The Heavyweight Flexer of USAF #shorts 

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The C-5 is so massive that if you saw one flying, you would think it was going to fall out of the sky! It also has its unique look because of anhedral wings. But the C-5 fleet had its fair share of problems, and it's #NotWhatYouThink
If Only I Was a Poet (Instrumental Version) - Staffan Carlen
Note: "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."

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Apr 1, 2021




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Rusty Arizona
Rusty Arizona 3 hours ago
I often wonder things like when the problem was discovered and it’s repair was found who then was it the fault of? And how did this experience change the outcome for everyone involved? Where did the money come from? Will better designed planes result from experience or brains?
feef reyer
feef reyer 6 hours ago
Ooooh his name is not what u think bcs he says it everytimeeeee
obsolete professor
obsolete professor 7 hours ago
A bunch of these got parked at Davis Monthan in order to extend their life, ie, not wear them out. Every once in a while, one gets reactivated to replace another that is reaching the end of its service life.
Kirito drifuto
Kirito drifuto 22 hours ago
Mriya: Nice dude Welcome to our league
Turtle Time!
Turtle Time! Day ago
Looks like a A225 Maria, the Russian version of this built on the cold war and is currently the largest aircraft (excluding blimps)
votivespark 2 days ago
Weird flex but ok.
Fló 2 days ago
Gotta love Lockheed
Edins 2 days ago
I just saw your chanel logo and I realized that you put there not what you think Pls dont judge mee
Shayne Bridger
Shayne Bridger 3 days ago
That's what I fly, super galaxy. Fantastic craft, started on the smaller c130f then up to the C130j got my hours up got an extra stripe and my own command, I got lucky and moved into strategic air command where the C5 and C17 live. Have many happy memories in these beasts. Flew the main base components into forward operating base Leather neck and even helped nato with camp bastion. We've carried tanks, helicopters and even porta potties. Nothing like freedom of the skies.
OwenDaBoss 3 days ago
"The C5 is one of the largest military aircraft in the world" Antanov 155: Hold my beer
Andre C. Fennell
Andre C. Fennell 3 days ago
Weird flex but ok
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 4 days ago
Planes like these are just a complete feat of human ingenuity, unbelievable
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 4 days ago
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 4 days ago
Bro...you all up in our military specs?
Devon Lockwood
Devon Lockwood 4 days ago
So cool. I remember seeing one up close at an air show when I was a kid. I could not believe how huge it really was. It was like an airplane hanger in the shape of an airplane! It was really cool!
Charlie Macmillan
I'm not sure the stability part of your script is correct at all. Anhedral wings when attached to the top of the aircraft will improve stability. They have to be attached to the top so the landing gear can be short.
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 5 days ago
Hello dears but u think about an 124 an marieya225
Luis Maiocchi
Luis Maiocchi 5 days ago
The C5 has a payload of 270k lb, which equates to roughly 122 metric tons. That is enough to lift an M1A2 SEP tank, plus a Bradley and some capacity left to spare. It can lift two 61 ton tanks, or three 40 ton vehicles.
Mark Vader
Mark Vader 5 days ago
I am an USAF veteran that worked the ramp and these FREDs use to breakdown all the time.
Mark Henry
Mark Henry 5 days ago
What is the name of the planes with the big propeller type engines,in the begining of the video????
Malachi Vick
Malachi Vick 5 days ago
So it’s exactly what I thought
badr 8.k
badr 8.k 6 days ago
wait a minute the avenger from gta online???😂😂🙂
is this c5 galaxy biggest plane in world? probably not anymore)
Dan Bardos
Dan Bardos 7 days ago
Imagine landing and the ground crew goes; "Yup, your wings are cracked." 😳
star specops
star specops 7 days ago
Did I just hear a plane could be “too stable”?
Emin Muradov
Emin Muradov 7 days ago
That plane can poomp the mooskles
Akotski1338 7 days ago
It was what I thought
Wai Lee
Wai Lee 7 days ago
Earlier in the C-5 initial development program, after Lockheed won the contract. AF determined that the wing structure was too heavy and had Lockheed performed a weight reduction study which removed "excessive" weight before starting the production run. Later on after in service wing crack issues discovered, the AF asked Lockheed to perform a wing enhancement program to extend the serviceability of the aircraft. Lockheed complied and put back those design which was removed at AF's request at the earlier time. The moral of the story: You've got what you'd paid for, twice at different time!
RedX1000 8 days ago
Just the fact that humans can create something like this amazing.
Soldat Daniels
Soldat Daniels 8 days ago
Even planes are flexing in the military. Damn.
Michael DelRossi
Michael DelRossi 8 days ago
C-5B is a monster of an Aircraft!
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 8 days ago
C-5 is very intimidating in person
Freezee 8 days ago
Our taxes were spent stupidly that way with Lockheed!!! Well done, stupid governance! Burnt billion of taxes in it!!!
LOUIS RG15 8 days ago
Sorry but hes copying antonov
VERMILION 8 days ago
Antonov an 225 :hold my vodka comrade
Ian Dutter Skateboarding
I've been inside the cargo bay of one, its massive
Arturo Alvarez Solis
My dream is to be on a flight in one of those planes
Arturo Alvarez Solis
I love airplanes ✈️
заброшенй канал
Круто пасадка
BrianWilliamDoty 9 days ago
Hmm, didn't want lie to me anymore, huh. Oh just decide it's the best everyone should ever know. Look you gotta retrofit the C5 so it will make it incredibly space (outer space worthy, it's nothing but a metal enclosure, can be made airtight. Yes the C5 orbital achieving aircraft named "Worthy" picks up it's boosters, fuel isn't the only thing that can be picked up while flying. You will make orbit. Those C5s are going to be pretty handy. Along with Boeing and Lockheed Martins jumbo Jets. Oh, I thought you said you wanted to save the world or you'd be pretty good with some jumbo Jets and fighters. Pardon me please. If I can think of it, they did too. You heard it here first and is now a new invention the jato assist orbit.
Akshay Balalee
Akshay Balalee 9 days ago
It is what I think
nikluz 9 days ago
Everytime I watch one of these shorts, I realize it's not what I think
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 9 days ago
Pff it can't even carry the maus😂
Stephen Gomez
Stephen Gomez 10 days ago
It's not that it would have been too stable and not have enough roll maneuverability, I'm not exactly sure why you need to roll a giant plane like that but maybe to avoid being shot out of the air.
Stephen Gomez
Stephen Gomez 10 days ago
I wonder why they were spraying the plane down there in that part of that one video. It didn't look like they were deicing it and were they cooling it off for whatever or washing it?
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder 10 days ago
Y it gotta flex on me like that
Cameron Masonthe1st
Of course it’s American
J Jackson
J Jackson 10 days ago
Goes to prove, you don’t throw things away!
bigOUNCE 10 days ago
Mmmm aircraft carrying aircraft.
Emmanouil J
Emmanouil J 11 days ago
I love this channel
Zach U
Zach U 11 days ago
Should do the globemaster next if you haven't. One of the few aircraft that can go reverse on the ground allowing it to land on shorter runways. My county airport can have them land where normally large jets can not.
SOUPYWOUPY 11 days ago
130 ABOVE!!!😂
Grady Wirth
Grady Wirth 12 days ago
That military budget
China: Write that down!
Danny F
Danny F 13 days ago
These things used to have a unique sound very loud. Now you can’t hear them as much.
YaboyOwenthegamer kid
Caelan Rutledge
Caelan Rutledge 4 days ago
Sim Tremblay
Sim Tremblay 13 days ago
this plane can carry an helicopter but i cant bring a water bottle on flight
Torrey Turner
Torrey Turner 13 days ago
I seen one take off at a air show back in the day. "El Toro AFB The engine's litterly left a trail of fire on the run way
Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin 13 days ago
We're all thinking it, I'm just saying. The c-5 is an American an-124.
Cris Gonzalez
Cris Gonzalez 13 days ago
Damn I love the USA 🇺🇸😍❤
Caleb Franklin
Caleb Franklin 13 days ago
Too bad it breaks when ever it kneels every. fucking. time. C5s are shit, this was brought to you by the C17 gang.
Shrek *shrek's last name*
Ricegum but plane edition
Zach Barnett
Zach Barnett 13 days ago
Damn where are all the conservatives complaining about our budget here?
vf fa
vf fa 13 days ago
So basically: The air force bought a faulty product, then they spent billions of tax payers money to have it fixed and buy even more of em. Any ordinary person would have returned the product but the air force just doubled tripled and quadrupled down. Amazing.
[That.Crusader 8thC] [cat with a gat]
Has he done the antonov yet?
DG 14 days ago
Worst channel, especially his blatantly false videos where ya , it’s EXACTLY what you think.
xVik_ 14 days ago
I liked those helicopter planes (forgot their names oof)
Donald Best Korea
Donald Best Korea 14 days ago
Comfortably Dumb
Comfortably Dumb 14 days ago
Aluminium ffs sake it's aluminium
Not What You Think
Not What You Think 14 days ago
American/British. We’re all talking about the same thing 😉
Alucard Vigilate Dismas
"Otherwise the plane would have been too stable" Golly, what a problem to have. Like I get why it was one, but out of context it just sounds too good
Singing is my Passion
C5 Galaxy and C17 Globe Master are True masters of the Sky but not until the B52 Strato has its presence on the sky
K Jair
K Jair 14 days ago
And u gotta know that the one guy is stearing that
Hirbo Abila
Hirbo Abila 14 days ago
"But it's not what you think it is" that line is legendary 👍🤣
My grandfather actually helped design the engines for the c5 when he work for ge
Bas 14 days ago
$1.400.000.000.000 well damn
Atrexiaa 14 days ago
Ur tax money
RedHD Momma
RedHD Momma 14 days ago
These can also cary people(troops) in the top. There is a small(ish) hump on the top near the cockpit where airline seats can be situated. I have ridden from California to Baltimore in one of these. The ride is very loud but a great experience.
Common Sense Realist
Money pit since 1970
Sweety D
Sweety D 14 days ago
My husband works on fighter jets planes in the USAF. He loves his job & has done great in it for the last eighteen years. So proud of him!
Dan Simmons
Dan Simmons 15 days ago
Colorado springs?
Terence Paul
Terence Paul 15 days ago
That C5 on the runway near the start was greeted with a firehose salute, im guessing it was carrying a fallen soldier???
Terence Paul
Terence Paul 13 days ago
@TheMattvf16 whats that?
TheMattvf16 13 days ago
Could be a pilot’s “fini flight”
Jesus777 E
Jesus777 E 15 days ago
Name of song in background?
Not What You Think
Not What You Think 15 days ago
check video description
Berti B
Berti B 15 days ago
Holy shit!!
Gage Oliver
Gage Oliver 15 days ago
I thought the B52 was the largest??
ThePanda 14 days ago
Maybe one of the largest bombers but it's tiny. Like the size of a Boeing 767 at the most but with a very narrow body.
Littletrainguy 15 days ago
Did you know the c-5 has stairs in its tails
American Striper
American Striper 15 days ago
So what would its weight/wake turbulence classification be? Heavy? Super?
Jay M
Jay M 15 days ago
Amazing aircraft.
Allan Marcus
Allan Marcus 15 days ago
Reagan liked government spending after all
Modzar 15 days ago
Bombushka and avenger ❤️
Caelan Rutledge
Caelan Rutledge 4 days ago
Nah bruh, this ain't a Bombushka, it's a straight up cargo plane
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers 15 days ago
So basically it’s a plane with bendy wings that cracked so they made them bendier
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell 15 days ago
I flew from SoCal to Kuwait in a C5. Alot of ppl don't know but up top is passenger seating. If I remember there were about 50-75 seats. They faced backwards in ours. Below in the cargo hold was 2 folded up CH53 helicopters. So the biggest military plane was carrying 2 of the biggest Marine Corps helicopters and 50 US Marines. No windows. First we landed in Dover. Then we landed in Italy. Then KCIA. 11 months later I flew back in a C17 with a stop in Germany then a refuel over the Atlantic Ocean which was horrifically turbulent until connection then landed in So Cal. We have the best planes by far
Adam Petrayev
Adam Petrayev 15 days ago
J S 15 days ago
Used to work at a small regional airport that had a military base nearby and when I'd see one of these things land or takeoff it's incredibly humongous compared to the commercial planes we parked. Remarkable aircraft to see in person.
Trilochan velmurugan
Trilochan velmurugan
@ThePandathat's a good one lemme change it
ThePanda 14 days ago
American cousin
Brian McCarthy
Brian McCarthy 15 days ago
Do one on the C-17. A much more modern and very tough transport.
Hatschi 15 days ago
I love how in the beginning, there were many avengers, and during the vid, they unloaded an akula
Tomb Too
Tomb Too 15 days ago
I was on two of these aircraft with CH 46s in the belly there are 73 seats and they are facing backwards
Smurphenstein 15 days ago
Amazing to see all those draughtsmen on their drawing boards. These days there would be a fraction of that number working CAD.
Sharfuddin Mahmud
Sharfuddin Mahmud 15 days ago
I love C5
Chance Klippstein
Chance Klippstein 16 days ago
I love these short videos. Most of them suck but the ones on your channel are really good.
Not What You Think
Not What You Think 15 days ago
Glad to hear you like them 😊👍🏼