Temptation Island is mental 

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I recently watched Temptation island season 1 and it's insane.
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Feb 24, 2021




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Aaron Bradshaw
Aaron Bradshaw 2 hours ago
God, why do they all spell their names in the most annoying way?
Sami 4 hours ago
This video is funny and all yeah yeah, but...wtfff was that nightmare fuel at 10:17 ?!?
CoolGameBro 5 hours ago
its cool how you can create comedy out of basically thin air. Very amazing bro love ya
Caedmon Arguello
Caedmon Arguello 16 hours ago
How come when I watch ur videos I get ads for my depression
VanDamnSon 19 hours ago
I dont think those women are really regular. They are pretty hot
DooDoo 55
DooDoo 55 22 hours ago
you either get the white women crying shows or the black women fighting shows
Purrpleramen Day ago
You are too funny man 😂
Rachel T.
Rachel T. Day ago
What does that bottle blond mean by "not an alpha"? How exactly does she measure it? As far as I know, it's more of a mindset.
DoterDesign Day ago
We have this show in Belgium and we're past season 12 by now. The singles consist of mostly bimbos and really buff guys.
A3 Day ago
Brittney was pretty bad, tho.
theconnor89 Day ago
raven thomis
raven thomis Day ago
omf men talking just annoys the hell out of me. like we need commentary, from a 20 something privileged male! LOL
TechWizz Day ago
I had no expectations when I clicked this video but damn you are funny man!
austin m
austin m Day ago
i went to high school with one of the girls on the show. shes an absolute idiot hahaha
Ruth Broderick
and your show is deep, introspective and informative you WHITE LADY you
RykerDavis 2 days ago
Age gap? Bro. 10 years is an age gap
sno86 2 days ago
6:35 the pose is so bad
good idea on a show, copyright that right the fuck now. its gonna be a hit
Sienna May
Sienna May 2 days ago
Great video, so funny! This is the 1 show where I'm questioning whether of not I'm a nice person :') It's really low in terms of morality.
XIIIXIIXL 2 days ago
LOL « regular ass people » I’m fucking crying laughing
Samuel Perez
Samuel Perez 2 days ago
Wtf the premise sounds like a bad adult novel
Sasataf 3 days ago
I wanna live where Noel lives if he thinks those singles are 4's.
Don Yates
Don Yates Day ago
I mean, without all the makeup and lighting they are probably closer to 4 than to 10. And that’s disregarding any plastic surgery they may have had.
Mack Dlite
Mack Dlite 3 days ago
LOL models for Kohls (BTW woulda been a great time to drop a sponsored by Kohls ad)
luvlaken 3 days ago
are you and cody not friends anymore? ya'll are more funny together
Christopher Long
Christopher Long 3 days ago
0:55 is that shaq with that kardashian woman? the porno girl?
BBC69BBC 4 days ago
The commentary so good I literally had to stop watching the video and go watch the show Arnold voice “I’ll be back”
kasa 5 days ago
When you sign into one of these shows, you basically agreeing to be emotionally tortured and your reputation tarnished. I mean even if you don't do anything significant, you can bet that editing team will do something. And any "relationship" you get from these shows is almost 100% sure to fail, or in this case your current relationship is going to fail :D
Natalia Mirochnitchenko
you're totes right about the reptilian eyes though LOLLL
Natalia Mirochnitchenko
OK....Those people are a 4? I would love to know how you would rank youself? Please do us the honour. Dude...you are in dire need of some introspection lol...you are funny, yes, but kind of out of touch lol so ya....how much on 10 do you give yourself?
Isiaha Alejandro
Isiaha Alejandro 5 days ago
That fucking show is a whole ass trigger warning for shitty relationships
BEAST NYC 5 days ago
5:50 - these types of men no need any show - they swipe right 100 times, and they get 200 matches....
vonblunder 6 days ago
if these singles seems "standard" to you, you don't live in the real world
Osaruese Osato
Osaruese Osato 6 days ago
I love this guy...
John Cummings
John Cummings 6 days ago
yo this popped up in my recommendations and i gotta say your commentary is funny as fuck
Ally Woods
Ally Woods 6 days ago
15 seconds in with misogyny jezusssss
Joe McCloskey
Joe McCloskey 6 days ago
These guys came jetskiing with my company last year
Jim Kipila
Jim Kipila 6 days ago
Bring back love island with Cody!
Orcaryyy Liam
Orcaryyy Liam 7 days ago
i actually wanna see this show now...so painfull its act good
Sophia Castano
Sophia Castano 7 days ago
Listening to you talk into that clear mic with those eyes is in itself Temptation Island. Subscribed!
Filip Stanciucu
Filip Stanciucu 7 days ago
maybe stop covering these shows... you re just as bad even though you re criticising them
Catherine Diaz
Catherine Diaz 7 days ago
the challenge
OEThe11 7 days ago
This show is Toxic As Fuck, but it's sooooooooooo good. You should see season 2 and this current season.
Charli V
Charli V 7 days ago
the plot twist is that all those people are actually just 3D printed AIs and they actually are just various defaults
Akumi 7 days ago
This show sort of reminds me of Domestic Girlfriend
Nona Soleil
Nona Soleil 7 days ago
10:17 That scared the shit out of me
Hamza Muhammad
Hamza Muhammad 7 days ago
so 25 and 32 is a age gap?
thevintagerose 7 days ago
Walmart Mark Walberg Walmarkberg
thomas heller
thomas heller 8 days ago
You're hilarious!
Murphy Lazar
Murphy Lazar 8 days ago
31 and 25 is a big age gap? Lol huh?
aaron eichhorn
aaron eichhorn 8 days ago
I worked with Evan in Hawai’i in a Chipotle knockoff called “Wiki-Fresh”. This guy was no joke one of the most bro bro’s I’ve ever met. Working out all day every day, social media obsessed kinda guy. Truly hilarious to see him here.
Hymen 5 days ago
Also ended up being a bit of a psycho.
No_Handle 9 days ago
bro im gonna sub off the crying woman tv thing alone. that shit is the term ive been searching for for that bullshit
Jack Tejre MLGY
Jack Tejre MLGY 9 days ago
you speak slow af
Minh Bui
Minh Bui 9 days ago
Clark Kent on temptation island?
Mollie Elizebeth
Mollie Elizebeth 9 days ago
The end where he explained his version of the show.. call it “Love is a Battlefield”
Alysha 9 days ago
"Daddy I learnt to throw an axe on tik Tok"
MythMethuselah 9 days ago
7'5"??? Bruh, we're gonna need magic beans to take height measurements in future.
PxL TV 9 days ago
I could watch your reviews of these shows all damn day lmao
Derek Nechka
Derek Nechka 9 days ago
This channel is like if Kurtis Conner was filipino and shaved his head. Im In.
Emily Merz
Emily Merz 9 days ago
Reptilian eyes! 😂😂😂👏👏👏
Ivan Bukac
Ivan Bukac 9 days ago
"The most regular people you've seen in your entire life" Ok dude. Fucking killing me right no lmao. Subscribed. Had soo much fun watching this video and we aren't even half way in.
Ivan Bukac
Ivan Bukac 9 days ago
The thought that they are just "elaborate schemes to get women to cry on camera" is so fucking hilarious. Instant like my dude.
Laura Holloway
Laura Holloway 10 days ago
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Jaggs 10 days ago
This is where the dummies go when they've been kicked out of everywhere else.Sad.
Mellissa Hambides
Mellissa Hambides 10 days ago
"Why do we need to make these shows so much about emotional terror? - Why not PHYSICAL TERROR?"
Eden Parzygnat
Eden Parzygnat 10 days ago
ur too funny bro
One Sound
One Sound 10 days ago
This show gives off serious Survivor vibes...
TheHeroicstories 10 days ago
The deserted pen temporarily smile because net optionally avoid without a bite-sized dragonfly. gamy, cagey clarinet
Lauryn Stewart
Lauryn Stewart 10 days ago
I hope that women only has daughters
Alba G
Alba G 10 days ago
I thought this was an original Spanish show, turns out it the Spanish one was just an adaptation of the American one My heart is broken
William Parker
William Parker 11 days ago
Noel made me realize my parents never taught me shti
Austin Yandell
Austin Yandell 11 days ago
Emotional stuff is cheaper to produce. You make a survivor set it’s gets expensive plus liability
Bubbly Hobi
Bubbly Hobi 11 days ago
another youtuber has a video about the case surrounding evans dad. the shit was wild, man, i recommend it if you’re interested! her name is stephanie harlow
Drea Z
Drea Z 12 days ago
What is the song / sound at 12:15
seems wholesum
Cat Wetterau
Cat Wetterau 12 days ago
What does being manly have to do with being outdoorsy?
Joe kush
Joe kush 12 days ago
Yooo chill 😫😂
Maison Simmons
Maison Simmons 12 days ago
bro you said baby back bitch LMAO
Vincent Landry IV
Vincent Landry IV 12 days ago
white girls overated
[KPG] 12 days ago
10:17 What kind of experimental drug is your editor smoking
Lille Linné
Lille Linné 13 days ago
John deserves better
Quiet Kid
Quiet Kid 13 days ago
I think the moral of this show is, if you feel like you have to go on the show, it’s just not meant to be
Hymen 5 days ago
nah half of these relationships are still going.
Port of Widsom
Port of Widsom 13 days ago
THE MOST REGULAR PEOPLE!? WHAT TF KINDA.. DUDE. You wild. *watches later* Wait, you don't mean like average attractiveness, jus like cookie cutter look. Lol. LMFAO the singles are there to find love!? Hahahahaha what a great place. What a great start is someone leaving their spouse for you. What do you think is gonna happen to you? Get outta here. Hahahahahaha.
Port of Widsom
Port of Widsom 13 days ago
4:27 - Like.. THAT *cracking sound* brah. Did you edit that in or was that your fingers naturally? That shit was poppin, pun intended. Satisfying af.
Larry Larry
Larry Larry 13 days ago
i went to college with sheldyn stack
Ashes .A
Ashes .A 13 days ago
Mark .L. Whalberg with reptilian eyes 😂
annettecerdas 13 days ago
I used to watch this show as a kid and was blown away at how insane it all seemed. I can't believe it's still on the air 😂😂😂
zebjwest 13 days ago
should've shaved before filming this
Brytni Thomas
Brytni Thomas 13 days ago
I like you fr
Micaela Rojas
Micaela Rojas 13 days ago
LMAO YES "eh im not too impressed" would be meeeee
JJWSVTK abi 14 days ago
12:15 LMAO
Drea Z
Drea Z 12 days ago
Do you know what this sound effect is called?
MachGaming 14 days ago
I think we as the people need to start a support group for the boy John.
Gryffydd David
Gryffydd David 14 days ago
If those people are 4's then I'm a negative 6 on my best day.
Janvi Dave
Janvi Dave 14 days ago
Is it just me or does one of the single guys look like Dr Mike?
Amezz 14 days ago
Me: I don't come here to make friends, I come here to win! Them:Uhh... Me: Get behind me Satan!!!
Amezz 14 days ago
There's one girl in particular that looks literally from the show "naked brother's band" from back in the day Edit: yeah it's Allie Dimeco Ffffffffffffuuu
Hannah West
Hannah West 14 days ago
where does it stream tho
Mauricio Otin
Mauricio Otin 15 days ago
It’s funny that the Spanish version is equally toxic, but at least the people is hotter
Anais Side
Anais Side 15 days ago
My therapist ain’t allowed to to have eyes like mark. Ima feel triggered
cmcdermott85 15 days ago
With the bachelor actually watch it for the reason you described what makes it funny is that they do it to themselves like every time it’s like watching someone do something stupid and then them falling and getting hurt it’s just funny
QuinsBack 15 days ago
It looks like his hair has a cartoon outline
This doctor is dumb
Double Poly Madness
The Seamen Demon