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Mar 27, 2021




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Comments 99   
Zion Caravasi
Zion Caravasi 22 seconds ago
potato sama
potato sama 50 minutes ago
no one: me is he making a yoyo string?.... damn his gonna make a long one.......... wait is he gonna make a thick one???......... damn his gonna make a real thicc boi aint he..........wait nope....... is he gonna keep that yoyo string?
edith fuentes
edith fuentes 57 minutes ago
Yo: que linda casa El labron : en donde está la casa ?
AlexTN 05
AlexTN 05 2 hours ago
Wow the new lifehack
Addison Gould
Addison Gould 3 hours ago
Why not just stire it?
Pikachu Vlogger
Pikachu Vlogger 3 hours ago
Blocks a lota doors
sameel shamnad
sameel shamnad 4 hours ago
It was funny that all four burners were on.
Lucas Daniels 902
Lucas Daniels 902 5 hours ago
Blanco Agustin Luismarc
No ni mergas
Khaleelah Ziyad
Khaleelah Ziyad 7 hours ago
Is he rich cuz I see a house of rich ... like what
iMan HD
iMan HD 7 hours ago
Yo this house bigger than my country
alyssa arigato
alyssa arigato 8 hours ago
No efence but I don't think that string is doing much 😂
jacqueline rose
jacqueline rose 8 hours ago
I’m convinced this was just to show off the place
지캬 9 hours ago
hello charlotte..?oh this vedio very exciting
SomeCap 9 hours ago
This is so pointless, how can you be that lazy
Ice cream
Ice cream 10 hours ago
Alternative title:*Flexing our big house$*
karim said
karim said 10 hours ago
Dimitar.M. 10 hours ago
Fun fact Is not real
BastianRaider gaming
Wow that song is nostalnic
Кристина и Бублик
Justyna Barrow
Justyna Barrow 11 hours ago
Nice house dude
Bruna Gabrielly Marques Mesquita
A preguiça meu fi lkkkkkk
ThePokemonDude 11 hours ago
why are ALL the fires turned on?
•MHA IS LIFE• 12 hours ago
And this kids is how you flex ur mansion without saying or showing that ur flexing ur mansion
Sujan Fernando
Sujan Fernando 12 hours ago
Dont test my patience 🤬🤬
DiscreetPrism53 YT
DiscreetPrism53 YT 12 hours ago
Other than the marks on walls and wood amazing idea
Виталий Бережинский
horror Horror asI'm shocked that
DABABY 13 hours ago
Yes but ignore the actual important inventions like the lightbulb 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Alex_Gacha 924
Alex_Gacha 924 13 hours ago
Wtf? This men is a genius
Dominic Miller
Dominic Miller 13 hours ago
Lowkey the camera man kinda joke me
Enes kayra Bozlu
Enes kayra Bozlu 14 hours ago
Lan çok iyi fmnckfnff
The tik tok was obviously to flex his mansion, as the "invention" even works. The rotation is stopped at the first corner because the force done at the string isnt enought to go against the walls resistance.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 15 hours ago
Flex that oh yeahh, wait until 5 gangs of Criminal rob your house
Peter Rasmussen
Peter Rasmussen 15 hours ago
Haha funny
Griffin Bailey
Griffin Bailey 15 hours ago
Just seems like a lot of effort
otaku roro
otaku roro 15 hours ago
amazing and cool 😂😂😂😎😎😎👍💕
Gladien 16 hours ago
setting this up actually took longer than just mixing the food
Bipin Musmade
Bipin Musmade 16 hours ago
Rab Michelle
Rab Michelle 16 hours ago
Lots of floor space for one small human. Lots of energy wasted. The health of our planet is compromised. Why?
than 16 hours ago
Ali Wissam
Ali Wissam 16 hours ago
It's lazy
App Vivo
App Vivo 17 hours ago
Ggg Ddd
Ggg Ddd 17 hours ago
헐...?나 이런 집 꿈에서 본 적 있음 거짓말 안 하고
Coastal 17 hours ago
Mom can we have physics? No we have physics at home Physics at home:
Bluebax 17 hours ago
More like *house tour*
Derek Wong
Derek Wong 18 hours ago
my eyes hurt omg
Stefanwk 18 hours ago
Rip physics
WeirdKidTum 19 hours ago
Tell me you're rich without telling me:
Jenny Johanna
Jenny Johanna 19 hours ago
It's all about priorities.
Fate 19 hours ago
Printing press, Electricity and other invention lefts the group*
Ankita Kashyap
Ankita Kashyap 20 hours ago
Kenneth Kyosi Yuherman
This is the worst invention I've ever seen. But, I like your idea! Good job
ZhenZe Zhang
ZhenZe Zhang 22 hours ago
Song name?
Juicy Doubles
Juicy Doubles 22 hours ago
If you ever feel bad about people like this having such nice, expensive things, just remember, they actually wake up everyday and willingly film and edit tik toks thinking people actually enjoy them
Sean W
Sean W 23 hours ago
Pregnant mom: a few hits of meth will be OK The child:
Player YT fake
Player YT fake 23 hours ago
Down stairs or up?
??? Day ago
When you just want to show off your house
Nalani Minor
Nalani Minor Day ago
Know wonder bill gates prefers giving lazy people jobs 🤣
Ra Day ago
مبروك انت بتعمل حاجه ملهاش أي تلاتين لازمه
كي قيمرز Key Gamers
اقول الحاجات ذولي تربحه طيب انت لا تلعب ما لها فايده
Wangden Syangden
Use this invention to satisfy your girl when she is away.
Norah T
Norah T Day ago
Honestly bet this guy is just trying to show off his house. Smh
Good Catto
Good Catto Day ago
Marcela Jaimes
Thats just being lazy
MegaYosh300 Day ago
The lazy-inator.
N00B GamePlay'S
Lazyy lvl♾
I Day ago
Hey th a t s p r e t t y G o o d
Mayk Robson
Mayk Robson Day ago
Casa top
Lucas Klingenberg
But why
adam s
adam s Day ago
Beautiful house
Christhofer Basto
Y al final se le quemo la comida :v
Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl Day ago
Koka Kola
Koka Kola Day ago
This could’ve been a great rick roll
Ana Lara
Ana Lara Day ago
Nossa TUDO ISSO pra nada?
Gideon Bodi
Gideon Bodi Day ago
I mean the titles not wrong
Football Edits
Whats Name is the Musik
Hailey Sofia
Hailey Sofia Day ago
Bro you just wanted to show off your house and I don't blame you lol
give them SwaG;;
I'm getting dizzy
• Léana •
it's not a tiny house x)
Hanife Kaya
Hanife Kaya Day ago
OH! 😯
If I would do that it would be a 5 sec clip because flat is too small
jhakc baptista
Msl Studios
Msl Studios Day ago
Show me that your rich without telling us your rich:
Katarina Belan
Don't DONT
Aelita Animator
Умно умно😂👍👏
Venom Zone
Venom Zone Day ago
Guys he worked hard to get that lazy
Midori i
Midori i Day ago
I need this ~
Astrid Lance
Astrid Lance Day ago
flexing the house
This is what I call lazy lol
Imaginarey Decon
Your putting in more effort by doing it like that
JayTM Day ago
That's just being lazy...
Ni g
Ni g Day ago
House flex
BloomWins Day ago
Yeah it's good invention to show the house
Olivia Day ago
The most wasteful but clever invention
NUT WAL Day ago
나도 저런 집에서 살아보고 싶다 ㅋㅋㅋ
Raj Kumar Veerakumar
माता को चोर माता का चोर