The hospital cat asked to go into a patient room... Later, the whole world got to hear this story... 

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Most people in our modern world would probably like to know at least a little bit about their future, about how their life would turn out. Will they be rich? Will they be poor? Will they meet the love of their life? Or will they make the wrong choice?
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Mar 20, 2021




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Erandi Hernandez
Erandi Hernandez 7 minutes ago
Cats are the best animals
mysticveiltt 12 minutes ago
Cats are so in tune with the mysterious, mystical world that we ourselves well normal humans cannot comprehend
Kat H.
Kat H. 14 minutes ago
My cat knows when my arthritis is flaring up. He sniffs where it hurts and is very gentle.
Lynnel W
Lynnel W 56 minutes ago
Freaky. But good story.
Ummm, wasn't this a thing in the movie Dr sleep?
firstwiseguy 2 hours ago
I can tell of a nurse who had this ability too and she was not happy with that.
Amelia Rush
Amelia Rush 3 hours ago
Cats are deeper than they get credit for.
John Coe
John Coe 4 hours ago
Wow. Interesting. Thank you
Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey 4 hours ago
Amazing story.......
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles 4 hours ago
I mean, dogs can be trained to smell cancer, I'm not really surprised that some cats have some ability to tell when someone's close to death
Linda Loughborough
Linda Loughborough 4 hours ago
There are different kinds of animals that have gifts!
pomy samy
pomy samy 5 hours ago
I had watched it house MD roooo✌✌✌✌✌it's cool.me too.how an ordinary intelligent man challenges those MDssss like you riii8888 pom ???😊😊😊💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😂😂😂😂😂😂I have a doc to at home you know ✌✌✌✌✌✌💆💆💆💏💏💏💏that's why I am asking him to not waste nemore time Fred hurry upppppppp
pomy samy
pomy samy 5 hours ago
Don't get upset it is just an incident I am not sleeping next to you Fred😂😂😂😂😂😂🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈well don't runaway from your treatment I know hospital is scary 4 u still you need to be cured right ????👍👍👍choose a good place dont ignore we need you ok 💆💆💆💆💆🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
Becky Lawson
Becky Lawson 5 hours ago
Animals have a knack for these things. I have CP and it bothers my hips and knees. My dog will get on my bed if he senses I'm in pain and either lay on my hip or lick at my knee. I think he thinks his body heat will ease the pain and let me relax enough to fall back asleep.
David SkyFight
David SkyFight 5 hours ago
Animals, especially dogs and cats can sense lots of things we simply can't (even ghosts!)
TINA MELLO 6 hours ago
Amazing and real I believe. Years ago, my beautiful female feline, Bubbygirl, a black n white Tuxedo, 13 yrs old at time, in 2008, laid long side on against my boyfriend's right side for about 15 minutes until he fell asleep, then she would get up. She never slept next to him before because she would get rolled on. She did this for sox months up until we found out, he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer on right side. He knew she new somehow because Bubby had always slept behind my butt and knees bent while I slept on my side. My Bubbygirl, bless her heart and soul passed in Nov. 2011. Trust your pets to try to tell you things we may not know or see.
AmyLOLbye 7 hours ago
Yagnesh Gupta
Yagnesh Gupta 7 hours ago
This could also be the other way round. Maybe because of the presence of the cat, the patients must be catching some germs, which kills the patients. Isn't that possible !?
Kathy Laney
Kathy Laney 7 hours ago
Real animals are amazing
Segala Video
Segala Video 7 hours ago
Oscar is the reaper
Fatima Ismail
Fatima Ismail 8 hours ago
So precious.These are God's work.
saved fox
saved fox 8 hours ago
Michelle Standley
Michelle Standley 8 hours ago
Yes cats can do this!!! Cats well also let ppl know when they are sick 🤢..... My cat let everyone in my house I was HAVING A REALLY BAD SEIZURE WENT IN THERE AND WOULD NOT LET THEM OR LEAVE THEM ALONE UNTIL THEY CAME TO CHECK ON ME..
K. Silberberg
K. Silberberg 8 hours ago
She is just an ordinary cat. That is what they are.
Anthony Aurelia
Anthony Aurelia 8 hours ago
Maybe this why the Egyptians felt they were the guardians of the underworld. Maybe ancient cats showed this type of sensitivity in greater numbers back then...I mean what other cat friendly culture was as obsessed with death than the Egyptians.
Mia-Rose Davies
Mia-Rose Davies 9 hours ago
Im so happy that cat was there😇😇😇
Ana Pineda
Ana Pineda 10 hours ago
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay 10 hours ago
Cats are awesome just a plan fact 💘
Saanthakumar Navaratnam
We Tamils load siva followers. Our ancestors told verylongtime ago animal have sense of find out our death. some places animal act strangely when last moment of a person death. Your new western seience doesn't have that much knowledge.
Leslie Hayes
Leslie Hayes 10 hours ago
Some animals just know. They have a sixth sense. I was a Caretaker to a woman in hospice. As she drew closer to passing away, my cat, Felix, kept laying right next to the woman’s bed. The second she passed away, my cat 🐈‍⬛ jumped up on her chest and laid on her. That was the only time he ever jumped up on her. I knew right then that Felix knew that her passing was coming.
FTDrago 117
FTDrago 117 10 hours ago
God cat
THE RISER 10 hours ago
Oscar is a manifestation of SCP-4999. That story felt like wish fulfillment when I first read it, I'm glad there's a little bit of truth to it.
Maria Lyle
Maria Lyle 11 hours ago
Not only cats I love cats but dogs and other animals have a 6th sense that we will never understand..
ART IS EVERYTHING 11 hours ago
cats are an amzaing creation of god
Mary Banks
Mary Banks 11 hours ago
My mother was in a nursing home from 2000 until her death in 2009. I remember very well her telling me about a cat there that seemed to insist on being with people who were within hours of death. We laughed about it. I unfortunately wasn't with her when she died, and never thought to ask my sister about it. It's possible the cat was no longer there after several years, but I DO KNOW for certain that for some time the residents recognized that the cat knew who would be the next to go. Cats have ESP powers that we can only dream of. A friend of mine was going from London to Australia to visit her daughter for an extended holiday of a few months. I asked who would take care of her cat and she said, "Oh, my next door neighbour; the cat gravitates between us." On her return I asked if the cat was happy to see her. She told me: "From the day I left, the cat was happy staying with the neighbour, never seeming to be bothered about my absence at all. BUT on the day I returned home, the neighbour told me the cat got up that morning and sat on my front door step ALL DAY waiting for me, and couldn't even be lured away with food. " The cat KNEW the day she would arrive after her absence of WEEKS and WEEKS.
Alex Roca
Alex Roca 11 hours ago
Don't be fooled, Oscar is a serial killer!!!
_LightOak_ 11 hours ago
Plot twist they were allergic to Oscar
ponyo holt
ponyo holt 11 hours ago
Maybe all cats know when someone is going to die but oscar acts upon it
John Finity
John Finity 12 hours ago
waaay to loooong and tedious
REJEX MIX VLOGS 12 hours ago
Amazing cat
HYTELES 13 hours ago
15 years of this is no coincidence.
staygulf83 13 hours ago
That’s not a cat, it’s the grim reaper 😱
Lucia Gerbino
Lucia Gerbino 14 hours ago
Cats have an extra sense and they are smart. Everybody should have a cat , specially sick people.
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 14 hours ago
Squish that cat
Angelita valera
Angelita valera 14 hours ago
Cat is gifted with a sixth sense
David McPhee
David McPhee 15 hours ago
John G.
John G. 15 hours ago
Angent Egypt comes to mind
Yemie Chong
Yemie Chong 15 hours ago
IS THIS REAL!!!! Or it is just a joke? I dont know but its cool
Weck 15 hours ago
A new Scp
Adam Weissman
Adam Weissman 16 hours ago
Is Oskar a serial killer?
Linda Pearson
Linda Pearson 16 hours ago
Oh yes, I definitely feel that God gave this cat a special gift!!!!
miland mila
miland mila 16 hours ago
Hope Oscar got a feeds from the hospital 😘🤗😽
Deborah Yarbrough
Deborah Yarbrough 17 hours ago
There is a horse that does this same thing
Anita O'Connor
Anita O'Connor 18 hours ago
Animals know when a person is or just has passed away. My dad’s cat was a bit of a vicious cat with her claws and hissing, but that day when we came home to my dads house after my dad had died from a sudden heart attack, Cato was on my old bed, she looked up, I knew in an instant she knew he had gone, they were so sad, she allowed us to stroke her, and lay there still, crushed he’d gone. Cato knew we loved her and came to live with us afterwards, she lived till she was 18 years old. My dad would have been so pleased she stayed in the house, waiting till we took her back with us.
Dio Joestar
Dio Joestar 18 hours ago
In my culture this behavior in cats is very well known.
Dolorris Barnes
Dolorris Barnes 18 hours ago
The. Cat.knows
carla niro
carla niro 19 hours ago
Of course cats are special .scientists are using human methods so they can't figure why cats are special but Oscar is one of many sweet angels that bless us
Cheri McNaul
Cheri McNaul 19 hours ago
God is Spirit, and He created everything with a spirit. Though animals don't have souls, like mankind, even the things that have no breath, still has a spirit. Just read Job beginning with chapter 38 till almost to the end of the book and read in more detail of His Creation. Like one of my favorite part when God tells Job how he told the waves, "this far shall you come and no further." Even the rocks have this same Spirit. And an obscure scripture, I think it's in Ezekiel, I think. in paraphrasing: All creation that serves honorably on earth, returns to The Creator. I found that scripture one late night, and a week later I had to put one of my most favorite of cats to sleep. He was the one that would be tearing around the house like he was playing with someone. I do believe in angels, God's messengers and warriors of all kinds. My friends asked God to give me extra because I tend to be oblivious to danger, nor fear death. That night, after putting Petey to sleep that day. I had a dream. God speaks to me in dreams. Often tells me to "Go take a nap, I want to talk with you." (one of the purest forms in which God speaks to mankind, because the flesh, which often gets in the way of clarity, is asleep. Having a clear conduit to God's voice.) But that night without Pete, I had a dream. In the dream I looked up, and I saw Pete walking away from me. And on both sides of him were two angelic beings. I only saw them about waist or thigh down, and they too were walking with him between them. Then Pete stopped, looked back at me, with his perpetual smile on his face, then he turned away and all three walked away from me with Pete waving his signature question mark tail and the scene turned dark and I awoke. And the Lord brought back to me that scripture, and I smiled through my tears, with peace in my heart. Then there's Ms Tilly, my 18 y/o tubby little tabby. I delivered her from her mama's womb Christmas Eve in 2003. I had been going through some serious medical things. Though I'm not diabetic, my health issues can cause low blood sugar. My sugar would drop so fast and by the time I recognized the symptoms I was in grave danger. Then I began to realize something. Asleep or awake, Ms Tilly would come to where I was at, and she would get into my face and pester me. Everytime she got pesky, I would have that empty pit of low blood sugar would be there and I would have to go and fix something to eat. Animals have a spirit and they recognize a spirit. They know when evil resides in mankind, and when a person believes in The Creator. They can choose to be a vessel of honor, or a vessel of wrath. I have two elderly cats, Tilly and Tag, and when my kidneys are not working right, I get real sleepy and my cats will not leave me alone except to potty and nourish their own bodies. Besides all this, I have been able to talk with the animals since a small child. They speak with pictures. Cats and dogs happen to be the most communicative of course. But all animals have it. And the cat in this video story found a purpose for his being and chose that vessel of honor. Besides that, when I get to that stage of life and my disease, I would hope they would let my cats be near me too. And God is tangible. He just wants an intimate relationship with us, to talk about anything and everything. Likes and dislikes, walk together in the cool of the day and be His friend. Not about all the rules, paying tithe and being in the church when the doors are open. You just need one thing, No man comes to the Father, but through Jesus, His Son. Through that just apologize to Jesus of the sins in your heart and life. To come into your heart and make it all clean .
Jayden Alto
Jayden Alto 19 hours ago
I cried after this
Sahana Tiwari
Sahana Tiwari 19 hours ago
Kory Mutters
Kory Mutters 19 hours ago
Cat has a sixth sense and that can pregnant death. From Krystal
D Singh
D Singh 20 hours ago
Such a wonderful true story, it brought tears to my eyes. Some cats and dogs are gifted and can know when certain things will happen and Oscar is one of them; the Lord has blessed him with that gift 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for sharing Oscar with us 🙏
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis 20 hours ago
I believe animals can show the most genuine love you could ever imagine, they don't discriminate or prejudice, they are special creatures and should be treated as such.
joezer chagas
joezer chagas 26 minutes ago
Hello Jennifer how are you doing
TheTooginator 20 hours ago
I loved the part where patients would “confess” and talk to the cat. The cat will never reveal the secrets she heard, but she listened. Cats enjoy being talked to, and the patients can unburden themselves, so it’s good for both of them. I DEFINITELY want a cat on my bed in my final hours. The cat is telling the person that she knows what is happening and she wants to make the last few hours happy ones. People who have cats know that their cat will comfort them when they are in distress. How do cats know this? Who knows? But I experienced this personally as a teenager, so I know it’s true.
Celestial Outcomes
Celestial Outcomes 20 hours ago
Or mb the cat was killing them. Lol
Meat Man
Meat Man 21 hour ago
Oscar is the Grim Reaper..
SAM TREADS 21 hour ago
Perhaps they can smell death or see some kind of aura we can't either way it's the cats way of saying thank you for the hospital taking him in.
Gail English
Gail English 21 hour ago
My daughter's cat became my husband's cat once he had cancer
This Old cat
This Old cat 22 hours ago
More of this
Joseph Bohan
Joseph Bohan 22 hours ago
There is more humans don't know than what we do . God works in mysterious ways . Why can't a cat be amazing ?
Curtis Francisco
Curtis Francisco 22 hours ago
I believe the cat knows more than people do and more people need to be like oscar
Miss A.
Miss A. 22 hours ago
People released a chemical from their brain when they're angry upset or have bad intentions and a animal can pick up on that perhaps the cat picked up on a chemical release from the brain when the person was ready to expire thus he knew who to go to
Veronica Maldonado-Price
I believe that most animals have a sense for this among other things. My dog (she's passed but I have her ashes) would always come to me & cry at my feet just before I'd have a form of seizure. She was never wrong. She was never trained for it either. She was my pug. One of my great loves & best friend right up until she walked up to me, laid at my feet & took her last breaths. 😥 Love your fur babies because they know more of us than we do. ❤
imustinsist 22 hours ago
Sorry. But any dislikes to this story, covid is happy to have you.
Lynne Atwood
Lynne Atwood 22 hours ago
Everyone and everything has a purpose. Oscar’s been very tuned into his. Not only is he with these patients’ last hours, but he is an example of animals’ intelligence and their need for their specific place in the world.
joezer chagas
joezer chagas 27 minutes ago
Hello Lynne how are you doing
XxNingyoOkamixX 23 hours ago
It's like a psychic cat
Lori Roth
Lori Roth Day ago
I think it’s a girl and a miracle. ❤️💗
Gloria Christian
Maybe, just maybe Oscar's is a homicidal maniac kitty. 😼😼🙀
wee florence
wee florence Day ago
Great!blessed all
David Bodine
David Bodine Day ago
I wonder who will be with Oscar when it is his time? I hope someone that loves him.
David Bodine
David Bodine Day ago
I think God gave man a special gift.
Coffee Lover
Coffee Lover Day ago
I think Oscar wanted to cheer them up before they leave....
David Thomas-Jensen
I used to deliver meds to nursing homes at one in st paul, there were cats. One of them a big white one, was always around I asked if he had a name. The nurse told me they just called him indicator because he would always sleep with those who were soon to pass. They used this information to let the family know. I jokingly asked if they were worried he would try to sleep with them.
Ramona Wright
Everyone's wondering how the cat living in the hospital knows when patients are ready to pass on. It's really pretty simple. Animals can see angels! Ever caught your cat staring up into an empty corner of the room. They're seeing into the spirit realm. Near death experiencers often come back with the ability to see into the spirit realm. Some have reported seeing 3 or 4 Angels present when a person is about to cross over and that it was an exciting and celebratory time on the other side when a person was coming home. It's probable that there was a kind of communication between the angels and the cat. The cat would naturally enjoy being of service to the angels, who in turn are trying to be of service to the person transcending. What could be better for their purpose than to enlist a furry friend to help the patient relax and let go.
Susan Ibarra
Susan Ibarra Day ago
I am extremely psychic - - - like most cats !!!!! THEY KNOW !!!!!!!!!
So apparently the grim reaper is a cat! It all makes sense! :P
msavocado Day ago
Oscar: *sleeps on patient* The patient: my time has come...
Laura Day ago
I think this phenomenon of cat ability is happening because this cat was growing in hospital, and he learned things other cats could not.
Carter Hanson
This is so sad
An Auer
An Auer Day ago
Cats know something people don't it's inate in cats. A woman I seen at the gyms pool for years walked with me one day.my home for tea. My cat was hissing by the door before she got in scratching rug loudly she hissed at her as she went In the woman left to return uninvited few more times to steal my royal prestige pots I realized one day each time I go to bathroom she was in my stove thinking at my pots running to living room with my pot on bag...I senced shed gone to kitchen but denied she did. I never invited her nor opened but she had taken 1000 dollars worth of pots Later at the gym a man asked if I was nelinas friend I said not really. The. he said oh don't you know she is a prostitute on here we'll known and if you go home with her you will be losing stuff. How did my cat sense she was bad??? My cat is 17 years old living with me since age 7months old twice she avoided people those two were shameless greedy thiefs. Cats senced what we humans fail to understand about people's behaviours..the clues were there on my face but I judged others as I am myself within! Never fail to understand that other people are evil spirited sociopaths jealous ungrateful untrustworthy, not like us the brave free and honest within and out Does this truth surprise you? Let me know. daynight@gmx.us
I don't care what the scientists say, Oscar is sharing the ability all cats have with regard to knowing when people are sick and about to pass. I have been bedridden for some years now and when I've suffered strokes or just been in a bad place, my cats know and they won't leave me. They geet distressed if moved away from me while the doctor or paramedics are in attendance. Cats have some very unusual abilities, bless them.
Yvonne Mathis
I know cats KNOW things we dont.. I've see it happen as well.
marlene helfrick
Who says a guardian angel has to be human?
Denise Mohan-Mahabir
Hi 🙋 that was awesome I believe the cat is a gift from God
Elaine Brickwood
Thats why cats are my favourite animal, he is very special must bring comfort to lot of people
blunt Smoker
blunt Smoker Day ago
Oscar deserves an Oscar
Elena Mitchell
Ive. Belived. That. Cats. Cats. Got. The smell. And. Cimen. Sence. When. Someone. Is. Going to. Pass.
Lorin Mask
Lorin Mask Day ago
Oscar is a real deal. I had a dog that new my wife was going to pass. Really freaky. But he knew. I’m thankful for that.
Romero Arakhalam
And... Did anybody tried cloning it?
Susan Bullock
Wow he looks so much like my Cookie Boy, I could see him doing this too.