The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 436 | The Floor Is Yours 

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On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal & Parks discuss DJ Khaled’s new album, Jay-Z & Nas having a record together, Cardi B on ‘Big Paper’, and Mal wanting an album from Nicki Minaj. Jay-Z dedicates an exclusive TIDAL playlist to Nas ‘Curated By The God Hov’, two fake Wu Tang Clan members have been charged and sentenced for scamming hotels & recording studios while hiring homeless people to act as bodyguards, and Rory is asked why he is always around Drake. DJ Quik lit his Death Row Records royalty check on fire for Instagram Live, demanding credit for his work on major records, a Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight has officially been announced, and the guys recap the Hitman vs. Cassidy rap battle. The NFL Draft, NYC reopens July 1st, vacation stories, and MORE!
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson 4 hours ago
Yooo push came to yall blassy blassy blass. Howd joe end up being jealous mad at maul. Howd ypu you guys fuck it up. Push only fucked with yall
Von Miles
Von Miles 4 hours ago
Where’s the time stamps at??
That Dude #
That Dude # 4 hours ago
I out grew battle rap mal u mad corny u a dub ✅✌🏾📦💸🗑
Nicholas Grey
Nicholas Grey 4 hours ago
Mal was in his body with the diss melody lmfao 🤣
No Reason At All
No Reason At All 5 hours ago
Maybe with the return the whole show should have been revamped in style & setting. Instead of a couch 🛋 it could have been a pool table game which brings on the same topics among friends.
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson 5 hours ago
Is mal bitter with joe? J and r are good. Maul and joe tho..
yurp167 5 hours ago
i hate how ya niggas fight and we gotta deal with it now with only getting one pod on youtube
no1nozz 6 hours ago
Curated by THE GOD HOV: ...nas Lmaooooooo
Zoeski Doeski
Zoeski Doeski 7 hours ago
Ii still fuck wit my guys. I'll still admit ak did light they ass up an is was funny 🙂
C M 7 hours ago
NID ENT 8 hours ago
Title should’ve Ben “room temp fucker”
James jones
James jones 9 hours ago
Fire these bums joe. Rory you can keep, but milly mal mia
cdwilson11 9 hours ago
Mal, u have disrespected the pod all the time by looking at your phone. Bring ice and ish back.
Ryan Lindsey
Ryan Lindsey 11 hours ago
Anybody think Joe sitting further away from Mal now means he tryna dodge the hook?
Midastouch One
Midastouch One 11 hours ago
Damn Intro giving me a migrane. Is that just me or is that anyone else?
bktrouble 12 hours ago
He really bout to sit there a say nothing
Dee Lee
Dee Lee 12 hours ago
Mane gotta respect Mail for keeping the same energy… got to.
thesweetlifenow 13 hours ago
I guess they are only doing a pod a week sad sad.
Frank Purdy
Frank Purdy 13 hours ago
Y’all so late on teejayx6
Orphanis 14 hours ago
Didnt joe used to say im here with someof my dearest and closest friends.
Danny 310
Danny 310 13 hours ago
I guess he's saving that for Ice and Ish
Dubcito 14 hours ago
1:41:30 Mal is in denial. That’s what’s adding to his discontent. He called the Ice & Ish pods terrible, but the #’s don’t like lol
J Sanders
J Sanders 14 hours ago
Ice and Ish please
China La Bella
China La Bella 14 hours ago
The thanksgiving special is gonna be crazy 🤣🤣🤣 ish and ice on one end of the table and hopefully mal and rory will be there 😂😂😂😂
John Popher
John Popher 14 hours ago
Mal looks like he dosent want to pod anymore
Joshua F1rst
Joshua F1rst 14 hours ago
Mal's thoughts.."My Presence is a present...kiss my ass"
Tyelle Grayson
Tyelle Grayson 14 hours ago
Mal has left the building 😩🤦🏽‍♂️
BallingNotTryn 15 hours ago
Lmaooo I love mal n Rory man
Tesh Patel
Tesh Patel 15 hours ago
OG Aluminium
OG Aluminium 15 hours ago
Daquan Smith
Daquan Smith 16 hours ago
I like all the guys on this pod but these last two episodes are trash, I think it’s only a matter of time before something else happens and ice and ish are back
Barney 5 hours ago
hopefully the backup dancers wont be back
Mr. Cook
Mr. Cook 16 hours ago
This episode really making me miss Ice and Ish. Parks was really starting to open up with Ice and Ish. Now he's back to biting his tongue more. Parks is underrated but I appreciate what he brings.
MrGrinch Kushington
MrGrinch Kushington 17 hours ago
Mals demeanor and facial expressions shows that shit is just NOT the same and he look like he really don’t want to be there
Josh D'esposito
Josh D'esposito 17 hours ago
Mal gonna get hollow da Don on that diss track 💀
Curly Renee
Curly Renee 17 hours ago
Kalifah Bey
Kalifah Bey 18 hours ago
trash..."news never lied to me" smfh
Tiffany Whittaker
Tiffany Whittaker 18 hours ago
Watching them interact now is so uncomfortable 🥴🥴🥴
Jp F
Jp F 18 hours ago
Bring back ice and ish !!!!!
Kelsey Spencer
Kelsey Spencer 18 hours ago
Nemy Granger
Nemy Granger 19 hours ago
1:32:17 bruh I HATE Joe frfr. But this is WHY is keep listening to him. Why nobody laughed or answered?!? His inquiry was legit.
TejedaSK 19 hours ago
Kill Will
Kill Will 19 hours ago
Mack jones🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️
Scott Osaitile
Scott Osaitile 19 hours ago
Somebody tell screenman to hit F11
Ivan Winder
Ivan Winder 19 hours ago
Anyone else peep how awkward reason must’ve felt being in the middle of their drama lol that was super goofy
OBFLife 19 hours ago
Ya'll need to get Mikey Alfred and @Illegal Civ on!
Urban Soulchild
Urban Soulchild 20 hours ago
Bring Ish & Ice back 🥺 please
Samir Gandhi
Samir Gandhi 20 hours ago
Kill Will
Kill Will 20 hours ago
Yo mal a hater fr
Payne Jr
Payne Jr 20 hours ago
I think y'all need to relax and just view the content Jesus Christ lmfaooo
Brian Jupiter
Brian Jupiter 20 hours ago
The jokes not connecting the same like when I’ve and ish was on..
Ktown Ghost
Ktown Ghost 20 hours ago
"If u start a fight anywhere im liable to watch" 😂😂
Latoya fleming
Latoya fleming 20 hours ago
I love Mal 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jo Dy
Jo Dy 20 hours ago
Parks is hilarious “ Are you worried about shrinkage “ 💀💀
Precious Burgess
Precious Burgess 21 hour ago
The vibe is cringeful.
Aldo Instructor
Aldo Instructor 21 hour ago
Bring Ish back for Mal
SkitzR Us
SkitzR Us 21 hour ago
That Cassidy vs hitman was boo boo water lack luster bars and annoying crowd stopping every 2 seconds nah
Travis Williamson
Travis Williamson 22 hours ago
Mal makes it so awkward , he still mad af lol but I get it , but why even come on the platform still.
Neal Balkissoon
Neal Balkissoon 22 hours ago
Mal smiling a little but having a whole different convo in his head.
MrAmvg 22 hours ago
@49:34 This lame af fr Mal need to go
Darnell Fartknocker
Darnell Fartknocker 22 hours ago
Mal said F*** that contract! That sums it all up folks. The podcast will continue because that's all Joe has left to hold on to so he can stay relevant. As far as Rory & Mal I wish them happiness and success.
Dubcito 14 hours ago
99% of public figures only have 1 thing that keeps them relevant lol. Musicians. Athletes. Actors... Joe went from rap, to reality TV, to everyday struggle to the Pod. And a lot of that overlapped. He wasn’t the greatest at none (except this Pod shit) but he created his path, brick by brick.. the Pod was just proven to continue with or without Mal & Rory.
mynameHolla 23 hours ago
I cringed when Mal said he was mad the browns played well without Odell then Joe said that's a theme for you 😂🤣😂 this podcast prolly over wit
Dankest Ranch
Dankest Ranch 16 hours ago
@mynameHolla do you have a timestamp btw? Not tryna watch this whole bullshit ass episode 😂
mynameHolla 17 hours ago
@Dankest Ranch soon as Mal said that I knew it was a alley hoop for Joe to say something slick🤣😂
mynameHolla 17 hours ago
@Tax V. I agree Mal too sensitive he acting like the girl that forgive you but still gotta attitude 😂
Tax V.
Tax V. 21 hour ago
Hopefully Mal is. Bring back ish to fill his spot
Dankest Ranch
Dankest Ranch 23 hours ago
LMFAO joe is a cold man bruh
Patrick Page
Patrick Page Day ago
Everybody asking for Ish and Ice ain’t really been watching the pod if they think that would work long term. I been watching this shit since it was Joe Budden TV when Joe was just running around with a camera before y’all say some dumb shit.
Patrick Page
Patrick Page 21 hour ago
@Tax V. it means I know neither of them will do it full time because they could have replaced Marissa before Mal did, Joe chose this crew. Ish owns real businesses, Ice hates podcasts. Fuck how u feel btw
Tax V.
Tax V. 21 hour ago
What does that mean LOL. Ppl are tired of the lack of content from Mal and or Rory.
elmore 292
elmore 292 Day ago
Rory codes switching like a cool white teacher
D-Block Sheek Louch
You can tell Mal is still salty about the situation.
Sendawula Kajubi
Mal this, Mal that! Mal is the least talented person on the show, where’s he going to go?! Joe is thinking like an owner and producer while Rory and Mal are acting like entitled man-children! All that “respect”, “how I’m designed” y’all sounds nice on the surface until you dive deeper. All he does is sit in that chair acting like he’s the most introspective and wisest out of all of us.
Elmo Day ago
Don’t forget that Mal and Joe have LIVED with each other for YEARS. I might be dumb for saying this BUT all of this is banter. There’s love in that friendship that we will NEVER understand. It’ll come together.
johnnie 98
johnnie 98 Day ago
maybe mal just didn't have much to say? lmao.. some of yall gotta stop putting so much thought into it lol
terry hampso
terry hampso Day ago
Even Mals knees are pissed
Patrick Walker
Mal is not with the fuckery 🤣🤣
Keyz SuperEffective!
At one point of this episode, mal didn't speak for over 5 minutes...Dude still salty and is fucking up the vibe
Kris White
Kris White Day ago
It's crazy watching Joe destroy his own podcast
Cee Cee
Cee Cee Day ago
joe looking at Mal every time he say a joke to see if he laugh 👀
Conrad Holt
Conrad Holt Day ago
Mike Day ago
“What is this accounting line? $70 grand on misc!” - Rory Most of ya’ll missed that truth inside of the joke huh! I know I know.. It’s his network he can do what he wants to with the money.. blah blah blah.. So much for friendship huh?! TAAADAA 😉
Lovie L.
Lovie L. Day ago
Clearly they needed a longer break but they don't want to accept the fact the joe is the boss sadly
Mike Vazquez
Mike Vazquez Day ago
Look, Mal..you and Joe Symantecs’d back and forth for 2 hours, cool. But I can’t and I won’t do the mismatched shoelaces any further. Salutations.
Flight Dogg
Flight Dogg Day ago
I lose it everytime I hear Joe sing "Shake My Nuts" 😂😂😂 That caught me off guard 😂😂😂
MrCbj102 Day ago
get rid of mal, dude brings nothing to the show
Papa Lane
Papa Lane Day ago
Mal didn’t like that “they all did a million” line 😂😂😂 nigga we was rocking w/o y’all don’t ever forget that!! 😂😂
Mizzo _Beeto
Mizzo _Beeto Day ago
Niga said room temp fucker lmaoooo
Ohio Player
Ohio Player Day ago
Who would support if Rory and Mal got their own podcast?
Ohio Player
Ohio Player 21 hour ago
Mal can talk about all the things Joe doesn’t want you to know, they were roommates
Tax V.
Tax V. 21 hour ago
Hell naw. Mal ain’t gonna talk about anything.
Coconut Head
Coconut Head Day ago
Sike 💀
Mitchell Dana
I would
Ohio Player
Ohio Player Day ago
I don’t like Joe 😁
Coconut Head
Coconut Head Day ago
Ayee you and mal got something in common 💀
Michael Soliz
Ive been being nice to everyone. Trying my hardest to be nice and do good things with my life. Every time i try my hardest for people, they are ruder then I would ever be in any situation and i thought I was the bad guy all the time! These people are evil and im really tired of trying and im tired of everything and tired of people. I wish I had love. All I feel is hate
Coconut Head
Coconut Head Day ago
Get off the drugs and yes weed can be addicting. When you get low don’t get high. durgs only mask the problem. I wish you well bro 🙏🏼
Built4myCity 513
1:13:41 ..... joe say “WHAT DO YOU LIKE”
Built4myCity 513
Mal is not realistic!!!!!!!!! He don’t even want Ice cube to have a big3 if Floyd can’t get a bag for lightwork 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Jesse Mane
Jesse Mane Day ago
Call me daddy podcast doing great Joe 😂🤣😂🤣
Built4myCity 513
Mal is privileged.. if y’all don’t realize that every one else has WORKED for their name IN THE INDUSTRY
MosMoneyENT Day ago
"What Mal and Rory gonna do when I put that diss track out? What yall gonna do what yall do huh? You know how many things Rhyme with Rory and Mal?" @58:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dankest Ranch
Mal really ruining the pod..cheer up bucko
Mitchell Dana
Lol bucko are you serious
RRT Day ago
Mal goes home every night and swings at the walls like Cuba Gooding jr. 🤷‍♂️
RRT Day ago
Ayo to be honest I don’t want my boss hovering over me at my Job. This shit is weird now.
RRT Day ago
Rory seems like the guy at work who fucked up but isn’t sure if he’s getting fired nervous energy is apparent
Shakeem Morris
Parks: RESPECTTTTT!!! 😩😩😂😂😂
3 stripe Mike
Joe didn’t even fake like he didn’t know the podcast number “ahhh the tension”… he’s been doing that lil bit for years 😂🙄
Arthur R
Arthur R Day ago
53:50 hahahahahahahahaha
Leo Polo
Leo Polo Day ago
Mal out there making $500 per word...highest paid man in Podcasting
Arthur R
Arthur R Day ago
Yo Mal look like that dude DMX made get butt naked and sit on the couch in belly. Remember how he was sitting there all mad in the movie. That's Mal
RRT Day ago
Arthur R
Arthur R Day ago
Mal thinking about Jay Z
Calm Gamer
Calm Gamer Day ago
So Mal thought we was going to miss this? Nigga just sitting there smh
"handy on the Landy" is sick 😂😂😂
TheMike1421 Day ago
This show is wild now that I know Rory and Mal are Joes employees
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