The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Eagles trade up to #10 to get Deconta Smith in 2021 NFL Draft 

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The Herd | Colin Cowherd SHOCKED Eagles trade up to #10 to get Deconta Smith in 2021 NFL Draft


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Apr 30, 2021




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Mike G
Mike G 2 days ago
Jalen Hurts -> 🗑
T Dillinger
T Dillinger 3 days ago
Joy schooled colin
Made NPhilly
Made NPhilly 3 days ago
Joy is breathtaking 😍🥰
Chop Chop
Chop Chop 3 days ago
I think everyone was shocked that they took Deconta smith! We all thought they’d go Devonta Smith! But man they threw us all for a loop!
TruBluWolverine 3 days ago
Matt 3 days ago
"You need two fifteen carries a game guys!" Derrick Henry: am I a joke to you?
John Miller
John Miller 3 days ago
They have to get his carries down. 380 is way too high for one back. He needs more relief than that or he's going to wear down fast.
Eastcoastflavor 4 days ago
Joy looks bad.
cardinafaun320 4 days ago
Cowboys are loaded on defense with speed and defensive backs that are ballhawks. Hell even the 2 Linebackers are sub 4.4 guys sheesh good luck
phlbnr 2 days ago
Kombat Daddy
Kombat Daddy 4 days ago
Tell Derrick Henry being the bell cow doesn’t work
Cuzzo XXX
Cuzzo XXX 4 days ago
Man she gets finer
Sands 4 days ago
I mean, Deconta is a beast.
David Duckworth
David Duckworth 4 days ago
Etienne makes your offense work. Great pick.
Joseph Saldana
Joseph Saldana 4 days ago
This is Joy’s show, Colin is the sidekick
mike stumm
mike stumm 4 days ago
Deconta ? Boy if you don’t drink some coffee quick smh
Elliott Smitty
Elliott Smitty 5 days ago
SERIOUSLY though, I last put on pads in my last game of pee wee football and have no business questioning the decision of a person who is in a position running a million/billion dollar franchise. BUT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a few of these dudes and me is what I took away from watching the super bowl. Compared to them! Fuck up your offensive line and your all pro qb is not more than a punching bag. Bengals and a few other teams are beyond useless to take a WR instead of the muscle that protects your hurt qb
Jacob Ball
Jacob Ball 5 days ago
I'm not gonna stop clicking. Just sayin
Jacob Ball
Jacob Ball 5 days ago
Ummm. They barely talked about the eagles or the giants in this video. I like you're content but this literally defines click bait
kazpur TFG
kazpur TFG 5 days ago
Damn perm looking good Joy! 👀
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 5 days ago
Deconta Smith built different 😈😈😈💉💉💉
DjTheDon614 3 days ago
Sam Park
Sam Park 5 days ago
Two 15 carry guys? Does the colts,titans,vikings,panthers have 15 carry guys? What is collin saying lol u dont need 2 15 carry rbs
Han Yolo
Han Yolo 5 days ago
Bro tua got thrown in when he wasn't ready he gonna be there QB for a long time
name not found
name not found 5 days ago
Etienne was a reach.
FILAY Bull 6 days ago
Who tf is Devonta smith Everyone knows eagles drafted Devonta Davis
Johnny MuchOLoveO
GOD Bless You JESUS CHRIST Bless You 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Quoven Johnson
Quoven Johnson 6 days ago
This man said the bell cow back doesn’t work when literally Henry has been carrying the Titans.... does he thinks before he talks?
Quoven Johnson
Quoven Johnson 5 days ago
@Victor Herrera you’re aware that the most recent super bowl winners were all air raids and while we’re at it Damian Williams was the chiefs bell cow back during their super bowl runs so idk wtf you’re talking about
Victor Herrera
Victor Herrera 5 days ago
Thing is recent super bowl winners have got the most part been two back systems. The earliest one i can remember was beast mode and the hawks but the had the LoB and a young Russell Wilson and also Doug Baldwin
kindley fernand
kindley fernand 6 days ago
Facts, but the 2 back system is the "trend" now.😂😂😂
DILLBABY 6 days ago
Eagles have a young offense. Hurts, reagor, smith, goedert, sanders, Scott. I like all that. They’ll need some offensive line at some point. The rest of their draft should be defense
Arahman Jones
Arahman Jones 6 days ago
Teams gotta understand that if they get 9 years out of any skill position that’s amazing.
Victor Herrera
Victor Herrera 5 days ago
Shit makes me laugh when a great player gets drafted n "experts" go " and now the teams in this division have to deal with this guy for the next 10 years" like... noooo lol
Mr Good
Mr Good 5 days ago
Shit, 7 Year's is good enough. It's hard to survive in the pros
lyle swavel
lyle swavel 6 days ago
Tom Brady goes to Dolphins in 3 years, they will be loaded
Junior Villanueva
I think Smith wanted to go to NY lol
damonvaux910 3 days ago
Ok, just so everybody knows, Devonta Smith is very stoic by nature. Never shows his emotions, except when he's playing. Said right off before the draft, he would love to play with Jalen Smith. In fact, he said Jalen recruited him to Alabama.
Static Sting
Static Sting 4 days ago
You think he would rather play with Daniel Jones rather than his old QB from college? You are out of your mind
Ace Savage
Ace Savage 4 days ago
@Mark Edgell Giants been terrible for the past years What’s the difference
Mark Edgell
Mark Edgell 5 days ago
He looked miserable, he wanted to play for a good organization
Michael Bardos
Michael Bardos 6 days ago
Everyone in the comments bustin your ass for Deconta Smith lmbooo
Ashton Oak
Ashton Oak 6 days ago
3 new QBs got a weapon from college they know. Lawrence Tua Burrow. We are gonna see if keeping a skill guy with his qb will work if it does watch the trend rise.
T Dillinger
T Dillinger 3 days ago
Hurts fuck them other QBs
moon rock
moon rock 3 days ago
It already is for college football
moon rock
moon rock 3 days ago
The Burrow-Chase connection will be legendary
DILLBABY 6 days ago
And Hurts
T D 6 days ago
I bet deconta and his twin brother devonta are a BEAST‼️
gary jandereski
gary jandereski 5 days ago
Bro you thinking of decontas cousin the Heisman winner
Sean Shay
Sean Shay 5 days ago
ken pope
ken pope 6 days ago
I agree with Joy 100% on her opinion of the eagles and cowboys
Robert W
Robert W 6 days ago
That Aaron Rodgers stat from last year is CRAZY!
Alfy DarkDeadly
Alfy DarkDeadly 5 days ago
He’s a front runner thst is overated.
ken pope
ken pope 6 days ago
Deconta the future lol...sound like a made up madden player
Alejandro Cruz
Alejandro Cruz 6 days ago
Eagles stole this pick from the Giants
Chris Tolbert
Chris Tolbert 5 days ago
Jay Miller
Jay Miller 6 days ago
I use 2 RBs in Madden21. I use Robinson for my 3rd down and power rushing. Get him 15 or so carries and maybe 70-100 yards.
nelsonpnkflyd -
nelsonpnkflyd - 4 days ago
@Murphy Brown damn, why you care so much, let the dude like stuff. Life must be pretty boring if your only goal is to have a girlfriend
Jay Miller
Jay Miller 5 days ago
@Alfy DarkDeadly it's overrated. I love my kid tho.
Alfy DarkDeadly
Alfy DarkDeadly 5 days ago
@Jay Miller I’m still in school And haven’t got a girlfriend yet. Haha.
Jay Miller
Jay Miller 5 days ago
@Alfy DarkDeadly I've got a wife and a daughter. that's enough female attention for me, kiddo.
Alfy DarkDeadly
Alfy DarkDeadly 5 days ago
Yeh. Why U playing madden so much. Get female attention
Cole May
Cole May 6 days ago
It's a reach because it's a RB, Kyle Pitts was the 1st or 2nd best player in the draft but you wouldn't take him at 1 or 2 over a qb because of position
David Litchford
David Litchford 6 days ago
She names all thse people that are nobody's from philly and calls them "weapons" lmao
757CitiesReppa 6 days ago
Wentz made the hem worse. 🤣smh
Ashton Oak
Ashton Oak 6 days ago
Carson made them good..aint that tje funmy part.
Thomas Acker
Thomas Acker 6 days ago
miles sanders, goedert, and reagor are good. reagor didnt seem like much last year because of injuries but he will be solid next season
Ian Balcázar
Ian Balcázar 6 days ago
Am I the only that loves Colin when he has to do ads 😂😂🤣 shuts funny n idk y
jordan Silva
jordan Silva 5 days ago
Hes such a fake smug fucking narcissist, I love it.
ken pope
ken pope 6 days ago
Lol I'm with ya and dont even know why
Shunsha 6 days ago
Dallas and Philadelphia fucked over NYG so bad, they botched their 20th pick 😂😂😂 poverty ass franchise
Kalman Reed
Kalman Reed 6 days ago
That boi deconta smith
R G 2 days ago
@Kalman Reed aoldwyeo Dj💩Ite
R G 2 days ago
@Maz Da aayiouD ty avvrmbh as nibs
Cal Bundy
Cal Bundy 3 days ago
@Kalman Reed my bad I ain’t even peep they spelled his name wrong, I thought u was tryna be smart
T Dillinger
T Dillinger 3 days ago
@Swindler at being sus
T Dillinger
T Dillinger 3 days ago
@Cal Bundy cap they suck
gravitatingaway 6 days ago
Is it me or was that ending to this segment very awkward, anyways Devante Smith is way too small won’t last in a NFL that’s getting bigger
Frat0955 5 days ago
@gravitatingaway the dude that makes a mom joke is calling me 12 that’s hilarious😂
Frat0955 5 days ago
@gravitatingaway why you so pressed rn lil dude the videos are right on your profile I ain’t have to dig to find ish kid😂
gravitatingaway 5 days ago
@Frat0955 idk how much of a loose u have to be, to go find a 5 ur old video of my personal fish tank, to some how tie it to this???? What are u 12😂😂😂😂😂😂
gravitatingaway 5 days ago
@Frat0955 I’m lost... but your mom is coming to pick u up
Frat0955 6 days ago
Yea because the dude that films fish tank videos knows about grading nfl talent ok😂😂
Brockonix 6 days ago
Jags didnt need the Rb but whatever still another piece. Do they have anyone to throw too though?
Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman 6 days ago
@Andrew Bradley Shenault IS the slot guy. They have Chark and Marvin Jones as well
Andrew Bradley
Andrew Bradley 6 days ago
Chark and Shenault. They need a slot guy. Look either if the two Moore WRs. Both explosive little guys out of the slot
Alex Petroski
Alex Petroski 6 days ago
They’ve got a nice little receiving core. Charke is good
Tim Scott
Tim Scott 6 days ago
Burrow gonna get killed again smh i get you get the WR you wanted and a good one at that but still doesn't matter if burrow still rushing his passes and getting knocked on his ass all the time. I feel like they made the wrong choice
Tim Scott
Tim Scott 3 days ago
@moon rock doesn't matter if he's randy Moss if your running for your life or don't have time to get the pass out to him or have to rush it. Football is won and lost in the trenches, the Oline and Dline. They deff don't get enough credit in today's game
moon rock
moon rock 3 days ago
U dont get how good Jamarr Chase is
PJA Feuerbach
PJA Feuerbach 6 days ago
They'll get Jenkins and Jonah Williams should improve so they're not that bad.
Snow 6 days ago
They’ll forsure draft o-line in the 2nd & 3rd round , and i agree burrow’s their franchise Qb but if they let him get hurt again we’re def gonna see another Andrew luck situation
Brandon D
Brandon D 6 days ago
Picante Smith
jordan Silva
jordan Silva 5 days ago
Taco bell shits
jordan Silva
jordan Silva 5 days ago
Pimento pits
Aaron Lint
Aaron Lint 6 days ago
The 12th pick got passed around more then a $2 hooker
sandison77 6 days ago
Look what DeSean Jackson does to weak nfc east defenses. Even if smith isn't a wr1 he gives you 6 games vs nfc east teams catching deep balls
Mikey Hope
Mikey Hope 6 days ago
It’s not even a question he’s a WR1
SoleBros 6 days ago
Smith is a WR1
R.T. McFly
R.T. McFly 6 days ago
Joy got a neck wider than DeVonta Smith.
R.T. McFly
R.T. McFly 5 days ago
Patrick Paleo
Patrick Paleo 6 days ago
I don’t have her on my draft board, but she may be able to make the practice squad as a walk on
jaczekdertuerke 6 days ago
@Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever have you actually seen how volleyball players are built? She is 5”2 , is she playing midget league or what?
R.T. McFly
R.T. McFly 6 days ago
@Just Paid no doubt
R.T. McFly
R.T. McFly 6 days ago
@jaczekdertuerke lmfao
Eric Bonomo
Eric Bonomo 6 days ago
Travis Etienne pick was horrible. Already got James Robinson who's a stud.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 6 days ago
@Brannon Meador the good News about that is this class i deep in those 2 position and you can add huge value
Brannon Meador
Brannon Meador 6 days ago
@Kevin Smith you’re right having two good rbs is the way to go now but they did not need to use that first round pick on one when they need oline still and wr
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 6 days ago
Disagree this day good teams have 2 good RB's plus this would help their rookie QB and he is a great reciever back
Jesus Flores
Jesus Flores 6 days ago
For real
Trace Moustakas
Trace Moustakas 6 days ago
Deconta? I had a stroke reading the title.
tripwire55 6 days ago
@SPACE GHOST lmaoooo
SPACE GHOST 6 days ago
You had a stroke over 1 letter? You might wanna get checked out lol
Samuel Hefner
Samuel Hefner 6 days ago
The v and c are right next to each other on the keyboard 😂. I know this well because i work with investments and at work i have accidentally typed invest with a c and it definitely caused some confusion.
HeyBro 6 days ago
He wasn't even the first WR picked. 🤦🏾‍♂️