The Ken & Barbie Couple - A Deal With The Devil | Mystery and Makeup - Bailey Sarian 

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Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about this highly recommended story, seriously it's asked about every day. Haha. I thought I knew the whole shebang but turns out I sure did not! Such awful, terrible people, and I believe Karla got off way too easy! I Would love to hear your thoughts down below. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead and I hope to be seeing you very soon. Love and appreciate you so much!!
x o
Bailey Sarian
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Mar 29, 2021




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Gabrielle Erickson
Gabrielle Erickson 27 minutes ago
You should do a case about Leanne Warner......
Jayden Thompson
Story’s starts at 4:00
Celina Isabel
Celina Isabel Hour ago
Sick. She is allowed to have a life.
Kenzie Jordann Merritt
Bailey, honey, its scar-burrow, LOL! As someone from there I just about died hearing her say scar-borrow.
Kenzie Jordann Merritt
As a canadian from ontario living near scarburough, I just about fell off my chair hearing her pronounce it. LOL!
Tina Durham
Tina Durham 2 hours ago
I've seen all your videos add more love them
Sydney Floyd
Sydney Floyd 4 hours ago
Scarborough - scar- burrow basically lol not far from where I live in London Ontario .. we all grew up hearing this story
Idiot Eddie
Idiot Eddie 6 hours ago
The sketch looks better then the sketches now a days 😭✋
Joceskya Pierre
Joceskya Pierre 7 hours ago
you should talk about luka rocco magniota he was a crazyyy and younger i didnt leave far from him
Mariana Paz
Mariana Paz 8 hours ago
I wish I had enough skills to replicate this eye makeup look
san42989 9 hours ago
Carla definitely needs to be locked up for what she did to her sister that was horrible also I always look for other videos of u because I watch all of your other videos cooking just talking about makeup products everything 😁 ur awesome 🖤💜
Catara Murphy
Catara Murphy 9 hours ago
Her name is Leanne Teale now and shes out free...
juinca 10 hours ago
this case actually happened not to far from where i lived. like REALLY close
Mela F
Mela F 11 hours ago
This story is still talked about in Ontario Canada (where it happened) So sad and people are mad that she got released....she should still be in jail.....
Lil_street_Taco_979 11 hours ago
Madame Lalaurie please! Love to see a video about her.
Laura Manole
Laura Manole 12 hours ago
...an ACcOunTAnt...suspish.
SHAY 12 hours ago
thanks for all your work
Brooke Blanke
Brooke Blanke 12 hours ago
I think this story and a few others are the reason my mom was constantly constantly telling my sisters and I never to talk to strangers and what to do if someone ever tried to take us. This was definitely a crazy story that is so sad for the victims. Be careful out there ladies!!
milcah 14 hours ago
Please do the Menendez Brothers
Jas Mariee
Jas Mariee 14 hours ago
Was the movie “Carla” on lifetime based off of this?! Like Donna from that ‘70s show is Carla.
Samantha Green
Samantha Green 15 hours ago
A women killed people went to jail and got out and had 3 children and got married but I’m still single...
Nichole Lettrich
Nichole Lettrich 15 hours ago
This is such a nasty case. I’m not saying she was “innocent” but she was groomed 1000%. I don’t know that he would’ve had to force her do anything since he got her so young.
Stacie 18 hours ago
5:52 “they just clicked” yes they clicked because they’re both psychopaths lol
Nontokozo Xaba
Nontokozo Xaba 18 hours ago
Someone punch that FBI profiler!
Danielle Albert
Danielle Albert 18 hours ago
It kind of sounds like "The Girl in the Box" story
Red Reaper
Red Reaper 21 hour ago
Teenagers don’t tend to drink alone, right? Unless they’re already becoming addicted?
Red Reaper
Red Reaper 21 hour ago
No, the reason he moved away from Scarbrough was so Bailey wouldn’t have to say it anymore! 😹 That was cute.
Red Reaper
Red Reaper 21 hour ago
16:04 “ If you squint it kinda looks like Paul.” 😹
Jonmark Gomez
Jonmark Gomez 22 hours ago
I remember watching this story in autopsy presents way years back!
Lindsay Stewart
Lindsay Stewart 23 hours ago
bailey BUTCHERED Scarborough i feel offended
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 23 hours ago
Girl yes, she needs life in prison also. Sick twisted people.
ToySter Day ago
please do mitchelle blair she killed two of her four kids and hid them in fridge because she suspected them of molestation
Christa Shannon
She should have been locked up with the key thrown away, they are the reason for most of the stranger danger talks parents had with their preteen daughters
Jessica Kramer
I live in St. Catharines. Wish he never met Karla. They took Kristen on my 8th birthday. Ugh.
Ren Day ago
Is that a "the Craft" shirt?! I need it!!!!
Niah bug
Niah bug Day ago
for the place you were talking ab (idk how it's spelled so don't come at me) Scarbrough i heard someone from there pronounce it scar bro but don't take it from me i said nephew like there was an a for years
naviparmar Day ago
I was a kid when this case was going on in Toronto. It was so sad and crazy to see how things turned out.
Lindsay Almeida
Karla should still be rotting in a jail cell. She's out a living in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield under an assumed name, last reported to be "Leanne Teale" but is no longer in contact with her new husband and children. It's SO insane that her kid's school allowed her to volunteer at the school AND didn't do anything until it was put in the media here. I grew up knowing this story and was in grade 5 when they were arrested, I remember always being scared to walk home after school. I still am always alert of my surroundings because of this story.
fawn hinshaw
fawn hinshaw Day ago
Bailey that the name of my dead cat
yvonne asher dizon
Hey I love ur vids so much! Can u do furuta junko next a.k.a cement girl? I know this case is quite popular but it would be nice if you tell it🖤
GaoZong Lor
GaoZong Lor Day ago
She should be in jail for a long long time. Why do they keep letting these people out? This is crazy
Nicky N
Nicky N Day ago
@ 36:30, he looks like Kurt Cobain 😭
mandafaye m
mandafaye m Day ago
something about guys named paul. they're always crazy 🤦🏼‍♀️
Josh Abbey
Josh Abbey Day ago
robert pickton
Jailine Jacobo
Can you do the Gabriel Fernandez case?
shpgrl1026 Day ago
That voice is perfect. You just nailed it. Such a sad, pointless bunch of crimes.
alice stewert
Waking up after being drugged and sexually assaulted...I don’t even want to get close to that feeling 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ what psychopaths
Michelle Y
Michelle Y Day ago
You are the contemporary Elvira. ❤️
Kara-ann Day ago
She deserved more jail time. She knew what she was doing. I remember my mom telling me "even if a woman stops you and tries to talk to you DONT"
Angela Rosado
Love ur videos by the way
Angela Rosado
It’s ok she’s in prison in her own mind . Her life will always be horrible . Karma will not allow her to live a normal life . Look how she’s not even living with her kids or new husband anymore . And yes she should be locked up . But don’t think she has it easy . Wrong doesn’t go unheard !
Elizabeth Moody
Soooo I agree in the beginning Karla was probably a victim of manipulation but then became a willing participant. But the problem is she got a lawyer before she confessed everything to the police so the lawyer probably advised her to act insane during the walk through of her house "where are my perfumes, where is my furniture, can I have that book" she sounds off ON PURPOSE if that makes sense.
ill nanaaa
ill nanaaa Day ago
The voice over you did for her had me on the floor . 🤣🤣🤣
Itaa33 J
Itaa33 J Day ago
You should do one that happens here in Albuquerque search Michelle Martens
Jasmine Herron
I’m from Ontario kinda near the areas you’re mentioning my family talks about this case sometimes so thank you Now I know!!! Also it’s so funny hearing you try and pronounce Canadian words 😂❤️
Honey_lemon Day ago
My condolences to the victims, this is horrid.
Sammy Ariel
Sammy Ariel Day ago
Your impersonation of Karla was Hilarious! Also your observations are always spot on.
Esmeralda Villagrana
Can you do the Nikko Jenkins case, it was a small tik tok trend but I’ve never seen it talked about.
Lori Burns
Lori Burns Day ago
I’m thinking Paul’s wife hid the video tapes until she got a better deal. It seems strange they were hidden so long then all of a sudden before Paul’s trial. the videos appear.
Cindy Marroquin
Karla is currently living in Stratford Ontario Canada... My friend lives on a farm near there and got an email she moved in the area.... CRAZY!! I guess they didn't want her in Quebec either.
Nicole Dyson
Nicole Dyson Day ago
Binge watching all your videos 😍🥰
Rosita B
Rosita B Day ago
i m d i s g u s t e d t h a n k y o u
Deanna Leatherwood
The fact that she accepted that fate so easily for her sister... Edit: animal tranquilizers1?1
LilyLilac Day ago
I've just subscribed to your channel. I'm a big fan of true crime and love all things creepy. I've been binge watching your videos. You're videos are awesome 👌🏻 and you are so pretty 🖤
Dylan Rae Wulf
Hey girl, I just found your channel and I’m Canadian. You’re not butchering Scarborough :) and you’re brilliant I’m on a binge watch, thanks for being awesome Bailey! P.S the pink and pink, I’d never think it would work but 👏
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Day ago
Research the mystery of Rayna Rison. It's from the same town as Belle Gunness's farm and the exact same street too. (LaPorte, Indiana)
Trisha Turner
Anyone else see the similarities between Paul and Bundy, in the beginning?
Karla should DEF still be in prison.
Mami Renthlei
Bailey...please do darlie routier,it's so interesting and controversial
Lauren Riddle
Jade Lherminé
Karla is living in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, since January 2020, which is also where i live😭
Morgan Lowe
Morgan Lowe Day ago
Your so cute * I'm trying my best!!! "Scar-brah" is how I would say it 😂
Angelica Braeckenridge
I've got to admit I tried hard to skip this story because I already know it pretty well. What makes it easier is watching Bailey's version. I know I'm not alone when I say that I can't believe that Carla is living her life out here while he is living his life in prison. She should be in prison and not living her life. The victims can't live their lives thanks to Carla.
Luna the Bulldog BTran
Great show, been binge watching as well. This one hits home for me! Well I was a mere child when this was going on. Also Scarborough aka scarbro, scartown, scarberia.... just a lil 416 lingo for ya!
Cynthia Bailey
Please do a video on the West Memphis Three! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it. I've watched every documentary known to man about it.
Ilina Simeonova
Katherine Pierce
Karla is an example of pretty privilege
Kelly Rowland
Baileys reaction to Carla's Christmas present is exactly mine 😆
S gonz
S gonz 2 days ago
17:21 cracked me up 😂 I agree sis!
Mary May
Mary May 2 days ago
Who tf would marry and have kids with that women
Genaiya Smith
Genaiya Smith 2 days ago
The tapes were pulled out of the ceiling of their home
I wonder if you can find the actual videos, censored of course.
Blueyes 2 days ago
You bet she should have gotten more time just because it was her sister.
Katie Petro
Katie Petro 2 days ago
I grew up in a city near where this all happened & I remember being told (a very revised kid-ish friendly) version of this story growing up. My parents always instilled "never go near someones car, always be aware of your surroundings, don't trust strangers" because of them. Also interesting to mention that Leslie had been locked out of her house because she missed curfew the night she met Paul & Karla.
J M 2 days ago
This is in my town! Also It’s pronounced scar- burrow ;) keep the videos coming!
yehyeh 2 days ago
Such a sick couple!!!! Also, If I put pink around my eyes like that, I'd look deceased!
E Turner
E Turner 2 days ago
Where all my ontarians at!!🙋‍♀️
D J 2 days ago
Who sticks around until the very end just for the music *raises hand*
Captain Coblin
Captain Coblin 2 days ago
Wasn't there a movie based off of this? I remember watching a movie where this exact same thing happened
Jena Tarulli
Jena Tarulli 2 days ago
it might be too dark but i recomend covering the joseph fritzl case. its the one that keeps me up at night.
Nicole McDonald
Nicole McDonald 2 days ago
As a Canadian that actually live within the area of this horror story. Karla is 100% guilty! Everyone knows it that's why she isn't welcomed anywhere 🤷‍♀️
Vanessa Vazquez
Vanessa Vazquez 2 days ago
I love your hot pink eyeshadow
Mandy Bauer
Mandy Bauer 2 days ago
Rumor is now shes living in waterloo ont with an ex waterloo police officer 🤦‍♀️
shay Gordon
shay Gordon 2 days ago
If you haven't already done one, can you do a video on richard ramirez ? I dunno if you have of not lol x
Erika Livas
Erika Livas 2 days ago
My sis started watching you now I'm obsessed
marcella harper
marcella harper 2 days ago
So very sad! And horrific!
Shannon Ciesluk
Shannon Ciesluk 2 days ago
She gave into everything and willingly helped him. I don’t believe she didn’t know what she was doing was wrong.
Jenny Chytra
Jenny Chytra 2 days ago
I live in St. Catharines and used to live in Scarborough (pronounced scar-burro). I was young but I remember when the girls went missing. Paul Bernardo has been up for parole actually, but denied quickly.
Ms. Leticia Hernandez
I am intoxicated by these stories!!!! You make me want to run and research them all!!
Ruth Mont
Ruth Mont 2 days ago
I find your voice so soothing...dont love the content but not your fault. I just subscribed for the hard work you do in research and your beautiful make up.