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Apr 20, 2021




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Mine craft God
Mine craft God 8 minutes ago
I got hit by a car and didn’t pass out
WiLLj4m08 Hour ago
"So we got a sh*tty president riots fires police brutality oh and you gotta wear a mask for the rest of your life"
Beatriz Dias
Beatriz Dias 2 hours ago
I wanna be him now.
Yared Madrid
Yared Madrid 2 hours ago
It the same when my mom have a stroke
Green and Blue
Green and Blue 3 hours ago
Oh my god- 😭
edselrs 3 hours ago
This man is lucky
Samuel Mire
Samuel Mire 5 hours ago
*wakes up* "what did I miss?" "umm... you missed the apocalypse"
Alien Films
Alien Films 7 hours ago
Edda Herrera
Edda Herrera 10 hours ago
Im looking in your eyes and it looks like there's haerts
BUK NASST 11 hours ago
I guarantee he wouldn't care just glad to be alive
Sumaira Mansoor
Sumaira Mansoor 11 hours ago
He is lucky
Possum 11 hours ago
You lucky son of a -
afiifa Mahamed
afiifa Mahamed 11 hours ago
Im the only on here thinking that he’s just so lucky. He got to skip a whole fricking year, lock downs and My homie the CORONAVIRUS.
ScottWasHere 11 hours ago
Man he’s so lucky
boy z
boy z 12 hours ago
he will be right back to coma again after hear it
Corinne Bishop
Corinne Bishop 12 hours ago
SquaresPvP 13 hours ago
Kid: *Wakes Up* Dad: "Theres a virus called COVID-19 dont go outside or interact with people Kid: *Goes back to coma*
Gt boss Sub
Gt boss Sub 15 hours ago
I wish I was him I hate 2020
mishary aldehani
mishary aldehani 18 hours ago
lucky guy
barbar 18 hours ago
he's gonna feel like movie protagonist or something. like waking up from coma and the whole world is upside down. the deadly virus, politics etc.
Orik Ymeri
Orik Ymeri 18 hours ago
Bro I really feel so so so good for this kid as you said he was hit by a car that is unlucky if he wouldn't get hit by that car he would get Corona and die R.I.P⚰🥀💀
Couth _ Gaming
Couth _ Gaming 19 hours ago
I am currently standing on the road trying this and I don’t think it wo-
Catherine Delos Reyes
I wanna skip 2021 :0
Just me
Just me 21 hour ago
He didnt skip it he just slept through it also if your in a coma you could hear and see everything but your not in control of your body so your spirit is just loose also him having a come didnt make him not get the virus
dynamo331 22 hours ago
He looks like purpled
SuperStreamz Day ago
You're late as shit
Light Whitty The Bomb Fnf
Man dis guy missed a roblox egghunt and promocodes
Abigail Reyes
Everyone has felt this and wish they could do this as well
Skeletor Day ago
I think while he has in the coma he got infected with covid 2 times
Adam Gaboury
Adam Gaboury Day ago
Dude has some good karma missing all of 2020 especially if he is American lol
Ann Cabras
Ann Cabras Day ago
Well he didn’t actually skip it..z
Rozei games
Rozei games Day ago
Me win Coronavirus hit:jumps in front of a truck with the massive load sign
a Day ago
the kid survived the worst goddamn year
John Phillips
Ohhhh... poor guy Legit imagine waking up and a global pandemic has taken the world and Biden is the president 🤢🤮🤮
He got a coma on my 11th birthday I am now 12 but wow never knew that
Alexander Winn
This kid wakes up and says: “Boy, I can’t wait to attend large social gatherings” Doctor: “About that...”
olivia Lopez
olivia Lopez Day ago
This man is just so lucky. But sadly he still had to go through the rest of the time before the pandemic fully ends :( though eleven months is a while so at least he skipped most
ExoRevive Day ago
Lucky bastard
Well, lucky him
Nevaeh Allen
Nevaeh Allen Day ago
He kinda lucky though to miss all the drama and craziness of 2020
Ben Hasper
Ben Hasper Day ago
Even though the story is sad this kid is so lucky that he didn’t have to go live through the crap of 2020
Vedant Barhate
This was pretty much the situation with me when I was absent in school for a day.
Who else was thinking that he went to some "Time machine or something" because this mans stories are always unbelievable
Thirteen_Momento 2 days ago
How I skipped 2020: Suicide
Senthamizh selvi I
He got so lucker
Majd Bohsali
Majd Bohsali 2 days ago
Lucky he didn’t have to live through 2020
S Ahmad
S Ahmad 2 days ago
Riley Winkler
Riley Winkler 2 days ago
He got to skip 2020 lucky
Cydne Gee
Cydne Gee 2 days ago
I mean he lucky doe
Temmie 2 days ago
He is either the worlds luckiest man for skipping the year or most unlucky for having to wake up from a COMA to a living h**l
Noah Sampang
Noah Sampang 2 days ago
He lucky he didn’t go through 2020
Bluebxrry Builds
Bluebxrry Builds 2 days ago
Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall 2 days ago
Awe he's lucky he doesn't have to sosholize and were masks
•Yooma _toons•
This man basically said: "Oh you wanna skip homework? Drop out of school until next year"
lolidad 2 days ago
Imagine waking up and hearing that kobe passed away
Jacob Alonzo
Jacob Alonzo 2 days ago
Lucky bastard
Poke 1 Fan
Poke 1 Fan 2 days ago
2020 was supposed to be a good year. And covid was supposed to be in year 2021! I am assuming that becouse 2021 is going horrible for me! I have 72 NV nv - means homework/assigment that you haven't done! And plus all that i lost my keys yesterday😔
Shelly Kauffman
Shelly Kauffman 2 days ago
Ya true
Relentless 10
Relentless 10 3 days ago
When he woke up he was probably like I leave for one year and this happens wtf
Aria Brown
Aria Brown 3 days ago
I mean so I feel bad but like at the same time I would’ve loved to miss 2020 it was the worst year in the history of years OK that’s not true but like it was it was bad.
It’s Stella Dean
I heard abt him on the radio
Barry Clark
Barry Clark 3 days ago
Yeah because he's a vegetable
༒Sarvente Fnf officail༒
Man hes lucky
Nate S
Nate S 3 days ago
Well hes lucky
Lucky Xian Roxas
Lucky Xian Roxas 3 days ago
He actually skipped the most garbage year
I wish i was him so I wouldn’t have to live trough hell
Baby Noah ????
Baby Noah ???? 3 days ago
The good guy...
The good guy... 3 days ago
It’s no better tho
mopar_randy49 3 days ago
Don't fuck with truck-kun
Shaik Abdul samad
I would say this guy would have no issues coping up with his academic coz online classes were just suckers
Third EYE Master
Third EYE Master 3 days ago
If I saw 2020 after waking up from acoma like that id wanna go back
Two wheel King
Two wheel King 3 days ago
He’s lucky he got to miss all that bullshit
Eman Numanovic
Eman Numanovic 3 days ago
That is a sad story but he is SOOO unlucky and lucky at the same time!
The killer Raven
The killer Raven 3 days ago
I hate the car crash but I just wish I would be that kid
Pixelacat 3 days ago
oh this is why the virus still going the virus literally felt so bad about that guy and refused to die
Jose Gabriel Castillo
Him: "So what'd I miss?" The nurse explaining to him: "Ever heard of a pandemic before? Well..."
Kento Itsuki
Kento Itsuki 3 days ago
Skipping 2020 is easy Dont live.
QÑÌ 65
QÑÌ 65 3 days ago
And do you know what is in his mind while coma?
Alexander Philip
Alexander Philip 3 days ago
The news of the pandemic was quite well known from the 1st week of Jan 2020 itself. South china Morning post ran a couple of piece on the subject back before it became a thing.
Sandeep Yadav
Sandeep Yadav 4 days ago
I think its because of him that we are facing it again in 2021. God wants to show him that. But we are paying for it🤣😅🤣😅😅😅😅
vansh pratap singh
I am sure that the peole told him about what happened he would have thought that they all are doing a prank
wafiy wahidi
wafiy wahidi 4 days ago
Me: *Why don't you skip every year*
ember_God 4 days ago
He’s so luck no mask for an year but he still got hit by an car :(
Velerita Begay
Velerita Begay 4 days ago
People of the comments. Should I get hit by a car?
TheCoolLEGO64 2.0
This is a freaking plot of a movie
Rough Soap
Rough Soap 4 days ago
Shut up
James Koonce
James Koonce 4 days ago
Lucky..HE MISSED 2020
James Koonce
James Koonce 4 days ago
Jk lol
Icy Drift
Icy Drift 4 days ago
colten larson
colten larson 4 days ago
Razor_Clan 4 days ago
My dad died in 2020 and I got stabbed with a knife by my brother and in a really bad car crash that killed my mom and my sister
Arthur Hellström
Emrah Artukovic
Emrah Artukovic 4 days ago
I feel bad and also good for these kid
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 4 days ago
So the virus is his fault. He got knocked into a coma and the matrix went haywire
Tshepiso Malebana
Yoh! That's sad but same time it's awesome for me. I would be that person to skip 2020
vMystjc 4 days ago
He spent 3 months when COVID was a thing. 2 solid good months of it being a global pandemic. He definitely knew about it and even contracted it a few timesZ
tagra 1
tagra 1 5 days ago
How to skip 2021 its 31 december 23:00 go sleep wake up at 00:01
Freaky Deaky
Freaky Deaky 5 days ago
Joseph Vidal
Joseph Vidal 5 days ago
Adeeb Misbah
Adeeb Misbah 5 days ago
It’s like missing a day in school
swordsimkid23 5 days ago
I did the same thing but I didnt need a car to hit me to not leave my room