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i tested a viral hack on my girlfriend #Shorts


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Apr 27, 2021




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StrawZ 10 minutes ago
This guy looks like he would call out of work to go to a job interview
Nalani Yoshino
Nalani Yoshino 52 minutes ago
My question is does not know how it works
Nalani Yoshino
Nalani Yoshino 51 minute ago
It being the toilet
jaewardtattoo Hour ago
All good to you decided to take a piss in your blue toilet water
Yukitoka Yuhira
Yukitoka Yuhira 2 hours ago
Are you rapping?
Aflah KV
Aflah KV 2 hours ago
Jerome Ting
Jerome Ting 2 hours ago
At least this guy makes videos that are funny as compared to others who try to impress you and are just cringe
Bobbie Boi
Bobbie Boi 2 hours ago
there's no space in between sentences.its like this.i get that there's a limited time but I don't think you have to overlap you're words
Raymond Fortunato
Raymond Fortunato 3 hours ago
These videos make me feel like I’m being yelled at
thatboyreid 3 hours ago
Omg dude this guy talking is so annoying
Pumpkin Boi
Pumpkin Boi 4 hours ago
I feel weird whenever these types of videos have no skip to sentences and just transition back to back.
Vincent Mosquito
Vincent Mosquito 4 hours ago
Fun fact: The camera man is his gf.
πGaming_boiπ Time}
Tictok is a place for *Cringe* *Fun* *Evil* *Alien* Srry im not being mean tictok is like suck evil and cringe dont believe in tictok:) had a nice day
Dash 4 hours ago
i admit even though this was kinda cringe it made me giggle
Britney 5 hours ago
Fab-u-lu-so pronunciation
A50ftfall 7 hours ago
I mean there's no reason why it shouldn't work it's just a fragrance as long as it's not too acidic or basic it shouldn't cause damage to your toilet the only thing I'd be considering about is leaving that plastic bottle in there that could chip off and cause a clog but that would take like years I've done this before I've poured fragrance into the top of the toilet and just flush it a couple times the flush out the uh stench
Gogogo 7 hours ago
The end 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Davian Gaxiola
Davian Gaxiola 7 hours ago
How much adderall did you take my good sir?
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 8 hours ago
It’s a good thing the toilet smell good
pUPPY Kicker
pUPPY Kicker 9 hours ago
How have you not wandered out into traffic yet?
Amira Mccauley
Amira Mccauley 9 hours ago
boy bye that is a good idea lol
TSC Avoid
TSC Avoid 9 hours ago
The ending😂
Is she really using a fucking mask in your house 😐
Nicke Picke
Nicke Picke 11 hours ago
I knew that the water sitting in the toiler was to stop then smell to come out when I was 12 boi tiktok users are officialy brain dead
CHEESE 11 hours ago
He did not stop talking for 1 second
Giganotosaur 314
Giganotosaur 314 11 hours ago
When using this hack, don't forget to take the label off the bottle, for the constant empting and filling will most likely strip it at some point and harm your toilet. I actually do know how toilets work, and no if the bottle is big and fits snugly into the space without moving your toilet should be fine. This hack will not work for all toilets, for those without a well like those found in RVs, trailers, and commercial toilets, there is a stone and a pod for this, I usually use the one made by Strubing Bubbles, but other manufacturers make it too. Just follow the introductions for application and it will turn your toilet water blue.
Galactical Boi
Galactical Boi 11 hours ago
When you try to copy the robot voice
Braden Ralph
Braden Ralph 13 hours ago
Texting Legends
Texting Legends 13 hours ago
It also dosent smell like shit
Frank Moran
Frank Moran 14 hours ago
The fact that you thought it could break the toilet......your girlfriend isn't with you because your a smart, successful or capable man. That is NOT why.
Sheelay Aung
Sheelay Aung 14 hours ago
My sis always do that
Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale 14 hours ago
... how has she not Broken up with you already
StarArcade A T Groves
Her after:like you
🛐i love cleaning🛐
okay but whys wearing her mask IN YHE HOUSE-
Sturmgechu 16 hours ago
I can’t believe this actually wnoorwked I got to show my Dsaod he can have a clean toilet
Will Garcia
Will Garcia 16 hours ago
Take your mask off
Tac 13
Tac 13 18 hours ago
This was perhaps the most annoying video I’ve ever seen
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT 18 hours ago
How does this dude have a goddamn girlfriend
Mr man man duck duck duck
Where Is DR antincringe when you need him.
spartalives 18 hours ago
Moron action at work right here. Everton who’s cleans a bathroom know about fabuloso.
Seth Hansen
Seth Hansen 18 hours ago
Take your mask down 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
epicebossman 19 hours ago
Its baffling how this buffoon dosent know the invention of small balls you put in your toilet
Michael Gillette
Michael Gillette 19 hours ago
C r I n ge
Laurence Higgins
Laurence Higgins 19 hours ago
Wearing a mask in your own home? Tell me you’re a liberal without telling me you’re a liberal
Hozic 19 hours ago
Kenneth Tevar
Kenneth Tevar 19 hours ago
He is the type of guy who are trying to find out if horse if faster that a burger but expect the burger to be fast because it's fast food
nady jose villar tavarez
Hahaha Fabuloso is just detergent for mosaics and cement floors
KokeyPlays 21 hour ago
Tf did i just watched
Cesar Estrada
Cesar Estrada 21 hour ago
Sound alike you gotta smelly girl
POV:you're stupid
Johnydakiddd Day ago
ItsMim Day ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh too many words, so many voices
Ardelya Edelyne
Umm ye in my country pretty much everyone does that now ik where they put the blue thing in:D
kap0709 Day ago
This is so weird
x9x9x9 Day ago
Calm down andy sandberg
The Creative Teacher
This is why i dont install tiktok
KaioCrap Day ago
Frank DeJesus
Frank DeJesus
I love the part one you said it doesn't smell like shit
Rodricus King
😂😂😂😂😂😂 baby did u ever find out some different Her:yea the toilet Him:also it doesn’t smell like shit😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bh luissito
Bh luissito Day ago
This dude is so annoying and tries so hard to be funny and doesn’t work
Vi9vi The tik
When you said it smelled like shit I think everyone knows you made it smell like that😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Day ago
Jesus Christ it’s Gen Zs “Fred”
༒悠悠球༒ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Why must you do these things, it doesn’t make sense. And if you didn’t know this is US-first in TikTok, keep your shit in your own app.
Ryan H
Ryan H Day ago
Your flapper is bad. Its probably warped and causing the toilet to run making your water bill higher.
Le Day ago
Jesus Christ dude do you know how to end your sentences before starting a new one?
warm mxlk
warm mxlk Day ago
This is really annoying
Elias Ripley
Elias Ripley Day ago
The personification of ADHD. The editing is anxiety inducing
Rayz Rusher
Rayz Rusher Day ago
Dude can you stop assaulting my ears for one second?
crimberry between
Do you not know you could just pour the stuff into the toilet and it does the same thing but way better
ferret gaming
I have no words... it is literally toilet cleaner
Little Jack
Little Jack Day ago
Life hack pt 2 poop in the upper part of your toilet now.
BL4Z3AND Channel
That girl look like annie aot
e ༄
e ༄ Day ago
como raios eles só descobriram isso agora
Requiem Day ago
Fuck off
Liam Paterson
The toilet is blue haha
Sibayo Dlamini
Man is playing a dangerous game
Y /n
Y /n Day ago
Him: bottle of blue stuff🤪 Hispanic kids: 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽
JPWHJG Day ago
Wait, you have a girlfriend? How much are you paying her?
Akechi Day ago
I don't understand why he does everything so half assed comepared to the video...perhaps it's just comedy but it would have been less of a waste if he put the hole in or near the bottom instead of stabbing the middle of it
Ttvocitio _
Ttvocitio _ Day ago
Don’t do this it ruins your toilet
Wolfpack 3949
Did this guy just say "that's not very sanitary" about a toilet?
Armin Theron
Armin Theron Day ago
Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!!!❤️
Trash. Day ago
Devin chrishaun
This is the type of dude to have This is the type of dude comments 💀
Brendan Block
Can you stop making videos or....?
pinkprobunny Day ago
And here comes the ants
Vanni 717
Vanni 717 Day ago
This vid was one long run-on sentence. Take a bref kih
Oskie Day ago
Puddy Pudd
Puddy Pudd Day ago
How would that break the toilet 🤦🏽‍♂️
Toadstool Day ago
That's why people don't believe the Internet this days
Prasobh Prasannan
He smelled the toilet of the lady from the video he watched that's some lame ass superpower 😂😂😂
Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah Day ago
Wait let me say one word . Hippie !
Ameer Hamzah
Ameer Hamzah Day ago
This is type of guy who even smiles at someone funeral because he is amazed how people die .
kirby molina
kirby molina Day ago
Cringe reaction
Ally K
Ally K 2 days ago
Is that gonna mess up the toilet? I don’t know much about them
JJ 2 days ago
take a upper decker
Xẍ̤Mï̤ k̤̈ṳ̈ẍ̤X
Purple Mxn
Purple Mxn 2 days ago
Bro speaks in adlibs
the wolf
the wolf 2 days ago
Please shut up, i want to see the video not your reaction.
He officially quit