The Great Fast Food Jalepeño Scandal 

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in this video i waste a bunch of sandwiches. we ate a lot of them, ok? a lot. it was a lot of food, guy. we did our best.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to shotguns in movies to the tough kid growing up to your friend who has a knife to spotify ad guy to the how they use shotgun to the gus johnson shotgun... I don't know why I am writing this in third person. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok. My brother is Sven Johnson, that guy's alright. Guys, if you put all this silly stuff in the description, it helps your videos. isn't that wild?
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson 15 days ago
this is the most important issue facing our nation today. follow me on twitter (unrelated).
Irongutz Day ago
honestly if del taco was cheap enough i'd probably chow down on them by the dozen
Jonathon Ball
Jonathon Ball 2 days ago
My wife is making me ask you to please post the ratios for each sandwich. The ratio of total jalapeno vs butthole.
Trixey 2 days ago
Yes, I've heard stem research was important.
Truth-Freedom 5 days ago
You're a hard person to please
eagle 8 days ago
I hate America.
Bird Brain
Bird Brain 2 hours ago
You can also make an eagle!
Louis Lathrop
Louis Lathrop 2 hours ago
Gus: "Do a cool intro" (pretty cool intro plays) My thoughts: _oh this is pretty cool_ -2:58- _oh tha- uh..._
Vítor Melo Medeiros
I'm Brazilian so out of all these restaurants we only got Subway and Taco Bell and none of them have dishes with jalapeño in them but I still watched the whole thing
Becca Mock
Becca Mock 4 hours ago
i feel like this but with tomato stems :///
Josh Turnbull
Josh Turnbull 5 hours ago
Stems at subway in the uk too
Your Local Potato Farmer
Ill take Jersey mikes istead of nasty ass jimmy johns
Nevalith 8 hours ago
Now I know where all the stems from our fast food here goes. Straight to Gus. Hey Del Taco...my Elementary school put together cheeseburgers better than you.....and they where always moist...and normaly had random peas in them. Still looked happier.
Tennessee Elliott
Tennessee Elliott 8 hours ago
Sven looks jacked
yes yes
yes yes 8 hours ago
wow can't wait to go buy 5 guys because their jalapeno games so strong thank you Gus Johnson for alerting me to this
Lewis Day
Lewis Day 9 hours ago
Never had this problem. You're cursed
Mm Cc
Mm Cc 9 hours ago
Still cant tell how old this guy really is or isn't
Nobody's Home
Nobody's Home 9 hours ago
Karl's been real quiet since this came out.
this account isn't real
wait you want peppers without stems? maybe you should eat something else
Is it weird that I’ve never heard of a deal taco
flip a dip
flip a dip 13 hours ago
Hey Gus they got that halopeno sandwich at Wendy's right now it was pretty good theres also a lot of melted cheese on it too though which I could have done without but some people might like that
Łuaksz 13 hours ago
*Big brain moment:* if they put no peppers on they are guaranteed a perfect stem score.
Michael Kenny
Michael Kenny 14 hours ago
I don't need Raycons, but after all of the different creators' Raycons ad spots, if I was GOING to get a pair, this is the affiliate link I would use. The only ads I don't skip through are Gus's Raycon promos.
Joseluis Gonzalez
Joseluis Gonzalez 14 hours ago
The big problem I have is subway saying that the stem is a natural part like you can consume it. Any pepper, potato, and eggplant are all nightshade family plants. And it is considered poisonous, it makes you sick. It's actually a reason animals that steal your veggies don't eat the actual plant cause they KNOW ITS BAAAD. So im with ya gus it taste bad and it's because it's not suppose to be eaten!
Conor Lynch
Conor Lynch 14 hours ago
After removing the stems I would put all of these in my fridge and live on them for two weeks
Dallas Crow
Dallas Crow 14 hours ago
Why did he sound so much like Owen Wilson when he said "I'm a freaking jokester"
TheFancyZach123 15 hours ago
Its almost like these minimum wage employees just open a can and put then in a container or something
ItsJess Edits
ItsJess Edits 15 hours ago
i hope you two asked reviewbrah's for his blessing on this video
Dimosthenis Kalantzis
Why did i watch this? I dont even like jalapenos.
Granola Raspberry
Granola Raspberry 16 hours ago
Hey look it's the slightly less creepy Johnson
DJ Jew
DJ Jew 16 hours ago
The second “New Jersey Michael” got me
Mika Springer
Mika Springer 16 hours ago
Holly Warren
Holly Warren 18 hours ago
Gus here is doing God's work, so we don't have to encounter errant jalapeno stems out In the wild. Bless this man.
Sam Coates
Sam Coates 19 hours ago
I'm offended that you called taco bell tacos sandwiches. They're clearly subs
Levi Godenzi
Levi Godenzi Day ago
is everyone just gonna skip over thatthe subway sand witches were liitterally bread and ham plus a few stems JUST BREAD AND HAMMMM!!!
Only Facts
Only Facts Day ago
Should have done percentage of each based on stems/ peppers
平静的 Day ago
How arrogant of subway boldly lying claiming some people don't mind stems in their food. I'm surprised they're still in business.
Jacob Stevens
I love that at 11:55 when he spoke into the spatula, he definitely sounded louder and more clear..lol that’s a quality spatula
Austin 005
Austin 005 Day ago
I work at a Subway and strive to throw away any stems from the jalapeños so people don’t have to experience the hell that is the stem
Leah Stephens
I was at subway. And just on the top layer of Jalapenos in the building area had at least 7 STEMS?!?!
Colin Kamoda
Colin Kamoda Day ago
The Mic spatula! Lol
Elliott Harris
I was like "I've never had a jalapeno stem from a fast food restaurant, ever." Then I realized this man is out here redefining the word stem.
Muirkat Day ago
First video: We destroy the word “Stem”. This video: We dance on its’ grave.
Caileigh Day ago
dang, watched this and the sponsor hours after ordering my new raycons with someone else's discount code, rip. also rip to my old raycon earbuds that my girlfriend accidentally doused in hand sanitizer that spilled open in her pocket and absolutely obliterated them.
dsharkyo Day ago
I'm glad I went into a stem field now
sc00bes Day ago
15:49 *WAIT* *This ones for Gus Johnson*
Ted Stanek
Ted Stanek Day ago
This is the shit we need in the world
Ted Stanek
Ted Stanek Day ago
I have that shirt too
AOL warez
AOL warez Day ago
"lol we love to be goofy lol silly gooses for our preteen audience :p"
AOL warez
AOL warez Day ago
Filmed at Mall Media studios in Los Angeles. In the parking lot.
Sam Dodson
Sam Dodson Day ago
hey, that's a joke from idiocracy!
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris Day ago
Or, the alternative: Don’t get jalapeños
Simon Pruszynski
You suffer so i can get food without them.
Garrett 103
Garrett 103 Day ago
Crazy how I hate jalapeño but I watch the hole video
Vincent Menard
4:45 that’s a hate crime
superevan07 Day ago
The visual representation of “RKO Carl into Oblivion”... Thank you. So much. That was incredible. The attention to detail...
Ikari Shojo
Ikari Shojo Day ago
I got way too excited over your G4 shirt
Jeff Portnoy
Jeff Portnoy Day ago
I'm not the only one who saw the bird right?
The Fizzy
The Fizzy Day ago
Jimmy Johns doesn’t have this problem
Kain 128
Kain 128 Day ago
Good 'ol Gus "Cadavre Inspection" Johnson and Sven "Butthole of a Pepper Stem" Johnson.
D S Day ago
I don’t think you should have released this info. Just watch your back for Big jalapeño.
insane parrot
I mean it’s a generalization of what happens at the majority of the chains restaurants
k8eekatt Day ago
Hoo hoo hee hee haha too too wee wee waa waa😂
Why does Gus always look like he is about to cry no mater what face he is making..
Sonia Kwiecinski
Why did I get a subway ad before this video
Brian Ross
Brian Ross Day ago
Subway had 1000000 jalapenos so I'd say they did good
Jimbo Carrino
These two young popes really know their peppers
Silent Jay
Silent Jay Day ago
I hope they give Gus a five guys ad cause now I WANT SOME
MyDixieRekt Day ago
I love the microphone on the spatula 🤣🔥
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete Day ago
Prep cooks be slackin
Joshua Canova
Pro tip for Five Guys, ask to have your jalapenos sauteed
CJM cola cole
The rules for stems mean NOTHING to Gus when it comes to Five Guys
Victoria Purcell
I have litterally never had a jalapeno stem in my food... I feel like ur getting trolled
Nauku Maija
Nauku Maija Day ago
"That's some subway -tier bullshit!"
Sam Staab
Sam Staab Day ago
I do not get it what's wrong with the stem? It has more pepper than the standard pepper.
Deer Clops
Deer Clops Day ago
you should buy a bunch of different brands of pickled jalapeno peppers and count the stems in the whole jar, cuz thats what all these fast food places use, (five guys cut fresh ones)
T.L. Day ago
I just ate taco bell with jalepenos and didn't even check for stems before watching this. I might have actual stems in my stomach now, I'm scared.
killer kye
killer kye Day ago
Stem gate
Felipe Morera
This video made me order five guys. Sponsor gus @fiveguys
Khalifah Allah
Gus I feel like they give you stems just to spite you
[Redacted] Day ago
I like your dinosaur shirt
John Harper
John Harper Day ago
It’s because if it’s pickled jalapeños it’s all from the same Sysco standard 10lb can of pickled. There will just be some stems in because it’s cheap machine processed. Anything fresh ever, is going to be hand done. Any human will throw away the stem.
Halo50c Day ago
UUUUUUUUM ACTUALLY the stem is the woody hooky part at the top. what you are seeing is the placenta and it's totally fine that it's in it
Lisajayne Day ago
That's insane how much meat you get in your subway subs compared to Australia
The Horrible Bright
When you said "stems" combined with the level of upset I assumed you were talking about the actual twig.
Timmy ryan
Timmy ryan 2 days ago
Am I the only one that doesn't eat jalapenos so I had no idea what he was talking about in the beginning of the video and just figured I would figure it out throughout the video but still have no idea what they're talking about.
S R 2 days ago
Subway paid him to divert the stem problem
melissa hurst
melissa hurst 2 days ago
Ugh the ones that are pickled are bought from a manufacturer... that chooses not the remove the stems. They just drain the juice and put them in the tubs..
RG Crispin
RG Crispin 2 days ago
Its currently 12:40am and i work at 5am, this video was worth it.
Chip Bipple
Chip Bipple 2 days ago
... I was picturing the woody part, like the actual stem. This doesn't seem so bad, it's basically just a pickle.
Pahul Singh
Pahul Singh 2 days ago
NEOSpawnKiller 2 days ago
You can tell Jack's peppers are hand cut in store by someone probably daily or at least every couple days. The other Jalapenos are all pickled from a jar, so they are sliced as whole peppers in a "factory" setting by the thousands.
Kyrsten Lane
Kyrsten Lane 2 days ago
As an ex five guys employee and an ex tacobell employee, five guys is probably the only place that actually makes their employees manually cut all of the ingredients except cheese and pickles
Austy Posty
Austy Posty Day ago
*In and out has entered the chat*
Alexander alvarez
Ummm those are not stems really , it’s like a loaf of bread NO ONE LIKES THE EDGES (stem) but you should eat the slice but ig but this is a personal preference like sandwich will be made with CRUST( your “stem”) U know what I’m trying to say ??
natabatts 2 days ago
jersey mikes is indisputably better than subway
Nut Ringos
Nut Ringos 2 days ago
“While the core and seeds of an apple are a natural part of the apple , some customers might not enjoy it as much as others “
Tj Donnelly
Tj Donnelly 2 days ago
I feel there was some bias on the five guys burgers, but...... I like five guys....... so..........
natabatts 2 days ago
was not expecting to see karl jacobs in this video
Phangirlsjl 2 days ago
I have literally never thought of consuming a pepper stem? What the hell.
Lewis G
Lewis G 2 days ago
RIP that banana pepper. Wrong place, wrong time buddy
commenty commenter
y'all are acting like some big dumb babies calling the stemless cap of the pepper a "stem". people will eat this video up anyways
GameNuck 2 days ago
You know your a real influencer when you can tick off subway in one video
Liam Green
Liam Green 2 days ago
I don’t eat jalapeños but Five Guys makes me want to
Mark Custer
Mark Custer 2 days ago
Dude, where do you live? I order basically everything with jalapeños and I have literally not once in my entire life gotten a stem in my food, lol
Clayton Anderson
Clayton Anderson 2 days ago
Jersey Mike's is leaps and bounds better than Subway. Not even close.