The Brady 6: Journey of the Legend NO ONE Wanted! 

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Check out Tom Brady's draft story!
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Mar 5, 2020




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bstunt 25 minutes ago
Now 7*
clever output
clever output Hour ago
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James Mc
James Mc 3 hours ago
Why is Tom Brady crying? He needs to shut the hell up, He has 7 rings now.
Azarath 4 hours ago
And they say Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady 😐
bird larry
bird larry 7 hours ago
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Clayon Gunzelle
Clayon Gunzelle 8 hours ago
For him as a six year old to admit he doesn't know something shows just how smart he was all along.
Andrei Zelenin
Andrei Zelenin 9 hours ago
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shigetasan 14 hours ago
Then 21 years later he hits AB in the End Zone with perfect placement for 7 rings.... make another one of these videos recapping all 10 SBs!
Morgan Leigh
Morgan Leigh 15 hours ago
And to think that was 4 rings ago
jarzadon05 20 hours ago
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caleb dickson
caleb dickson 21 hour ago
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Luchoveli 21 hour ago
Ein my Cantry... Ein my back Oome... Tome Bredy is best broo *Slavic accent* 🤣
E Bon
E Bon 23 hours ago
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Brittney Sipes
Brittney Sipes 23 hours ago
Shouldn't even be in the league cost ppl millions my opinion nfl let him get away with some bs but banned a dog fighter not a cheater
Marcel Mendez
Marcel Mendez 23 hours ago
They should do another documentary lol the man is got 7 rings now
I don't even like American Football, but boy this was a great documentary!
Tru Allstar
Tru Allstar Day ago
Youll have a betta chance of pulling a steak out a lions mouth than winning against brady
sreekutty sree
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dabsterz Day ago
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Weirdness Day ago
Browns browns browns... y’all picked 2 qbs over Tom.....
Bailey Green
Bailey Green Day ago
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angela ho
angela ho Day ago
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Don Nelson
Don Nelson Day ago
I was the backup QB as a Freshmen too. I threw and completed my only pass for a 1st down. I'm basically better than Tom Brady.
Joseph H.
Joseph H. Day ago
The last statement by Brady, starting at 46:45, ladies and gentlemen, is why Tom Brady is the best QB to ever play the game of American football.
M Bot5
M Bot5 2 days ago
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Alexander Wilisow
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Thomas Packard
Thomas Packard 2 days ago
I wonder where Shannon Sharpe's hatred for Brady comes from?
Rajon Rondo Fan #9
Crazy because he’s also the best decision the Buccaneers ever made
Hans Miranda
Hans Miranda 2 days ago
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JoeC Self
JoeC Self 2 days ago
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Maverick74 2 days ago
All those experts and pundits showed how much they really know about football... Brady has shown the system that the system needs an overhaul.. I’m not an expert and I’ve seen my whole life the well built , strong and most touted ALWAYS retire with injuries and has a shelf life of that of a grapefruit,, the tall lean, skinny guys have the longest best careers.. Brady made them ALL EAT their words and I love him for it.. if he wanted he could play another 4...I’d love to see how many scouts and agents that year still has their jobs lmao
Roon Tarorn
Roon Tarorn 2 days ago
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Taylor Knottnerus
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Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson 2 days ago
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Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 2 days ago
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David Miller
David Miller 2 days ago
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Will Deeny
Will Deeny 2 days ago
“What is you’re favorite ring” “The Next One”
Captcha Man
Captcha Man 2 days ago
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Estelle Wilson
Estelle Wilson 2 days ago
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Tubal Cain
Tubal Cain 2 days ago
Cry baby Brady 41:20
dave 2 days ago
Who is here after Brady won his 8th ring? 😅
Gloria Shaw
Gloria Shaw 3 days ago
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Spect Ator
Spect Ator 3 days ago
This docu truly reflects the ego that these professional athletes have. Honestly, as long as you're chosen to play in professional sports - either 1st or last - it is an honour, furthermore 'who cares' what position you're drafted as long as you prove and do your job well. I get it, to get to these feats in professional sport, one has to have a large ego, but for me to shed a tear because they didn't foresee his abilities in the future, that shows me this guy is a narcissist and is ultra sensitive to medial things in life. Yeah he can throw a ball, but as an individual...GOAT wouldn't apply.
Samantha Shiplett
I love Tom Brady 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Draw My Thing
Draw My Thing 3 days ago
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Charlie Harajli
Charlie Harajli 3 days ago
Can we meet his goats
klatau barad
klatau barad 3 days ago
When he says his favorite ring is the next one, the dude means it.
michael glucksman
So tired of Steve Mariucci making excuses for not picking Brady. They didn't know all about Tom. ..they didn't watch the Michigan game tapes. He is an idiot. Anybody can "shoot it" during practice. Can they "pass it" in a game on the biggest stage in the Orange bowl. He's an idiot and thst why he is not coaching.moron.
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook 3 days ago
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Hailey J
Hailey J 3 days ago
ITs the CaRGo ShoRTs foR mE lol
David Wolf
David Wolf 3 days ago
uber mench ... uber heart ... amazing record ... many he should run for president next ... make him the last possible choice ... then let him run ...
alex ramirez
alex ramirez 3 days ago
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margaret self
margaret self 3 days ago
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Roy Beattie
Roy Beattie 3 days ago
“He has 5 goats...” ended me 🤣
T.J. Swanson
T.J. Swanson 3 days ago
Well, all that disappointment led to cheating!
Mary Samreth
Mary Samreth 3 days ago
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Tube of beans
Tube of beans 3 days ago
I can’t believe how close he was in becoming an insurance salesman. Can you imagine football without this 🐐
dsscam 3 days ago
Can you imagine if the 49ers went from Joe Montana to Steve Young to Tom Brady? They'd have been #1 in the NFL for SIX decades straight with 14 Super Bowl titles- as Brady would've beat Mahomes last year too.
Balakrishna Thiagarajan
Truly inspiring!!
David Carpenter
David Carpenter 3 days ago
This is a classic recording of a living God kinda like the Bible haha
Márton Glasz
Márton Glasz 3 days ago
Man they got Giovanni dirty there😂
Márton Glasz
Márton Glasz 4 days ago
*Now 7
Hyperbolical TimeChamber
you need a correction again (*) 17:06 🤣
Adrian Ochoa
Adrian Ochoa 4 days ago
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keziah1369 4 days ago
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Thomas Kohn
Thomas Kohn 4 days ago
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Kayren Allen
Kayren Allen 4 days ago
Someone needs to make a movie of his life!
flesher junior
flesher junior 4 days ago
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Rafael Jose dela Paz
Maybe now they regretted not drafting Tom Brady as Quarter Back
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 4 days ago
Whomever is the NE QB next year -- they won't be as good as this kid.
ShadowPlayys 4 days ago
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Mike McMichael
Mike McMichael 4 days ago
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Brian Nolan
Brian Nolan 4 days ago
*now 7
Mauricio Ciers
Mauricio Ciers 4 days ago
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Mishi Lick
Mishi Lick 4 days ago
If only that guy asking Tom Brady, “What makes a good ball player,” knew what he was going to become.
Scuffy McTugboat
Scuffy McTugboat 4 days ago
This needs an update... not one of the best anymore
Garry Cortez Diaz
Spergeon wynn called it. He will have any form of success no matter where he goes. Boom!
krim 4 days ago
the 49ers slighted brady twice. once at the beginning of his career and once at the end of his career.
kyle gray
kyle gray 5 days ago
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Ryan Uzumaki
Ryan Uzumaki 5 days ago
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Bailey Green
Bailey Green 5 days ago
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allsoled 5 days ago
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Donald Jacobs
Donald Jacobs 5 days ago
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Andrew Bondurant
Andrew Bondurant 5 days ago
Brady has a ring for each picked ahead of him and one for himself
roger warnike
roger warnike 5 days ago
And a conservative to boot !!!!!!!!! Coincidence that he stands for the national anthem? And his country ??? Greatness on display.
x 211inprogress
x 211inprogress 5 days ago
19:25 after holding his pads like that he don’t deserve too play.
REGGAE SAL 5 days ago
Pick 199 is Tom Bradys motivation for the rest of his football career🤣🤣
ptpvideogaming 5 days ago
I wonder what Carmazzi is doing rn at this moment. Does he still not have a tv? How many goats does he have now?
Kristy Cluck
Kristy Cluck 5 days ago
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Greenwolfe Green
Greenwolfe Green 5 days ago
Pennington and Bulger were the best of the OTHER quarterbacks. It was a shame Pennington got injured.
vinh quang nguyen
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Trustsinceway 6 days ago
zach wilson
zach wilson 6 days ago
It's crazy that they now need to edit this video and add another super bowl to the highlights with a whole different team. Will be a sad day when he retires. Hes so inspiring because he proves you don't need all the talent to become the greatest.
Aloisius Konz
Aloisius Konz 6 days ago
Well, I guess the NFL has to produce a new documentary...
Hajed Alharbi
Hajed Alharbi 6 days ago
Moral of the story those GM are stupid
Outsouth Menace
Outsouth Menace 6 days ago
Tom Brady is not a system player he is the SYSTEM💯
Marti Harry
Marti Harry 6 days ago
If all those coaching members couldn't see his potential at the beginning then they're way too sure of themselves.
Yu TTB 6 days ago
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really reasso
really reasso 6 days ago
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paidpro9 6 days ago
Brady is an American patriot and American legend. #respect