The BloodBath Burn Book | Ep 8 | BloodBath w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla 

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0:00 Don't Touch Esther's Popcorn
3:20 Emotionally Traumatic Movies
11:30 Khalyla's Dad
14:05 Younger Men With Older Women
21:50 Annie's Carb Cravings
29:49 Sending Food Back at a Restaurant
32:02 Getting Lice Is Fun
36:20 Boy Crushes in High School
40:49 Where are Esther's Pogs?
47:39 The BloodBath Burn Book
53:38 Who Stole Annie's Mole?
1:00:28 Should We Forgive Our High School Bullies?
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Morgan M
Morgan M 3 hours ago
this is my new fave podcast
Terra Rae Taylor
Terra Rae Taylor 9 hours ago
Hugh Jackman also is married to an older woman
Terra Rae Taylor
Terra Rae Taylor 9 hours ago
How is Esther 33 years old!!?? Like wtf
BattleBorn Fam
I absolutely love all of you!! Your charisma you ladies have together make this podcast so fucking awesome!!! Much love and good vibes sent your way gorgeous ladies
kazenokai lee
kazenokai lee 2 days ago
Time to take a trip to third street for no particular reason whatsoever
My Name is Q.
My Name is Q. 2 days ago
The video version of this podcast is crazy good. I didn't know how much I was missing when just listening to it but damn it is really good.
Meg Scribner
Meg Scribner 2 days ago
First of all- I'm a fan of forgiving but that doesn't mean there aren't residual feelings leftover from a grudge once you forgive. Secondly, I want Bloodbath pins and stickers and merch
Meghann Toomajian
I would love for you guys to explain the background pictures. Like I see a picture of Bobby and I understand but the other ones I’m SO CONFUSED.
Steven Morehart
Steven Morehart 3 days ago
Is that not a picture of Bobby when they're on the phone with Todd? 😅
Isobel Amber
Isobel Amber 3 days ago
I still stalk the boys who bullied me ages 6-10 like I’d happily fight them in the street and I know they don’t remember me... hold grudges for LIFE
Tom Kraemer
Tom Kraemer 3 days ago
Esther has resting anxiety face.
johnytwofeet 4 days ago
Mushrooms help cure cluster headaches for up to 6 months . Did a minor report on them in college , and there is tons of research and academic journals on the use of mushrooms to relieve the pain of cluster headaches ... I would def recommend that to Annie 🙏
Ben ________
Ben ________ 4 days ago
27:07 wallpaper
Angie Gross
Angie Gross 5 days ago
Look do not ever break break these 3 up! Finally 3 chicks, I can listen to for more than 10 minutes. 🤘🤠🤘💓💓💓
Tanas World
Tanas World 5 days ago
Yo I ran to draw on a mole 😂 I love this podcast Annie is so fast 🔥
Zach 5 days ago
Nvm Annie at 1:05:06 is the real funniest
Zach 5 days ago
Annie at 57:37 is the funniest moment of 2021 so far
713tubeit 6 days ago
35 yr straight hispanic male and I love these bitches
Heather Perryman
Heather Perryman 6 days ago
The mole was definitely stolen. Lol
SuperCannabis420 6 days ago
damn Annie's boyfriend looks just like Bobby Lee
Jordan Bushert
Jordan Bushert 6 days ago
A.I. is a fucked movie but good
Diana De Hoyos
Diana De Hoyos 6 days ago
Annie is the best she’s quick witty and makes jokes on the fly about what they just talked about .... and her relationship with her dad is so awesome . Love you Annie !!!
Gratefully Living
That creepy time when the blood bath girls have 66.6k subscribers 😳
Jon Guev
Jon Guev 7 days ago
Annie is gorgeaus
Norma Olvera
Norma Olvera 7 days ago
Love all these stories!
BrokeTheInterweb 7 days ago
I had so many nightmares about Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Veruca Salt showed up as a demon in so many dreams it was just too much
Geff Stiubhairt
Geff Stiubhairt 7 days ago
khalyla dentata
Marvel Letswele
Marvel Letswele 7 days ago
yooo where's the new episode? is it not Tuesday in america yet?
systemA 7 days ago
Is there any merch coming soon?
Austin Ellis
Austin Ellis 7 days ago
You gals have the potential to be the Westcoast L.O.S. Annie; send your fans to dox that bitch who stole your mole.
SUPER WITEMAN 8 days ago
Stopped watching at 19:56... Too sad...women are too beautiful to have this many issues...( I KNOW THATS WHAT IT IS BASED ON) but the thing "IS IS THAT" its just not working today(MONDAY).
Ed 8 days ago
More views than subscribers. Well done.
Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra 8 days ago
Esther is the biggest dork I have ever seen I wish I still had Instagram to see if she ever got the Strawberry 🍓 Cremes LOL
Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra 8 days ago
I Want one of esthers hoodies are they only for women?
Slocum Maxwell
Slocum Maxwell 9 days ago
The land before time came put waaaaay before Jurassic Park. Esther is so sheltered
D 9 days ago
I got unsubbed from the channel and had to subscribe again
Krysten Black
Krysten Black 9 days ago
She stole your mole!
Joe Black
Joe Black 9 days ago
Without Annie this podcast would suck badly. Khalyla is so full of herself and boring. Esther is cute but so lame and annoying.
This is the best thing.
Aceboggy 3223
Aceboggy 3223 9 days ago
I have some pogs if ya want them 🤣
Tram Phan
Tram Phan 9 days ago
Esther is a pawg...so is Annie...khalyla is half a pawg
Jeanna Corrie
Jeanna Corrie 9 days ago
Does anyone know the artists of the paintings behind Khalyla and Annie?
PT Farm
PT Farm 9 days ago
I hate that I love this podcast.
savemegeebus 9 days ago
try durian again frozen just watch first show. better frozen
Jaycee cole
Jaycee cole 10 days ago
Akasaka Sawayama
Akasaka Sawayama 10 days ago
Esther the ad read hoodie......
sumoblues 10 days ago
coffee book table...adorable. hahaha!
Disart projec
Disart projec 10 days ago
You know what, the intro music and the calm voices really relaxes me! I was not expecting that, played the video, and now I'm among friends : )
Hamberg 10 days ago
"You're a dry bagel bitch" lmao!
TheRegularjenn 10 days ago
I think we should all show up at the mole thief’s restaurant to confront her
BeatsByLana 10 days ago
I love this podcast 😝Annie is my fave
Camilla Nguyen
Camilla Nguyen 10 days ago
31:40 wtf 😂
Alyssa Carbonaro
Alyssa Carbonaro 10 days ago
note to self: don't eat and watch bloodbath
P 10 days ago
Either Annie or Ester needs a different background wall paper
Zoë R
Zoë R 10 days ago
Esthers shoes are so dope! where are they from?! Yea she definatly stole the mole
Autumnticity 10 days ago
Where are Esther's shoes from? dey cute 59:48
Annie is looking fit and very gorgeous such a rebel without a filter she is so cool. I gotta see her sets. The beautiful Miss Kuhn so vibrant lately, I love that we get to see you out of the Tigerbelly Compound because your fashion is next level, it sparks memories of DVDASA but you have matured into this confident down to earth honest personality that seems comfortable in your skin. Tell Rudy we will miss her. Esther can you step it up maybe? I'm so kidding of course I don't understand it but your so f*cking cute it hurts! Just effortlessly stunning and as captivating as you are unique as well. 🤎 Thanks girls it's fun to get to know you babes but, weird we will likely never meet and you will never even know my name. I hope you all become enlightened succeed in all you do and never be unfulfilled and like Bobby said on the Bad Friends Pod that dropped yesterday or was it Santino? "Take it all in." It looks great from where I'm sitting ladies.
Malena Mullins
Malena Mullins 10 days ago
Love this Podcast! Y’all are the best!!
mcvc 10 days ago
K with the shoutout to tower warms this former northridge tower employee's heart
John Sutphin
John Sutphin 11 days ago
annie is a goddamned national treasure
alix hanes
alix hanes 11 days ago
Annie is amazing
FelipeGDX 11 days ago
Llegué por un extreme demon de geometry dash
Entropy increase
Entropy increase 11 days ago
Did Annie get the vax?
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 11 days ago
These women are the god damn bees knees! I truly feel like you’re all my best friends! I love the fuck out of all of you🍌🫐🍓🖤
Anton 11 days ago
So Khalyla's humor comes from her mom.
Andrea Lunetta
Andrea Lunetta 11 days ago
The worst was watching The Wolf of Wall Street with your dad
Rudy Silva
Rudy Silva 11 days ago
Yall have to go to that restaurant and confront her and then don't pay the check.
Chase Elmore
Chase Elmore 11 days ago
It seems like Khalyla is trying to branch out to have her own platform, for the day she ultimately leaves Bobby. Her not wanting to have a child with his mental swimmers..
Isaac Mf
Isaac Mf 11 days ago
Two comedians and a comedians girlfriend...
Aliyah Noble
Aliyah Noble 11 days ago
Forgive but never forget perioddddd
Benny Burbs
Benny Burbs 11 days ago
God I love finding new new from my other favorites! Love ya k
Newton's Third Law
Newton's Third Law 11 days ago
Honestly young Khalyla's teeth look fine to me. Definitely would have gone for that in my youth.
Adam Gibbons
Adam Gibbons 11 days ago
Khalyla and Annie need to see the film 'Teeth'. Esther could't hang. LOL
Daddy Innerwavin
Daddy Innerwavin 11 days ago
Annie cutting everyone off is annoying af. Aside from that, I’m loving this podcast more and more!
Love this. 🙂
Nicholas Will
Nicholas Will 11 days ago
Khalyla lookin like Pocahontas in this
Bry Guy ChUpO
Bry Guy ChUpO 11 days ago
This podcast is in my top 3 list. I listen to A LOT of podcasts, but these women are HILARIOUS!!!
Wireless Aeon
Wireless Aeon 11 days ago
1:40 Poppin them XBarrrssss
bspinney26 11 days ago
T-SHIRT: "And that's when you're a champion. I'm very good at pogs."
Ananda Lii
Ananda Lii 11 days ago
This became my favourite podcast! I love watching you guys
ashile pesic
ashile pesic 11 days ago
PLEASE record an episode in the Mole Thief’s restaurant.
Jay C
Jay C 11 days ago
Love the show, but it needs a new set.
subtle sedukshun
subtle sedukshun 11 days ago
They didn't see Optimus Prime die. They have no idea.
StevenM801 11 days ago
POG's were so cool
Alex Akimov
Alex Akimov 11 days ago
Esther I am also traumatized from AI!! Lol sometimes I randomly think of the little robot boy ..
Shrute Farms
Shrute Farms 11 days ago
Annie is f**kin hilarious😂😂😂
Trystan Ardithya
Trystan Ardithya 11 days ago
I search for bloodbath geometry dash how did i got this?
Camille Suarez
Camille Suarez 11 days ago
That mole lady should apologize to Annie! She’s for sure watching this and keeping up with Annie
Serjohn 11 days ago
i love the way annie says bye guys
Adam Marchand
Adam Marchand 11 days ago
As a 31 year old I have no interest in dating some early 20 year old, but it's very interesting to see all 3 have a 10+ age gap, I always thought I was gross to pass 3 or 4
Andrea González
Andrea González 11 days ago
Amores Perros is one if not the best mexican mexican movie of the 2000s. Such a great time for mexican cinema.
0110101100011010 11 days ago
I can usually only watch about ten minutes of an episode but I'm glad they are doing it
Gareth McCarthy
Gareth McCarthy 11 days ago
Rudy better make a guest appearance within the next could of episodes. 🔪
Jaydork 11 days ago
Jaydork 11 days ago
Jay 12 days ago
Discount Scarlett Johansson is so 🔥
Blair Cowan
Blair Cowan 12 days ago
Alvin Rofkahr
Alvin Rofkahr 12 days ago
I love how they say they’re liberal but put 6 people in one room.don’t you think the corona virus is real
Emerald_Knight45 9 days ago
Being liberal has nothing to do with wanting to stay healthy/survive. They all have clear hard plastic walls around them as well as other precautions. With the problems Khalyla has she is extra cautious. I'm guessing they probably disinfect after or possibly before as well.
Mike 12 days ago
Esther, I know exactly how you feel about the sugargasms
TheBarf 12 days ago
ESTHER: "I was a hand model in a Pillsbury commercial." Ok, that's a little too on the nose.
Aaron Woodard
Aaron Woodard 12 days ago
Annie is growing on me