The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 435 | Shaking The Tree 

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On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal, and Parks discuss new camera angles, transparency, and respect between friends. Mal shares his thoughts on having other people on the show and what he would have done differently, Joe believes Rory & Mal didn’t behave as friends, and the guys voice whether or not they feel respected. The JBP addresses caring about money, hypotheticals on the podcast ending, and Parks & Joe give their own takes on how the situation played out. Joe speaks to entitlement, how he felt towards Mal for riding with Rory, and Mal unfollowing him on social media. The guys share how they feel about podcasting, abandonment, and the JBP fanbase. Julius Randle, feelings towards Ice and Ish, DMX’s memorial service, Justin Bieber’s dreads, Snowfall vs. The Wire, Re-recording songs, and MORE! Sleeper Picks: Joe | NBDY - “F.O.E” Rory | Chiiild - “Gone” Mal | Belly - “IYKYK” Parks | Khrysis - “Why” (Ft. Problem)
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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 98   
Leek329 9 minutes ago
Steve O
Steve O 13 minutes ago
I hope Rory and Mal create their own spin-off successfully. They deserve it, they carried this podcast imo.
Perry Rumnit
Perry Rumnit 57 minutes ago
A Charmed Life
Awe they got too comfortable
Juan Raices
Juan Raices Hour ago
Best thing you did was get rid of fuck boy Rory
Miriam Dominguez
I feel where Joe’s coming from. Mal’s tone and energy towards him over Rory has him like, “WTF?” Mal acts entitled because of his friendship with Joe when he says, “f*** that contract” No Mal, a contract says it all! You should be a little more grateful to a friend who you lived with and put you on when half the time you sit there looking like a damn bulldog with a chip on his shoulder! I’m glad they’re gone! I would listen to Joe alone if it was the case, but I would not listen to Rory and Mal without Joe! 💯
InTune Hour ago
You can tell someone way cooler than Mal said that “I’m built different/That’s not how I’m designed” bs in front of him an he ain’t stopped repeating it since 😂😂😂
Whole Nine
Whole Nine 2 hours ago
This man joe held hella grudges
Whole Nine
Whole Nine 2 hours ago
Joe don’t fw these boys. They went on a whole rant and he said nothing
EG93 2 hours ago
I need a Mal “Respect” shirt asap
Kenley Najar
Kenley Najar 2 hours ago
Yikes. Joe is learning a lesson I learned at 19... Ego.
Kream79 Love
Kream79 Love 3 hours ago
Shit hurts deep when the ones you thought were your friends never were. Have a disagreement with a friend and you will find out exactly how they feel about you. Joe is getting money now. He is ready to go to the next level at the cost of losing friends. Smh.
Rod Rich
Rod Rich 3 hours ago
Joe is not willing to split that big check 3 ways
Rafael Guasp
Rafael Guasp 3 hours ago
Imagine what joe was thinking right now 21:55
Kenley Najar
Kenley Najar 3 hours ago
I... gotta say. I have been watching these guys since... they weren’t here haha. And... I am sad... but... As someone who is now officially in entertainment... I have a very new respect for Rory F. and Mal. I think it’s very professional now, 2 weeks later, I understand a lot more after all this time and.. man, i’m no one on the internet but... i’m proud and envious of them.
Rafael Guasp
Rafael Guasp 3 hours ago
Hearing Joe's side after this episode and firing rory and talking about them getting payed more then they should... hearing this now, everytime mal was talking about friendship and how joe brought other people and how he should of shut the show down, I cant help but think what joe was thinking just sitting there silently.
Mr. Smart Moves For Life
Question: I’m hindsight, what about this episode was real? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @joebudden?
Peter Carman
Peter Carman 3 hours ago
I wasn’t a fan of Joe Budden.But watching this podcast made me definitely not a fan of his show.Look how he treats his friends.Then looks to others to validate him.Or screams over everyone
Peter Carman
Peter Carman 3 hours ago
Mal is speaking facts
Peter Carman
Peter Carman 3 hours ago
Joe keep looking to the other guy to back him up
Dynasty Banks
Dynasty Banks Hour ago
*looking to his yes men to back him up
Peter Carman
Peter Carman 3 hours ago
You can see they don’t get along.Joe thinks he’s better then them.I get tired of listening to him talk.He’s saying other perspectives.But it seems like it’s his perspective he is pushing
AwwShit Yallthoughtitwasoverdidntit
Shit went platinum. Damn
seantajean 3 hours ago
Joe’s pettiness in his song selection of choice >
Buster Cannon
Buster Cannon 3 hours ago
3 friends wouldn't be at petty shit like this without money being involved. The 2 things in life that could 100% kill true friendships is money and p$$$y........ Don't ever get that shit twisted.
HereForOneThing 4 hours ago
Yoko Ono wasn’t the reason The Beatles broke up.
keyz carlito
keyz carlito 4 hours ago
Rory look like he couldn't wait to sit in that sheet.
Ten Tray
Ten Tray 4 hours ago
What thee fuck is Mal talking about
DLo Sr
DLo Sr 4 hours ago
Well these guys talk about everyone else and the deals they sign and then come back and complain about they both did the same thing If they were all friends and Joe was the big name coming off the show with akademiks in business he would be the interest main draw to the podcast period he got the sponsors ect they have just had to come and talk and that’s it when they are off the show they don’t work continuously to build or find brands to partner with so they can get finders fees and make themselves assets to the show as it relates to business they just feel entitled and they left and wanted more money cause they felt Joe lied about some money he got for the show period they are co host who tried to end Joe and his show and thought it would only continue if they were in them co host chairs friends don’t argue over money in that cast y’all were just business associates and there for the money self interest now they got fired and tricked out of an easy position and perks that come with being on a popular show in the culture but they will look back and see they are wrong and let outsiders fuck up a good thing period because of entitlement and Rory is a white male who’s boss is black so he will either take the ride and Percs and checks or say fuck it I’ll get money somewhere else
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 4 hours ago
Mal.. you niggas is replaceable it’s simple. SHOW MUST GO ON!
jo s
jo s 4 hours ago
With everything that's transpired over the past few days, i have a huge dislike for Rory. Something about him isn't right. lol
Barry Hassen
Barry Hassen 4 hours ago
Joe...was awkwardly too Quiet lmaoo
Chandra Ross
Chandra Ross 5 hours ago
Mal is the man, a REAL one! Joe sounds like he needs therapy!
Dynasty Banks
Dynasty Banks Hour ago
The worst part is he does go to therapy. He needs a more honest therapist/life coach.
RyLee Banks
RyLee Banks 5 hours ago
Dom Bini
Dom Bini 5 hours ago
wait what.. this is in PARKS FUCKING HOUSE? mindblown
yooo Joe been a bitch lol straight female 🤣
RockNsteady Gaming
RockNsteady Gaming 5 hours ago
Mal no laughing dead serious and they still don’t get it
trey pugh
trey pugh 5 hours ago
Fake ass laughs
Chase Green
Chase Green 6 hours ago
Joe was just sitting there like these nigha is outta here
OlMikeLaaawry 7 hours ago
Joe was right. Hopefully mal and Rory prosper elsewhere
specialK312 7 hours ago
specialK312 damn when joe budden told the jay z story at around 37:00 or 38:00 minutes it really put things in perspective at what kind of friends Rory and Mal really are. Even if it really is dead funny.......fucking laugh about it later when no ones around, how you gonna laugh at your boy when some shit like that happens, when jay z said "so what?" to Joe Budden they were suppose to be grilling jay z like 2 hungry ass wolves but instead........they laughed at their boy. I wasnt sure before to say this but i am def sure now. Fuck both Rory and Mal
Ethan Latson
Ethan Latson 8 hours ago
If I started a company and hired my 2 friends to help me build it from the ground......... it's still MY company
Liquid Jackson
Liquid Jackson 6 hours ago
Especially when all they did is show up. Sometimes late. The nerve.
Young Black Free
Young Black Free 8 hours ago
Joe wanted to fire Rory and keep Mal. Mal made this situation into a spectacle.
Delissa Carline
Delissa Carline 8 hours ago
I wonder if joe recognizes the value Rory and Mal brought. When I first heard this podcast they are the reason I started l continued listening
Stay Fleets
Stay Fleets 9 hours ago
Rory gonna have to get a job building bridges
Stay Fleets
Stay Fleets 9 hours ago
Mal ain’t gonna have no money to go to Los Angeles to buy up side down hats ////he gonna go back to lids in the Bronx
Almighty Pain
Almighty Pain 9 hours ago
Rurrrrryyyyy and mealy mall
Ramzes Empire
Ramzes Empire 9 hours ago
Bro offered up his closet friends for the bag, I guess money always wins in the end
Hi_Bred_Tv 10 hours ago
I mean at the end of the day without Joe they clearly do not exist. Joe pays all the legal fees. Joe pays all the media time etc. He is the one built the empire they are simply workers. If they want their own then go create your own platform. It’s business and if you don’t understand that then you must have a worker mindset. Don’t let that go over your head.
Yella Muzik
Yella Muzik 10 hours ago
Yo, Rory been dropping gems for a long time LOL
Yella Muzik
Yella Muzik 11 hours ago
You can tell they really listening to Joe on this one. They really do hear what Joe is saying. And Rory is really stating his position as well. And if the JBP is really over then Joe was wrong. If he is the creator he says he is then he could just go on with the pod or another one. Good luck to all of them.
Ken Woo
Ken Woo 11 hours ago
How did Joe tell them to "go make a you tube channel?" text, voicemail, or in a idgaf rant? For M&R to continue filming a year or 3 ago, things weren't that bad. I never liked how Ak and CTG talked about them and Joe let it go... I guess he had his reasons. But that crazy Ni$$!@ AK put the icing on the cake, the words, and the candles.. hold up you thought that I was finish? blew the candles out and ate the entire cake.
Ken Woo
Ken Woo 10 hours ago
@cbenji07 they ALL in a Pentagon relationship 🤣
cbenji07 10 hours ago
So it was ok for them to poke the bear first? Cuz last time I checked they took shots at Ak firsr
Yella Muzik
Yella Muzik 11 hours ago
this is so telling now too LOL
Nell Nell
Nell Nell 11 hours ago
Budden just seems like a bit az nicca to me
Daniel Salvodon
Daniel Salvodon 11 hours ago
Rory and Mal are the supporting players. Joe is the Star.....Joe feels like his supporting players ain't on his level and they bring little to nothing and he showed it on this particular episode of this podcast. He deflected and rejected just about everything they said. He subliminally said f*ck u to Rory and Mal.
Arash H
Arash H 12 hours ago
You GIVE your friends respect not OWE, you give it because it’s genuine and not forced meaning owed.....I loved this pod only pod I ever watched through and through, I watched a few ads too, come back strong guys or don’t come back at all ✌️
D T 12 hours ago
Anybody else here after Joe fired Rory? 😆
GXI360 13 hours ago
KittyLewinsky7 13 hours ago
Mal is a rare breed. Very genuine, real friend, & honest. I hope Joe would at least keep him as a friend. Edit: At the same time I feel like the lines of the roles of Joe & the guys were blurred. They should respect this is Joes podcast. They did help build it but at the end it’s his. Also Mal is repetitive & hopefully he can understand he can be wrong as well.
Liquid Jackson
Liquid Jackson 6 hours ago
Build how? They put no money into it, only showed up to record, paid no legal fees. How did they help build anything?
Flights Camera Action!
51:20 .. say less
MODE Dancehall mag
MODE Dancehall mag 14 hours ago
They don’t have shares in the IP but they want to know more than what they are contractually agree to.
Thanos Prime
Thanos Prime 14 hours ago
Hmmm so on the show , it is 'we , we , we', behind the scenes it is 'me, me , me , me' .
THE STONERS LOG 14 hours ago
So this is all about how Joe didn't want Rory on the show because of some shit said or done to make Joe be like CLOCK OUT... sooo why everyone talkin except Joe. Why don't he just say THIS IS WHY I DIDN'T WANT RORY ON ANNNND MOVE ON 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Max B.
Max B. 15 hours ago
To sum this all up, Joe is a Virgo. Should tell you all you need to know.
Mrs.Parker 01
Mrs.Parker 01 5 hours ago
yea he a no it all...but when they WORK HARD for something they be damn if anyone takes, trys, manipulate talks bad about... they will cut yo azz off
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson 15 hours ago
Joe knew he was going to fire Rory. He said the floor is yours, I’ve been wanting to say that & this will be the only time I get to do it.
Antionne Freeman
Antionne Freeman 16 hours ago
Money dont matter but they fighting over money ok
Dorsey 16 hours ago
Joe is the boss, and a host, and a friend. They're looking at him like a friend and a co-host, but Joe sidestepped those issues and chose to see it from the boss' perspective. HE CHOSE to not look at it as friends, or a co-host because it validates everything that they're saying.
Miguel Villafane
Miguel Villafane 16 hours ago
If this JAY Z SHIT hurt joe for years how you gonna laugh cuz these punks are not real friends
The REAL G 17 hours ago
Joe is a trash as friend
Miguel Villafane
Miguel Villafane 17 hours ago
Respect don't pay the bills and a ninja you think is your brother all of a sudden is your enemy over something petty
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 18 hours ago
This is a brilliant way to get the numbers up. It's like a long going soap opera and I'm sure everyone is getting paid.
bam3108 19 hours ago
Entertainment 101 capitalize off controversy. He let them put their selves in the air joe just kicked away a chair. Peep the backdrop now
Mark Hill
Mark Hill 19 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣. Tbh lol A lot of us stop watching months ago! When you guys kept, consistently having a guest! An Joe seemed to be forcing them to talk .about something interesting and not just keep piggybacking off of Joe’s topics! It was only so long ,we can keep hearing Joe asked mal bout his life and him hiding it! Or Rory only debating with Joe were speaking about Henny Pelouze! For mal to act like the pod wasn’t already alive before he was on it is 🤣🤣 to see that mal picked sides ! But speaks on loyalty and respect is 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣 lol. To claim you guys are friends then to sit there and invite Joe to a fight but also act like this is not the Joe Budden podcast. Lol as if it’s the Joe mal Rory parks show! It’s clear that they confused business and friendship and personal shit into one while Joe did not! There’s too many episodes when Joe was consistently tell him to bring something to the table and they did not! Why do you guys think Joe I was willing to contract and pay them for being his side kicks !!! and why he’s mad at them for thinking that they should get more of a piece of the pot in the actual should
Devyn Walton
Devyn Walton 19 hours ago
Rewatching this after the last pod. This shit sounds so crazy lmao
Mark Hill
Mark Hill 19 hours ago
Lol lmao MAL! Spoke the least an never had a gf an paints his nails! Lol and y’all are saying he has morals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liquid Jackson
Liquid Jackson 6 hours ago
Exactly 😂😂😂
TheVision 12 hours ago
People eat that real cloth talk up lol. He's Tommy from Martin. Nobody knows what he does lol
MrMatta860 20 hours ago
Joe has this lack of respect for Rory. For anyone who's actually listened to this podcast for years, Joe been sayin he would "Put Rory Down" in a fight for the longest. Friends or not, there's only so long I'm gonna keep lettin you talk like that about me. Not only should you keep that to yourself if that's how you feel, but you cant keep saying it, which he has. Especially not with such an audience. One day Rory decided enough of the talkin, lets go then! Now hes a problem smh. Mal is cool but this pod is nothing without someone as smart, fair and articulate as Rory. Parks will always simp for Joe. Sad to see it end
DeSean Liggans
DeSean Liggans 20 hours ago
What do you mean you take offense when you hear the show should have stopped? Cause this thing is bigger than Nino Brown hahaha
Miss Jackson
Miss Jackson 21 hour ago
This podcast is soooooo subliminal! Joe, Rory, Mal please say what you’re trying to say!!
Maverick Dayz
Maverick Dayz 21 hour ago
Here is my view of this situation. All in all, i never liked Rory. Hes like a plant. Anytime a white dude trys to join a black ANYTHING i always question their intentions. Because, they can always want to be included in the black culture until its time to die like us. They can turn on their so called privileges anytime and we cant so they should never be a part of the group. We can b friends. N we can do business but u can never truly walk in our shoes. With that said, you can clearly see, that Rory is likely the culprit that tainted Mal's view of Joe. Joe always has his guard up. He reminds me of myself the way I view friends. I dont personally have any friends like me. I dont judge, im reliable, but most of all im honest with you. Some peopl cant handle real things or a real perception breakdown of the way u look at them. In episode 437, Joe says, "Mal bought detergent and puts it in his room." That shows me that Joe never judged Mal but already knew what type of character he had. Moving along, Rory never really fit on this pod.. his jokes r corny... he tries too hard to make an impact. His pov was weak. Mal tried to speak on certain topics but u can tell Mal n Rory didnt read alot or study anything pertinent outside of hip hop. Rory likely was talking to his white counterparts about $$ n they gassed him to ask for more. Instead of getting more u ruined the perfct opportunity. Joe didnt need rory but the diversity helps today's culture. Mal likely envied Joe to some extent. If yall were smart yall woulda talked business rather than hope that the friendship would solve it. Good luck to them all.
Maverick Dayz
Maverick Dayz 20 hours ago
@MexicAmeRogue. Exactly. Here is my advice to Joe or anyone growing an internal idea that births into fruition - make it clear in the beginning that it will be 100% Joe' until a contract is signed. Once signed then 75% goes to Joe. So no matter how many othr peopl come on board then only 25% goes to the help. Just an example but if things are communicated u cant get mad at what u make. According to Joe they were paid more than they were entitled to but he looked out. It dsnt matter if he jerkd them.or not... no contracts then u cnt get mad at what u leave with.
MexicAmeRogue. 21 hour ago
OffTop i just said something like this i heard Joe's new interview and he said Rory ask him Him HIS HOMIE/CEO OF HIS OWN COMOANY FOR THE COMPANYS BOOKS. JOE BEING REAL N A FRIEND ACTUALLY RESPECTED A WORKER and actually gave showed him the books. Roy pretty much audited JOE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS THATS LIKE THE IRS IF ANY LITTLE THING IS OFF HE COULD HAVE LOST THIS AND PEOPLE LOST JOBS he then would email Joe "Why do this person get paid this much and that person that much, and why is there expenses on this and expenses on that." He a whole B^^^^
MexicAmeRogue. 21 hour ago
Wyboi was an agent. Trying to *AUDIT YOUR HOMIE/CEO OF HIS OWN COMPANY AFTER NOT SELLING OUT?* HELL SOMEONE WAS FOR REALS TRYING TO TEAR BUDDENS PODCAST OUT THE WATER. GOING AFTER A CEOS COMPANY BOOKS???? ARE YOU SERIOUS. If anyrhing was off in the books rory would have told the irs. the IRS would have came after joe and shut it down and every worker would have lost their job Really. SMH I REALLY DISLIKE WYBOI NOW, HE *FUNNY STYLE.* And trust me rory and mal were talking behind Joe's back about issues they FELT THEY HAD AS WORKERS you can they by how they act they act like if they ain't really cool at work or barely talk at work and bet they talk behind Joe's back Smmfh.
Everyday Every moment
Joe is a broadcasting genius but he doesn't play well with others. He builds up these platforms and then destroys them.
Bill Nigh II
Bill Nigh II 22 hours ago
The truth coming out soon. Hopefully today
BOBBY Digital
BOBBY Digital 22 hours ago
this is cringe now that they're fired
Dallas Tx
Dallas Tx 22 hours ago
This show is nothing without mal
ReviewBillUSA 21 hour ago
yo, that's crazy -mal
Luis Castro
Luis Castro Day ago
Luis Castro
Luis Castro Day ago
Daughter of Zion
34:33 shows that Joe isn’t great at being empathetic to others’ feelings..but you can tell that he really wants to try to be.
kutie k
kutie k Day ago
Joe doesn’t take accountability for anything. He reminds me of trump lol
Joe speaking facts. His life's work has brought him here.. I respect Ror and Mal opinion but if anyone's owed respect its Joe
Latchwood1 Day ago
Mal keeping it all the way 100
kutie k
kutie k Day ago
Parks is fake asf
Jp Juster
Jp Juster 18 hours ago
U affi watch pppl like that. Snake in the grass
Mec The Great
Jay Z / Biggs / Dame
Kash Wavey
Kash Wavey Day ago
Why do employees feel entitled 🤔
cbenji07 10 hours ago
Cuz Joe is an enabler walking on egg shells all these years, so they feel entitled
Mitchell Smith
Joe mad foul...he played them..treated them like shit...karma. Bye joe
God Son
God Son Day ago
This conversation is exhausting lol, why would u even come back to Joe Budden Podcast , tryna explain something thts already understood 🤦🏻‍♂️
Mal is fake him and rory been plotting. Joe call him to have a meeting and Mal was a no show if u having a meeting to save ur career and clear up any misunderstanding and u Flake. As a businessman I dont owe u anything my obligation is to the rest of the company.
Liquid Jackson
Liquid Jackson 4 hours ago
Didn’t show up for two days. Smh
dream317 Day ago
I don’t ride with Duke anymore. I can’t wait to see what Rory and Joe do. God bless.
Chris Hutchinson
So Rory and Mal thought they were partners and Joe forgot to tell them that he owned the Pod and they are just employees with the title of Host even though they are his friends. And at the end of the day he help his boyz get to money and fame.
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