The FAKE GLASS! 😂 #shorts 

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Apr 25, 2021




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Roshen Sonal
Roshen Sonal 39 minutes ago
J Röhrig
J Röhrig 10 hours ago
Ooooh must be jummy i eat ice cupes when its warm (sorry if i spelled somting wrong im turning 10)
Lasha Guntaishvili
Lasha Guntaishvili 15 hours ago
Well everyone can bite into glass but then they're mouth will start to bleed so no ty
مهند برعها
مهند برعها 16 hours ago
ترا حتة عرب يتابعون
akshat mishra
akshat mishra 18 hours ago
When this guy is in classroom, teacher raises its hand to ask him questions
Redon Iljazi
Redon Iljazi 19 hours ago
Eis glass 🤔🤔🤔👌🤔
Redon Iljazi
Redon Iljazi 19 hours ago
Eis glass 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Esmeralda Sanchez
It's ice
Marya108 Mansha
Ummmm chewing ice is not good
rk Gusain
rk Gusain 2 days ago
Teeth kyu brown h
Neilay Prabhu
Neilay Prabhu 2 days ago
Hey Dan, can you pls reveal your Britain's Got Talent Illusion Box Trick🥺
Asma Dhaou
Asma Dhaou 3 days ago
Chef Chase E.
Chef Chase E. 4 days ago
My teeth are so weak I can’t even do that🤣🤣
lord nastasic
lord nastasic 4 days ago
Migcel Blanco
Migcel Blanco 4 days ago
Dr. Mighty
Dr. Mighty 5 days ago
Mas Bambang
Mas Bambang 5 days ago
in Indonesia, eating real glass is not fake
deja- vu
deja- vu 6 days ago
Ειρηνη Κελεπούρη
Daisyshower 6 days ago
omg biting ice is really bad for braces!!!
Ahmed Abarkan
Ahmed Abarkan 6 days ago
Is ice
Grant Feigl
Grant Feigl 6 days ago
Hannah Doherty
Hannah Doherty 7 days ago
Hey why is water dripping
gary jones
gary jones 7 days ago
Me:mom can we watch magic? Mom:no it's on US-first *magic on US-first:*
Golden Legend
Golden Legend 8 days ago
He is the type of guy who tells *how tasty chicken rice is to chickens!*
Gennaro Schipani Ortiz
I recommend boiling the water before freezing it so it comes out more crystalline and looks more glass
Mars Lopez
Mars Lopez 8 days ago
How do i block or ignore a youtube channel?
sibi gaming
sibi gaming 8 days ago
He has ice please tell anyone
Anushka Tudu III-B, Roll-27
Good 😀😃😄🤩🤫😄😉🤭😍😍
laian madi
laian madi 8 days ago
Wow, I'm lying and lying. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sonali Patil
Sonali Patil 8 days ago
Lmao that water falling be like Am I a joke to you
Milani 8 days ago
if u put water on it, it looks more like glass
Gurnoor Brar
Gurnoor Brar 8 days ago
Mother: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy won't effect my child The child:
Aishath Riyasa
Aishath Riyasa 8 days ago
That is fake but nice
Gaming With lion
Gaming With lion 9 days ago
Him: ok we got some ice here dont tell any one him: poses it in yt
Yung Pheara
Yung Pheara 9 days ago
i like it
Dhyan Prakash
Dhyan Prakash 9 days ago
Anything he says in every video shhhhhhhshh! 🤭🤭
callmej 9 days ago
Yet you need braces ha
Ayden Gonzalez
Ayden Gonzalez 9 days ago
Stop with the hes the kind of guy it’s annoying
RadioBolix1 9 days ago
I broke my latté glass with my teeth
Nandani Mehta
Nandani Mehta 9 days ago
jiminshiii ii
jiminshiii ii 10 days ago
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 10 days ago
I almost looked up where can I get a trench coat and a ak27
Fevine Lps
Fevine Lps 10 days ago
This guy doesn’t trick me you can tell it’s ice cause it’s dripping water and melting at the bottom 🙄
Parth Bhonde
Parth Bhonde 10 days ago
Fatima Wairs
Fatima Wairs 10 days ago
Oo David Blaine use this trick
Alex de haan
Alex de haan 10 days ago
Alex de haan
Alex de haan 10 days ago
Mary joy Delos reyes
Wow thats cool!
Adis 10 days ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact he wearing brackets?
Ilias Oulad
Ilias Oulad 10 days ago
First of all, that doesn't even look like a glass, second of all it's very easy to bite glass
Abdullox Shukurov
Abdullox Shukurov 10 days ago
ока озбечайам гапирин
Domi R.
Domi R. 11 days ago
digger your braces
FILM FREAK 11 days ago
Cause we Definitely did not see the "Glass" drip water
Jotaro 11 days ago
Literal logic would destroy his things
Olivia Knight
Olivia Knight 11 days ago
Do you want with your son if you have a sec
maximiliano gonzalez
Hatice Uslu
Hatice Uslu 11 days ago
I love your magic tricks, you are great, congratulations🙂🙂❤️❤️
evi evi
evi evi 11 days ago
Don't break a tooth😬
Delaney Pond
Delaney Pond 11 days ago
You could see it melting
Fgg Ttt
Fgg Ttt 11 days ago
العبيط اه اه العبيط اه اه
Kemani thompson
Kemani thompson 11 days ago
It is ice
Martha Marquez
Martha Marquez 11 days ago
If ice
Did anyone notice how he can hold ice in ✋ hands "ice"😭 wow and the bite
PLAYER FF 11 days ago
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez 11 days ago
It’s ice
FNAF Foxy 11 days ago
You are smart
cinderr__ 11 days ago
He's the type of guy to think people actually like this shit, cringey content
Game!Zoid 11 days ago
Because it totally looks like glass and not Ice...
Χαράλαμπος Πιτζας
Ηλίθια πράγματα
Juan Xochicali
Juan Xochicali 11 days ago
guys pot that in his frish
Juan Xochicali
Juan Xochicali 11 days ago
he is lieing
Skymay O.o
Skymay O.o 11 days ago
How did you have enough time removing that from the cup O.O
Podunavac Ivan
Podunavac Ivan 11 days ago
Hi 👋👋👋
Ferdie Winchester
Ferdie Winchester 11 days ago
I will tell
alex diamond
alex diamond 11 days ago
“Dont tell anyone” I will not tell anyone
Renato Abreu
Renato Abreu 11 days ago
🤦🏽‍♂️ idt
ramaiel harris
ramaiel harris 11 days ago
That's. Not. Reel
JADE rafael velario
he is the kind of people who wake someone to tell he was going to sleep
Abdull Ahmed123
Abdull Ahmed123 11 days ago
I Fr
I Fr 11 days ago
My guy bit into ice with braces on
Madhy Madhyha
Madhy Madhyha 11 days ago
I will tell everyone okay 😄
Meeks Reyes
Meeks Reyes 11 days ago
Lol why does he sound so weird haah
Getroy 12 days ago
I'm just here for the my daily dose of "he's the type of guy" jokes
Arianna Martinez
Arianna Martinez 12 days ago
He’s the type of guy to climb over a glass wall to see what’s on the other side
diana ang
diana ang 12 days ago
diana ang
diana ang 12 days ago
David Thai sur_fortnite
Uh I think glass are trenspirent so if you put water you can’t see the water so it’s obvious
Av Smasher
Av Smasher 12 days ago
David Blaine
•AJ• 12 days ago
Hes a type of guy to send you a thankyou card for coming to his birthday
ayesha khan
ayesha khan 12 days ago
You the nooddddd
Vedad Kamenjas
Vedad Kamenjas 12 days ago
The this Crazy
natalie miller
natalie miller 12 days ago
Why don't you tell anyone it's actually ice and it's not glass and it's not even a real last cup okay so stop lying and tell everybody when you're done with that 📷.
Fauzanul Ihsan
Fauzanul Ihsan 12 days ago
Mau nggak bertemanan sama aku
Fauzanul Ihsan
Fauzanul Ihsan 12 days ago
Maria Charina Mae Serdan
just a ice
Kathy Nicole
Kathy Nicole 12 days ago
He thinks we are so dumb to understand that it's a ice glass ( to the people where he is recording)
Kathy Nicole
Kathy Nicole 12 days ago
Him: don't tell anyone Me: oh so u could even tell people from a freakin mobile... Like wth.. Like how? How?
Swiftly558 12 days ago
his braces 😬
Natalie fennec fox
Natalie fennec fox 12 days ago
Don't tell anyone that he hurt his teeth