real life kick ass 2 movie😂😂
Robby Schweiss
Robby Schweiss 2 days ago
The fact that his alter ego is taking care of your kid is funny to me
enrique A
enrique A 2 days ago
classic rex velvet
There Is No Spoon
Oh my... those superhero movies get the origin stories dead on!
MGRAYULTRA 2 days ago
i cannot tell you just how many people i have saved by doing exactly what charlie said , i stay strapped with narcan
Noside Noside
Noside Noside 2 days ago
man there was this one time in minnesota i was on a public train, and someone offered to make me a pb&j. i didn't take it, but i still think they belong here
That one dude •-•
“If you really wanna be a superhero just carry narcan with you and save anybody who overdoses” - Charlie This has to be one of the *fucking* *stupidest* sentences I’ve ever heard in my entire life. For fucks sake DO NOT do that to someone who you don’t know, and has overdosed not knowing what they’re on. I’ll give you an example why. Police and Fire on scene of someone who overdosed on something I can’t remember at the moment. Fire Rescue didn’t wait for police to search the man before giving him narcan. He wakes up fine, but pissed the fuck off because they “stopped his high,” next thing you know he pulls out a gun, shoots and kills a fireman, and injures others before being shot by police. Don’t fucking do it, let the professionals help. A similar situation could happen with a knife, now you’ve been stabbed in the neck. Chair, cash register, a fork, doesn’t matter.
Gokoye 2 days ago
Marvel should make him a real superhero. The hero we don't need, but we deserve
Rainier 2 days ago
Lmao I seem this dude at safeway before
UDX Poøf
UDX Poøf 2 days ago
You should have challenged him for his badass suit
the original cool kid
Thought it was a real documentary video until I saw Cr1tikal uploaded it smh
Sexy Tachanka
Sexy Tachanka 2 days ago
get a registry of people able to work outside the law.
Rat Bag Boi
Rat Bag Boi 2 days ago
Not just like everyone else, more unique
Jerome Productions
I heard about him last year over curiosity of real heroes
Quito. 2 days ago
pheonix jones was basically just irl kickass
sbarnett37tiger Barnes
Hey Jesus, ever thought of actually going outside and... having a life?! lol Sorry I don't mean to be rude but it looks like your muscles have never once seen the inside of a gym and your skin has never once seen an ounce of actual sunlight. See, back in the 80s, we actually...... did stuff!!! Instead of just sitting on our pale arses talking about it.
José 2 days ago
Yea your probably right about all that, but the mans net worth is about 13mil. maybe more maybe less
Hippo Critical
Hippo Critical 2 days ago
I met him in person 10 years ago. He was handing out rapist awareness flyers at Greenlake Park in Seattle. Was fully in costume w/ his Luchador sidekick. Also his arch nemesis was a dude I went to highschool with.
jay tallini homepage
not just a real life hero he seems like a real life black lightning
codzy dee
codzy dee 2 days ago
did phoenix watch kickass......great movie i might add
Oli-G 3 days ago
The man starred in the movie Kick ass 3 in real life
Gabe Eaves-Voyles
The 715 dislikes are those defeated by Phoenix Jones
VenomousMint 3 days ago
My honest opinion on pheonix jones. He got fired from his job and had to put food on his families plate so he resorted to drug dealing. He did more good then bad. But he did fight drunk dudes and threaten his friends life so on a scale from spider man to venom hes a punnisher did a lot of bad but did a lot of good Ig
burts BEEZ
burts BEEZ 3 days ago
Lets go he just hit 8mil
X32_22A [Successor]
What happened to Phoenix Jones? Is he alright???
X32_22A [Successor]
@FoeHammer419 D:
FoeHammer419 3 days ago
Probably not
Kotokizu 3 days ago
Thanks for being the last guy to cover this.
Ethan Kleiner
Ethan Kleiner 3 days ago
actually a fucking badass
Bartacomus Kidd
Bartacomus Kidd 3 days ago
Beautiful World
Beautiful World 3 days ago
go phoenix