Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us 

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Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: us-first.info
Minx: us-first.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: us-first.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

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Nov 17, 2020




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BxB VIPER 5 minutes ago
Why anita keeps winking,whistling,do pop sound with her mouth.?
Laz 29 minutes ago
Tubbo: Where are we heading? Corpse: Straight to hell, buddy 😈 Tubbo: IDICIEODIEOOE9EOR2F9
Alastor 41 minute ago
corpse is always impostor
Physco 42 minutes ago
Where we heading big man . corpse “straight to hell buddy😈”
RepeatST 43 minutes ago
Seeing everyone say the same thing hurts me :(
elisa lola
elisa lola 46 minutes ago
botez kinda sounds like jojo siwa i love it
PrissyDe 58 minutes ago
It’s Corpse allowing Tubbo to kill and letting it slide for better protection for meeee. LMAO
Ignatious Petrie
Ignatious Petrie 59 minutes ago
Who remembers minx from Wilbur soot’s relationship game. I know I do
keuliseutin Hour ago
11:24 "hey corpse i'm haunting you" IDK WHY THIS WAS SOFUNNY LMAO
Gosu Ame Mizu
Gosu Ame Mizu Hour ago
The sound that anita made, i thought it was from my phone hahahahaha
Kartrouse Plays
Tubbo: backstabbed by Corpse Tubbo: Hold hostage Corpse instead.
Noobyfools Hour ago
Minx: "I think it's the orange guy and the white guy" Corpse: "Yeah me too" Corpse: kills minx
VibeZZ Hour ago
Botez is so damn annoying
Dylansgreat Hour ago
Can't believe you get to play with abella danger
failed abortion
corpse literally has such good timing with his kills its fucking hilarious
JonaSimp Hour ago
I have tourette syndrome, I have vocal tics though🥺
keith mccray
keith mccray Hour ago
Tubbo: "Where are we heading" Corpse: "Straight to hell buddy" chef's kiss
francisco rios
Why do I find his voice so calming
The_Red_Scare Undertale Uchiha
_5up literally got carried by a Corpse._
Keeley Clinton
Keeley Clinton 2 hours ago
Tubbo: where we going? Corpse:straight to hell! *kills*
alfedo sucksatgames
After this. I need to go back to watching minx vids
Keeley Clinton
Keeley Clinton 2 hours ago
I liked subscribed and turned on that notification bell!
Hi Just a commenter • 10 years and
I would go to hell if Corpse takes my life
Raze Faze
Raze Faze 2 hours ago
Why Anita always whistle do the *Pop* sound and blinks her right eye. I dont know her or her youtube channel
Аркадий Фурника
This is fan channel or not?
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala Hour ago
This is official. In Corpse's main channel (Corpse Husband) he linked this channel in his first Among Us video
KAI QUALLS 3 hours ago
Courage makes the funniest noises at random yet perfectly timed moments. The first one is a hilarious fading scream at 0:57 but the scream happen precisely at 1:00 The next one is at 3:19 Again at 4:40 And a fantastic scream of shock and terror at 12:03
Jack Morrissey
Jack Morrissey 3 hours ago
So, Nobody's going to point out how good his voice sounds?
Bradystvns 3 hours ago
Tubbo is amazing. Him and I would definitely get along
Rage Madd
Rage Madd 3 hours ago
Straight to hell buddy , 😂
Audri Naragon
Audri Naragon 3 hours ago
Tubbo: where we headin big man :) Corpse: straight to hell buddy💀🤣
Hara Ayuhime
Hara Ayuhime 3 hours ago
Tubbo talks so fucking much and for the first few minutes I was like "omg i can see him getting annoying real fast" but then 15 minutes in im like "you know what Tubbo is adorable as fuck. loud and annoying, but also loveable so imma let him pass" he's like the little brother that ate too much sugar and you dont know whether to whack his head lovingly or cuddle him to death lmao he's so adorable i love him
Ayessa Olid
Ayessa Olid 3 hours ago
tubbo: *talking to corpse* where are we heading ? . TOTALLY CORPSE : straight to hell buddy *stab tubbo * nice corpse hahahaxd
What is this maggotry
Crawler: Where are we heading!? Me, with four grenades: Straight to hell buddy
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox 4 hours ago
Corpse: Talks about how Anita is lovely and how he respect her Also corpse: so yea, enjoy me killing my new friends again
kween. 🥺🙃😌. periodt. 💗💜
is this actually corpses channel?
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala Hour ago
This is official channel. In Corpse's main channel (Corpse Husband) he linked this channel in his first Among Us video
Israel Torres
Israel Torres 4 hours ago
poor tubbo trying to be friendly than corpse is literal satan
Dasavage Mcgee
Dasavage Mcgee 4 hours ago
how do you get proxmitity chat
KidsDailyNews 4 hours ago
"Corpse where we going " "staring to he'll"
Woof woof Waffles
Woof woof Waffles 4 hours ago
My favorite part 4:37
Emily Calderon
Emily Calderon 4 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about how 5up just killed in front of everybody and no one said anything? 4:30
Nancy Mares
Nancy Mares 4 hours ago
Corpse you should try sf6 you suck it all in and breath out and it makes your voice even deeper
Ali Mier
Ali Mier 4 hours ago
Tubbo: where are we going? CORSPE: straight to hell buddy *stabs
Emily Calderon
Emily Calderon 4 hours ago
Corpse and tubbo together is EVERYTHING
Universal stop motion
T u b b
Zero 4 hours ago
I'm surprised during the 2nd game, no one pointed out that after the double near lights, Corpse said that he "split off" from 5up and Tubbo, but Minx found both bodies on the way to lights, meaning that if Corpse, 5up, and Tubbo were together, there would be no chance of a split off, cuz they are all going to the same direction. Plus, they have proximity chat, so there is basically no chance of a split off with lights off especially with all of them going in the same direction. And with Courage claiming that whoever is in O2 was the impostor, that should have basically proven that it is both Corpse and Ze, since Ze later admitted that he was in O2.
Kartik Gaur
Kartik Gaur 4 hours ago
What is happening to Anita why is she doing those weird things
Winger709 4 hours ago
Damn. Way better than those fuckin "TiK tOk sTaRs" god they were annoying. I couldn't finish the vid.
tristan katelnikoff
Am I the only one that thinks corpse is the same guy off tik tok that had a super deep voice and like tattoos
Emily Calderon
Emily Calderon 5 hours ago
Ahhh I love anita ❤❤
Cøntent UNKNOWN 5 hours ago
Where do you get the wolf ears?
LoveLoveLive ss
LoveLoveLive ss 5 hours ago
Is this an official channel?
Eli Cat
Eli Cat 5 hours ago
Woah 7mil wth, nice!
Prince Diwa
Prince Diwa 5 hours ago
Tubbo:Where we head'in? Big man? Corpse:Straight to hell buddy Me:Wtf that was savage😂
Will Lehman
Will Lehman 5 hours ago
I love Anita she’s epic
Gabriella Whipkey
Gabriella Whipkey 5 hours ago
I wish I could play with you in among us
Shadow Animation
Shadow Animation 5 hours ago
Great strategy to be not sus: *stay silent*
Herosteve 5 hours ago
Where we going? Straight to hell buddy
Songs from Saturn
Songs from Saturn 5 hours ago
Ok are we not gonna talk about how pink and yellow were huddled around White’s body
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 5 hours ago
5up (pink) was the other imposter and was distracting yellow from reporting the body by yelling about another body that was in the office (courage that got killed by corpse). And right after yellow got killed by pink
Zoe Barrett
Zoe Barrett 5 hours ago
I know this is kinda random. But I love your videos! They always make my day:) your doing an amazing job and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Vivi Burger
Vivi Burger 5 hours ago
Wait? Did corpse say he likes the raiders? Yeah! He bleeds Silver and Black! Just love that Autumn Wind.
х I'м ьаьу х
Him: **starts talking** Me: "WoAh, that was DEEP. It's cool 😃"
caitlinjane92 6 hours ago
This is my first video I've watched of yours in which I've heard you laughing, and I gotta tell you, I was not expecting your laugh to sound so different from your speaking voice, LOL! You're just full of surprises and I like it.
glaze 6 hours ago
botez’s voice is so cute
I Eat Garbage
I Eat Garbage 6 hours ago
The thing on Corpse in all of the thumbnails looks just like it could be from a newgrounds game
Nom Vongphichith
Nom Vongphichith 6 hours ago
With that voice it makes it scary if your next to a campfire with the boys in the woods
TheJoker 6 hours ago
Is that his real voice or a voice changer
Rebecca Gray
Rebecca Gray 7 hours ago
Is this an actual account owned by corpse
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 5 hours ago
Yup, it was confirmed by corpse in a livestream. And he wasn't streaming during this game so having it from his pov is also evidence
Samuel Saban
Samuel Saban 7 hours ago
is it just me or does botez sound like sommer ray??
POG PHROG 7 hours ago
How tf is corpse always impostor
SUP3R shadøw
SUP3R shadøw 7 hours ago
Love watching corpse cheat.
Shine 7 hours ago
Tubbo: Hi corpse Corspe: Hey how are you Tubbo: aye what’s up Corspe: Just Chillin Tubbo: where we heading big man Corspe: straight to hell buddy XD freaking funny mate
Save Point
Save Point 7 hours ago
I love how he was hovering the kill button while that whole conversation went down
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 7 hours ago
Tubbo - Hey CORPSE, where we heading? CORPSE - straight to hell buddy Tubbo - *Confused Screaming*
Kailea Keliikoa-Lee
awe i feel so bad for tubo also who else knows tubo from dream smp
Jessica Hallick
Jessica Hallick 7 hours ago
Tubbo: "Where we headin', big man?" Corpse: "Straight to hell, buddy." I died xD omg the betrayal after all that time and for the win too. This looks so fun with proximity chat
rachel atkinson
rachel atkinson 7 hours ago
Corpse’s laugh becomes funny and weird, at 4:47, when you turn playback speed to the slowest setting.
AshLeSnek 7 hours ago
I find anitas random noises and whistles very comforting. That is all. Goodbye
Heaven Yeah
Heaven Yeah 7 hours ago
Top 10 greatest betrayal of all time: 5:01
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 7 hours ago
5:10 be like mm tasty lava "dude that's my blood"
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson 8 hours ago
Corpse and Tubbos friendship in these is something I didn’t actually ask for but something that I realized I needed
Kaitu 8 hours ago
Tubbo is funny ngl
Kuroo Tetsurō
Kuroo Tetsurō 8 hours ago
No one is gunna talk about how 5up was hiring HIT MEN
シdrewoyka 8 hours ago
since no one said anita is kinda 🐦
Mason J Foley
Mason J Foley 8 hours ago
yes it is
Mason J Foley
Mason J Foley 8 hours ago
Mason J Foley
Mason J Foley 8 hours ago
it 100%
Mason J Foley
Mason J Foley 8 hours ago
Tubbl sus
Mara Heyer
Mara Heyer 9 hours ago
He’s so nice
Choog 9 hours ago
dude the crazy hamburger music i nthe backround throws me off
vivica reuter
vivica reuter 9 hours ago
21:18 got me dead 💀 ”I struck a few deals also...”
• Ꝅeiroꝃie̱Playz •
I like how corpse can just get away with murder so easily
Syksy 9 hours ago
Tubbo just knows how to keep this game so entertaining to watch haha
MegaBobbe 9 hours ago
kai mitchell
kai mitchell 9 hours ago
wait so did no one else notice that courage called anita's tic an "annoying ass yoshi sound" ........ uhhhh ......
VV City
VV City 9 hours ago
How do I do that
noel johan
noel johan 9 hours ago
Your voice, holy shit. Are you pumping extra testosterone???
Leo LikesAnime
Leo LikesAnime 10 hours ago
HighGround_ _
HighGround_ _ 10 hours ago
Holy shit Botez’s voice is so fucking annoying holy
lamessa muhammad
lamessa muhammad 10 hours ago
The only thing that got me to click the video was the thumbnail
Yamaguchi Tadashi
Yamaguchi Tadashi 10 hours ago
Straight to hell buddy -Corpse2020
Lyric Parker
Lyric Parker 10 hours ago
The girl with the ticks is adorable
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