The Afton’s meets the fake Afton’s||+terrence||My AU||FNaF| 

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Apr 2, 2021




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Rose Aba
Rose Aba 12 days ago
Ennard x michael UwU but ennard is... exoticeggs ship:)))))) hehe boi i hope this works plz Exoticeggs Exoticeggs Exoticeggs William:F you ennard
Jannat Hussain
Jannat Hussain 13 hours ago
I like that but I also like BurntEggs
@Emily Tejada but en is all the funtimes?
Emily Tejada
Emily Tejada Day ago
Anyone who doesn’t ship them is wrong.
Brye Aubrey B.
Brye Aubrey B. 2 days ago
True, also I copied but didn't paste somewhere for some reason but I once copied and pasted one of my comments and put it on the YT search bar I'll do that again and see these is results Edit: There was no results :|
Elaine Udeh
Elaine Udeh 3 days ago
Idk if it worked
Saucy Quinn
Saucy Quinn 4 hours ago
Bro one day your gonna look back and say hmm I should make my new characters react to these
Shylah Jensen
Shylah Jensen 4 hours ago
Genesis Maya
Genesis Maya 6 hours ago
Kayleigh Reaves
Kayleigh Reaves 6 hours ago
Clara face turned from 0 to 100
Tatyana Mensah
Tatyana Mensah 7 hours ago
Me:Casually removing my chris afton cosplay
Xxrobloxgurl xX
Xxrobloxgurl xX 7 hours ago
I kinda got chills on claras laugh-
unicornmoon199 7 hours ago
Yes Elizabeth 💜
ELLA ROGGOW 7 hours ago
Why is fake Chris so nice tho ❤️
Xx Wølf xX
Xx Wølf xX 9 hours ago
Your name is yes just yes perfect
Katie_Plays 12 hours ago
i read every thing eli said with out even pausing it
PIKACHU-UwU- 12 hours ago
love the intro
andjelina Jovanovic
andjelina Jovanovic 12 hours ago
Joooooo do mog golom hcr go
LillyplaysRoblox 13 hours ago
Very gud channel name
mai tram
mai tram 14 hours ago
You are playing gacha club
Itz_gamergirlシ 17 hours ago
Fake chris: where am i..? C.C: in my room :> C.C: wElCoMe sTrAnGeR
Olivine Simatupang
Olivine Simatupang 18 hours ago
Michael : Maybe because your death not fun, so you are not famous Me : *DIES OF LAUGHTER 😂*
Roan Peña
Roan Peña 19 hours ago
1:20 who even says their name
peonix fox
peonix fox 20 hours ago
me not realising the computer is playing a video: the computer: * claras laughs me* AAA THERES A FRICKING DEMON IM MY ROOM! oh never mind it was clara, wait AAAAA THERES A EVIL LAUGHING WOMAN.
NathalieKyouran 21 hour ago
What you name Christoper a- Ads! Uh
Araceli Pérez
terrence never existed in fnaf history 🌚🌝
Day ago
im sorry but why does the music fit very well
Stephanie Jean
Terrence: I just realized I don't have a fake Afton.. ( *It took him 11 minutes to figure that out-* )
[Muffin_ Tea]
I love the name😏
Orchid Shadows
Another title for this video: Aftons meet Walmart versions of themselves
Camden Richter
The song that the character was singing is so random
K A Day ago
8:07 omg what you do to her I mean good job but dang
Mikel StaAna
Mikel StaAna Day ago
Aftons are real gurl
Mer Joan Caay
Fake miheal: I don't know Afton is real The video: it's just a video Meh:oh there real check it on Google and tipe Afton family grave and see~
Hassan Sadeeq
The fan girl is right Terrance is not in the lore
Aj gamer 45 Jimbo
No One cares Terrence 🥺
akio daisuke
akio daisuke Day ago
OMAG, as son as chris said "chrisopher a-" an add started, like, HOW?
Ceylin Tuncer
When fake " William Afton " said l'm William Afton then l though of like " l am "Batman" heh..
XxAnna_Coøkie DreamxX
Clara: I just met you Me: *aNd tHiS iS cRaZy bUt hErEs mY nUmBeR sO cAlL mE mAyBe*
Maya Konpa
Maya Konpa Day ago
Both are fake aftons xd
Emma Ly
Emma Ly Day ago
does no one notice- Elizabeth: stuck in a metal body William: Theres a metal body that controls me Micheal: There's a body in me 👁👄👁
Emily Tejada
Emily Tejada Day ago
I thought it was I always come back
hoàng tử nghịch nước-té sông
English:fake Vietnam:pha keeeeeeeeeeee
Marisbel Perea
When was I always come back is wrong
Julia Flowers YT
4:30 i can read the signs lol
Bao Anh Chu Khanh
3:33 * L O G O O N F A K E C H R I S B E L L Y*
Bao Anh Chu Khanh
Love the intro-
Bryan Show
Bryan Show Day ago
Fake Michael = Soft Michael Me: *HORRIFIED IN THE BACK GROUND*
Bryan Show
Bryan Show Day ago
Liz: *meets fake* Your my twin *terrifys her with questions* Me: *struggles in the back ground while my eggs hurt reading it*
Bryan Show
Bryan Show Day ago
“What’s your name” “Christopher A-“ *ADD* ARBY’S. WE HAVE THE MEATS :> Me: WHYYYYYY
Sparkle's _Gacha
Who's Terrence???
me : *hears clara screaming* ....oh well i bet mom’s after me at 3 am.
Hi Day ago
4:30 Im dizzy-
PlaguedoesPVP 2 days ago
I want to die
Scarlet Marceau
Scarlet Marceau 2 days ago
gray 2 days ago
My English sucks
gray 2 days ago
gray 2 days ago
I almost currently sed because of falling I have hoghtnmy pc would break and I would be sad :(
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez 2 days ago
... I’m anhel
Whit Boi
Whit Boi 2 days ago
New Fear Unlocked: *FNAF*
Kiara Bautista
Kiara Bautista 2 days ago
Jaylin has fun
Jaylin has fun 2 days ago
•Alts_Offc• 2 days ago
The place of William afton familiy is well hidden
Firstname Lastname
Who could read what real liz said 👇 (I could)
cecc office
cecc office 2 days ago
where did fake family go?!?!
Olympia Giacopello
the part of of you real william what he tell all day is true of he tell my always come back but.. all time of he tell come liz XD
humaira afeeya
humaira afeeya 2 days ago
i keep my idiot
humaira afeeya
humaira afeeya 2 days ago
mafia boy
mafia boy 2 days ago
Damn william
Cynthia Paola Juarez
I know Even Word he was going to SAYYY!!😳😜🥳
Kiyoko Shimizu
Kiyoko Shimizu 2 days ago
3:47 Vibing Intesifies
Kenneth Gabriel Fernandez
Fake aftons are freaks or fuckers
Colin Wright
Colin Wright 2 days ago
Fake William, so what the afdens arnt real. Me, are you shor adawt that, William,terns in to spring trap.
Plasma Toca Gamer
You didn't know aftons are real!!! They are already dead since bla bla bla just watch a video to see :)
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago
Ennard’s face at the end though
FINVALET 2 days ago
If im making a vid like this but i don't now- i will make clara/clair/rose/Roselle/mrs aftons hair and liz hair blonde cus i see some fake afton in gacha online in roblox and they sometimes have blonde and they don't even have s.b or cannon or soul so yea-
FINVALET 2 days ago
BAHAHAHA the sound suits the vid not ganna lie-
FINVALET 2 days ago
BAHAHAHA the sound suits the vid not ganna lie-
Vlog With Me
Vlog With Me 2 days ago
Who else is confused who elizabeth and clara is in the orange hairs? 👇
Sonia Rooney
Sonia Rooney 2 days ago
-true- Mike is teriss ;-;
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob 2 days ago
Fun fact Michael name is Michael Terrence afton
Its weird why does micheal and ennard always together like idk- is micheal a gay or ennard is cuase they kiz tho :/
Dilangamez 3 days ago
Poor terrance
Bianky 3 days ago
*4:30* Me:oh so yOu DaRe Me? Well I faster reader and writer mean on phone ૧(ꂹີωꂹີૂ)
iyad moustati
iyad moustati 3 days ago
thx for changing the billie intro music i rly didn't like it and btw i like your video's
Pain Bunny
Pain Bunny 3 days ago
Question how did you find out about Terrance Im a new fan so my research on them is kinda late but when I found them irl I saw Terrance but with no photo so I was confused
Euna Brielle
Euna Brielle 3 days ago
One of the 11/10 years old in my neighborhood also has a name terence/terrence🤣😂🤚🏻
amy wolf
amy wolf 3 days ago
Fake William: "I aM WiLlIaM aFtOn" Me: I can see that 2 cent wig you have on and I can tell you is not William Afton
Khloee Lynn
Khloee Lynn 3 days ago
Fake Mike looks like me in real life 😱
•Dark Røsé Løve Devil•
Clara: Copy you? I don't eve- Ad: *GRUBHUB* Me:, STFU YOU STUPID AD. :'(
Vandle Gaming bs
Vandle Gaming bs 3 days ago
All of you say #elizabish
Vandle Gaming bs
Vandle Gaming bs 3 days ago
Vandle Gaming bs
Vandle Gaming bs 3 days ago
Fake elizabeth will be fake elizabish
Denise Leuschner
Denise Leuschner 3 days ago
intro be like no hate (Gucci song yes edgy gacha yes fancy red Gucci bracelets no
Scorch Prime
Scorch Prime 3 days ago
"hears the loud laught that clara made" me: "in my room pitch black alone" this is fine
Grace Wieseler
Grace Wieseler 3 days ago
William: Clara is the most pretty girl in the world My brain: SIMP
chris mendez
chris mendez 4 days ago
You angers and confused I thing and now you look like a cool kid -_-
Germaine Chan
Germaine Chan 4 days ago
Ok, so ik it’s your AU but I think Terrence and Michael are the same person 👌
My dog name is mitzi :3
But Willam and Clara got a divorce so why are they blushing
Kitty Girl UwU
Kitty Girl UwU 4 days ago
some one nopeeeee AM OUT GOOD BYE Flys away 0_0 Btw i having Coffee and Toast Dont tell willam :>
nightmare fredbear
Faker: *faking as me* Me: *walks away but realizes and comes back* Me: wait a minute who ARE you???
teofilo_melo melo
Michael terrence sobre nome
teofilo_melo melo
roz 1
roz 1 4 days ago
When chris said "christopher A-" And ad poped up