Testing VIRAL TikTok Gadgets! **MIND BLOWING** (Part 2) 

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I tested viral gadgets that I've seen on TikTok to see if they're worth buying, and these ones were actually CRAZY COOL!
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Jan 26, 2021




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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Month ago
ANOTHA ONE! Now subscribe 😂
Jeevee 5 days ago
Lonely Cookie t!
Lily Kate Gurdian
Seriously tho
chamalii cars
chamalii cars 10 days ago
60 fps
60 fps 28 days ago
RealPkMax 2022
RealPkMax 2022 Month ago
Subscribe to faze rug and me cuz why not bruh 😂
Flavor Matthew
Flavor Matthew 5 hours ago
Your kids nickname is going to be baby rug😂
Dadan Trcs
Dadan Trcs 7 hours ago
If Rug (Bryan) Responds to this comment imma be hella happy
Tech point by DD
Tech point by DD 8 hours ago
He faze rug bro that is not a liquid plastic that is uv resin that resin will only dry in presence of uv light Today's science class over see you on next video's comment section
BLOX RO 18 hours ago
0:16look the drawing of zhc lambo behind him
Matthew Hale
Matthew Hale 18 hours ago
FaZe Rug: Like EVERY language Also FaZe Rug: It can do 40 languages
Team Presores
Team Presores 19 hours ago
Translator was probably the best.
shannon adkins
shannon adkins 20 hours ago
I get it were you said where in warzone cause when snipes aim at you it looks like a bright light
يوسف Day ago
شكر ن
Yuval Vlogz
Yuval Vlogz Day ago
Interactive ok then heart me comment
The Benitez Bunch
your my favorite youtuber can i please get a ps5, thanks for reading, your the GOAT!
Siphon Clan
Siphon Clan Day ago
Leave faze join siphon clan my clan if your a good youtuber 😂😂😂
Starri Ari
Starri Ari Day ago
I own #4 (aka the cloud) and I love throwing my keys at it lol
Pickapixel Best
You will only get this if you are Arab but all old Arab men have like 100 keys on there keychain
Dean Fender
Dean Fender Day ago
hahahha the warzone refernce :)
Omar Nassrallah
I am actually arabic I have a youtube channel I can talk arabic. مرحبا يا شباب أنا بحب هاي القناه
Nick Bitzer
Nick Bitzer Day ago
Jesus loves you. don't ever forget that
Rebaz Mzgin
Rebaz Mzgin Day ago
,lohpyrhiogjijgjghygjthojhhjfgjgkgjthoijgobiifhhigfhigj. '; ,cgncckdbknvkcvnbkfjjuvdfidfifhfjgjghbiughofghxofigvhbuigfiufdldgkhli.fkio;hvjbfhffjdu
Mr Pumpkin
Mr Pumpkin Day ago
lefty squad
AlienZombieee Gaming
The translation one is my fav
Jayden Zalinsky
Hey rug where'd you get that portable Blender at
James Amick
James Amick Day ago
You’re the best
Adventures with Stephanie and Sophie
I have the rocket book
Adventures with Stephanie and Sophie
I use it for school
Hope Antone
Hope Antone 2 days ago
When ur parents were taking I understood it all
Phoenix blade
Phoenix blade 2 days ago
Will u see this?.
ببلو سكاباو
احب امك how yourmam انتو مسلمين
LIAM PETERSON 2 days ago
They are not tiktok gadgets there normal things that people have
Michelle Huynh
Michelle Huynh 3 days ago
HEY! I'm left handed too Rug! 7:48
Ahmad Jabouri
Ahmad Jabouri 3 days ago
Im from eraq
krischris22 3 days ago
He wrote leave a like n the book listened 😮
Krista Hsu
Krista Hsu 3 days ago
Rug it’s because there is always lights on peoples snipers
Jackie Howe
Jackie Howe 3 days ago
How many subs can I get on this comment rug please sub 🙏
Jesse Olivas
Jesse Olivas 3 days ago
You should play minecraft some day
Amal Darjbara
Amal Darjbara 4 days ago
Plz make part 3 plzzzzz
Amal Darjbara
Amal Darjbara 4 days ago
Haha he called Noah out 😂💖
Hey guys subscribe to my channel plz or check it out and enjoy I do fun gaming videos and need ideas plz check it out if you want
Isaac Fortnite
Isaac Fortnite 4 days ago
I am a Lefty to
Varsha S
Varsha S 4 days ago
Who else saw the portable sauna and was reminded of pee sauna from unus annus 😂
Landon Cook
Landon Cook 3 days ago
💀💀💀exactly what I said
Halim Ghannam
Halim Ghannam 4 days ago
oh i live in lebanon
KALE WESLEY 4 days ago
Rug don’t say cuss words keep it pg13
Hamad Ali
Hamad Ali 4 days ago
وحتى نحن
Noah Patel
Noah Patel 4 days ago
Do you see this?
Mister Webb
Mister Webb 4 days ago
I have worked in smart notebooks before
Narayan Dhimal
Narayan Dhimal 4 days ago
7:47 wow, I'm left handed too, I guess I have The potential to be big on US-first like rug. Lol, I'll try my best to grind this year and forward
fatema4571 5 days ago
i wish to hve ps5 from faze rug only love you bryan
Miguel Mata
Miguel Mata 5 days ago
Stay in your sana for 24 hr
Ewan Tarraf
Ewan Tarraf 5 days ago
I didn’t need the subtitles that they put to understand Arabic I’m Lebanese
Carter Davidson
Carter Davidson 5 days ago
you said u would see it so if its real comment back
Tanja Hopkinson
Tanja Hopkinson 5 days ago
i subsciebed
KING JOBAN 5 days ago
FaZe Rug I want a ps5 or an iPhone 12 because I need one and I am you biggest fan when you hit 20 million which I think it will happen very soon and I subscribed and liked
Syed Asif
Syed Asif 5 days ago
Can you plzz tell me your editing software
Marvel Baby Yoda
Marvel Baby Yoda 5 days ago
17:15 what was he doing
Marcel Piedade
Marcel Piedade 5 days ago
I'm left hand to
Racquel Ramos
Racquel Ramos 5 days ago
I want a ps5 :) i liked and subscribe and i want pinned it would meant the world to me
I can’t believe Yyayya
If you reply to this i will literally cry😂😂
Lacy Jones
Lacy Jones 5 days ago
My friends always trashed my car🤨
Elizabeth Radt
Elizabeth Radt 5 days ago
knlb hf abg,my3rhfevk,tjv2yk9h8tgolujcyv69h82olik6u 6h8o57wr3uiyb6o lij98t8tt88100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000010010100100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
MALLIKA ANAND 5 days ago
7:46 I am also left handed
CmoneySunshine 5 days ago
Go subscribe to me! It would mean a lot to me! I recommend to check out the first video it is hilarious! Plz! Go check it put
Hockeykid119 6 days ago
Bro the sniper
Josue Velasquez
Josue Velasquez 6 days ago
Will the legend see this comment? Like if you did
Brecklynn Steed
Brecklynn Steed 6 days ago
Im left to..... but its really weird bc everyone right and i feal the odd and there the even
Lily Kate Gurdian
Damn he good at science 😂🤦‍♀️
Amir Hanif
Amir Hanif 7 days ago
Lit 👌
GodZ Spider
GodZ Spider 7 days ago
LMFAO not only could you just write and take a normal picture of it and text THAT to her, but you could also just text her normally, save time, and much easier. And you might burn your house down by putting it in the microwave. But I get it is for the purpose of the video but I give it a 2/10.
leensediting 7 days ago
who understood when rug’s parents were talking iraqi?
adam vendettam
adam vendettam 7 days ago
You are a baby wow
Matthew Deleon Melendez
Wait I just noticed that Faze rug has tattoos... 18:47 Wow
jesus plays l jeleo6545
Were is bosley
Fahad Alkamali
Fahad Alkamali 7 days ago
ونحن يا ام rug 4:45
Me to left handed
Muhammed Shasha
Muhammed Shasha 8 days ago
هلا hi
Brianna Montecino
I had the first gadget
GHOST 8 days ago
Cherif Azar
Cherif Azar 8 days ago
Bruh i want that sauna
Roberta Petrikaite
No hate but the sauna thing is not new cuz my grandpa has it he bought it like 5-10 years ago 🥰
Roni Bergari
Roni Bergari 8 days ago
Where did you buy or how can i get gadget #9 and the last one #11
MFK2009 8 days ago
I can also can talk arabic
i want iphone 12 because i need it
Sai Vignesh Jagan
do a part ofthis
Carmen Flores
Carmen Flores 8 days ago
Lol I am watching this and playing war zone and I got sniped what are the odds😂
Legogamez 8 days ago
when a sniper is aiming at you and you look at them you see a white light btw i am a lefty to
30 and laughable
30 and laughable 8 days ago
What’s up rug
Delia Mendez
Delia Mendez 9 days ago
Wow that was so amazing and wonderful and I really love this video a lot to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
pop cat HCR2
pop cat HCR2 9 days ago
Can the translator translate minecraft enchanting table?
pop cat HCR2
pop cat HCR2 9 days ago
xxnick 54
xxnick 54 9 days ago
You do you speak Arabic I saw your old vid
Chloe Flores
Chloe Flores 9 days ago
Hi my name is Chloe and I really want the iPhone because I want to surprise my grandpa with it because he is the only one who doesn’t have an upgraded phone he has the iPhone 6s and his home button does not even work so if someone calls him that’s the only way he can use it and I really feel bad for him
Ibrahim Rashid
Ibrahim Rashid 9 days ago
That’s my name
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 9 days ago
Wow awesome 🤩
Bridgette Ortiz
Bridgette Ortiz 9 days ago
I never knew he was LEFT HANDED I thought I was the only one Fun fact:Im the only one left handed in my family
Nathan Angel
Nathan Angel 9 days ago
does the king like comments?
Nolan Hylton
Nolan Hylton 9 days ago
I would use the shit for my dog
Sup 7503
Sup 7503 9 days ago
Pt 3
Mayed Alameri
Mayed Alameri 9 days ago
I speck Arabic
Mayed Alameri
Mayed Alameri 9 days ago
I’m from UAE
Where can we buy this gadgets
Wavvy Domm
Wavvy Domm 9 days ago
FaZe Rug say wassup if you see this
LANGDON WULFF 9 days ago
Respond to me if you saw this comment