Testing Viral Minecraft Myths To See If They're Real 

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Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
LoverFella 7 days ago
Reply with a Cursed Thumbnail Idea :)
snowy 69
snowy 69 15 minutes ago
Make a Steve flying on a chicken
Booogie Bear
Booogie Bear 3 hours ago
Maybe combining zombie head with tnt to make a zombie killer
cleetus 7 hours ago
azizi loubna
azizi loubna 10 hours ago
A 🍌
Bumbo Jumbo
Bumbo Jumbo 12 hours ago
Piston on the side top of the door and the other half the piston extended, extend only the top part of the door
John Manuel Pertimos
John Manuel Pertimos 34 minutes ago
There's wrong at the cursed thumbnail, the piston should push XD
Tian Wu Chon Culla
Just like this it's that easy to make me happy
le viale
le viale Hour ago
Every one : hE DiDNt pUt HAy me: dude watch the full skip the tutorial video
Cristian Cortez
They’re having..... They’re in love Lol that big silence
Christian Becker
Christian Becker 2 hours ago
boat sprint does work
AJ Scalo
AJ Scalo 2 hours ago
Anyone who watched the actual xp bottle vid he says it doesn't work
Quantuan _3
Quantuan _3 2 hours ago
Yo baldonic
Red Ryly Cruz
Red Ryly Cruz 2 hours ago
Skip the tutorial is myth busting you did not listen including bionic
༒G.I.G.N søldier pubgx ssb2 シ༒
You suck at doing mlg lava stuff
random videos ye
random videos ye 3 hours ago
That is BIONIC And he was Doing the same video as you
ABritish Britain
ABritish Britain 3 hours ago
The flying parrot one is real, it’s happened to me before
Gabriel Pierson
Gabriel Pierson 3 hours ago
He looks exactly like sypher pk
Mick Andrews
Mick Andrews 4 hours ago
This is a hack I literally did prematurely but it worked when you start suffocating in the wall log out you’ll be teleported out of it oh and I did this in bed rock so don’t expect it to work in Java
Maci 4 hours ago
Alternate title: the worst clickbaiter of youtube makes a crap video
josh stassen ಠ_ಠ
Johnny thing nevers work
frame revenant
frame revenant 4 hours ago
You can hurt endermen with water splash potion You can use a water splash potion to extinguish fire
YaBoiChris 4 hours ago
Your testing method on the golf armor one infuriates me
frame revenant
frame revenant 4 hours ago
The Johnny name tag is a easter egg to the horror movie the shining from 1980 where a maniac also has an axe trying to kill a woman
Lawrence Ketchum
Lawrence Ketchum 4 hours ago
I Like Trains
I Like Trains 4 hours ago
the parrot one said on bedrock only
BwB Bike Wen Brothers
Here's Johnny
KyezaVG10 4 hours ago
I miss ark
SharkBate 5 hours ago
You did not put haybale down 😂
Pastelimations 6 hours ago
About the sword and axe thing, axes are better for attacking but they use up twice the usage than a sword would (because you didn’t use the axe right) Hope this helps
Yung Dusk
Yung Dusk 6 hours ago
You can have a parrot on ur shoulder while flying in bedrock
aqa Dom
aqa Dom 6 hours ago
the world hight one you need hey bells
Creeper MC
Creeper MC 7 hours ago
Lol he paused it so it looks like he says you can at 3:40 but he is faking
Douglas Bryant
Douglas Bryant 7 hours ago
No offense man but the thumbnail was bad bc the piston moved with the slabs like wot
cleetus 7 hours ago
Nate Wong
Nate Wong 7 hours ago
he didn't watch the whole lava mlg thing
qwilzy 8 hours ago
6:41 why it didn’t work: 1º: you didnt land on hay bailes (basically you take less damage if you land on hay bailes) 2º: you were above the max height 10:55 come on man everybody knows that it doesn’t matter which tipe of block you place the sugar cane on, they all grow the same
IamSkilled 8 hours ago
This dude legit doesnt know how minecraft works
Anthony Alicea
Anthony Alicea 8 hours ago
3:02 test 2 it didn’t even have anything in it
ant pix
ant pix 8 hours ago
i just saw the cover of the video ....
king noob
king noob 9 hours ago
He said with hay bails with the falling
Dark_Dragon1234 9 hours ago
The lava logout hack was used by me in ALL my survival worlds
Asure Gt
Asure Gt 9 hours ago
Bonc was in the vid yey
Arijus Čebatariūnas
The one with exp bottles is actually true. Trowing them up gives you more exp.
El 13
El 13 10 hours ago
the elytra flight with parrot litteralyy also said bedrock edition, u just dumb
Just Ice
Just Ice 10 hours ago
he did the xp test wrong. in the vid the guy was talking about splash potion duration times, not exp r\mildlyinfuriating
Sneakyninja 10 hours ago
The lava bucket mlg works but you have to fall from a hight that doesnt Kill you
L&M fish
L&M fish 10 hours ago
What shader is this
Nothing 971
Nothing 971 10 hours ago
He said myth busters he wasn’t wrong with the sand it’s false also they the same speed
SavageDyl K
SavageDyl K 10 hours ago
That explosive one was bad to me. That post was made when there was no netherite so it still might be real.
Link_the_pro 10 hours ago
Also the exp one does work you gain less the higher level you are
Claire Henderson
Claire Henderson 11 hours ago
the no taking damage from netherite is bionic
L B 11 hours ago
You did the bionic one wrong
Dogi 12 hours ago
Thumbnail is cursed u can literly put a slab on a slab
Marcus Nathan Bacani
Bionic this vid
Tedgar 12 hours ago
It is just me or is this sped up ?
Ants Empire
Ants Empire 12 hours ago
Ribbital 12 hours ago
Just found this EST BOI AND YESSSSS
Smile Games
Smile Games 12 hours ago
;~; new face lol
LeafyAnimation 12 hours ago
The 3 people I recognize is max fall : Bionic Chicken with all seeds: subs world Boat hunger one : SkipTheTutorial
Pototo101 12 hours ago
I like how he completely ignores the bedrock only sign on the elytra parrot one
Out Liner
Out Liner 13 hours ago
i hate you
Winzzord 13 hours ago
I thought this was Sypher PK😂
William Hofsteede
William Hofsteede 13 hours ago
Bruh the boat one hundred percent works
KarlGamingTV 13 hours ago
Me: Looses braincells because of thumbnail Also: losing braincells at the video of course work but LoverFella doesnt take more investigation and FRUSTRATION
T3troi 13 hours ago
The glass bottles damage the fish SMH
Indian Gamer Clan
Indian Gamer Clan 13 hours ago
Nicolas Lawrence
Nicolas Lawrence 13 hours ago
Dude when he test bionic he didn’t use hay bales :/
Mobile Abbes
Mobile Abbes 13 hours ago
I watch two of the people mentioned in the video
Connor Wells
Connor Wells 13 hours ago
bruh the parrot one said bedrock edition
Mathias Rustad Larsen
Shoaib Khan
Shoaib Khan 13 hours ago
You can break bedrock By putting bamboo under bedrock and bone meal bamboo
Gaming with Arabツ
Gaming with Arabツ 14 hours ago
anesu chinembiri
anesu chinembiri 14 hours ago
plz do this hack if a skeletons bow breaks it will still shoot true
dragonglassfire 14 hours ago
Bruh he said hay bale and it's TRUE look at dreams manhunt
Talented Playzz
Talented Playzz 14 hours ago
U know the sugarcane part he put the frickin sugarcane later on the sand thats why ot growed slower
قناة عون
قناة عون 14 hours ago
U BALED ON THE HAYBALES i men u forgot the haybales for the netherite and feather falling boots
experienced loser
experienced loser 14 hours ago
IT WAS IN BEDROCK for the parrot
Ronexenthor123 Buencamino
6:40....the time before he land and an Ad plays...Niiiice
Marjereth Torres
Marjereth Torres 15 hours ago
Skip the tutorial and sub
Polok Mingua
Polok Mingua 15 hours ago
Lover fella you did not listen to bionic you forgot to place the hay bales
MILTON JUNIOR 15 hours ago
Btw I dont have to watch the lava bucked clutch because I've seen one of my friends do it
Rio Gonzales
Rio Gonzales 15 hours ago
carrot 15 hours ago
Guy's an idiot
Fart Poop
Fart Poop 15 hours ago
Minecraft players: lava does not break ur fall Terraia players: MLG lava bucket
Ronnie Headford
Ronnie Headford 15 hours ago
Bionic is there 6:26
Conan Otoole
Conan Otoole 15 hours ago
Anyone else think the Johnny/vindicator thing might be good for an automatic farm?
Matt Nguyen
Matt Nguyen 15 hours ago
8:30 the amount of exp you get is randomized for each bottle
xeek 123
xeek 123 15 hours ago
Did you really think that gold is better netherite.THAT COMMENT WAS ONE YEAR AGO!
Merited Guitar
Merited Guitar 15 hours ago
Bionic is pogg
Rust The Wolf
Rust The Wolf 15 hours ago
everyone knows about it its not myths
OP_EnderHero BG
OP_EnderHero BG 15 hours ago
6:33 you did it wrong They got hay
Syed Shaheer Sami
Syed Shaheer Sami 16 hours ago
No intro just threw me straight into the vid. Love this guy! So different from all the misleading youtubers!
kensgamingchannel 16 hours ago
You CAN lava clutch but lava will still take fall damage,pls read this
George Meyer
George Meyer 16 hours ago
7:6 did it only get me
STM_TOXSICK _ 16 hours ago
The one where you tried where you fell from build limit you didn’t place a haybale
Nicholas Wakefield
Nicholas Wakefield 16 hours ago
He got most from skip
FreeMidas 16 hours ago
Wjy he talk so fast
Liwin Try
Liwin Try 17 hours ago
9:46 it said on bedrock editions only
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios 17 hours ago
This is 69,420th time you’ve done this
Miggy Azucenas
Miggy Azucenas 18 hours ago
My man color a sheep blue and red and spawn a evoker and the sheep is changing color
BIVA Niroula
BIVA Niroula 18 hours ago
6:20 BIONIC!?
White 18 hours ago
The reddit comment was from a year ago, and netherite armour wasnt there yet, so idk...
CJ 18 hours ago
Did he just react to Bonc!?!?
Drivers License - SNL
Drivers License - SNL