Telling My Husband I Want To Get Pregnant Again 

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Published on


May 28, 2020




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Comments 100   
Alanna Hansen
Alanna Hansen 6 days ago
I want you to have another baby would be so much fun for fling cause then he has a little buddy to play with
UwU UwU 7 days ago
1:33😳😳😳 Colleen please fix this Edit: I just realized it’s a bathing suit sorry
living life Happy ??
why gramas always wear those low small as frick v necks
welp i was super eited for me to have a baby and get pregnent and ummm i dont think i want one now lol
Nicole Hodges
Nicole Hodges 29 days ago
Nat Kuhn
Nat Kuhn Month ago
I wasn’t expecting the pizza to be vegan, gladly surprised
Makenna Joslin
Makenna Joslin Month ago
Can we take a Moment to appreciate the song
Dat Nerdy-Artsy Girl
IF Colleen decides she wants to be pregnant again, and IF they have a girl, then FLYNN could be a big overprotective brother! SOO CUTEEEE!!!!!!!!!
cutie_wolf_cookies life
i love pineappple pizza
Maryam Sarah Sobah
Maryam Sarah Sobah
Anyone else gonna point out how *beautiful* she sings cs its *A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.*
Lily Martin
Lily Martin Month ago
To anyone who sees this, Jesus loves you and came to earth and died on a cross as the perfect sacrifice to save you from your sin! Then he rose on the 3rd day to conquer sin! He wants you to believe in Him and repent of your sins, ask for forgiveness and ask Him to come into your heart to be your personal Lord and Savior!
Lori Love
Lori Love Month ago
The camera focus and it was moving
Arctic Kitty
Arctic Kitty Month ago
OMG Flynn's giggles are soo cute Like if u agree
Grace Fletcher
Grace Fletcher Month ago
me: I want kids Colleen: 9:36 - 10:16 Me: actually...
Freya Roach
Freya Roach Month ago
That bread tho, give it to meeeeeeeeeee
Billie’s Eyelash
Billie’s Eyelash 2 months ago
Colleen you know your body and your mind best so whenever you feel ready and even if you never feel ready that’s okay and completely normal. No matter that though people will always be here to support you from your family and friends to your fans. You will figure it all out eventually and obviously you’re very strong I mean look how good Flynn cage out even though you were absolutely miserable during your pregnancy. We love you colleen! 🥰
Jennifer Ciambriello
Hey Colleen i love you so much but something was getting to me when you where in the kitchen cooking if your filming you cooking can you please pull your hair back. love you and sorry if this post is rude to you in any way. :)
avengers rcool
avengers rcool 2 months ago
Erika kind of reminds me of Shane from buzz feed unsolved
yaashika shaarvee
yaashika shaarvee 2 months ago
I love pineapple on pizza
Twilights_tree 2 months ago
At least now you have a whole lot of stuff you can use on his 21st birthday to imbares him No just my parents Ok
Chloe The Greatest
Chloe The Greatest 2 months ago
Pineapple on pizza is amazing but banana on pizza is SO GOOD!!! Don't come for me
Bubbles RP
Bubbles RP 2 months ago
Eat vegan!!!! Im vegan lol
Bella R
Bella R 2 months ago
but you are a mom to a million kids 🥺 us.
Audrey Barton
Audrey Barton 2 months ago
I love 💕 pineapple 🍍 on pizza 🍕!!!
padma maryam
padma maryam 2 months ago
1:55 - 1:56...... got me so bad 😂😂
Emilia Bryce
Emilia Bryce 2 months ago
Every pregnancy is different. I had 2 completely different pregnancy with same gender kids.
luisa 2 months ago
colleen never told us erik had an xbox!!
Eno Gift
Eno Gift 2 months ago
After five years of childlessness now I'm finally pregnant🤰🙏😇❤.. All thanks 🙏 goes to the powerful spell caster who helped me✌😎, I'll be forever greatful to him😊😇.
Eno Gift
Eno Gift 2 months ago
After five years of childlessness now I'm finally pregnant🤰🙏😇❤.. All thanks 🙏 goes to the powerful spell caster who helped me✌😎, I'll be forever greatful to him😊😇.
Khadra Abeeb
Khadra Abeeb 2 months ago
Omg my pregnancy journey was amazing 😉 with my beautiful daughter Nesreen I wish I was pregnancy I miss pregnancy with A C-section in 2018 I give birth August 30 of 2018 and you give birth was December 10
Madison Thornton
Madison Thornton 3 months ago
Colleen would take another cat before she hit pregnant again
Eno Gift
Eno Gift 2 months ago
After five years of childlessness now I'm finally pregnant🤰🙏😇❤.. All thanks 🙏 goes to the powerful spell caster who helped me✌😎, I'll be forever greatful to him😊😇.
jenna allyn
jenna allyn 3 months ago
We got Patrick and miranda here
Friends Play Adopt Me
Wheres my pineapple on pizza squad |
FlukyDesigns 3 months ago
Your a mom to 21M kids actually
Cherry Blxssom
Cherry Blxssom 3 months ago
We know what y’all are doing tonight
Keiara Lowden
Keiara Lowden 3 months ago
Ok did anyone watch obbie the TV show with the hands why does flins grandma sound like grampoo( that's his name in the show )
amber antonucci
amber antonucci 3 months ago
Collin* I what a BABYYYY her boyfriend* NOOOOO YOU HAVE A KNJFF
Samantha Lam
Samantha Lam 3 months ago
Every labor is different and pregnet body so one might be good and one might be bad but it’s worth it. I’m no baby gooru so don’t listen to me
Sophia Pham
Sophia Pham 3 months ago
I wish boys have to give birth not us ps I am a girl
Nazia Ikram
Nazia Ikram 3 months ago
Does she actually want to get preganante again? I really don’t want to get preganante because its gonna hurt 😂😖😂
Kenadi Forcina
Kenadi Forcina 3 months ago
why dont you adopt
bellaynolynsmomma 3 months ago
Every pregnancy is different too though. I am a mother of 3 and have had to have c-sections with all 3 of mine and I would do it all over again (if I could financially, but I can't). You can do it, momma. You can also afford a surrogate which is an awesome option and/or could adopt.
Madeline Barton
Madeline Barton 3 months ago
nope not pregnant...........................im bleedin
Fan Yang
Fan Yang 3 months ago
I Love your vids \
random person
random person 4 months ago
Pineapple on pizza?! Yes, please! 😂🍍💛👌
Kelly Tran
Kelly Tran 4 months ago
No what get to her house and where gonna be her children
Koral Mata
Koral Mata 4 months ago
Yes BUT that baby stage is so amazing and you KNOW when you first hold your baby as soon "it" comes out its an amazing moment !!!!
natalie kelly
natalie kelly 4 months ago
I like pineapple on pizza too
Halle Robson
Halle Robson 4 months ago
Colleens parents are sooo sweet ah
Veronica Ochoa
Veronica Ochoa 4 months ago
Every pregnancy is different. Being a mother is wonderful!
Amy Murphy
Amy Murphy 4 months ago
Rosie Roblox
Rosie Roblox 4 months ago
they say if you get pregnant the second time it’s better, my moms first (me lol) was the worst. My sister was the best, she said it was nice.
abbi swartout
abbi swartout 4 months ago
Colleen is a mom to millions of kids 🥺❤️
Amina Haji
Amina Haji 4 months ago
1:23 that looks sooo goood😫
Georgia Campbell
Georgia Campbell 4 months ago
Rosie Sousa
Rosie Sousa 4 months ago
I think you should just ignore the fact that you will feel that way and just think about the fact that you will have the most beautiful experience in the world.well Second most beautiful experience in the world
Andrea Pait
Andrea Pait 4 months ago
Actually the 2nd isn't like the 1st because your body is been through it already. This time you could have a baby girl 👶 🎀. Wouldn't that be fun? Just think about it and visit your OBGYN and ask how possible is it that everything would be exactly the same/or some things on your 1 to 2 pregnacies. Good luck and take care.
Hope Siniard
Hope Siniard 4 months ago
Her little song she made is bomb! 💣
David Funnell
David Funnell 4 months ago
Erik looks a lot like Brian cox.
Hannah Sweeley
Hannah Sweeley 4 months ago
"Girl don't do it" "I'm not going to do it girl, I'm just thinking about it. I'm not gonna do it."......"I did it."
Madison 4 months ago
Who else is watching this in July 2020? Also who else's birthday is May 27?
Brianna_playz_roblox Roblox
U should get a baby when. Finn. Is a toddler or some thing
Zebra girl 7123
Zebra girl 7123 4 months ago
My mom said the second pregnancy was much better but the first one was terrible.
Lily Sunshine Gaming
Cmon don’t think about death live your life as long as you can you can worry about death when it’s actually time for death with I really don’t want :)
chalan balenciaga
chalan balenciaga 4 months ago
Do it!! every pregnancy is different. maybe it’ll be a better pregnancy
Dingus Vlogz
Dingus Vlogz 4 months ago
Do itttttttt
emmAnuel _holton
emmAnuel _holton 4 months ago
Do a serget
K's channel
K's channel 4 months ago
Sydney Boothe
Sydney Boothe 4 months ago
My mom had the worst pregnancy with me and she felt like she was gonna die and when she got pregnant brother she was so much better. She had a way way better pregnancy. Just something to think about. It is your choice. Love you. 🤍🤍
Sakuri Sake
Sakuri Sake 4 months ago
Oh yeah you had a shitty pregnancy journey with Flynn. Yeah you were miserable step by step.
Sakuri Sake
Sakuri Sake 4 months ago
Lol I love the jingles you sing out for everyday things. I like your singing too.
Anora Biggs
Anora Biggs 4 months ago
The reason why you’re pregnancy was awful was because you were petite and tiny. When you gave birth to Flynn, you’re hips widened and expanded, leaving room for more babies. But that’s not guaranteeing you’re gonna have an amazing pregnancy. Though adoption would be amazing. Also don’t feel pressured to do anything you wouldn’t want to do.
McKenzie Zimmerman
McKenzie Zimmerman 4 months ago
Dude you have us over a million kids supporting you
Daniella Reyes
Daniella Reyes 4 months ago
2nd pregnancy 🤰is usually different
Honoura Mulvihill
Honoura Mulvihill 4 months ago
I feel like there is a lot of ppl who are trying to pure pressure you into telling everyone everything even if you wanna keep it private idk I really hope not bc Colleen is a literal angle
Aleeyah Johnson
Aleeyah Johnson 4 months ago
But the next pregnancy could be good 🥺
Veramele 4 months ago
I can't believe the lack of comments about adopting! So many kiddies out there need a good home! You guys would be so great at it too cause you have so much love to give :) xx
Veramele 4 months ago
Ah good you mentioned adopting 😅 I totally get the desire for a beautiful pain free pregnancy though I'm so sorry you experienced so much pain 🙁
Mimicking_cool14 4 months ago
Get another cat 😂
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 4 months ago
Just adopt?
Lokesh paul
Lokesh paul 4 months ago
Ahh Flynn
シBoba4life 4 months ago
Where does Finn get his beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair from-
Beth Miliaris
Beth Miliaris 4 months ago
Collen: Flynn is the best thing in the world Collen: Picks up cat Me: 😐
Hattie Saunders
Hattie Saunders 4 months ago
The autotune at 5:47 has me cackling
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor 4 months ago
It gets easier :)
Antailia Pearl
Antailia Pearl 4 months ago
You should do a prank on him!
Isaiah singh
Isaiah singh 4 months ago
5:47 that sounds nice
Riley O'Shell
Riley O'Shell 4 months ago
Colleen: I need to have another baby Erik: Get another cat My solution honestly
Jorja Kelly
Jorja Kelly 4 months ago
Is it just me, or does Colleen look like Bailey in the thumb nail? The face that she’s making reminds me of Bailey.
Liz Wilbur
Liz Wilbur 4 months ago
Have you guys ever thought about adoption?
XxMissy kittyxX
XxMissy kittyxX 4 months ago
Terry said you was gonna have another baby!!!!! Oml btw Flynn is adorable 😍
Ryan Lau
Ryan Lau 4 months ago
I love pineapple on pizza too but the rest of my family don’t them lol
Jenna Gary
Jenna Gary 4 months ago
Hudson The KrazyChameleon
I support it
Brodie Maxwell
Brodie Maxwell 4 months ago
Why don't you adopt
Jaden Jesson
Jaden Jesson 4 months ago
Ever since I found out that miranda is actually colleen. I don't see miranda as the same person anymore 😂like if u agree ⬇️
Haley Dombrowski
Haley Dombrowski 4 months ago
Colleen, you may be ready a different time but you do you girl. We all saw how miserable you were and how much pain you were in. And I just wanted to hug you so bad! But whenever you’re ready. Don’t feel pressured by anyone, it’s your body and you know what it can handle. You went through so much! And you’re the best mama ever! Flynn has the best parents in the whole world. Love you!
Jen's World
Jen's World 4 months ago
My mom when she was prego with my brother she got sick but when she got prego with my sister she was't sick so it could be that because you had a boy you were really sick
Becka Smith
Becka Smith 4 months ago
Colleen: I want another baby Erik: spit
Khloe Mennen
Khloe Mennen 5 months ago
in a good way
I want another baby!
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
The birth of my son!
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
Kung Fu.... Rabbit???
tough kids in movies