The CURSE is BROKEN! - Bassmaster Elite Lake Fork Day 3 - Unfinished Family Business Ep.26 

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I need a 25lb+ bag to pull off something special to drop over 100lbs on the legendary Lake Fork in Texas.
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May 1, 2021




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Scott Martin
Scott Martin 11 days ago
We finally broke the curse!! The last video is almost at the 10,000 like goal! Can we get it there by tonight and get this one to 10,000 as well!?
Carson McFall
Carson McFall 4 days ago
Why did y’all not keep the fish I thought that was a MLF thing
Fire Turtle Adventures
@fish doctor I've never eaten Nutria before. I'll eat beaver all night though.
fish doctor
fish doctor 9 days ago
@Fire Turtle Adventures Oh man, I can smell/taste that nutria sausage in that gumbo right now. Gotta go take some out of the freezer tonight.
Kevin flabouyfishing
I was singing Billy's song in the bathroom this morning I've got issues
Cuprumcaput 9 days ago
@Kyra Leigh more likely a nutria
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson 15 hours ago
I dont know I stopped watching you for the last 6 months. But im glad I'm watching again! You bring a great mood to my day!
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 16 hours ago
From South Africa, learnt a lot from your videos. Really awesome stuff!
Devin Clark
Devin Clark Day ago
Not picking but do you realise you walk on the outside of your feet
Martin Boyd
Martin Boyd Day ago
Love the vids man! Keep up the great work!
Jason Sullivan
Woohoo love everything you do Scott Martin you truly are a legend
skar4life 44
skar4life 44 Day ago
Wanted to let you know Scott you are my favorite fisherman and your videos are the best. Also your daughter is doing very good she will be great to carry on the legendary Martin name in fishing.
Jeremy Lyson
Jeremy Lyson Day ago
Man that bag at the end was exciting!!!!
Jeremy Lyson
Jeremy Lyson Day ago
Love the video's! Day 1,2, and 3. Enjoyed watching it.
Bennett Elton
Bennett Elton 2 days ago
Good job
Tyyberius 2 days ago
Man, I haven't got to fish in about 2 years because of life.. but these videos really make my day
Manuel Reyes
Manuel Reyes 3 days ago
Gotta love top water fishin sheeeesh.
Scott Reece
Scott Reece 3 days ago
Would love to see you win the Classic. Ive been pulling for you since you set that goal.
Chad Adkins
Chad Adkins 3 days ago
Another Martin???
Colton Canaday
Colton Canaday 3 days ago
Hey I’m family with Danny Azlin he is the person who owns a as scenic 515 cabins at lake fork love your vids and I love to fish
Johnnie Haag-saucido
Love that you’re such a godly man i wish the best for you and maybe god willing i can meet you one day
J. Walker
J. Walker 4 days ago
Lake Fork used to have rod breakers. That lake almost cost my buddy his marriage.
πŸ€”πŸ‘‰ Scott what did you give her to stop bleeding?
Cherokee Boggs
Cherokee Boggs 6 days ago
Congrats Scott can't win them all. πŸ†πŸŽ£
Noah Young
Noah Young 6 days ago
love seeing how he praises God after he catches fish. and how he also cares about the fish. favorite fisherman there is!
Scott if you want to give another Carolina boy $10 every time you go fishing I’m here. I could use some momentum also πŸ˜‚
Texas Missouri Fishing
Hey Scott, will we see you at the Classic? If so will your dad be there as well? I still have an unopened pack of Helicopter Lures somewhere I would love to have him autograph.
Trevor Elliott Fishing
@scottmartin add a link to Fishlife Fish Care Products in the description
Garrett Dodd
Garrett Dodd 7 days ago
Scott you set the standard good luck the rest of the year!
Jeffrey Bates
Jeffrey Bates 7 days ago
That’s awesome you put Lee’s stuff in! πŸ‘
Bates Bait
Bates Bait 7 days ago
Hey scott I got a question, when did u know u wanted to be a pro angler
Rick Ripley
Rick Ripley 7 days ago
Well done! Keep these rolling. Great insight into the day to day grind. Thanks!
Lee Ellison
Lee Ellison 7 days ago
Love your vlog dude!!! Watch and support you a ton. I'm good friends with Gerald and Lulu Swindle. Hope to come watch and support at Neely Henry but practicing myself for our fishers of men tournament on Logan Martin Saturday. Good luck to u,Scott, Matt and gman. Tell him Lee Ellison said hey and I'll be cheering watching bass live everyday!!!πŸ’ͺ🎣
Lee Ellison
Lee Ellison 7 days ago
Huge fan also and I'd like to buy you, Scott, and Matt's dinner if yall would. I know an awesome Mexican restaurant in Ashville down by canoe creek. 205-six3five-6nine4six.
Lee Ellison
Lee Ellison 7 days ago
I no u have one of the best Bama boys in Canterbury but we just tournied henry 2 months ago and I got a few great places. If u want em
Allen Hurt
Allen Hurt 8 days ago
Hey Scott, Proud of you, glad all is going well. congrats on your fishing goals...A.H
That’s 12k likes! Keep it up @scottmartin I’m loving watching you grind it out this year!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
A and W Outdoors
A and W Outdoors 8 days ago
Good video! We got the goal of 10’000 likes! Always will be on team SMC!
smallmouth addiction
I always liked your videos, share and comment on your videos... I hope some of your fans start to follow me as well... Good luck in the next tourny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PWNMOB mafia
PWNMOB mafia 8 days ago
I want to be a bassmaster!!!
mizuno291 8 days ago
If you catch a toad and release her and she goes back to the bed, are you allowed to keep catching that same fish?
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Can’t catch the same fish 2 time in one day
Nathan Rees
Nathan Rees 8 days ago
Keep grinding
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith 8 days ago
Heck yeah keep it up
Joel Mcelfresh
Joel Mcelfresh 8 days ago
Scott, I would enjoy you trying a "featured angler" every day or one per tournament. Now idk if they would all go for that but it would be nice to get to know some of the other anglers. But keep the portions of matt, scott.
Umar Abbas
Umar Abbas 9 days ago
Thanks for the fire video scott!
Carson is Fishing
Glad to see your doing good
colby Johnson
colby Johnson 9 days ago
new to this whole thing but why aren’t they keeping the bass and weighing them in
colby Johnson
colby Johnson 8 days ago
@Scott Martin thanks scott love the vids
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
It’s a lake fork rule
Nova 9 days ago
I want to fish here so bad! I live in Texas too and never have
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
It’s truly a special lake!
roger hall
roger hall 9 days ago
hey bud dont know if you will see this but wonderd what u put on that bass when it was bleeding and was it to stop the bleeding would like to get some i hate letting fish go bleeding
Jacob Frizzell
Jacob Frizzell 9 days ago
Love these videos, watch every one that comes out, Scott's just awesome πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
fish doctor
fish doctor 9 days ago
On Scott's bleeding fish, I wonder if it would be against the rules to put the fish in the live well to see if it would recover?
Ray Hollis
Ray Hollis 9 days ago
Another quality video! 12k likes and counting.
Bennett Turner
Bennett Turner 9 days ago
Get it done man I been watching u for awhile your a inspiration✌🏻
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Thanks Bennett!
WALL-I FLEX 9 days ago
This videos are awesome like the intros extra stuff all pretty pro cheers Ps. LETS FKN GO killed it
Kevin 9 days ago
Scott: "i dont break my line often......." but when i do its a biggin dude! Lol
Tim Jolly
Tim Jolly 9 days ago
Scott,Matt probably is hiding them Tater Hog glide baits.
coachcanales 9 days ago
I don’t really watch bass fishing videos but this one was awesome. Great footage, great tips ...
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
You should get into it!
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks 9 days ago
BAM I smashed that like button
Brock Johnson
Brock Johnson 9 days ago
Man I’m GLUED to this episode!! The man losses fish and then regroups and catches them!!! That’s what separates the Pros!! Way to go SCOTT! Your the man
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Thanks dude! You’re the man!
islaybass 9 days ago
YES YES YES keep making tournament videos Scott please
Jesse Harris
Jesse Harris 9 days ago
I think I lost some hair watching you battle those bedding fish! lol
Sheila Robinson
Sheila Robinson 9 days ago
I clicked like mainly because my son and two of my grandsons are in the video!!!
KaVillage 9 days ago
scott ive been a fan of your dad since the 90s watching him fish while it snowed in Chicago. It's amazing to see you carry his legacy and surpass him. Let's get a classic my man! im rooting for ya! i think the only you will need now is a.... Glidebait :)
Cuprumcaput 9 days ago
Really enjoy watching your videos! Even my wife is rooting for you now. Congrats on breaking the curse. Go bring it home for Roland!!
Aj Wenzel
Aj Wenzel 9 days ago
U handle adversity a lot better than me my friend.
Chris Miranda
Chris Miranda 9 days ago
You kill me with all the boat flips of the big ones, anxiety on high lol
William Hare
William Hare 9 days ago
I LOVE Lake Fork, but my butt puckers any time the boat gets on plane...
Michael Winslow
Michael Winslow 9 days ago
I have a question that will make a good discussion for team SMC. I'd like y'alls thoughts on co-angler etiquette.
Bradley Clark
Bradley Clark 9 days ago
Bradley Clark again sorry but my address is 2423 Nottingham road Lincolnton North Carolina
Bradley Clark
Bradley Clark 9 days ago
Scott I'm telling you my name is Bradley Clark and I live in North Carolina just like airy does and I would love to have a sign hat or rod and reel from you I wouldn't even use it to fish with I would just hang it on my wall That's how big a fan I am of you
Matthew Eastmoor Park DeVries
Good tournament Scott you did your best that’s all anyone could do.
rlee crossett
rlee crossett 9 days ago
I’m glad to see tournaments are using the boat weight tally rather than dragging The fish all over the place and ruining weekenders day at the lake.
Side Hustle Inspiration
Love your US-first thumbnail. What kind of video editing program do you use, Scott?
Side Hustle Inspiration
@Scott Martin Your thumbnails look amazing. Thank you! :-)
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Macoy and Dylan use Adobe products to edit! Premiere pro, after effects, photoshop, Lightroom, etc!
Bradley Clark
Bradley Clark 9 days ago
Hey Scott I'm sitting here right now watching your day 3 video at lake whatever it's called the one in your newest video and I would love to be able to come out and go fishing with you one day just to come catch some big bass and have a blast because I go bass fishing everyday down here at this pond below my house but the biggest thing I've ever caught the three and I would love to go fishing with somebody that's so much a pro like you are and my opinion you are the best fisherman that there is that I know of
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 9 days ago
Like master Elite
xXgoogansquadXx 9 days ago
so cool to see lee's happiness and excitement that is what fishing is all about!!!
anthony cordova
anthony cordova 9 days ago
Good stuff
xXgoogansquadXx 9 days ago
scott if you keep loosing your gonna have to give your channel to matt lol
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Mikki Sprenkle
Mikki Sprenkle 9 days ago
Scott, love the series, videos and following you and your father. Who is the musical artist? Love the sound.
Chris 9 days ago
Always remember when in doubt a brush hog will always Pull them out πŸ€™πŸΌ
jthunts 9 days ago
I love the energy in your videos
Matt Willis
Matt Willis 9 days ago
Proud of you Scott! Stay strong and keep rippin them lips!
Brian Zantop
Brian Zantop 9 days ago
Every boat flip makes me sooo nervous!!!
G - Rod
G - Rod 9 days ago
The absolute best fishing on US-first for sure, great guy and congrats on breaking the curse, the key to the classic is consistency and you got this!
Kyle Maples
Kyle Maples 9 days ago
thanks for including the video of the finals. That is a crazy way to finish out the tournament.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
He killed them!
Caleb Burrell
Caleb Burrell 9 days ago
A true angler not only catches the fish but cares about the fish also. Keep it up Scott and thanks for the amazing content. My new favorite angler! πŸ’ͺ
HernΓ‘n Cortez
Hey Scott, you got yourself a new subscriber! Man I really enjoy your videos!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Thanks and welcome! Hope you enjoy what you see! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Jesus Tamez
Jesus Tamez 10 days ago
You’re really about to get me to start fishing againπŸŽ£πŸ˜‚
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Do it!
Ryker Smith
Ryker Smith 10 days ago
Whoever edits these videos deserves a raise
The Master caster
The Master caster 10 days ago
What is that swim bait your using?
Charlie Blagoue
Charlie Blagoue 10 days ago
10k easy bro! I love your content!
Greg Moore
Greg Moore 10 days ago
Ive fished high school tourneys i can only imagine how mentally frustrating these are!!! Keep up the hard work man!!!
Greg Moore
Greg Moore 8 days ago
@Scott Martin 100 percent!! The adrenaline rush and love for the sport is AMAZING!!
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
Wouldn’t trade it for the world though!
Caden R
Caden R 10 days ago
Great job Scott! Always love the videos. Can’t believe Livesay caught a 42 lb bag on day 4. That’s freakin nuts
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 8 days ago
It is nuts!
Kbwolf83 10 days ago
Maybe supply all your subs with a bologna sandwiches. You asked what you could do.
jesus garcia
jesus garcia 10 days ago
I love this series great content
Caleb Hutcherson
Caleb Hutcherson 10 days ago
14:30 was an awesome catch.
Coin James
Coin James 10 days ago
Thanks for the content , Good as it gets right here folks . Watch and learn school is in session . We hear you from the California Delta
TOP DAWG 10 days ago
But we love your "Crusty" videos...lol..
Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell 10 days ago
I just got into bass fishing last year I fish every local tournament I can find ... and I figured out one thing really quick ... the guys that are good keep all the tricks to them selves ....
ebu touy
ebu touy 10 days ago
day 5 after the tournament.. I bet 20-30boats park on same spot where lee found em
Drew Hays
Drew Hays 10 days ago
I have loved the series and look forward to many more vids. Good Luck
Blake Ripley
Blake Ripley 10 days ago
that big eggo of yours, boat flipping every fish is going to cost you alot of money
FishHooked 10 days ago
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯tight lines from FishHooked
Matt Hockey
Matt Hockey 10 days ago
I know your days are booked well in advance so I just wanna say, you and your daughter will have a blast at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. That would be the dream video.
big dave
big dave 10 days ago
anyone know what he put on that bleeding fish
Randa and Tim Seargeant
How can we get some of those Team Scott Martin hats and shirts?
Joseph Kirk
Joseph Kirk 10 days ago
10:45 I seen a fish on a bedπŸ‘€