Testing Illegal Minecraft Tricks That 100% WORK! 

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Apr 29, 2021




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Nourhan El ferri
Nourhan El ferri 24 minutes ago
If you are in bedrock... I don't know
Nourhan El ferri
Nourhan El ferri 27 minutes ago
The sponge thing works only in bedrock I tried and it worked but it goes away when you go very far away or leave
Dexter del Valle
I know about Redzone but want to call myself like an expert but there’s like actually a push limit for the piston so that’s why the bridge stopped that’s why
Hayley Curry
Hayley Curry Hour ago
It was gold ore
Isabelle Pfitzner
Isabelle Pfitzner 2 hours ago
YOU CALLED THE GOLD A DIMOND!😹😹😹😹😹😸😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
France Paradero
France Paradero 3 hours ago
12:55 He said diamond ore in a gold ore😂😂😂
France Paradero
France Paradero 3 hours ago
France Paradero
France Paradero 3 hours ago
21:53 i mean
Gaming with atmos
Gaming with atmos 4 hours ago
The diamond wave thing is supposed to duplicate but it takes time
paipoglide 5 hours ago
10:4 The fact that he didn’t take any fall damage kinda makes it look like a scam because he was flying...?
Paul Newman
Paul Newman 6 hours ago
Me talking to my friends Me: I have a awesome best friend My friends:who Me: Unspeakable 😜😜🤣😂
Putu Paramita Dewi
Putu Paramita Dewi 7 hours ago
H OC 8 hours ago
H OC 8 hours ago
A piston can push a certain amount of blocks
Alex Caranto
Alex Caranto 8 hours ago
He called a gold ore diamond ore
Kenneth Cajayon
Kenneth Cajayon 8 hours ago
Its like a piston car or worm
Juliana Rasmijn
Juliana Rasmijn 9 hours ago
He said that at the beginning
Jess Jomar Caraca
Jess Jomar Caraca 10 hours ago
well actually the hack with the floating water works for me
Desmen Allen
Desmen Allen 12 hours ago
The eye scanning door doesn't work in my Minecraft game!!!!
james cole
james cole 12 hours ago
It’s gold not diamonds
Dawn Slone
Dawn Slone 15 hours ago
Jasper Fong
Jasper Fong 17 hours ago
goodbye to you
James Steward
James Steward 17 hours ago
yor osom
Honeybeeboba YT
10:14 I knew this was fake because they never lost any health
Nina Subotic
Nina Subotic Day ago
Omg i love unspeakable
Irham Arrayyan
I didn't noticed his shirt changing for like ten minutes
Sherly Buksh
Sherly Buksh Day ago
When you had to do the infinite diamonds you had to put One diamond
Jsamtheman Day ago
Wassup people
Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith Day ago
I have seen shark do life hack number 2
I am subscribed I get to be ur friend!!!!
Jason Woodalls world and more
11:19 I saw that one
Lauren Denham
Now you need to make a house with all of those cool hacks!
Carlotta Pauli
That’s awesome
Kellie Towner
Kellie Towner 2 days ago
You should make a bridge that goes across lather or water that’s not in a talk tick-tock but don’t do it on a mod please and cool the tick-tock thing call the video tick-tock to
GD Aslab78
GD Aslab78 2 days ago
7:18 i think you are supposed to put the dried kelp in the composter.
Sweet Ceana
Sweet Ceana 2 days ago
Just for you to know Unspeakable. I’m not good at redstone builds.😐 meh.
Jakub gamez
Jakub gamez 2 days ago
Luke Loga
Luke Loga 2 days ago
1811paige 2 days ago
High unspeakable
4:54 : Idk why u would need this? me: FOR OBBYS
Oliver Strickler
Oliver Strickler 2 days ago
Classnovation Skillslearningcentre
Let’s go to shark Please everyone...!?
Classnovation Skillslearningcentre
Im very confused I don’t know what hes doing? Maybe I will get my car !
Iman Malaeb
Iman Malaeb 2 days ago
Crash another car
Montrel I├▒aki Villon
The wave trick is not a wave it’s a block cloner
Ronald Gege Gonzales
lmfao kid
Ma. Phernor Palles
Yay! I'm ur bestie
Djowenna Yusoff
Djowenna Yusoff 3 days ago
Tyrone ganas
Tyrone ganas 3 days ago
razziibrahim 3 days ago
Lauren Salafai
Lauren Salafai 3 days ago
M I N T Y C A T 3 days ago
POV:a minecraft player thought he could build dis on survival mode
Gaming With Ojenroc456
Unspeakable, number 3 was in pocket edition aka bedrock edition of Minecraft, since you tested it in Java there was different results.
Minju Jacob
Minju Jacob 3 days ago
Licea Gaming
Licea Gaming 3 days ago
12:52 my dude that’s a gold ore
Brandon Tapia
Brandon Tapia 3 days ago
Try bedrock edition
Rose Crawford
Rose Crawford 3 days ago
Poop I said that so wrong I am your best friend because I am subscribed I am your best friend because you can help me search up my name Eva Crawford and you will see that one was wrong on the top sorry sorry sorry
Rose Crawford
Rose Crawford 3 days ago
You’re my best friend because I subscribed you’re my best friend because my user name is literally you can literally just search it up it’s really called Rose Crawford
FNAF Gamer
FNAF Gamer 3 days ago
Rufis Khan
Rufis Khan 3 days ago
The eye scanning door opens at random times it fleas the work
Wolf King
Wolf King 3 days ago
No offence Preston ahahah
Xzavierroxxane 3 days ago
Maybe its in bedrock edition- or idk
Žiga Trček
Žiga Trček 3 days ago
How did he not see the pufferfish dead?
alida flus
alida flus 3 days ago
BTW I made an auto regen basalt room maker withe a nether portal that re-lights :D
Wisterz YT
Wisterz YT 3 days ago
I love when he said IT DIDINT WORK!
eren jeager
eren jeager 3 days ago
The floating water is only works in my minecraft
alida flus
alida flus 3 days ago
Young a olq
CorrodedWasTaken 3 days ago
WoW I usually watch Dream or Technoblade nowadays but this cool Edit: who can relate to when they were smaller they watched this but nowadays you watch yt who swear LMAO
Noorbalqis Ali
Noorbalqis Ali 4 days ago
Dung 4 days ago
Diamond ore 😂
Zeah Danola
Zeah Danola 4 days ago
Why fake or real
Harmony H
Harmony H 4 days ago
but i am you best friend
All these are true I’m sorry but your a noob
Dog Sauce
Dog Sauce 4 days ago
The basalt generator stopped working because the pistons got to their push limit which is 12 blocks.
Victor Zhilevich
Victor Zhilevich 4 days ago
Correctshens gold ore
Jessica Nehrlich
Jessica Nehrlich 4 days ago
No memes for me!
Jessica Nehrlich
Jessica Nehrlich 4 days ago
No memes
I am new and love your videos
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 days ago
The Diament dancing yeah you can put a form in front of vision and you rolled in then in then you were like incident form of food
Peggy Hanian
Peggy Hanian 4 days ago
Rick Doucette
Rick Doucette 4 days ago
the infinite diamonds the guy who did it was A FROG
John Pohlmann
John Pohlmann 4 days ago
Ya I agree
Mustafa Bilen
Mustafa Bilen 4 days ago
What did you say __ip
Mustafa Bilen
Mustafa Bilen 4 days ago
Young a olq
Mustafa Bilen
Mustafa Bilen 4 days ago
That. #*@# awesime
SecretAgentE 4 days ago
I saw someone else doing the piston flying thing too and they were standing in a certain position on the bottom piston
SecretAgentE 4 days ago
Piston maximum number of blocks is 12
Annie Basinger
Annie Basinger 4 days ago
That was gold
Machele Staehler
Machele Staehler 4 days ago
I bet that piston thing works on bedrock adishon
Joe Crone
Joe Crone 4 days ago
The sponge trick does work
Anood Anood
Anood Anood 4 days ago
Nevzat Nevzati
Nevzat Nevzati 4 days ago
i like how he siad 100 pers-cent work than 1 fails
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Day ago
Yay! I'm ur bestie
Agent Ryan
Agent Ryan 4 days ago
3:20 Fliiip IS in The bedrock.edition.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 3 days ago
How come I subbed and you’re not my best friend?! 0:17
Karen Allan
Karen Allan 5 days ago
Why did you use gold when you said you would use diamonds?
Adrian Hadid
Adrian Hadid 5 days ago
The Diament dancing yeah you can put a form in front of vision and you rolled in then in then you were like incident form of food
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 days ago
Him: sees Golden ore and he said Diamond ore Me: she color blind
Stephanie Waller
Stephanie Waller 3 days ago
Amy Gimoto
Amy Gimoto 5 days ago
how did you know that I will do that
Aryan Syadid
Aryan Syadid 5 days ago
Why not u do a Minecraft tips vid
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 days ago
U idiot it gold
GlaiedZylus Aberin
Unspekable the floating water works
carmen rodriguez
carmen rodriguez 5 days ago
and kiinda dum dums
carmen rodriguez
carmen rodriguez 5 days ago
ur annoying
carmen rodriguez
carmen rodriguez 5 days ago
I don't like u
0i Games
0i Games 5 days ago