The Game Where Jalen Ramsey Trash Talked The Wrong Receiver (Steve Smith Sr) 

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In week 3 of the 2016 NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens travelled to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars. This was a close game however it was marred by a scrum between Jalen Ramsey and Steve Smith Sr. The two were battling all day fighting for every inch of space and in the 4th quarter, the pair got into a shoving match. After the game, Steve Smith Sr approached the young receiver.
Steve Smith Sr vs Jalen Ramsey Trash Talk
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Apr 29, 2021




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Michael Caine
Michael Caine Minute ago
Ramsey got in his head. You go girl!
SIRIUS THE DON 13 minutes ago
Still almost dropped 100 yards and the win lol
Nm Jayo
Nm Jayo 44 minutes ago
Ramsey is far from an alpha
vihockeyguy1 2 hours ago
Steve Smith beats ass. Jalen Ramsey takes it up the ass. They are not the same
R E 3 hours ago
Ramsey sassy as hell.
Earl Clark
Earl Clark 5 hours ago
I love seeing Ramsey being done dirty! He just talks too damn much
Mr. Lynch
Mr. Lynch 5 hours ago
niggas always gonna be niggas.
jon mccoy
jon mccoy 5 hours ago
Christian Bushey
Christian Bushey 8 hours ago
Jalen washed
Bite Me
Bite Me 9 hours ago
"You know wah I sayin?"
sandvich48 9 hours ago
8 for 87 is not locking down a WR.
zepsett 9 hours ago
Jalen Ramsey is corny.
Rich 9 hours ago
Ramsey talks like a girl.
Tthree PO
Tthree PO 10 hours ago
Primetime was amazing. Explosive. Best corner ever..... Not even fucking close.
TheCursedMessiah 11 hours ago
Jalen was scared. All bark no bite lmao
connor contreras
connor contreras 11 hours ago
Yo dawg don’t call it a scrum it’s a term I know people use that term when talking about stuff in football but it’s a rugby term and it’s constantly misused no hate just trying to let people know
Clasher Sports
Clasher Sports 9 hours ago
is it really a rugby term?
FinkleisEinhorn52 11 hours ago
There doesn’t always need to be a reason for someone to have a chip on there shoulder. Some dudes are just naturally tough, violent and competitive
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia 12 hours ago
This video is long for nothing
Mark Burn
Mark Burn 12 hours ago
Is this video a game recap or is it about Steve and Jalen
Mark Burn
Mark Burn 10 seconds ago
@Clasher Sports the title subject was Jalen and Steve not a game recap
Clasher Sports
Clasher Sports 9 hours ago
Title reads the game...
Daniel Valadez
Daniel Valadez 12 hours ago
He was talking mad shit to Marcus Peters but didn't want smoke after Baltimore blew out the Rams lol
jacoblindquist 13 hours ago
Garbage clickbait waste of everyone's time
Redgie Burks
Redgie Burks 13 hours ago
Could this video have been drug out any longer.??? Damn. Just get the point.
Hoodie Sosa
Hoodie Sosa 14 hours ago
It’s Tay-Shaun not Tah
JACOB HOFFMAN 14 hours ago
Video was about 9 minutes longer than it needed to be.
Ayden Turay
Ayden Turay 14 hours ago
Do not even try Steve Smith like that.
Control Yourself
Control Yourself 15 hours ago
Steve Smith is like an OG. Jalen is the new kid on the block trying to prove himself. Steve is one of those dudes who you can never count out.
spearerulz420 16 hours ago
Holy beat around the bush man, I quit watching halfway through
Shinobi. 17 hours ago
Senior got into Ramsey’s head lmao. Look at that tear glistening in the corner of his right eye. 💀
72039 17 hours ago
Jalen was still on his period during the interview.
Chaos Reigns
Chaos Reigns 17 hours ago
Steve Smith the type of guy that will run you over and laugh about it. But he is one of the people from the Ravens you don't want to trash talk. The main one people didn't want to trash talk was Ray Lewis. You be like a deer in headlights going against him cause you never know where he will attack you from cause he's always in blitz mode 😂
O'Malley 519
O'Malley 519 17 hours ago
You can give ramsey props. I'd be ok with you calling him the best db in the game even ok calling him one of the best players in the game. But I'm not ok with anyone calling ramsey an alpha male. He's a straight homo. It's ok that he's gay. But it's not manly to be a homo. So he's no alpha male..
The pot callin the kettle
Forget the whole story of Steve vs jalen. I’m still stuck on that sweetass feminine post-game interview Ramsey gave.
Trent Schell
Trent Schell 18 hours ago
everyone else excited about aj green and Ramsey 2 times a year?
Kruppt808 19 hours ago
as a 6ft 5, 300+ pound former high school and college RT, Steve Smith Sr. is exactly the type of dude you want on your team and do everything you can not to get into with if he is on the opposite side. he is stronger mentally and physically pound for pound than pretty much anyone on either team, at 5'9 he had to prove it to coaches, teammates, the other team, scout guys, practice guys, trainers, GM, Owners, front office people, pretty much everyone. He comes up from the ground and laughs at you right in your face, you go, yup Steve, you got me, good play. and move the fuck on.
Coo Hoo
Coo Hoo 20 hours ago
Ramsey is feminine af, shits off. Guy swings the other way, nothing wrong with it but it’s obvious
Clasher Sports
Clasher Sports 20 hours ago
watch this.. this is even funnier. just the first 10 seconds of this clip us-first.info/player/video/o9StqINqo6h1oJs.html
Audioplugg 20 hours ago
Deion isn't the greatest corner. He's THE ONLY shutdown Corner in NFL history!
Clasher Sports
Clasher Sports 20 hours ago
thanks for the correction. yes he's the only shutdown corner!!!
ExposeTheTruth 316
ExposeTheTruth 316 20 hours ago
I won’t Gonna lie Ramsey looked and sounded gay asf here lol geesh
Chicago Typewriter
Chicago Typewriter 21 hour ago
Jalen over there flamin🤣🤣🤣
Leroy Snell
Leroy Snell 21 hour ago
Ramsey is REAL "sassy"! 🤔
captmajmusiq 23 hours ago
Sassiest post game locker room interview in NFL history lmaoooooooo
Rico Figueroa
Rico Figueroa 23 hours ago
He said he was going see u after the game....
friendly video's with travis basso
Only in the hood boys
TGS Oreo
TGS Oreo Day ago
You can’t trash talk the trash talking goat. Flockup
Christopher Keller
All this video did was make me remember how bad ass Steve Smith was
Johnny McCreery
damn gurrlllll, you mad cause I was locking you up? Baby you better sleep on that. - Jalen Ramsey.
Thumper Day ago
Grow up, it's eye black, not kindergarten face paint.
@9:30.."Hum..You tell me"
ThE PrEdAtOr
ThE PrEdAtOr Day ago
Odell + Ramsey =
Emerson E
Emerson E Day ago
Ramsey gay
Macdizzit 420
Lmao 🤣😆 Jalen Ramsey was delusional as a youngin what game was he playing I locked 🔒🔐 him down .
Surf or Die Westside
Jalen a pussy boy. No 1 cb in the nfl he says. Nigga pleasssse
Brohan from Rohan
Ramsey is as flaming as can be.
Torry Hart
Torry Hart Day ago
Niggas callin Jalen sweet and would still get their ass beat by him lmao
Joshua Jackson
Sorry ass bortles cause fuck em that's why
Foldz JJ
Foldz JJ Day ago
Steve would be his ass
Barryle Day ago
You don’t have to respect your opponent. You just better beat them if you don’t.
Godsent 305
Godsent 305 Day ago
Jalen overrated
Postal bike3
Postal bike3 Day ago
Their will never be another Steve Smith, he would talk the talk & back it up with his play.
Dimitris Bright
Jalen Ramsey is that annoying punk knat that you really craving to swing on but can't or else the bug gets more annoying
31 Bizy
31 Bizy Day ago
When jalen said I locked him up you tell me that was lil sassy huh 😂. 🤔
Daquan McDonald
That interview was when we thought Jalen was a fruit
RiChCiItY510 Day ago
Exactly he waited to get back to the locker room to talk to cameras but didn't want no smoke when he came up to his face 🤣🤣 mans fake tough soft as baby dookie
606Jae Day ago
Nah bruh, jalen Ramsey gay af.
Thomas Cain
Thomas Cain Day ago
That ref looks like Ernest P Worl haha 😂
Kinghulk21 Day ago
😂😂 ofc Steve smith going to smoke him
aant Day ago
When dominance meats dominance
P&A Guthriie
P&A Guthriie Day ago
He smoking if he thinks Ramsey won't be rite there shrined in Canton rite with him
Corey Langham
Steve Smith is such an asshole in real life
Coach Carter
Coach Carter Day ago
I gotta give Jalen Ramsey credit. He had balls, and he's a fierce competitor.
Poppa WoLFF
Poppa WoLFF Day ago
9:30 Lil nogga been sitting around the women folk too long.
RJman101 Day ago
Jalen...come out of the closet.
Hetherhunter Day ago
What the hell is this... clickbait. Title read like some shit popped off or like Steve destroyed him at some point in a game.
5ltboogie Day ago
Steve aint catch but 1 pass in man coverage lmao yall fake
5ltboogie Day ago
Steve lost shut up making excuses
king dl76
king dl76 Day ago
Jalen Ramsey seems fruity!!!
Alex delgadillo
I forgot how gay he was
Anthony Collins
This is the worst video I’ve seen. This video could have been 2 min long. This shit is terrible!
jerome williams
Steve Smith is probably my 3rd favorite player of all time behind Michael Irvin and Barry Sanders...small in stature but strong, physical and played like he was a 6'2 receiver
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy Day ago
Areoin Stylz
Areoin Stylz Day ago
Why Jalen had female tendencies in his interview tho....bro....8 catches for 87 yards is not even close to lock...
Charles Jr
Charles Jr Day ago
Jalen didn't want no smoke with SMSR
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Day ago
Shitty video all talking nonsense!
Marc Cianca
Marc Cianca Day ago
Jalen gets in everyone’s head
pie man
pie man Day ago
Tell me why Ramsay sounded like he was trying to seduce someone
Mc Lovin
Mc Lovin Day ago
Lol Ramsey got in his own head.
Joshua Miranda
jalen ramsey sounded fruity yo
t b2
t b2 Day ago
Ramsey gets under everybody skin
-G- LocK
-G- LocK Day ago
make more we thing they hate each other
Cuervo Jones
Cuervo Jones Day ago
I dont get Ramsey on this one. On every play that he was lined up on Steve in this video, I think Steve caught every pass and got decent yardage as well. He locked up no one.
Keep Pounding
xXx Taylor
xXx Taylor Day ago
Ramsey is a great player, but a piece of work
C Day ago
Steve top 3 receivers ever when it comes to talant. Never had a good qb throwing to him And still managed to have multiple 1000+ yard seasons... even when the teams scheme was build around running backs. I would’ve never played football and got my education paid for if I wasn’t inspired by Steve.
Mikal San
Mikal San Day ago
Was such a great game wish we would of took Smith to the superbowl
notimportant Day ago
Tom McCarthy is seriously insufferable. I have no idea how he gets hired for all of these gigs for sports he clearly doesn't understand.
Pablo Van Cleef
National Felon League. How far it’s fallen. Used to be great back in the 60-80s. When men played for the name on the front, not the name on the back. They didn’t celebrate every tackle, they did their job. The millennials killed sports with their me me me. Trying to hit home runs every plate appearance. The biggest stars don’t even hustle. Good riddance.
ChiefKene Day ago
9:37 this was really cringe and sus......’ lol
TheWilder30 Day ago
Steve Smith broke the jaw of his own Teammate during practice. Practice!?(Iverson Voice)
Clasher Sports
yup lol
Uso 684
Uso 684 Day ago
That Jalen Ramsey interview is kinda sus 🤔😂😂
TYLER YODER 2 days ago
Ramsey would lock him up now if Steve smith was in his prime again
Ethan B
Ethan B 2 days ago
This was Ramsey’s rookie year, Ramsey nowadays would lock him up no problem