The Kahoot Rap (Kahoot Star) 

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Nov 18, 2020




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Kyle Exum
Kyle Exum 12 days ago
I hope y'all enjoy! (Make sure to like and comment if you did!) Oh, and text me! +1 (860) 385-6295
Gabriel Lacoursiere
sup you my fave
Fire Clogger
Fire Clogger 6 days ago
Yo I'm a Kahoot start. who? going around like a hooplah
TeaSquad 7 days ago
I wish I can rap like youuuuuuuu
Mega Phone
Mega Phone 10 days ago
Xtoy Bonnie87
Xtoy Bonnie87 11 days ago
Charles Hall
Charles Hall 15 seconds ago
Best one yet man, good job!
I Will Defeat I will Defeat Justin Y.
"Belt" Mood Parody?
Fire Drag0on
Fire Drag0on 2 minutes ago
Hay how are you
sensei super
sensei super 3 minutes ago
ツBut why tho
ツBut why tho 3 minutes ago
ylangasher dupoux
ylangasher dupoux 6 minutes ago
yes make that beat big kyddy
Udai 2
Udai 2 9 minutes ago
ylangasher dupoux
ylangasher dupoux 10 minutes ago
*people that use kahoot for no reason with ur friends lol*
Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez 11 minutes ago
Ernesto Ojeda
Ernesto Ojeda 11 minutes ago
Sport Player
Sport Player 12 minutes ago
Bruh i cant stop watching this
Jacob Bauman
Jacob Bauman 12 minutes ago
I love your videos 💕💕 💕
Roop Takhar
Roop Takhar 12 minutes ago
bruh In online school we play kahoot every monday and its monday
Udai 2
Udai 2 13 minutes ago
500,000 Likes and I’ll respond to every comment up until the 500K mark
Sovannkary Nuth
Sovannkary Nuth 14 minutes ago
dang dis song ePiKKkKKkkK
Luke Mussen
Luke Mussen 14 minutes ago
Hey Kyle I love your videos so much and this was funny (also I would love a wap remix it would be so funny)
Laqid 16 minutes ago
Heidi Toal
Heidi Toal 16 minutes ago
Make a Minecraft rap pls pls pls
Gavin 123
Gavin 123 18 minutes ago
Adrian Pwayz
Adrian Pwayz 18 minutes ago
Luke Leggett
Luke Leggett 18 minutes ago
Ok you have to respond in a little bit
Linc0307 19 minutes ago
Hi pls respond
Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez 19 minutes ago
Man Kyle Exum a real one
y2k tyi
y2k tyi 19 minutes ago
This guy is a rapper, just be on the radio please. 😂 Just found this channel and already sub.
turtle poop poop turtle
He did say he would respond to every comment up to 500k.
Main Raid
Main Raid 20 minutes ago
Honestly, this is kind of a bop
y2k tyi
y2k tyi 22 minutes ago
I can't stop repeating this song!!😂
Uni8mytoes123 23 minutes ago
Love Ur vids kyle
Fort Nite
Fort Nite 24 minutes ago
Hello I love your videos
Kayden Medd
Kayden Medd 25 minutes ago
h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h
TGF- KATT 25 minutes ago
We gotta do a song 🤟🏾💯🔥
Kingpie morals
Kingpie morals 26 minutes ago
Kyle if the corona virus vaccine is released soon like wht month when yhu star your tour
Kyle Stringer
Kyle Stringer 29 minutes ago
You make insanely great/funny content keep it up
The Wilderness Boys
The Wilderness Boys 30 minutes ago
Rory McGuinness
Rory McGuinness 30 minutes ago
Plz shout me out
Sports and More
Sports and More 31 minute ago
O love you
KoalaHalo 31 minute ago
did he get the a tho
Buttered Waffle
Buttered Waffle 33 minutes ago
commenting this just in case the vid hits 500k
brick brick250
brick brick250 35 minutes ago
Peepeepoopoo your potential is of the chart.
Mr. Tusk
Mr. Tusk 36 minutes ago
The bell had a beat 😂
KoalaHalo 37 minutes ago
Your little brother must be pissed whenever your drop a new video
Mini Ninja
Mini Ninja 38 minutes ago
Ej flo
Ej flo 39 minutes ago
Can I have a shot out
Ava 39 minutes ago
Kyle u r literally so creative! I love how you r so up-to-date on the latest trends!
Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson 41 minute ago
So fire
lobsterjalepeno 44 minutes ago
sup lolXDDD
Mia Balonier
Mia Balonier 48 minutes ago
DWIGHT Joseph 48 minutes ago
I bet 555$ u will not see this
ego 49 minutes ago
why is this my favorite kyle exum song😂
naRUto 50 minutes ago
What up y’all
George Geey
George Geey 53 minutes ago
lol called out ksi gj brother
Dark Trooper
Dark Trooper 53 minutes ago
U r the best
Vlasco. 54 minutes ago
Like my comment this is before 500k
Zear 22
Zear 22 55 minutes ago
Haa he said mcdollars🤣🤣🤣
Marion Clark
Marion Clark 55 minutes ago
thats fire
Carmine Neil - RTM Student
Yoooo love you
Omi The Homi
Omi The Homi 56 minutes ago
Yo how old were you when you thought of doin this stuff, even faintly thought of US-first comedy.
Jxden 57 minutes ago
Kyle makes great hits all the time, It's a miracle that you blew up.
CadenGames 57 minutes ago
Dylan Jangaard
Dylan Jangaard 58 minutes ago
This video is hype!!!
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph 59 minutes ago
HI 69
HI 69 Hour ago
I got up started dancing, this rap hit hard lets goooo
Hanane Aslouj
Hanane Aslouj Hour ago
Omg today in class we did kahoot
Zykeal Ford
Zykeal Ford Hour ago
This rap lit
KatanaTuck Hour ago
Si Vlogs
Si Vlogs Hour ago
Ray Moore
Ray Moore Hour ago
Hi I love your vids😍😍
Bedazled Blue
Bedazled Blue Hour ago
Waiting for 50000 so Kyle responds to my comment 😂
Diego Hernandez
Cool video
Rohan Kommuri
Rohan Kommuri Hour ago
Double Pump Gaming
what's up
Hay Woah
Hay Woah Hour ago
I love your raps
Martin Hdz
Martin Hdz Hour ago
I keep playing this for my baby brother, he loves this
Jason The Killer
respond to this
Gg_ Xrystal
Gg_ Xrystal Hour ago
Make sure you guys subscribe and get to 5 million subs
litro Hour ago
I had this on x2 speed and I was like How is he talking this fast? Then I realized and I was was ''I'm dumb.''
The Holy Boink
I can't believe that a little while ago I was debating skipping over this video in my recommended. You've got a new subscriber.
Jose Orellano
Jose Orellano Hour ago
Post againplss
Adrian Bennetot
Best song yet!
Pigeon Hour ago
Keep it up man!
Philp Kolar
Philp Kolar Hour ago
ItzCloudz Hour ago
Ok booma
Yoshua Hankins
chrimarie Marte
The best song ever
Michael Maldonado
i love the kahoot
To good To fresh
That beat 🔥🔥
love it
paulie - Brawl Stars
Love the rap! Keep up with the great videos!
Cqrsten CN_Bdank
I wonder what he got
To good To fresh
Bro how do you do it
Delice Downing
Who’s ready for an among us song
Kaur Puneet
Kaur Puneet Hour ago
i use kahoot for my online class
To good To fresh
Nice vid
Ian W.
Ian W. Hour ago
*oh you are responding to every comment? Respond with “sorry I don’t speak poor people that had to watch an ad on this video”*
Joshua Franco
Joshua Franco Hour ago
U should add this to Spotify this is a good song👌😁😃
JoLeaha Harris
i love you
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