The Black Church That Could Bankrupt the Proud Boys | The Couch Report 

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Greg Walters explains how a 149-year-old Black church could bankrupt the Proud Boys.

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Published on


May 3, 2021




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Comments 97   
felipe silva
felipe silva 23 minutes ago
Proud bichts
Jack G
Jack G 30 minutes ago
Actually it was BLM And antifa pretending to be proud boys. Nice try
Ghillie Nation
Ghillie Nation 39 minutes ago
Its funny how idiots support bullies but hate the bullies that bully bullies, oh no wait.. never mind lol.. thats what we call Beta males being pouty butts because Alpha makes are superior!
Rhumandlove Hour ago
Ragging on the proud boys when real skin heads exisit and gather regularly is funny.
no name
no name Hour ago
Henry Enrique ontario? ? Where does that name come from? Is he maybe a Mexican??? And his skin collor? That does'nt look very white? ?? How can he be a white supremacist, he looks not very white to me. ........What's up with this guy?
Jake Brown
Jake Brown Hour ago
Why don't them GANGSTAS come to St Louis 🤔
the54thfloor Hour ago
Vice is awesome. They never disappoint.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 2 hours ago
The proud boys have no idea that they are being led and managed by intelligence agencies at the highest levels, same with Blm, Ant, all of them. "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves!" -Lenin
Stach Up
Stach Up 2 hours ago
John Doe
John Doe 2 hours ago
BLM and ANTIFA are the real enemies of the usa. The black church is still segregated. WHY?
John Doe
John Doe 2 hours ago
Why is the left so scared of the PBs? B/c they are right.
Little Birdling
Little Birdling 3 hours ago
Lovely tattoo.That'll get the quality ladies hot..
Anthony Green
Anthony Green 4 hours ago
Hold up the proud boys are supposed to be a white supremacist group but one of their leaders is obviously not white more like mexican/south American. That makes alot of sense LMFAO
Dave Mathers
Dave Mathers 4 hours ago
Where are they selling this stuff??? I looked all over and couldn't find it. Links please.
MiStER MeiSTer
MiStER MeiSTer 5 hours ago
You cant bankrupt an idea champs 😉
Peter 5 hours ago
They burning a blm flag, when do you discuss the BLM protestors burning down parts of neighborhoods?
oyse islam
oyse islam 5 hours ago
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instant gratification
Round up all Trump supporters - yasss
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson 6 hours ago
Who cares the Bad Boys were never a part of Trump supporters they are an offshoot of wannabe that's all.
Rutger Colon
Rutger Colon 7 hours ago
This one was very weak, work harder vice.
Buddy Martin
Buddy Martin 7 hours ago
It's funny how all the dorks are scared to death of any men's organization that celebrates being a real man.
Reynaldo Martinez
Reynaldo Martinez 7 hours ago
Stop the bla,bla, I want to see them in jail along with Trump ok
Who Dis
Who Dis 8 hours ago
Aaand antifa, who actually did damage?
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 8 hours ago
PB - 2 BLM flags burned BLM/Antifa- Burning small black businesses and over $500 milion in property damages with over 70 murders. Hmm... 🤔
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
PB - 3 million dollars in damages from one protest alone , hundreds of deaths , antifa - about 10 deaths , some protests that wasted police anti-riot gas
WiredStreet 11 hours ago
it's the 70s aesthetic for me.
qb Gromit
qb Gromit 12 hours ago
What a f&cking joke this is.
CharitableTrader 12 hours ago
Sooo we have enteties bailing out the rioters, arsonists, and looters AAAAANNND we have entities bailing out right wing extremists?! Sheeeeeeiiiit, is the “law” even real?!
Joseph Lewis
Joseph Lewis 12 hours ago
Unamerican fools. The church is going to wind up with everything these Proud Fools own.
Tim Hedding
Tim Hedding 13 hours ago
Soy boy
Donald Steffen
Donald Steffen 14 hours ago
Proud, boys proud of , stupid behavior. If they cause enough trouble, the P. B, will stand for punching bag. From Donald in Valley Village CA 😆 donaldsteffen085@gmail.com
Thomas Darnall
Thomas Darnall 15 hours ago
Black lives matter is a racist organization.
Thomas Darnall
Thomas Darnall 15 hours ago
What a joke. The proud boys are not racist and if you believe they are your news source is lying to you.
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
very ironic because you later said that BLM is a racist organization
j readdy
j readdy 15 hours ago
When you catch a member of the proud boys...just make sure it's between the eyes at least 16 times.
OG Zombie Blunt
OG Zombie Blunt 2 hours ago
Lol blm and antifa gets rekt everytime pb's show up.
Yoad Broog
Yoad Broog 15 hours ago
Please lord Jesus Show mercy on the those bad people that did those bad things to the church of God but let Justice be served first.
Jonathan Wahlin
Jonathan Wahlin 16 hours ago
Gang?...🤣🤣🤣 ya...ok..like spanky's gang?
Murder INC
Murder INC 16 hours ago
proud boys is just an idea like antifa
Anais G
Anais G 17 hours ago
The only good thing that came out of the “proud boys” is Donald Trumps response.....stand back and stand by.....IM DONE I USE THAT QUOTE EVERYDAY 💀
Arthur Ivex
Arthur Ivex 18 hours ago
Valerie Sorensen-Martinez
Beavlyn Betty is suing BLM . Can you do a video on her as well please.
Jonmurray Murray
Jonmurray Murray 19 hours ago
Tario isn't white either. Just saying
Cindy Tackett
Cindy Tackett 20 hours ago
But its acceptable for the BLM to set 🔥 destroy,vandalize, loot all our communities and businesses
posTUBE 20 hours ago
SOUNDS LIKE ALOT OF PROPAGANDA. I blame Obama the fraud.
futo nara
futo nara 20 hours ago
Vice is being so disingenuous. There are no hu-ite supREEEEEEEEEEEmacists.
J.A Kelly
J.A Kelly 20 hours ago
It’s hilarious that in the Information Age there are still people labeling the proud boys “racists” 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂 “thousands” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 “attacked a black church” 🤣🥲🤣🤣 you guys are hilarious.
Tom McDermott
Tom McDermott 21 hour ago
I doubt that, BLM has 28 law suits against them. They will always be PROUD BOYS and we don't discriminate but BLM does. SO we know it's all a big fat lie CNN.
Inventory Department
well the black church just might have all of their attendants hanging from trees if they are not careful on how they proceed
Devon White
Devon White 21 hour ago
Pardon me he's not the leader he is the proud boys chairman and his name is Enrique a Mexican is the chairman of The Proud boys their standards are low
Juan Carro
Juan Carro 23 hours ago
PB... Poot Butts. Peanut Bootie on Krackers. 😉👍
ShaShaSha Shadow Banned Bud
Vice kinda sucks fat ones these days
Rebecca S
Rebecca S Day ago
Music is too loud and distracting.
"ProudBoys" is a joke. It's run by the FBI. Honey trap. Ironically the name came from a GAY musical.
Sayuas Day ago
They are literally calling themselves a death squad -_-
Jamie Domke
Jamie Domke Day ago
Pathetic 🤣
Jamie Domke
Jamie Domke Day ago
It's a banner get a grip lol...anyone remember the BLM riots..that was just as recent and lasted for months. Oh no we must've all forgotten about that because they were black so that's OK if you have dark skin 🤣🤣
Frank S.
Frank S. Day ago
Church took grifting lessons from Sharpton.
Casey Glann
Casey Glann Day ago
I knew the proud boys were cringe but I didn’t know that it was this bad
Bhagwan sri
Bhagwan sri Day ago
the world is run by Gangs
Estee Rehn
Estee Rehn Day ago
In that case, the entire world should sue BLM.
John Day ago
Proud Boys isn't an organization. It is just an idea. If PB is an org that can be sued then Antifa - which has a flag and membership documents also should be sued.
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
they have a leadership structure and a leader , antifa doesn't
Aaron Kamakaze
Who cares. The fact the media is still talking about this bs blows my mind. There's been riots happening daily in Portland carried out by various groups, yet the media can't stop bringing up proud boys.... totally not political bias at all
What's da scenario, and a case like this what always happen... We da awake ones of thine Israelites; no longer believes da HYPE... IYOV: ch 9 vs 24 Now you can kick rocks & kick bricks... Da End
Anielle Reid
Anielle Reid Day ago
But BLM doesn't owe anything.... how interesting...
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
BLM does not exist
tamjo Day ago
Swailly Day ago
look at god... lol
Scott Wydra
Scott Wydra Day ago
If you can have BLM you can deal with the PB
cam damn
cam damn Day ago
Wrong the KKK is not the right it's the left just because you say it don't make it true
Patrick Day ago
Lots of what-ifs
scott2228 Day ago
PB, Antifa and parts of BLM are all a bunch of domestic terrorist.
Big Ounce
Big Ounce Day ago
James Rideout
Vice news is trash.
Big Ounce
Big Ounce Day ago
Yes vice and vox both "facts without context" it’s a tactic very common among liberal media
TJeff Day ago
Vice has fallen so far from anything worth taking serious.
Sons of 18 clan
What y'all didn't know is that after the raid at the state capital, fbi went and harassed the leader of the black panthers over something that white people did.
Patriot Ninja
BLM is a domestic terrorist organization
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
it isn't an organization
Geraldine Adams
Don't these guys wear yellow and black tartan skirts, only seen it once on tv, haven't seen it since, not so proud then.
NBBasRutten 2 days ago
BLM is a terrorist org. If you don't like being in a white European founded country then you are more then welcome to leave. What you call "white supremacy" or "privledge" is simply your frustration of being a minority with a slave history. You as a people need to come to terms with that reality. Mind you there are plenty of minorities who have moved on and live equally with whites today. You should join them and move on. Stop dividing the country for events of 250 years ago.
Vornado Pro
Vornado Pro 2 days ago
“How do remove the ability to let people earn money the documentary” that’s the real title.
Justin Karte
Justin Karte 2 days ago
The real life "No Regerts" kid.
John James
John James 2 days ago
I thought vandalism was "peaceful protest"?
David Judd
David Judd 2 days ago
Pure lies.
Bazooka Ransack
Bazooka Ransack 2 days ago
Degenerate VICE news turning into CNN and Greg he look like he in Antifa
Shara Leverett
Shara Leverett 2 days ago
I love the word fisticuffs.
Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith 2 days ago
It's funny how the left tries to say they're on gay people's side then on this channel I see all homophobic comments from leftist. Screen shot and shared
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
the left isn't on gay people's side , liberals are Stalin banned LGBT people from the soviet union
Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith 2 days ago
The black church that hates Jesus
Old Blind Darby
Old Blind Darby 2 days ago
So many ignorant overly stimulated uneducated morons flock to this crap. It's what leads to anti intellectualism, systemic racism, and fascism. It's happened so many times before, yet we are sitting here watching it happen again. I sincerely hope legal remedies will ameliorate the situation, but it's more likely that the overall effect will be to coalesce their support. Eventually action will need to be met with action, and hopefully before it's too late and these xenophobic monsters are too strong and vast thi be defeated.
Diego Noriega
Diego Noriega 2 days ago
Those peanut butters are dumb!
anti gubernare
anti gubernare 2 days ago
BLM are the real terrorists
Glenn Hertel
Glenn Hertel 2 days ago
Sargant Green, Off With Their Heads.
You can't sure a company that doesn't exist 🤣🤣🤣🤣
danny B
danny B 2 days ago
what a leftist dribble you guys haven't made anything interesting in almost a decade
Big boy K
Big boy K 2 days ago
James Jones
James Jones 2 days ago
Good, then BLM should be sued for all the damage caused in the riots.
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
BLM doesn't exist
the best reason
the best reason 2 days ago
Wow. Shows how ignorant people really are.
Matthew A
Matthew A 2 days ago
Proud boys are just a idea, how can you sue a idea 😉
finding stupid
finding stupid 2 hours ago
"The Proud Boys is a far-right, neo-fascist, chauvinist, and exclusively male ORGANIZATION" it isn't an idea
2020 survivor
2020 survivor 2 days ago
Proud boys were funded by Asians mostly Chinese. #StopAsianHate towards black people.
D. A
D. A 2 days ago
“PROUD BOYS” sound like someone happy to have discovered puberty.
Not Human
Not Human 2 days ago
When you try to bankrupt the Boogaloo boyz but decentralization works it bloody task. Also doge coin and the short squeeze bankrolled them even more.
Coreeda Warrior
Coreeda Warrior 2 days ago
Proud Girls
Nunya Beeswax
Nunya Beeswax 2 days ago
You realize how fucking dumb you make Vice look by calling the Proud Boys "white supremacists" when they are literally not white supremacists...