the fourth dimension 

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hey it's me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the fourth dimension!
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Apr 4, 2021




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GabeSweats 14 days ago
hey! this video is doing unusually well so thanks so much for the support! if you like this kind of video, make sure to subscribe and feel free to check out my "theory shorts" playlist :)
free the beast04
That's true
a person
a person 2 days ago
Hey gabe im not sure if you knew but theres a movie about this exact topic its called "flatland"
Turle 2 days ago
@GabeSweats why the fuck is the wood at the start gray
Eldenzer Vasquez
Eldenzer Vasquez 2 days ago
Bruh my guy this just happend to me literally yesterday and a couple hours ago and i for some reason heard my gf even i wasnt near her or in a call with her
Aethersome 3 days ago
Isn’t it kinda old? I watch you on tik tok and this is definitely not a new one
Erika Kubo
Erika Kubo 15 minutes ago
LG Smart Fridge
LG Smart Fridge 17 minutes ago
The 4th dimension is time
Sir Rivet
Sir Rivet 39 minutes ago
Carl sagin made a video on this
CROISSANT LABS 42 minutes ago
Susy Cisne.
Susy Cisne. 59 minutes ago
This means ghosts are just 4d people trying to talk to us
Lambros Lambrou
Except we arent flat
Freeballbob Hour ago
Wait....what 😮
fall sparkles
fall sparkles Hour ago
Wait so is the chicken thing I’ve been seeing real
Jasmine Myers
Jasmine Myers Hour ago
If being really paranoid and having anxiety was enough I already hear voices all the time! I have this now thank you..
Rei-Len Hour ago
"Another dimension where we're all 2 dimensional" Anime: I'm already here
Nilton Mellado
Nilton Mellado 2 hours ago
Kendrew Codes
Kendrew Codes 2 hours ago
The fourth dimension is time bro
Pichachao 1582
Pichachao 1582 2 hours ago
Since 4D is basically the points of a 3D model doubled then 4D is basically duration/time, since we are 3D multiple of us is 4D I have no idea if I explained this well I’m guessing I haven’t, feel free to correct me but that’s just how I looked at the situation.
Unnamed Gamer
Unnamed Gamer 2 hours ago
So there is a magical dolphin that shoots fucking lasers out of its blowhole trying to prevent Saturn and Jupiter from colliding watching me?
Sᴀᴍᴀʀᴀᴋɪ • サマラキ
Tysm for creeping me out
Sklz_ Micah
Sklz_ Micah 2 hours ago
Shit man really?
FUZZYY WOLF CAT 3 hours ago
2D dimension: Gachaverse; Gacha club, Gacha life, Gacha studio, etc.
Chananya Lipman
Chananya Lipman 3 hours ago
Love the looping
Precious Magpili
Precious Magpili 3 hours ago
Me, who is a very paranoid person: Meh, that's fine:)
ComputerBoi yes computer
then hi person that it's invisible
Finnthechosenone 3 hours ago
Im disappointed he didn’t make a joke about people in two dimensions living in a flat
Ibrahim333Z 3 hours ago
Jose Villafana
Jose Villafana 3 hours ago
There is like 12 or 11 dimension but the dimensions cant be seen becuase is invisisble
BabyWhitty XD
BabyWhitty XD 4 hours ago
Fobo00 5 hours ago
Sorry dude but that's wrong you are mixing up two different math things : your material dimension (we are four dimensional things) and your degrees of liberty : in how many ways can you modifie your position and your form, technicly, we have an infinity of degrees of liberty... And so, it would be better if you specifie ehat you're talking about because i see your poin, Take care...
Kiersten Carlisle
Kiersten Carlisle 5 hours ago
I'm scared now
AcidityBM 5 hours ago
the fourth dimension is time my guy
Mark G
Mark G 6 hours ago
A 3 dimensional being would have a 2 dimensional cross section that would be visible to the 2 dimensional beings
Arck 6 hours ago
I like how the video is a perfect loop of both parkour and his sentece
꧁Flower Bee꧂
꧁Flower Bee꧂ 6 hours ago
That's normal for me- I'm basically friends with whoever is watching me so I'm fine
Kakyoin Noriaki
Kakyoin Noriaki 6 hours ago
Hm this would explain why my bed shakes at night
YaBoiAidan 6 hours ago
I haven't been hearing any unfamiliar voices from out of nowhere saying hi to me lately
Mr. Muffin
Mr. Muffin 7 hours ago
Nah. I hate this
I already knew what is watching me
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 7 hours ago
Scp times up so be like
Ghost Leviathan
Ghost Leviathan 8 hours ago
Simply put, if you were in a 1 dimensional world, you wouldn’t see anything. If you were in a 2 dimensional world, you would see 1 dimension. So on and so forth
Sclery Ackerman
Sclery Ackerman 8 hours ago
"You might be being watched" Me who feels observed 24/7 for almost a year now: ....
kendrew villanueva
kendrew villanueva 9 hours ago
Dude chillll I'm about to sleep
ParPar 9 hours ago
the 4th dimension cacodemon watching me right now: 😳
DANEtheMAIN 9 hours ago
God is watching
iss yaboi
iss yaboi 9 hours ago
So I guess u watch doctor who right? Ps anyone seen that episode about the creatures that are 2d yup he probly watched it
unknown person
unknown person 10 hours ago
"you might be being watched right now" *My anxiety level go brrr*
فاء بن ألف'
فاء بن ألف' 10 hours ago
There’s a great short movie of people in 1D planes, people in 2D planes and people in 3D planes and it’s awesome.
Eliott Titone
Eliott Titone 11 hours ago
From the thousands of shorts ive watched on youtube you a without a doubt the best at looping
ZaxosTG 99
ZaxosTG 99 11 hours ago
Maybe ghosts are 4d beings?
AR ruthless
AR ruthless 11 hours ago
What is the music
Xeiferia 11 hours ago
*Me at 3am in a nutshell:*
Khadija Raza
Khadija Raza 11 hours ago
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
The Horror
The Horror 11 hours ago
Guess someone watched flatland...
krishna cricket
krishna cricket 11 hours ago
The perfect loop doesnt exsi-
ArrogantLucy 12 hours ago
“You might be being watched right now” Me: *bites lip and looks directly at camera*
Shadow Gamer Girl
Shadow Gamer Girl 12 hours ago
...ghosts are 4D that's why most people can't see them, they can't comprehend 4D...
appleJuice 13 hours ago
Ah yes a Minecraft man telling me something
Zi Xuan Yeoh
Zi Xuan Yeoh 13 hours ago
Imagine getting watched by 2D anime people while watching anime 👀
sneha arasa
sneha arasa 13 hours ago
I like how he uses the loop to complete his sentences
Jonny 13 hours ago
I love the end and start how they link.up together
Twisted_Flame 14 hours ago
Everyone scrolling for the funny comment about the loop. btw it’s been 54 years now I think it’s a loop
Cookie Montae
Cookie Montae 14 hours ago
Whoa!!!!!!! No wonder why I hear random voices that are not mine!!
The A.I.L.F Samuel Hayden
Such entities do exist, we wouldn't be able to touch them or feel them though. Ghosts are wonderful examples of this, in a dimension that intersects with the third dimension.
Purujeet jha
Purujeet jha 14 hours ago
Who are you..... I'm scared now lol
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon 14 hours ago
It plays in a perfect loop in shorts
mavee faizal
mavee faizal 15 hours ago
Is this a loop
Zac Turtleback
Zac Turtleback 15 hours ago
You gave me the chills ide rather be wathed by the goverment than by a ghost
Adrian Rivera Legat
Adrian Rivera Legat 15 hours ago
Bro just keep going,I love your vids ❤❤❤
Bas Tysma
Bas Tysma 15 hours ago
The 4th demenion is time
h_usbandhaver 15 hours ago
Im taking a shit rn
Ben Torres
Ben Torres 15 hours ago
So... God?
hqckerxz !
hqckerxz ! 15 hours ago
Draconic Meta
Draconic Meta 15 hours ago
That’s literally the dumbest theory I’ve ever heard according to theoretical physics, scientists stated that alternate universes have to follow the same laws of physics so there can’t be 2D universes this is like that stupid Tik Tok trend that kids believe in
William Sr
William Sr 16 hours ago
The person watching me watch this video : 👁👄👁
NOT a Scrub
NOT a Scrub 16 hours ago
Bruh, if we were 2d creatures and a 3d creature went into our house, we would totally be able to see them. It's just that the 3d creature would appear to be 2d from our perspective. Just imagine an ant looking at a giant beach ball. It would definitely be able to see the beach ball, but it would just see a giant circle instead of a giant sphere. Stop the cap man...
NOT a Scrub
NOT a Scrub 16 hours ago
A fourth dimension does exist tho... We legit take calculations based off the existence of a fourth dimension. Pretty sure people learn this in Calculus III or at least that's when I did.
Emre Crump
Emre Crump 16 hours ago
It’s the other way around. 3d people can’t see 2d people because one of the axis’ scale is 0 meaning it has 0 bulk. However a 2d person would see the REFLECTION of a 3d person as it has 2 axis. He can even see the 3d edges but displayed as 2d. Much like a monitor
sxᴍᴘʟʏ_ ᴀᴋɪ
Then is he saying that. A creature from another dimension is always watching me from every side?-
PERFECT LAMBO 16 hours ago
RandomeGuy_0 17 hours ago
So you mean... that 4D people see us?
Unknown 17 hours ago
ey anime
human being
human being 17 hours ago
We are anime then
Tj so cold 51
Tj so cold 51 17 hours ago
Jakey 17 hours ago
I’m to sleep deprived to process this
U don't know me
U don't know me 17 hours ago
Basicly we are an Anime Protagonist
Soap Consumer
Soap Consumer 17 hours ago
Technically, you can see the third dimension from the second. There is tons of proof supporting this. The main reason is that the second dimension is similar to a flat plane in the third dimension. So you can only see this person talking from the third if they walk through this plane, which is also the 2-D citizens’ line of sight.
Svilena Leon
Svilena Leon 17 hours ago
Everyone: listens to the story Me who only likes the minecraft parkour
AskersNotFound •
AskersNotFound • 18 hours ago
This is a perfect loop
sK yazan
sK yazan 18 hours ago
Attack on titan
Chøcø Bøba
Chøcø Bøba 18 hours ago
This is just another way of calling me 2D with a 2D personality 😂
Ela Pehlivan
Ela Pehlivan 19 hours ago
Is it just me or is his voice SOOO safisting-
Strahd 19 hours ago
According to einstein, u r wrong, u would be able to see the part of the 3d person which intersects with your 2d world
Krish Chauhan
Krish Chauhan 19 hours ago
I like how his vids loops
Gluttøny 19 hours ago
Fuck hope they don’t see my internet history
butterdontyt:D 19 hours ago
I guess its like stranger things
Toad's Roach
Toad's Roach 20 hours ago
My cousin was JUST talking about this kind of stuff yesterday! Also that intro stressed me out a lot for a hot second. Especially since it's late and I'm alone on my bed...
Axel Catle
Axel Catle 20 hours ago
The world is round now the ground :)
Wiccan Senpai
Wiccan Senpai 20 hours ago
No one stopped after the fist few seconds cause I'm sitting in my dark room alone and I don't need this shit rn
Tayamman Raza
Tayamman Raza 20 hours ago
I like how he says something like" so therefore" or "that's why" at the end so when the video restarts his sentence get completed....😶
Kobe Vlogs
Kobe Vlogs 21 hour ago
My sister is umm flat
ttvIsabella gaming
ttvIsabella gaming 22 hours ago
Deep man....❓ℹ️ 🅰️Ⓜ️ TERRIFIED
Beny Bou
Beny Bou 22 hours ago
I actually understood that, you know why? Because I watched a movie called interstellar about dimensions and my teachers say movies don't teach you
GuardScp 8341
GuardScp 8341 22 hours ago
Fourth Dimension: Nether Inside The End