the everything sub (1m subscriber special) 

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thank you guys so much for everything, you all changed my life whether you know it or not


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Apr 5, 2021




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BeeseChurmger 9 days ago
Milad after closing time: "Reality can be whatever I want"
Valerie Brevet
Valerie Brevet 7 hours ago
nico costalot
nico costalot 8 hours ago
Miller Chiang
@North Florida Rail Videography LOL
EL gourdo
EL gourdo 4 days ago
He has so much power
Andrew C
Andrew C 5 days ago
Id eat that sandwich
Xavier Warren
Xavier Warren 2 minutes ago
No Ice Gaming
No Ice Gaming 9 minutes ago
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 22 minutes ago
Jake Paul🤣
Matthew Cool
Matthew Cool 29 minutes ago
Justin_on_OCE 30 minutes ago
G I v e m e m o n e y
MTG _4
MTG _4 32 minutes ago
Healey Roosnoscope king
Ryan E
Ryan E 48 minutes ago
U are the best bro
Hailey Tourigny
Hailey Tourigny 52 minutes ago
Kallan Andersen
Choco Late
Choco Late Hour ago
AmWhisk Hour ago
Afia Mushtaq
Afia Mushtaq Hour ago
Ohhhh they are sooo yummmy 😋 l love each of your sandwiches and your stories are worth it l just wanna taste one ♥ 😋 😋
Bloomiz 2 hours ago
Give me 100$ now
Harpa Tudor
Harpa Tudor 2 hours ago
Luv ur vids
Jack Stoecklein
Jack Stoecklein 2 hours ago
I love your vids
Emmanuel Jose
Emmanuel Jose 2 hours ago
Random comment 💸💸
Ishan Kumar
Ishan Kumar 2 hours ago
Why Americans eat so less onions.We Indians have so much onion in everything.
Sophie TONG
Sophie TONG 3 hours ago
haha it’s been a week and I’m probably not gonna get chosen oops
Adham Arafa
Adham Arafa 3 hours ago
Giveaway btw I milad your the best sandwich artist ever
Kn1ght Ripper7
Kn1ght Ripper7 3 hours ago
I've a friend. Whenever I order too much or anything I can't finish. He helps. So food isn't wasted but the incredible thing is he doesn't get fat lol. Metabolism FTW!
Dhrupad Sah
Dhrupad Sah 3 hours ago
This guy is really awesome He just loves what he is doing And that is the best thing
ImMax 3 hours ago
How can you make something like this it’s so insanely stupid I love it
legoguy2019 1
legoguy2019 1 3 hours ago
You are the reason I get subway so much
Vuk Vučićevic
Vuk Vučićevic 3 hours ago
I really do be wanting tham dola dola bill and that sub do be looking thiccc boiii
Rival 4 hours ago
I would eat that right now
dimitrije milic
dimitrije milic 4 hours ago
Pick me i never been to subway i didnt but i am from serbia
Z4ch1700 -
Z4ch1700 - 4 hours ago
Lauren Selby
Lauren Selby 4 hours ago
Use me as a second like button
Lauren Selby
Lauren Selby 4 hours ago
kapil singh
kapil singh 4 hours ago
This things huge
Riyaz Ashraf
Riyaz Ashraf 5 hours ago
Lei 5 hours ago
That's a lot yohoo
REOC Ian Hancock
REOC Ian Hancock 5 hours ago
Knowing myself I wouldn't mind eating it 😅
Pizza Mozarella
Pizza Mozarella 6 hours ago
el rasho macuin
ERROR 6 hours ago
Awesome 🤩
RanVibes 7 hours ago
NOTICE: If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing. Unless you want to give away $100! Haha
sokudo 79
sokudo 79 7 hours ago
I would eat this I would just remove like 30% of what's on it
Panda 8 hours ago
Milad is a good sandwich artist 😀
Jake Whittaker
Jake Whittaker 8 hours ago
We love you milad
Abhik Sarkar
Abhik Sarkar 8 hours ago
i dont think i will win :(
•Itz Alyssa Blossom•
I want you to hit 10 million I'm sending your channel link to my friends, family, everyone in my contact list
sabine -
sabine - 9 hours ago
Me in first grade playing Papa’s Burgeria:
K GAMES 9 hours ago
Now i wanna work in a subway
Dusty 01
Dusty 01 9 hours ago
You make the best looking subs Love from Australia
Dusty 01
Dusty 01 9 hours ago
Bloodysky 9 hours ago
Phone Guy
Phone Guy 10 hours ago
Taco Bell been quite since they saw this
Dac Zaniels
Dac Zaniels 10 hours ago
Mohommed Ayaan Ghugharia
im fasting i really shouldn't be watching this...
Madi Coward
Madi Coward 11 hours ago
Did it taste good though?
Alec Intemann
Alec Intemann 11 hours ago
No one: Milads sub count: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brody Wiessner
Brody Wiessner 11 hours ago
It looks like a shaggy and scooby stile sandwich. XD congrats btw cant wait for 10 mil.
Ashton Strating
Ashton Strating 11 hours ago
Challenge accepted
NONAME TwoStubz 12 hours ago
Looks tasty 😋😋
Andre Martinez
Andre Martinez 12 hours ago
I Love subway
Drew Ullah
Drew Ullah 12 hours ago
A Fish
A Fish 12 hours ago
May god have mercy on Milad’s stomach after eating this monster
Keanu Dean
Keanu Dean 12 hours ago
lemme get a $100 with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles with a coke.
B L A N K 13 hours ago
LewiKinns 13 hours ago
I’ve only started watching a few days ago but I’ve been hooked ever since!!!
Tom Hoogenraad
Tom Hoogenraad 13 hours ago
I'd eat that sub
Youralbaniandad 13 hours ago
BKPNCH 13 hours ago
Sandwich rhymes with $100
Zelot 13 hours ago
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LuckyDreams 14 hours ago
jerry whoomst
jerry whoomst 14 hours ago
Looks kinda good, ngl.
Vinh Dao
Vinh Dao 14 hours ago
Steph loves napping
Steph loves napping 15 hours ago
Did anybody eat it or did it go to waste? 🥺
Connor Whittaker
Connor Whittaker 15 hours ago
Subway is the only way to make my day
No Name
No Name 16 hours ago
Dud congratulation and epic sub broooooo!!!!!!! Good for u
Lainaay 746
Lainaay 746 16 hours ago
Thx so much you are my favorite US-firstr
Mike V
Mike V 16 hours ago
I would have gagged, too, if I'd bit into the tuna or bbq chicken. I'm an Italian BMT kind of guy.
A Million Suns
A Million Suns 16 hours ago
Meikle Bros
Meikle Bros 16 hours ago
That thing probably won’t fit in your mouth
Amelia&Maisie K
Amelia&Maisie K 16 hours ago
That is alot of fillings
Tyler McColl
Tyler McColl 16 hours ago
You are great
rotten pinapple
rotten pinapple 16 hours ago
i want the moolah pls
Andre Bechara
Andre Bechara 16 hours ago
Love ur vids
vy4 bgw
vy4 bgw 16 hours ago
Reverse baseball
Reverse baseball 16 hours ago
my aunt works at subway and after watching you and my aunt i want to work there
Plz give me the hundred dollars plz I needed itt
Floppy 17 hours ago
kross51788 17 hours ago
Im not gonna lie
KuraiShinha 17 hours ago
Evanthia C.
Evanthia C. 17 hours ago
Mya Rich
Mya Rich 17 hours ago
I wish i could come into your subway but welp, I live a few thousand km away.
Mr.Dave Blank
Mr.Dave Blank 17 hours ago
This bitch didn’t even finish.
cherrycola_ 17 hours ago
Hi .
akyro 17 hours ago
I need dae hunnid
Helena Clifford
Helena Clifford 17 hours ago
amaya miaa
amaya miaa 17 hours ago
one hundred dollars-
Joanne Salt
Joanne Salt 18 hours ago
That looks too good 😂 #eat fresh Milad
Izar Miau
Izar Miau 18 hours ago
I got late
21barron 18 hours ago
Hello Milan you are the best congrats on 1mil you deserved it
LIL Reinforcement
LIL Reinforcement 18 hours ago
Laiba Khan
Laiba Khan 18 hours ago
Love your videos
Frank Alb.
Frank Alb. 19 hours ago
Love your vids
Andrea Di Michele
Andrea Di Michele 19 hours ago
Can I have a free cookie?
karen stole from me
lemme get uh
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