The Downfall of Family Vlogging Channels: ShayTards 

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hey guys! FINALLY. The last part to the series is done and out for your enjoyment. Again, please don't go send hate and ill will to this family, it sucks enough that the kids have to go through it and PUBLICLY. I really hope that this series opened your eyes (like it did mine) to the dangers of family vlogging channels and how scary the world can be for not just the kids but the parents as well! With that being said, I won't be uploading this week lol Im gonna take a week off and work on catching up with school stuff and also researching my next topic 🙊. ANYWAY I love you guys so much and I can't wait to hang out and tell stories with y'all again. 💗💗
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Apr 3, 2021




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Hailey Elizabeth
Hailey Elizabeth 17 days ago
Overall: What Shay did was wrong and disgusting. This affair went on for 3 MONTHS. There's literally no excuse as to why he kept going back to the woman and continued to cheat on his wife, the clock was ticking for him to eventually get caught and he knew that but still pursued. It was a choice , and a wrong one and I feel like he understands that now (after 3 years). As I said in the video, the family is still trying to heal from all of this (especially the kids who are getting dragged into it because their faces have on the internet since they were 4 years old). SO PLEASE don't go and send hate to the family. I hope you learned a lot during this series about the messed up things that goes on with family vlogging channels (I know I have lmao). Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed and can't wait to hang out with you and tell stories again :) xoxo, Hailey
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez Day ago
Please do a review of "welcome to plathville" because you have study in child development I would like to hear your opinion, especially season two
Isla Daniels
Isla Daniels 2 days ago
hot water , honey and lemon helps the throat
Jhonna Plugge
Jhonna Plugge 2 days ago
@hailey I’m not sure if you know this but “Mormons” are allowed to have 7 wife’s....🤨 also some really amazing teas would be: Half cup hot water Half cup pineapple juice 2tbsp honey A squeeze of lime/lemon Cayenne pepper to liking Helps with cold/congestion 1cup hot water Slices of apples and ginger root Boil together until all is softened Add honey to liking and boom yummy for the tummy lol
Zaito_army4life 205
I love your content keep it up ♥️🎉😁
Neesh P
Neesh P 4 days ago
Karma is a B%#^* lol
Lily Bergreen
Lily Bergreen Hour ago
Pisces is not in may haha
mcmahon31619 4 hours ago
3:28 hol up. They met in the year 2000 and then they got married June 3rd 2000 so they got married less than 6 months into their relationship?
Kent Clark
Kent Clark 4 hours ago
Peppermint Tea. Don't spill it.
Armelle Biampamba
Armelle Biampamba 6 hours ago
Girl idk how you did it. But you have succeded in getting me to watch a video that is more than 5 min long. Congrats. I can't stop. I may even have to subscribe.
Bri Bri
Bri Bri 8 hours ago
Watching this put me back in that time when I just started watching them
clownbean !
clownbean ! 10 hours ago
It’s so weird looking back on this. I’m just a bit older than Gavin himself. I remember loving the Christmas clogs they put up each year plus one of my old friends got her make a wish to go meet all of them at VidCon one year
Stephanie Castellanos
Please please do one about “familia diamond” especially how they let their 11yr old daughter dress the way she does and how spoiled they’re.
Sara Jackson
Sara Jackson 12 hours ago
First off love you love the channel but don’t ever put this disgusting human in the same category as us Pisces he’s a Taurus.
JayeIsBae. 12 hours ago
family vlogging should NOT be a job. i don't think its wrong that he wants to record videos, it obviously was his happy place for a long time. & i do think we all go through our lows & make mistakes & none of us want them public. this is like the only family that from this series, i hope gets better.
JayeIsBae. 12 hours ago
for the rest, i pray for the children. that's it.
byrnet down
byrnet down 12 hours ago
idk why but i could watch this girl do her makeup a l l day 😶 mayb im just gay
stayoutofroom6277 12 hours ago
Shay Tards is the only vlogging channel I ever watched since 2009, It hurt to see what he did to his family , I wish only the best for his kids . They are truly the best kids.
ASMR Sweetheart
ASMR Sweetheart 16 hours ago
As a shaytard fan, some of the facts are wrong about them
Yea Right
Yea Right 22 hours ago
I give the cam girl or whatever her professional career exactly was a lot of credit. A lot of girls who are young and cam models are doing it because they need cash for rent/school/food/clothes/car/life in general. She could’ve easily told Shay she wouldn’t ever leak the DMs publicly for a $ amount that would change her life but hardly dent his wallet since he made so much from maker studios. Although that may of temporarily helped both of them truth be told most likely things wouldn’t of lasted long well. The only one with a shot of benefiting from a successful blackmail was the side girl, which is why I give her credit for not trying. If she got 6 figures for her silence, invested it right/bought a house that appreciated she may of very well made her life a lot easier with 0 drama. She was mad and felt like this guy acted like a pig so she exposed him, I kind of respect it. Not the cheating/ruining a marriage part. But the fact she wasn’t going after $$$$. Truth be told shay would’ve cheated or reached out to woman if she wasn’t there or didn’t respond to him anyway. That last part brings me to Shay. He was in a BAD spot mentally and physically. Alcohol addiction is no joke, quitting cold turkey can led to seizures/death. Had she gotten a payment to sign an NDA and the wife/kids didn’t learn, he would’ve spiraled worse and most likely done even more to hurt his wife and chance of keeping the family together at the end of his treatment. It really shows you that money isn’t everything. Every family is messed up, ESPECIALLY the ones who put on an act for the cameras. This guy was probably around a ton of scumbags in LA who cheated on their ‘wife’s’ and drank did coke nightly. I somewhat know one of the producers of a bunch of HBO series and a few other hit shows more more recently movies. The guy is a loser and has his ‘wife’ who is only there for stability/$/to live in the pacific palisades and have multiple vacation houses; as well as a couple other continents.
Maddie M
Maddie M Day ago
I love the style of your videos! The tea AND a makeup look, keeping my ADHD brain entertained haha
L Day ago
Family vlogging channels: the ultimate parasocial relationships
beccaaa Day ago
the text messages literally traumatizes me i feel so uncomfortable rn
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez Day ago
I hope they get thru this, the fame got to his head but it seems like Shay isn't a bad guy over all, and Collette's new perspective on her expectations on a relationship is going to help her set the boundries she diserves.
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez Day ago
The face shaving was too agressive
Em Day ago
Hailey you are gorgeous I wish I could do my makeup like yours
Janica Brooke
i’m so happy you don’t bash on their religion... i grew up in the “mormon” church and found that a lot of family vloggers are mormon as well and DO NOT live up to the standards they tend to make up their own/make the standard seem super extreme... thank you for not bashing i am so grateful and LOVE your videos
nyaloiz Day ago
oh hey
oh hey Day ago
idk why but having “mormon religion” in the trigger warning made me laugh really hard lmfao
peter pansexaul
13:16 this part stuck out to me, I don’t have any attachments to the Shaytards but I weirdly love James Charles parents. I’ve been a longtime fan of James Charles, (I am NOT anymore,) I’ve always loved how kind and caring his parents were in his videos and how they all seem to genuinely love each other. My parents are very Catholic and very homophobic, I just wish I had parents who actually accepted me as I am the way his parents do him, (I’m sure things have definitely changed with him and his parents, I’m ONLY referring to his parents accepting him as a member of the LGBTQ+ community)
deanna p
deanna p Day ago
May 5th is a Taurus
Maddi Crandell
Very weird to have my childhood boiled into a 50 min vid.
jennifer Gonzalez
The only daily vlogger that I still root for is Charles Trippy. CTFXC
atomic kitten
I heard that honey made in an area around you is one of the best help for allergies.
DO BRATAYLEYYY I wanna know deep things about them. I’ve watched them for years and years
BB DN Day ago
💖💫Hi Hailey, thanks for bringing the facts and awareness to these topics you've covered in the series. My hope for a better world... *Please give the metaphorical child also papers to draw on. Question time: Is your mbti INFJ?💖💫
Soumya Swain
Soumya Swain Day ago
It feels like bed time Stories. The way of narration just wow. Love you❤️
Carmen J
Carmen J Day ago
Love your eye makeup!,08
Olivia Weems
Olivia Weems 2 days ago
subscribed ❤️❤️
Pink Tea
Pink Tea 2 days ago
25:13 "we" fail "WE"?? You mean yourself..
steph grace
steph grace 2 days ago
This is so random but what lip liner did u use 💅🏻
Heather Reyes
Heather Reyes 2 days ago
taylor__ mccartyyy
please do this about bratayley
taylor__ mccartyyy
watching this family from the start to the beginning was absolutely heart breaking. they where the family i had growing up.
Guffter 2 days ago
omg i was watching your channel when you had 10k views and now you're here doing so welllll and so happy to see you grow
Sam 2 days ago
Throat coat tea is the best! Nice and sweet for a sore throat
E Harland
E Harland 2 days ago
19:45 I-
sophia 2 days ago
hear me out, ik u probably don’t want to do this series anymore but DaddyOFive was definitely one of the most toxic abusive family channels on youtube. I think so many ppl who haven’t heard that story yet should and they would find it so interesting
avaxtay 2 days ago
the shaytards were my childhood so it was heartbreaking to hear this when it happened. i had always dreamed to have a family like theirs one day & a love like shay & colettes. sad what can change.
Rachel Killaa
Rachel Killaa 2 days ago
Love the earrings you put in at the end
K Rocco
K Rocco 2 days ago
This is a really well put together video. 👍
Sarai Stacruz
Sarai Stacruz 2 days ago
black tea does not taste bad. or a detox with lemon is nice!
Roman Swagger
Roman Swagger 2 days ago
idk if im the only one that notices this... but i think her left eye is slightly higher than her right.
Get Mad
Get Mad 2 days ago
I find it so funny when those 18 yo girls know what they were talking without how it is to have a kid with someone.
Early2000s 2 days ago
Why did they use the name shaytards. So annoying
Jonelle Ellis
Jonelle Ellis 2 days ago
A question, your 1st video u ever uploaded was a makeup tutorial; you providing us with details while doing your makeup is genius and is it that u realized your makeup took alot more time and u could educate at the same time???
Oscar M
Oscar M 2 days ago
More videos!!!!! lol
Annie Lyon
Annie Lyon 3 days ago
hi where are the applications to be your friend🥲🥲 i swear we have the same vibesss
Kathleen Devers
Kathleen Devers 3 days ago
I was 18 in 2009 when I started watching them but I was so obsessed. They were a big part of why I started really looking into religion. I absolutely loved them and idolized the life they showed online. (I’m no longer religious btw.)
Carleen Schlimpert
he’s a bit too comfortable getting that shaving cream in his mouth....
samantha 3 days ago
ive been watching shaytards for as long as i can remember- i was literally so young when I first started watching-
Caroline Trout
Caroline Trout 3 days ago
X_Gacha_ Mi rey_X
Is it just me or is her voice very calming?
X_Gacha_ Mi rey_X
I keep getting obsessed with these channels and then I see they only started a few months ago so I can't binge their videos for like days 💔
Jesus Christ is coming soon
God bless, Jesus Christ is coming soon!
BellaS 3 days ago
Dude I used to watch them religiously in highschool. I was so envious of their family and how loving they were towards each other. Obsessed with how good they were at expressing their emotions and how open they were with each other and how much fun they had as a family. Which are things that I felt lacking in my own family. It was such an awakening to realize that they might not have been that perfect behind closed doors.
Audrey Yvonne
Audrey Yvonne 3 days ago
i vote that you replace Shane Dawson’s documentary’s
Kayla Medina
Kayla Medina 3 days ago
This channel is only 4 months old and the quality is sooooo good! Her channel is growing so fast!
Kayla Medina
Kayla Medina 3 days ago
I found this channel a few days ago and I love her already!!! 🥰🥰 this might become my fav channel!
Ariel Poff
Ariel Poff 3 days ago
I reccomend peppermint or spearmint tea with honey.
Justice Conway
Justice Conway 3 days ago
The Jay person isn't a pisces, he's a Taurus!
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 3 days ago
Hey Hailey! If you’re continuing this “Series” could you talk about the Ingham Family? They’re a family channel from the UK. They have been under fire for many controversial issues, such as making a doll replica of their own newborn son Jace, the father Chris doing unsafe stunts on the road and the most disgusting thing that has come from that channel is that Chris Ingham was exposed for messaging and attempting to meet a couple of underage girls whilst on holiday (just a note that this man is married with 2 kids, Esme & Isla at the time. Isabelle the oldest isn’t his biological daughter) people have swept this under the rug and I feel like it other people should know! Any incorrect information please inform me! That’s all what I know from the top of my head.
Paeden Grace
Paeden Grace 3 days ago
omigod bestie twins
Nuti196 3 days ago
I dunno, maybe it's me and my traumas but I have no sympathy for cheaters. Especially in marriage with kids You are struggling? Oooh how sad... I don't care, you're a piece of crap, you disrespected your wife and kids, YOU did wrong knowing you're doing wrong so don't whine now and expect sympathy or forgiveness
Sm305luats 3 days ago
You should do lionmakers whole downfall situation his career kinda went downfall really fast
Fluffy Talguw
Fluffy Talguw 3 days ago
Thanks for using the talk time to get your look on but what will really solidify this practical video is if you go out after filming and not waste all that work :)
Fluffy Talguw
Fluffy Talguw 3 days ago
What the guy needs therapy for is vlogging; he invited attention and couldn’t deal with flirtatious followers. He never learned because he still wanted to vlog even when it literally destroyed his life.
Elysia Marie
Elysia Marie 3 days ago
bro he was on wattpad mode wtf😭 19:47
Jujubee 4 days ago
I used to be so obssesed with them! They really were the first family off US-first!
Samita Shrestha
Samita Shrestha 4 days ago
9:58 chai is good :) boil some milk and water, combine, add ur teabags :))) (also green tea and honey is great, love ur content btw❤️)
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 4 days ago
I obvs don’t agree with him having an affair but he was messaging very explicit stuff and her follow up on the convo is “I want your son and he’s so cute” that’s so creepy and weird considering the nature of their conversations
Lauraphoid 3 days ago
Ye, they were both creeps
Shae 4 days ago
I swear you remind me of good ole Billy E lol
Alana Hayes
Alana Hayes 4 days ago
I have never heard of this family before and I was watching it and the crash course world history guy came up in the preview for vlog documentary thing and I got so excited 😂
jihane 4 days ago
They still have 5 ml subs and views shaytards
Kaitlyn Rose
Kaitlyn Rose 4 days ago
my siblings and i used to love shaytards
honey bunches
honey bunches 4 days ago
I love this girl she’s so well spoken
Jordyn Danner
Jordyn Danner 4 days ago
Tea suggestions: Go to Starbucks and get a Honey Citrus Mint Tea.
Sara Mcclellion
Sara Mcclellion 4 days ago
This look is giving me Fran Fine nanny vibes. I love it.
maddie tocher
maddie tocher 4 days ago
may 5th would be taurus
e marie
e marie 4 days ago
i was about to say something like "well the girl knew he had a wife and kids why would she continue to do that with him" and then remembered that shes a fan and he literally used the fact that she loved him to his advantage thats creepy.........
B Boselli
B Boselli 4 days ago
I really like this tea, its really good, and I think you (or anyone) should try it! www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/701332/twinings-camomile-honey-vanilla-tea-bags
Jessy Julie
Jessy Julie 4 days ago
Oolong tea with honey is good
h i
h i 4 days ago
People say, when a guy gets more fit they usually cheat on their partner. In cases like “The family next door.”
jane 86
jane 86 4 days ago
Why does she talk like she's trying to explain a 2 year old how to tie their shoelaces??
Harriet H
Harriet H 4 days ago
Maker Studio! Lisa Nova! Woo! I was a creator back in 2007/2008 but then I got a boyfriend and went to uni.... if only I'd kept going I would be a millionnaire family vlogger with no morals by now, woo!
parknochuism 4 days ago
I used to watch them a lot when I was younger and just seeing the whole cheating thing happen made me feel so sad for Colette :( she's such a wonderful woman and mother and she really didn't deserve what he did. i really hope Colette is in a place where she is happy and living her best life.
dr pill
dr pill 4 days ago
idk if i have no empathy or what but i don't feel bad for him at all. oh he's sad and missed his wife? don't cheat then😐
Aubrie Hansen
Aubrie Hansen 4 days ago
They were married on January 3rd actually. I watched the shaytards growing up, and quite a bit of the details explaining them at the beginning was incorrect
Rachel_ yt
Rachel_ yt 4 days ago
Evan Phelps
Evan Phelps 5 days ago
The screenshots at timestamp 19:46 are absolutely disgusting. That is serious vulgar dirty talk from the mouth of a "good faithful mormon husband." He isn't anymore. I feel sick about how and where he learned such vile language. I don't even want to imagine what his internet search content was at that time. Two words. Yikes and vomit.
Fancy lady
Fancy lady 5 days ago
Do benjii and Jey Jey!
Paeden Grace
Paeden Grace 3 days ago
why lol? there's not anything to talk about there.
Imthatgirl Z
Imthatgirl Z 5 days ago
side note: this look👏🏾🥰
cassie 5 days ago
Can you pls do the LaBrant family? I’ve seen like .5 seconds of one of their videos and I know that the little girl isn’t biologically related to the dad...there’s something about them that gives me weird vibes..like they use their kids for views (I mean they all do, but they’re like super duper duper famous for it)
cassie 2 days ago
@PFP is me towards the D’oreos on Tik Tok thank you for the tea!!
PFP is me towards the D’oreos on Tik Tok
The mom had the oldest daughter with a different man at 19, then he left her. She married the creepy Trump supporter dad who used to do vine. Started wholesome, but soon as the money came in they put their kids in vulnerable situations for views, exploited the hell of of their pregnancy videos, made their oldest daughter (who’s 8) go on “dates” with another 8 year old and filmed them while she’s super uncomfortable. Constantly make “loss puppy” content that’s always. The dad puts racist tweets and they have Instagram for all their underage kids
M B 5 days ago
I hope you do more of this series! You do a great job covering them!
It’s your girl Jaliyah Pikes
You should do true crimes too 💕!!
John Hallowed
John Hallowed 5 days ago
I used to watch them all the time and I had no idea that this was happening. It breaks my heart that Shay cheated and then went back on to say that he never stopped loving her, yet the affair went on for months.
Maríéro -R.
And than to cry about it on camera like MAN UP! You weren't crying while you were in bed w another woman what a SAP. He's an embarrassment to his family. smh
racist buzzfeed
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