The Caribbean with a Beautiful Crew - S6:E27 

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We sail from Puerto Rico over to Culebra and explore the beatiful water there. the girls put on some bikinis and we go for a great snorkel
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Apr 3, 2021




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alfred koko
alfred koko 2 days ago
you three are awesome grew keep up the good vibe bobby better step up the girls they do better job than you 😂 😘😘
Gregg B
Gregg B 2 days ago
Whats the name of the corresponding PornHub channel? Gota be tapping both of that on film, right?
Nicholas Patton
Nicholas Patton 2 days ago
Where is Punky. Gotta complete the triple threat!
PillowBug 2 days ago
11:00 Very Very good investment
MattyLight 3 days ago
What a view
Silver Lake
Silver Lake 3 days ago
I see my comment was taking down. I only speek the truth let’s face it Taylor great for work and having aboard. Syd simply has no clue what so ever what to do other then collect subscriptions for you.I don’t understand why you would take my post down.Taylor can sail a boat across the blue.
-AV8R- 4 days ago
I first found Bobby’s videos on Flying Doodles”, since I’m a pilot, I love aviation videos. I liked how he would get ride alongside in unique aircraft and tell their story. I just found this channel, and have wanted a boat for years, and I’m especially interested in cruising. I notice he doesn’t always have the same boat. Does he own them, or what is the story here? I’ve never heard how he does all this. Is it entirely funded by his channel and patrons or what? Just curious...
tagyourdeadxxx Cc
Hanging out at the shore cool. I'm at the shore too. The tangled shore. You think they ever played destiny. Lol
FreedomRock44 6 days ago
Bobby from 8:14 to 11:30.........Life is SAHHHHHWEETTTTTT!!!!!!
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas 6 days ago
Sorry Bobby, I just can't do the powerboat thingy. I subscribe to Taylor's sailing chanel. Let me know when go back to sail.
airmedic98 6 days ago
Hey Bobby I have a question about a voice over on a foreign Video. I know your voice, or thought I did. Thanks. Dave
Brian Sorci
Brian Sorci 6 days ago
James McNulty
James McNulty 7 days ago
Please include the full power run. Your speed, temp, RPM and attitude on the boat is interesting to watch
David Allen
David Allen 7 days ago
Hey guys,sitting in my lounge watching this video makes me so envious that I didn't do something like this when I was youngerluv seeing Taylor and Sidney having so much fun .
Line Set
Line Set 7 days ago
I'm a Happy Camper! Taylors back!
Matt Stadt
Matt Stadt 7 days ago
So jealous Bobby!!! Life is still pretty good though.
Lawrence Hoyne
Lawrence Hoyne 7 days ago
Am I the only person to figure out that Bobby is actually gay?
Jon's place
Jon's place 7 days ago
7:41 😂
Agust 8 days ago
I could go to the end of the world with Taylor and those Corona cases, 😂. Nice trip!
Will Harris
Will Harris 8 days ago
Love seeing Taylor again, shes come a long way since having her own boat.
Martin Weiss
Martin Weiss 8 days ago
Love Culebra. Rented a VW Thing for the week we were there. Took the boat out to Culebrita for a day on an uninhabited island. Awesome diving, spear fishing and relaxation.
Mark Seabaugh
Mark Seabaugh 8 days ago
@ 3:53 my exact thought was "i wanna honk it"
Carl Moot
Carl Moot 8 days ago
is this bobby's new boat?
Andy Yerbich
Andy Yerbich 8 days ago
Have fun guy's and be safe !
Dale Buxcel
Dale Buxcel 9 days ago
Hi Bobby Love Your videos and your crew too. So I see you drink all kinds of beer so what is your favorite?
rogue warr
rogue warr 10 days ago
Its nice that they (girls) can cook also . Looks like everyone is having a good time . Taylor rocks
Thomas Brasse
Thomas Brasse 10 days ago
I just realized that Taylor sounds like Jennifer Aniston.
Khufu 10 days ago
Could I be the official Sailing Doodles booty waxier?
Generic Human
Generic Human 10 days ago
Why do you keep punishing yourself Bobby.? You never gona be able to nail those two. 😁
Anton Spilhaus
Anton Spilhaus 10 days ago
That is one spectacular set of... fenders
coach skilzz
coach skilzz 10 days ago
I need a boat
Dilly_Dilly_Dale 10 days ago
So lucky....
Steve Mills
Steve Mills 10 days ago
Great video! What kind of deck boxes do you have on the bow? I know...weird question. Sorry and thanks! 😀
I like sea nuance content, I am an Indonesian who likes art ❤🇮🇩🙏
Tom Black
Tom Black 11 days ago
Wade Medlin
Wade Medlin 11 days ago
Great video, love seeing parts of the world that iv never been to.
FreedomRock44 12 days ago
Sydney has Tattoos but way better positioned!!!!! You do not think she has any which is Preferred but then she can say......Oh Yeah........Boom Boom! She can still looks classy in a dress and not like a DIRTY ASH TRAY!!!!!!
Jazzy Prince
Jazzy Prince 12 days ago
Dude ... everyone wants to know ...did you ?
djborud 12 days ago
I am living Vicariously through these short looks at the Life of the most Fortunate Man in the World, and his absolutely Gorgeous Crew! Your dedication to living a FREEDOM filled and Boundless life makes me truly happy! Please keep it coming!
Big Country
Big Country 12 days ago
Excellent episode! Bobby you appear to be really happy in this episode, you had a different vibe than normal . It's kinda refreshing to see, maybe it's just the start of a great new season exploring. Anyway, I'm glad to see all of you guys happy and enjoying life!
Edwin Ortega
Edwin Ortega 12 days ago
Hermosas las chicas 😍🏖🛳🇵🇷😂💪🏼
Abram Studer
Abram Studer 12 days ago
I mean I’d buy Taylor’s onlyfans🤷🏽‍♂️
SuperSnallygaster 13 days ago
What's the siren noise?
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez 13 days ago
dudes cringey as fuck with his stretch columbia hat on and this girl bending over constantly that looks like his daughter
Hector oso mundo
Hector oso mundo 13 days ago
Taylor it's a Hottie 🔥
A Gupta
A Gupta 13 days ago
3:36 love the way Taylor rack shakes...ooooh...bobby is so lucky to have taylor for himself...
Jeff M
Jeff M 13 days ago
Bobby you stud!
tubeguiller007 13 days ago
What a very fortunate life this young man have. Congrats man... hope your hitting that. Very sad if not so.
tubeguiller007 13 days ago
There is an alarm going on man take care of it... lol, fire in the main engine
Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught 13 days ago
I wish Taylor wouldn't act trashy, she is above that. Oh well... to be young
Est. 1982
Est. 1982 13 days ago
Is there an "Only Fans"?
Eddie Day
Eddie Day 13 days ago
What's the song you always use?
drx1 xym
drx1 xym 13 days ago
THIS is FREEEEEDOM music!!!! 4:08 Some days it is best to be a captain of ones vessel!
Aaron Runalls
Aaron Runalls 13 days ago
Dude its a power boat....wr want to see ,,floored,,,top speed
Lou L
Lou L 14 days ago
Bobby is my idol!! 👏🏽👏🏽
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 14 days ago
Soft Porn Sailing Doodles!
blue sky
blue sky 14 days ago
Sweet time
The WizardOnline
The WizardOnline 14 days ago
Glad you have come a round to "Power-boating"... LOL looking for a crew in June 2021?
Greg Mueller
Greg Mueller 14 days ago
When do I get invited??? Lol 😆
Greg Mueller
Greg Mueller 14 days ago
Miller Lite beer !!! Smart man !!!
Hammer Lane
Hammer Lane 14 days ago
Does anyone know what kind of shorts Bobby is wearing? Thanks
Todd Shiverdecker
Todd Shiverdecker 14 days ago
That was amazing...
Tsar 14 days ago
This is how i want to spend my last days
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas 14 days ago
Хромов Влад
какой малинник!
Matthew Mizell
Matthew Mizell 14 days ago
That guy is so much in love with that woman. Too bad about the age thing. She’s got a great life ahead of her with lots of adventures. Bobby you are the man! Keep doing what you’re doing my brother. We all love you.
Juan Figueroa-Serville
That’s cool! I’m from the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Ryan AINES 14 days ago
Isn’t Amanda the lead hand on the boat?
James Henderson
James Henderson 14 days ago
11:15 actually made me LOL
T Painless
T Painless 14 days ago
We all wanna no does he hit that ass tho
wkw 14 days ago
I'm a sailor....sailboats all the way...until now. I'm thinking there is a different vibe with this stinkpot. More relaxed....enjoying everything a bit more. Really, out of all your episodes from #1 on, this is by far the most chill you've been. I'm selling my tiny sailboat for land adventures....when I get back to looking for the next boat it may be a stinkpot. thumbs up
steve pennell
steve pennell 14 days ago
Sure beats flying everyday doesn't it Bobby?
Jesmond Ciantar
Jesmond Ciantar 14 days ago
It's good to watch motor cruising instead of sailing.
vbros7 15 days ago
Lose the glasses Bobby. They're so....I'll be kind... uncool.
Harold Rushton
Harold Rushton 15 days ago
Dude... 👍
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 15 days ago
Me and Sidney... not much other than T&A these days.
Joe 15 days ago
Lucky guy
Matt Pretty
Matt Pretty 15 days ago
viewing this now..................................
Scott Ty
Scott Ty 15 days ago
I`m surprised Taylor didn`t need a weight belt while scuba diving!
Dave Odell
Dave Odell 15 days ago
Hi Taylor, Good to see ya ❤️❤️❤️
Ted Baker
Ted Baker 15 days ago
Johnny H
Johnny H 15 days ago
Much happier without the flower lady.
Velo1010 15 days ago
The most noticeable part of this video....sorry, girls it’s not yall....are your white sunglasses.
Burak Tezcan
Burak Tezcan 15 days ago
Big Belly Racing
Big Belly Racing 15 days ago
WOW Taylor's going to be sailing with Delos her motor went bad in her boat
gabby abad
gabby abad 15 days ago
Haha! 11:16 - 11:20 sidney and bobby checking Taylor's booty
wardeezi62 15 days ago
Bobby what is that song at 8:45 I heard it on your video about a year ago and I still can't find it on my music stream
Tomi 15 days ago
Apparently, I am NOT living right....
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 15 days ago
5:22 Sid agrees, it's more of an up/down thing than side to side. she even licked her lips at the thought of it Bobby Doodles strikes again
The Offender
The Offender 15 days ago
Damn... I thought this was going to be another episode of Bang Boat...
T MANN 15 days ago
Just gets better and better!
garry anderson
garry anderson 15 days ago
Bobby I have asked a number of times before but no response I ordered and paid for one of your bean bags last November and it still has not been delivered Garry Anderson Australia
Robert Persson
Robert Persson 15 days ago
I would like to know more about crewing .. where do I find that out?
Les C
Les C 16 days ago
Bobby 2024
Larry Hobbs
Larry Hobbs 16 days ago
The thumbnail was definitely photoshopped. Doesn’t even look like the girls on the boat. Just saying
Advertising videos
Advertising videos 16 days ago
Again on board for Tyler :) Now with new vision and shape and some kg leighter
Robert Benton
Robert Benton 16 days ago
11:22 OMG!!! She is soo rimappealing....
Robert Benton
Robert Benton 16 days ago
9:22 wow! What a piquant feeling to see two hot women above you.....
Robert Benton
Robert Benton 16 days ago
3:04 she is extremely sexy!
siberia1409 16 days ago