The Jacksons - Can You Feel It (Kirk Franklin Remix - Official Music Video) 

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"Can You Feel It" by The Jacksons​ feat. Tamela Mann (Kirk Franklin Remix)
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All the colors of the world should be
Lovin' each other wholeheartedly
Yes, it's all right
Take my message to your brother and tell him twice
Spread the word and try to teach the man
Who's hating his brother, when hate won't do
Cause we're all the same, yes the blood inside me is inside you now tell me
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it, now tell me
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it
#TheJacksons #CanYouFeelIt #OfficialAudio


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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Bigirwenkya Simon
Who these dancers ....😎😎😎
Erika Ramírez
Erika Ramírez 2 hours ago
Michael Jackson world!! 🤴
DEZERT MUZIK 3 hours ago
Well done 👍🏽 - the legacy will continue
joedimag 5 hours ago
When I ear “ Michael” my ❤️ collapse
Apley Foxx
Apley Foxx 6 hours ago
I really love this video. It's really nice they keep Michael Jackson's spirit alive. This is a fantastic video! I will support Michael Jackson forever. 😁🇬🇧🦊
Alahna Whitner
Alahna Whitner 9 hours ago
POPSTARISHAN 9 hours ago
Can totally feel it , cheers in the name of Michael ❤️
DestinyC1020 10 hours ago
Love the dance moves in this!! 😃 But I'm sorry, but I prefer the musical arrangement of the ORIGINAL song. It's just not the same. Sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️
Tav William
Tav William 10 hours ago
I think to me give more spritual feel they should did more of outside on the roof top and outside the church with crew point to the sky . Then have them near the water like beach or sum to give it that more organic vision feel to it but besides that it decent tho. I know this song goin do numbers in church and nation wide again to the positive vibes . Especially when the time we livin
Samuel Johnson Jr.
Samuel Johnson Jr. 12 hours ago
Mikes voice was something special...
мìd нцп
мìd нцп 13 hours ago
Love you Michael🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️
I’m dying Inside
I’m dying Inside 16 hours ago
Never expect to see new music video from the Jackson
Treejonesy 16 hours ago
DANNY BOOM BAP 16 hours ago
A Classic
Katte Tenorio
Katte Tenorio 18 hours ago
i loved this song. Btw, Peru`s in the houseeeee
Eric Zyan
Eric Zyan 21 hour ago
Great job❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Surfer d'argent
Surfer d'argent 21 hour ago
Surfer d'argent
Surfer d'argent 21 hour ago
Danser dans une église ? 🤔
mrsbrownsugarsweetz 22 hours ago
Did anyone get chills when Michael started singing?
Kelly Verde
Kelly Verde 22 hours ago
Michael's voice is my medicine for everything! ♥
Danum Bhawana
Danum Bhawana 23 hours ago
If he was alive definitely will be proud about this masterpiece ❤
Mairee D. Qween
I’m glad that the “anointing” on Michael Jackson’s life is being recognized. I cut a mean rug on the original track lol Rest In Peace MJ. I still cry and miss you! 😘😘😘
Erika Ramírez
Michael Jackson 2021????
Anthony B
Anthony B Day ago
Great cover!!!!
elviraxxs Day ago
Hello brothers and sisters! we love Michael! He is in our hearts 💖
Rosey Rouge
Rosey Rouge Day ago
When he said Michael my heart stopped beating😭then when Micheal starting singing i melted❤😭
Olisa Day ago
I wish I can like this a thousand times
Jon Alvey
Jon Alvey Day ago
So who is the female? Its not Janet.
Terry Walker
Terry Walker Day ago
Now I have to search the original. Kirk is super talented, but I love the original version.
Sally Rojas
Sally Rojas Day ago
Audra Gray
Audra Gray Day ago
Yes!! All the colors of the world should be loving each other whole heartly. Michael would be proud. Great job 👍
this is so creative !
arcel d
arcel d Day ago
Even though this was a secular song that got turned to Gospel regardless, the message is still there!
hilal atis
hilal atis Day ago
Grace Byamungu
Grace Byamungu 2 days ago
the fact that it’s his own voice, wow🔥✨
mr pizza
mr pizza 2 days ago
the best part is when kirk says michael 0:49
La Boludosa
La Boludosa 2 days ago
Who do I have to get permission from to use this video and sound on a video for Spanish community?
Alvarex 2 days ago
Best MJJ song ever.
Emmanuel Kofi Nkansah
Micheal this is my favorite song Just heard it omg Love you King of Pop R.I.P
kyle Zpuvkovrl
kyle Zpuvkovrl 2 days ago
I miss Michael Jackson
L.C MUSIC 2 days ago
ARDRA 2 days ago
Missing MJ🥺
ARDRA 2 days ago
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 2 days ago
Alex Saldaña
Alex Saldaña 2 days ago
Wooooow 😍
katherine huerta
katherine huerta 2 days ago
Years can pass by but Michael will still be present ❤
coajo23 2 days ago
Michael jackson is inocent.
nihedi BOUCHEMAT 2 days ago
Michael 's voice damn
FROFMO FOM 2 days ago
Why? :(
Vitoria Andrade
Vitoria Andrade 2 days ago
Christel Armstrong
kiana. B
kiana. B 2 days ago
Woww Michael Jackson
Stephen comedy
Stephen comedy 2 days ago
Goosebumps anyone?
Sherree Baldacchino
This is so lovley not just Micheals voice all of it .
MrSuperstarr121 2 days ago
Kirk Franklin shouldve let this classic song alone!
Athens Glamour
Athens Glamour 2 days ago
Mikee💓we miss you everyday .
Guy Whitney
Guy Whitney 3 days ago
I'm Michael Jackson-No Matter What-For Life
Mary grace Luega
Mary grace Luega 3 days ago
Who's here 2021 R.I.P We miss The Legendary performer The one in only Mr."King Of Pop
bagasCode 3 days ago
We die twice First : we die physically our body gone cold, and no heart beat. Second : we die when no one remember us in their heart.
Gary Buechel
Gary Buechel 3 days ago
Killer remix period
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 3 days ago
E L L 3 days ago
SL Beast
SL Beast 3 days ago
well um michale is not here everyone knows that but where's the other one there were 5 right.
gods gift
gods gift 3 days ago
gods gift
gods gift 3 days ago
gods gift
gods gift 3 days ago
Dangerous Moonwalker
This is a disgrace not only to the Jackson family but Michael’s image how dare you use his music for publicity
ambrosia kamala
ambrosia kamala 3 days ago
This is a SANCTIONED remix. Relax and enjoy. Be blessed ♥
Linda Harrison
Linda Harrison 3 days ago
RIP! Michael Is Very Happy In Heaven Listening to these voices...So PROUD!!!
Eric Edwards
Eric Edwards 3 days ago
The 294 folks who don’t like this video or version I just have to say God Bless …nice work Kirk …we lost Michael too too soon
Milot X
Milot X 3 days ago
Beautiful vidoe, amazing choreography good job
Victoria Grady
Victoria Grady 3 days ago
Wait....I am confusion.....when did this song happen?
Derek Holiday
Derek Holiday 3 days ago
Ummmm I don’t want to bust any body’s bubble but it’s not getting better I’m being better, the whole world is coming together?? It’s not how can it come together when the popo is killing black men? Black men killing black?
Gustavo Teixeira
Gustavo Teixeira 3 days ago
MJ is and always be the best ♥️
YGOR GOUVEIA 3 days ago
Manoooo o que foi isso... que coisa linda tanto o clipe quanto o remix!!!
Trayvon Creighton
Rest in peace Michael we love and miss you your music and legacy lives on forever the g.o.a.t the king of pop sing it Michael 🎶
Jonathan S
Jonathan S 3 days ago
This is awesome.... Michael has so much energy in his vocals... This is a fantastic revision of a great song.
Jonathan S
Jonathan S 3 days ago
AWESOME 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Jonathan S
Jonathan S 3 days ago
Ileana Vicktoria
Ileana Vicktoria 3 days ago
La voz hermosa de Michael qué ternura 🤗
Alexis Huallpa
Alexis Huallpa 3 days ago
i Love the original and I love this too. Beautiful.
Vanessa Sellers
Vanessa Sellers 4 days ago
Rossana Graca
Rossana Graca 4 days ago
The power of the Holy Spirit through the gift of many musicians - Kirk Franklin, Tamala Mann, the Dancers, The Jacksons, Michael Jackson)! What a beautiful experience this was! Hallelujah!
Ri Ri
Ri Ri 4 days ago
❤❤❤ I love this and I peeped Tamela Mann. This made me smile 😊
Azid Azmi
Azid Azmi 4 days ago
RayfieldA 4 days ago
As much as I love the original version, song, and video, This is Fantastic!! What a beautiful remake That I believe does the Jackson family proud! I got Lifted on this one! Thank you!
Naing Aung Lu Lu
Naing Aung Lu Lu 4 days ago
I can't feel without Michael 😭
Nico Mora
Nico Mora 4 days ago
Michael Jackson The King Of Pop Forever😍👑
Reginald B. Campbell jr.
Dope Remix
Vegeta 33
Vegeta 33 4 days ago
This is foolishness this song has nothing to do with Christ Michael and his lyrics says it enough look at how all the people worship me what is Kirk Franklin doing he is such a part timer
Vegeta 33
Vegeta 33 3 days ago
@ambrosia kamala Nice lyrics but he still doesn’t give Jesus glory using something of the world and twisting it around God does not except everything if you read your Bible put a difference between the two the holy and unholy people don’t read the Bible
ambrosia kamala
ambrosia kamala 3 days ago
@Vegeta 33 I will bow to your opinion. The Word of God is not to be debated, but God uses all people to spread the Gospel. Look at the lyrics. Every breath you take, Is someone's death in another place. Every healthy smile, Is hunger and strife to another child. But the stars do shine And promising salvation is near this time. Can you feel it now, So brothers and sisters Shall we know how. I stand on the rock and I stand by MY comment. Be blessed ♥
Vegeta 33
Vegeta 33 3 days ago
@ambrosia kamala That is a nice scripture but this song does not glorify God for God told us to put a difference between the clean and unclean holy and unholy and this song does not glorify Jesus wake up Listen to the lyrics is it Michael talking about self warship so how was that glorify Jesus are you going to use something of the world and twisted around did you know God doesn’t except everything you need to read your Bible more what is holy
ambrosia kamala
ambrosia kamala 3 days ago
Psalm 40:3 ESV / 163 He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord. Let your heart be glad and realize that all blessings, including music, come from above. Be Blessed. ♥
oiat 4 days ago
Everytime i hear MJ's voice its like being shocked out of a deep sleep. He was such a unique talent.
dashing&edits 4 days ago
you can see the difference between other people and Michael Jackson lol
Leah Steffanie Vogel
🎶cuz walk’n just won’t do...dance🎶🙌🏽💜
Markell Samuels
Markell Samuels 4 days ago
Randy sounds so smooth, very nice, a bit to much going for me but very nice indeed, i do prefer the David Sandborn version though.
صلاح الطاهر
Black people so good and always make our happiness I love them so much With big love for MJ king of humanity and music
Yissus 5 days ago
El autotune caga la canción hay que ser sinceros jajaja
P jacobin
P jacobin 5 days ago
Is that Kirk Franklin dancing the guy with the braids
joedimag 5 days ago
Wow... just amazing 😻
Tandin Pem gyeltshen
Micheal voice is still like an angle 🥺 legend
chelsearoses22 5 days ago
Okay honest question...anyone else think the Russian dolls on The Masked Singer are The Jacksons? So many hints and clues point to it....I know random
Can You Feel It
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