the 7300 IQ solo double kill to CLEAR me of all sus... 

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Disguised Toast has finds a new victim for his marination...
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Edited by: otriggad


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Nov 26, 2020




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Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 7 hours ago
is it just me or are other people confused on if he is sayin this guys toast or disguised toast
Syaril Aldi
Syaril Aldi Day ago
steven jackson
steven jackson 2 days ago
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Merlene Chinchilla
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General 71
General 71 7 days ago
Toast: *sings* Editor: *fast forwards* Toast: *sounds like theodor from Alvin and the chipmunks*
fgsdg dfgsgfsd
fgsdg dfgsgfsd 7 days ago
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Shadow Wolverine
Shadow Wolverine 8 days ago
15:00 I wanna hear “Steven Time” in Janet’s POV
Tara McQuaid
Tara McQuaid 12 days ago
Anyone else miss half the video while scrolling through the comments 🤣
Sophia Galang
Sophia Galang 17 days ago
Trains such a good sport
Merlene Chinchilla
Merlene Chinchilla 20 days ago
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Wallace Kaeden
Wallace Kaeden 21 day ago
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Ghost- is-here.
Ghost- is-here. 21 day ago
Me sitting here still wondering who had that fat a** ;_;
Jhamella 22 days ago
"hi disguised toast youtube" lmao- She knew it was gonna be a yt video XD
Geeta Munde
Geeta Munde 22 days ago
What is your real name
Angeli Kengier
Angeli Kengier 22 days ago
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Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 22 days ago
Does anyone get annoyed by Janet's dumb "cutesy" persona? She acts like an idiot. Is she 5 years old?
nomisugita 23 days ago
The silence at 15:00 is so LOUD
Matthew Dave
Matthew Dave 23 days ago
4:35 is that Lily? :3
Mervin V A
Mervin V A 25 days ago
*4:39* who is the girl leaving the room ?
fgsdg dfgsgfsd
fgsdg dfgsgfsd 26 days ago
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Alessandra 27 days ago
When he was singing that song “if I die young...lay me down in a bed of roses”honestly best singing I have heard in awhile🤩😂
Alessandra 27 days ago
The fact that she already knew she was gonna be in his video😂
Omar J.
Omar J. 27 days ago
I like how the punishment for not being smart enough as crewmate is ending in a Toast video lol. Toast is like a teacher
FoodFrogs 27 days ago
Trying to remember the source of that music partway through. FTL?
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks 27 days ago
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Eric Garber
Eric Garber 28 days ago
Train is so good!
Mariihzoka 29 days ago
"hi Disguised Toast youtube" she's so cute
oot oot monkey man
toast is fucking deadly
Light6324 Month ago
No one talking about 7:59 !?!?
James Ware
James Ware Month ago
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Joe Crawshaw
Joe Crawshaw Month ago
Kai To
Kai To Month ago
Edison: I didnt want to kill you toast first couse in the last few round you...... Toast: Ahhhhhh..... The man
arson g
arson g Month ago
big iq
Lim KC
Lim KC Month ago
Pink and cyan do task but is toast toast do this 3 crewmates skip what vote purple
Mary Coffelt
Mary Coffelt Month ago
Oh my gosh the Xiaolin Show down reference took me back
Sonia Teneyck
Sonia Teneyck Month ago
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Hari krishnan
Hari krishnan Month ago
Wtf did sykkuno mean "keep the button warm" LOL bruh what?!
Vicki Y
Vicki Y Month ago
Janet’s voice is like a mix between Lily’s and Leslie’s
MXSV 00 Month ago
On the second round choco voted for Edison? They could've tied it because of toast right?
Naeki Month ago
Toast : who did download alone in the dark as impostor on the beginning of the game???? Edison : Hold my download
Mint Bot
Mint Bot Month ago
Anyone here reading "allegedly" like Madea does?
General 71
General 71 Month ago
Sykkuno putting his foot on the scan is me annoying my family
Carljina Deliard
21:30 21:27That’s suspicious..........that’s weird
Luke Cruz
Luke Cruz Month ago
Toast had a baddie walk-in on screen at 4:40 lmfao
RuneMeister Kris
"Raymundo from Shaolin Showdown?" Hey I understood that reference!
MyoK Month ago
Toast: "I promise you" *Promise broken*
Sei Lee
Sei Lee Month ago
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Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Month ago
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Karisma Tupaz
Karisma Tupaz Month ago
Toast should put the link to the twitch and youtube of the person who gave him the youtube video.
Tsbbss Ruddhj
Tsbbss Ruddhj Month ago
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Sue Black
Sue Black Month ago
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SKR INDIA Month ago
U re my role model in among us, I learn a lot from u 🤜, thanks❤🌹😊
KingBandik Month ago
What is this fast forward song? 5:02
Hugo Flores
Hugo Flores Month ago
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Exotiic-Vipar_ YT
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sugar simon
sugar simon Month ago
What was that on toast’s back ground at 17:04 !!!!!
Derpster :P
Derpster :P Month ago
Hi choco 🤣
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom Month ago
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why Month ago
15:54 uwu
henry lin
henry lin Month ago
God toast with that banger at spawn
Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez Month ago
Bro i liked this video cuz he sang "if i die young burry me inside..."
Mr Rage
Mr Rage Month ago
He always makes such good vids but wtf is happening at 20:00
MrIDGAF Month ago
I don't understand why Sykkuno wanted to make her 50/50. Let her come and figure out who the imposter is.
dezz Month ago
That much IQ cant be used when doing the math homework
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
29:26 No way... Toast.. TOAST GOT MARINATED!!! By Edison no less! I know Edison is really good, but to marinate Toast is on a whole new level of good!
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
First Toast sings "If I Die Young" and turns it into Nightcore, and then he references a favorite childhood show, Xioalin Showdown. ^^
FAILAGO King Joshua
Joast part 2 HAHAAHA
Bessie Hall
Bessie Hall Month ago
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Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Month ago
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d i n k y
d i n k y Month ago
The music at around 14:00 had my heartrate go 📈📈📈 This editing just gets better and better everyday
Ngo Hanh Phuong
Ngo Hanh Phuong Month ago
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chorix _
chorix _ Month ago
17:46 i was there when it happend toast accidently looked at stream chat who was spamming the name of impostor
cole berns
cole berns Month ago
This guys toast
Shakirah Rogers
Shakirah Rogers Month ago
This is a really flattering haircut on Toast ... im js lol I think it emphasizes his bone structure and the asymmetry of the top makes how symmetrical he is more apparent.
angelo africa
angelo africa Month ago
FMC Kaiser
FMC Kaiser Month ago
Poki was laughing so hard that I think I heard her through Janet's mic.
Channel Victorious
Hi 👋
2nddoge Month ago
That moment when I realized train really did want toast to win, train earned my respect.
Volleyball Kid
Volleyball Kid Month ago
Honestly I hope toast is having fun with among because it seems he doesn't enjoy but if he does then great and it's also the same stuff and not anything crazy anymore and since he's a good player he's just voted out which when he's innocent isn't fun but yeah hope he's doing god
Mangu King
Mangu King Month ago
"I'm quiet even when I'm crewmate"
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett Month ago
Amber Hayes
Amber Hayes Month ago
Sykkuno? I played a round with a guy with that name. He was a jerk.
Disguised Toast has finds a new victim for his marination...---> nice grammer
Renzo Krohn
Renzo Krohn Month ago
I keep forgetting Hippo's discord name is Syanne , so everytime they say Syanne I think they're talking about toast lol
heavenly words
heavenly words Month ago
I feel weird when they say syanne’s name because her name is very close to mines which is shyanne😭
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom Month ago
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Daily Dose Of Aesthetic
Toast should've said, "I'm going to marrynate her”
Daily Dose Of Aesthetic
@Link Link :>
Link Link
Link Link Month ago
That didn't age well
Blake H
Blake H Month ago
Toast marinating his ex yikes
Doc WiZ
Doc WiZ Month ago
This was pure class, and train was just so proud of you. Amazing play
jermonei victorian
itzjackie_ uwo 1 week ago Toast voting himself then saying
Titanium Guy
Titanium Guy Month ago
Dominic Neo
Dominic Neo Month ago
that "Hi US-first" is so cute
Annie Month ago
Ppeener - "Damn, I thought my vote would kill her." That killed me.
Meriem Bouhbou
Meriem Bouhbou Month ago
Poki is sooo smart 😊👌🏻
x0 Rynka
x0 Rynka Month ago
Tell pokimane to stfu god damn
Stagnant Flux
Stagnant Flux Month ago
I need that superspeed rendition of If I Die Young on Spotify.
ashleigh longue
ashleigh longue Month ago
“hi disguised toast’s youtube” BYEEE
Christopher McCandless
jonah fisher
jonah fisher Month ago
train has sportsmanship
sleepingecstasy Month ago
toast singing is like an angel singing you to sleep.