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Joe and the guys kick things off by exploring how well Mal knows Rory (3:31) and sharing their individual introductions to Hip Hop in light of the JBP’s 6th Year Anniversary (22:32). They celebrate Bobby Shmurda coming home (34:40) and share predictions over his upcoming music (45:45). Vanessa Bryant calls out Meek Mill for his insensitive lyrics over Kobe Bryant’s helicopter accident (55:05), and Jay-Z signs a partnership with Moët Hennessy buying a 50% share in his champagne brand (1:08:45). The guys discuss the Migos and Bobby Shmurda’s relationship (1:46:23) and Cam’ron promoting his new product, “Pink Horse Power,” an organic supplement for men that improves sexual stamina and libido (2:14:14). A Kevin Samuels discussion (2:17:31), Bryson Tiller’s new album (2:25:15), planning trips, and MORE!
Sleeper Picks Joe | Ambré - “eternal sunshine” (Ft. G-Eazy & BJ the Chicago Kid) Rory | MIKNNA - “Heartbreak Highway” Mal | Moneybagg Yo - “Time Today” Parks | Fred the Godson - “One of These Days” (Ft. Guap Sinatra & Bandz Dinero)
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Feb 24, 2021




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Comments 100   
JM Diaz
JM Diaz Day ago
MAL, your response ALOOONE, is literally proving Joe's point. You are super sensitive. Perfect add on from Rory... " by arguing that you're not super sensitive" Lololo
wlaaaaaaaaaa123 5 days ago
This hurts watching the old pod 😔
Saverio Persichilli
I fkn hate the art in the background. Bun dat
Richard Montano
Richard Montano 12 days ago
Most awkward podcast ever
Duchess 18 days ago
E 410 2:13 Joe calls Rory a B
iMLG411 22 days ago
I feel like mal the only one with sense at times
Raymond Rosario
Raymond Rosario 22 days ago
The bent delete osmotically march because drake frustratingly spot as a fancy child. wise, bustling hip
David Taylor
David Taylor 28 days ago
Happy to see Joe and Rory peace it up this episode
Anthony Zakuto
Anthony Zakuto 28 days ago
The receptive spinach bailly bless because truck experimentally surround versus a bloody passenger. grotesque, tidy kayak
Reno Rendon
Reno Rendon 29 days ago
I love when joe be acting like he bout throw hands with mal
Ivann Parker
Ivann Parker 29 days ago
Joe is shining a big light on anti-education bias that destroys black potential, yet everybody he is making big money with college folks. Rory knew what time it was last episode. He was pulling Joe's bias out of him.
Robert Willis
Robert Willis 29 days ago
To me collage raps are people who use ER rather than an A at the end of words.
Robert Willis
Robert Willis 29 days ago
The meek bar is trash. In 20 years it might be ok. But 1 year that is tone deaf as fuck.
Robert Willis
Robert Willis 29 days ago
Blood come on Mal. You cant be a conservative and then want rapist to have a studio in prison. Seriously. That was the dumbest shit you ever said.
J Peace
J Peace 29 days ago
Mal back shooting 500 again with the facial jokes🤣
J Peace
J Peace 29 days ago
Meek n Mal must be talking...seeing how it work out. Cause he definitely wanna smash...
J Peace
J Peace 29 days ago
Mal sound crazy as shit. Meek aint done and said nothing but dumb shit ever..especially on Twitter
J Peace
J Peace 29 days ago
Can we remind the cast land that this is ..if I'm not mistaking...the same guy that shouted out His buddy catching a body on a record right?
Sophie Loren
Sophie Loren Month ago
The indirect and direct jabs Kyser took at Joe and the JBP was heavy lol. They're a pod and not radio and so that's going to dictate who is streamed to their show. And his fake take saying missed the JBP boat lol. None of the labels invested into the JBP. Even Revolt, a black owned network, didn't invest in the JBP even after working with Joe on State of the Culture.
Raymond Rosario
Raymond Rosario Month ago
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Jessi Ronquillo
Jessi Ronquillo Month ago
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JustActing Month ago
Joe really tried to be sympathetic to 6/9🤔...Joe thinks the more he speaks the the smarter he gets. Joe is wrong.
jawz122 Month ago
These guys were too shook to just say that Quavo was clout chasing by going out of his way to ensure everyone knew he was picking up Bobby when released when they likely barely ACTUALLY know each other, and that them talking about doing a mixtape 6.5 years ago doesn't mean they are close friends. Why the fuck would you wanna hang out with a guy you barely know after 6.5 years in jail? Just say it.
Angeluz Mayhem
Angeluz Mayhem Month ago
Meek Mal
Sean Choudhary
Sean Choudhary Month ago
Mac Miller didn't go to college
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Month ago
The utopian underpants characteristically plug because great-grandmother broadly press lest a abandoned numeric. fresh, waiting meter
Chyko Money
Chyko Money Month ago
That Maison joke lol
D Nelson
D Nelson Month ago
What's really wrong with Mal? He be so ignorant sometimes.
Kickin It In Dallas
I think Mal been on bullshit for a while but I’m happy to people saying him caping for meek was a goofy room. Meek needs to learn to read the room and Mal isn’t as cool as he thinks he is
Eboni H
Eboni H Month ago
Rory is right on the college topic . Parks was off 😨
English Teacher Reacts
Kevin Samuels Button 2:17:44
G Hix
G Hix Month ago
Superman doesn't always wear a cape! 🤝🏽
Eboni H
Eboni H Month ago
Banging my head against my desk on this Kobe topic Lort move on ! Mal was right
King32028 Month ago
As far as the broke college kid point in 09 we all was broke 😂. We all came from the same cities and schools and the outta town kids that came was broke too.
Bars In The Tuck
“I don’t wanna battle Hollow” “But the rent...” “I SAID YOOOOOOO!” 😭😭😭
Sahib Kalra
Sahib Kalra Month ago
I had to cut this shit off and come to the comments once maL starting caping for Meek. For someone with a proper education, his craziest takes lack the most common of sense. Lay off the gas fr 🤦🏽‍♂️
artie simone
artie simone Month ago
please fire mal. the ignorance gotta go if y’all leveling up
Bigg Nutts
Bigg Nutts Month ago
Yall be hatin on Mal.. Smh
Gxtra Grandz
Gxtra Grandz Month ago
Rory I've see the pictures Hov is a mason
B Blackwell
B Blackwell Month ago
The problem with people bigging up Bobby is we don't know what he did or did not do. We do know crimes were committed and people died. So I never get the adulation. Should no one be held accountable for anything?
B Blackwell
B Blackwell Month ago
@Drae Nation the respect should come from people doing what they do but everyone else shouldn't promote or glorify it. They started the podcast almost talking about needing to speak seriously on gang culture. You can't do that and give bobby props.
Drae Nation
Drae Nation Month ago
I gotchu. Bobby getting bigged up for something a lil different. Out of 100 percent of people that say they wouldn't snitch 85 percent of them mfs telling. Loyalty has always been hard to find. And it's getting rare for somebody to actually be who they say they are. Bobby stood on his words and took the harder road with his brother when he didn't necessarily have to. I hear what you saying though and that's why hip hop is a very hypocritical culture. We pray nobody does crime, but on the other hand praise mfs who actually do what they rap about cause there's so many pretenders so you have to atleast respect the real
Danell Miller
Danell Miller Month ago
Das Efx went to VSU at the same time I was there. They created, “Straight from the Sewer” while there. 2-Chains and Wale went to VSU as well.
Branden Robinson
Rory is actually irrelevant on this podcast, and his jokes be wack and uncalled for
Drae Nation
Drae Nation Month ago
How long you been watching this podcast?
Rand0mus_Pr1me Month ago
Hot Nigel
Marquell Johnson
free him till its spelled backwords... may have meant free him till its said baccwards = hes free lmao a reach but thats what i thought
paul thammaracksa
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Mr. Cooperwood
Mr. Cooperwood Month ago
Mal dressed like Deku
GottaTGIF Month ago
“I never come in my own face”
Rory- well mals groups gotta be cooler than ours 😂🤣
Justin Meyer
Justin Meyer Month ago
Mal b asking women are u tried n tru
Angie Pangie
Angie Pangie Month ago
What’s Rorys entry point?
Asham Carter
Asham Carter Month ago
How high was these guys on this episode?😂😂😂
Brandon Williams
Ever since that tory lanez shit Mal been mad understanding
Legit Pro
Legit Pro Month ago
Shut up mal
Lando Curry
Lando Curry Month ago
Y’all are buggin. Y’all supported 69 and thought he was fire until he snitched. He only snitched cuz the niggas he was fuckin wit did him dirty. They disrespected the fuck out tekashi and he didn’t owe them any type of loyalty after that. I would’ve told too. Foh
Eztaughtme Month ago
Glorifying dumb shit smh 🤦‍♂️
LaBestia 420
LaBestia 420 Month ago
The Rock can’t be a republican if he’s the peoples champ
Ryan Voltaire
Ryan Voltaire Month ago
Kevin Samuels has to be on an episode. I don’t always agree with everything he says or the tone he has, but he’s an intelligent man like Joe. It would be interesting to see.
aniella4ever Month ago
the college budden podcast
Heo Kute
Heo Kute Month ago
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Gypsii Danger
Gypsii Danger Month ago
See I need them to be up to date on things men can be financially free from taking care of kids all they have to do is terminate their rights to that child
Croooks 10
Croooks 10 Month ago
JOE You gotta get the man Wayno on your network NOW! just watched a episode of "the thing is" for the first time because he was there to give a male perspective and booooy that guy made me watch the whole episode of somethingi usually wouldn't click on!! Give that man a BAG!!!!!
Kengozin - Ken goes in
What is falling deaf on Joe is the fact that most 38-year-olds today were in college when Kanye West was debuting. So majority of the audience I feel, are the people that were marketed to whether or not you were in college your college era was when Kanye broke thru. higher education was marketed at a greater rate than ever before post 9-11. I can't tell you how many university commercials were on television between 2004 and 2010. It was like a "thing". I think at the time, hip hop broke through as the fastest growing culture. Art imitates life...life promoted education, art reflected the times
Galactyc Ent
Galactyc Ent Month ago
Mal went to private school and performance arts school admits he is not street but wants to speak on street codes and how people should move thats hilarious
Galactyc Ent
Galactyc Ent Month ago
Edit: that explains why he speaks from such a removed perspective
Jesus Walks playing in the strip club is crazyyyyyy
Young Loko713
Young Loko713 Month ago
Man you know how many 9/11 bars that’s in music & rap today?!? What about those families? Mf’s just too sensitive these days! Just my opinion ✌🏽
me me
me me Month ago
They didn't Market to college they were college age when they debuted, therefore their music was relatable to college age kids. Using Joe's logic if it's not street rap it's college marketing how about they Marketed to non criminal/ Street lifestyle ppl which happens to be the majority of the population smh.
Valinktra Cross
Valinktra Cross Month ago
Damn Joe definitely getting that Patrion bag if he wants to fly the pod somewhere to do something hahaha
Valinktra Cross
Valinktra Cross Month ago
Mal wants to be in with the Celebrities soo bad he will fight for them to the death even when he’s wrong yet these celebrities have never spoken a word to him lol
Valinktra Cross
Valinktra Cross Month ago
Good on Bobby for holding it down for his Man but he should not be an “Example” for the youth to look upto because he still committed a crime! I’m not saying 6 years in prison is easy but knowing you will come out a hero with all your celeb mates and millions definitely would make the time a lot easier compared to a average street kid who gets caught up in the same situation
Annjelique Month ago
Actually Joe was FIRE IN THE BATTLE‼️‼️‼️‼️
Bos Outlaw
Bos Outlaw Month ago
Ty with the SI
Ty with the SI Month ago
Remember when notorious b.i.g. said " get paid, blow up like the world trade, born center the opposite of a winner, I remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner " it happens all the time. But it's too soon maybe
threefoe Month ago
In 2007, my senior year at Long Beach State, I did an internship at Warner Bros Records where I was a marketing assistant and college campus rep. Our entire function was to market every single artist that was on Warner to the college students. Its literally apart of the marketing budget and function. All artist on labels are marketed to college even Joe Budden.
threefoe Month ago
Who the fuk does "hip hop" think it is that it can say and do whatever it wants and because its "hip hop" it's supposed to be ok and accepted? I'm so sick of that arrogant and elitist mentality that "hip hop" has. The bar was wrong and distasteful and shouldn't have been said period.
Ashlynn Simeon
Ashlynn Simeon Month ago
Btw men can sign away their parental rights and be excused from child support.
Stevie Mims
Stevie Mims Month ago
Rory racist shit showing again fam smh
James Nickerson
James Nickerson Month ago
Yacht said touch my chain imma turn this into columbine where a bunch of kids died joe said go home n Chris Benoit he killed his own family n himself hypocrites
kclark500 Month ago
Im confused on the championing of Jay-z selling 50% of his company to Moet. I'm sure he's sold half the company because of millions that champagne companies are losing due to the pandemic. But leave it up to the JBP to ride Jay for no valid reason. They was acting like Jayz bought 50% of Moet. LOL.
StrizzY !
StrizzY ! Month ago
When was Jesus walks ever played in the strip club ? Lol
Saint xeno777
Saint xeno777 Month ago
Yea that nigga parks a legend mix my albumlolo
Eduardo Vega
Eduardo Vega Month ago
Thank you for this episode
D Carmon
D Carmon Month ago
Mal’s take during the Kobe/meek discussion was painful to listen to. He actively tries to sound nonsensical.
BOMER 88 Month ago
Parks really is a closed minded fool. College kids have a high disposable income . No there are hundreds of thousands of kids who are flat broke eating noodles everyday
KANO98LA Month ago
tebogo taunyane
tebogo taunyane Month ago
south african covid srain is bullshit...shout out to Mal 🇿🇦
Lamont Jackson
Lamont Jackson Month ago
Joe busting In his own face is nasty🤣🤣
atomiser2003 Month ago
Mal dressed like a Teletubby 😂
Ademola34 Adeniran
🤣🤣 Why is Mal riding for meek so hard? And that bar was weak as it was disrespectful.
Dylon vR
Dylon vR Month ago
Please don’t call the strain the South African strain. It’s the European strain. That’s where it started.
Dylon vR
Dylon vR Month ago
And when people judged Trump for attaching a nationality to a virus and here we are.
HeartbreakB _
HeartbreakB _ Month ago
Kevin Samuels shout out! Lets goo
Dama_NoSahh Month ago
Parks says college students have alot of disposable income because they have beer, parties and go to concerts? Fam. I guarentee those who are doing that have either: got the money from parents, saved their money from working just for that one event, sacrificed good meals to keep the money to do something, or dropped a class and/or using their refund check from what's left after student loans or grants. Unless they come from a family with money or saving every penny they get, that "disposable income" came with alot of sacrifice. They look like they ballin' on Saturday night but check in with them Tuesday or Wednesday and find out the truth
KG Money
KG Money Month ago
This episode was restoring the feeling ! The cohesiveness , the natural flow n banter , content , oversharing , etc... Props , Respect , thank u gentlemen !!! I've been down since # 120's , and I know u guys got the bag n self admitted to selling out but thank u for everything you guys do ! Hip Hop n Pop Culture , best podcast in the game , still !!!
KG Money
KG Money Month ago
Tampa Fl in this bih !!!
Janay sykes
Janay sykes Month ago
Gemini’s haaaaaate being sensitive...Bruv was triggered
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders Month ago
Tekashi is NOT a kid. He’s a grown ass man. He is the same age as a lot of the people he got locked up. Stop handling him with kid gloves.
Von DaGod
Von DaGod Month ago
We burned cds in college, no body has money in colleges like that. Majority of college students is broke idc what no one says
James Robertson
James Robertson Month ago
Well if that's the hip hop culture fuck that culture change it
William Wicks
William Wicks Month ago
Marv; Da Bad Guy
Y’all be having ppl think I’m crazy from laughing to this at work they don’t be seeing my headphones 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nf1n1t1 Month ago
20 mins in and there is still large gaps of silence. I get the music parts and all that but it looks and sounds dumb if you're watching the video or doing something else while watching. Figure out how to fix that for the visual version of the pod, it is sometimes the best part on the audio version but the tone and mood doesn't transfer or translate great on video... That shit is annoy and I've been trying to get past this first 20 mins for days JUST to finally get this episode over with. N please start syncing both vid & audio so they match. When I pause either I want to be able to find the same spot in the same place on the other.
Andre Moncivais
Andre Moncivais Month ago
WTF lmfaoooooooo Rory just givin up that extra info nobody asked for and everyone just carry on like its nothin Joe: We gon talk about 3's soon. Rory: I fucked a 3 Joe: ...I want you to keep the same exact energy Me: Dyin!!!!
Christopher Williams
Rest his soul, the mere thought of Stack Bundles open to the idea of Hustle & Flow but trying to comprehend what Joe's contribution would be to the group is hilarious