Teaching a kid about stranger danger 🤣 #shorts 

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May 2, 2021




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Kaleb Brown
Kaleb Brown 16 hours ago
I mean it’s a sinickers 👀
army blink
army blink 18 hours ago
I show this to my mom and she laughed 😂😂
Hersey Kaur
Hersey Kaur 20 hours ago
0:27 a filter 😂😂 lol
Laykan Thee Alien
Laykan Thee Alien 21 hour ago
This is literally ME LOL
Tempest Roque
Wow hysterical
no no
no no Day ago
This was just perfect. You just captured the expressions perfectly.
Sugar716 O.G.
OMG woman, I LOVE this skit you did! 🔥😍💯👏🏼👏🏼 You did a GREAT job. Air of ppl cnt catch the words on point. Like you improved along with perfect dialogs. A++
Helen Gledhill
"F**k that dog" Jennie.wennie 2021
Paige Chavis
Paige Chavis Day ago
Dudeee .. her bag is one of those bags that people use for alcohol on Mardi Gras 😂
Chimiko_San Day ago
That shake tho-
Isimp. exe
Isimp. exe Day ago
Rachana's play time
Hey jennie u are Korean right my idol jennie kim from blackpink is also Korean
Rachana's play time
Hey jennie u are Korean right my idol jennie kim from blackpink is also Korean
mansi 만시
she gives me jhope vibes all the time 😭
Vihanga de silva
Vihanga de silva 2 days ago
“Right right ..... F that dog” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m ded dude
Samantha-Jane Hull
This is too funny!! 😂😂
Dunno Why But Ok
Dunno Why But Ok 2 days ago
"I am down how much for crack?" Jeannie-2021
Yayir Gongo
Yayir Gongo 2 days ago
That was cute
Jennifer Cabrera Rodriguez
My favorite video 😂😂
Nettie Bednaříková
Plot twist: She was too lazy to walk, so she did this to make her dad drive her.
Feryal Aurora
Feryal Aurora 3 days ago
U r reaaallyyy a good actress those facial expressions dayum
Rakhi Sarkar
Rakhi Sarkar 3 days ago
I don't know why she reminds me of Gloom
Ashley Milam
Ashley Milam 3 days ago
The stranger ask me for candy I no Mommy I will say mommy
Oh never mind it's just me - Ashy
Why do you speak so much-
Ashley Milam
Ashley Milam 3 days ago
My mom teach me how to never get to go a car I don't know never get in to a stranger car or candy you doing the same thing as me ok if you don't have to I say you if
Ashley Milam
Ashley Milam 3 days ago
No I don't no way stay away from me *Crys*
Imelda Lie
Imelda Lie 3 days ago
whats the original video
Amit Chand
Amit Chand 3 days ago
It's been more than 10 times and I just can't seem to stop watching this.
J 4 days ago
The Gordon Experiment
Reminds me of O from the movie Home
Blue KOALA 4 days ago
Her: so I don’t take my shirt off for the snicker bar Me: hahaha
Joyah Kang
Joyah Kang 4 days ago
Omg so cute
Ricky Bonez
Ricky Bonez 4 days ago
My little cousin
Suzy Ivey
Suzy Ivey 4 days ago
LMAO that was the funniest sh*t I have seen in a long time. Don’t think your gonna top that one. 😂
JayKayZed 4 days ago
Just the thought of how many people are hoping to meet Jeenie now... and offer her a Snickers bar...
sachin shrestha
sachin shrestha 4 days ago
Someone forgot to check her shocks?😂😂😂
Kosher. 4 days ago
She nailed it
Arami Kaseh
Arami Kaseh 4 days ago
I love her expression
Cheesy potato 712
Our llw teacher teaching us about alcoholism: The whole class:
Danique Human
Danique Human 4 days ago
Mabel Suarez
Mabel Suarez 5 days ago
On my way 😂🤣
Kaylei Riley
Kaylei Riley 5 days ago
a simp for Draco malfoy
OK but..... I noticed that the pink panther stuffed animal has literally no body but just the hands, head, chest and tail-
a simp for Draco malfoy
🤡: if a stranger told you to get into his van you will say... " Jennie: oN My wAY-"
David Singleton
David Singleton 5 days ago
Why would a dad not even say anything about their kid saying fuck? That sht just don't make sense
Inked Leo
Inked Leo 5 days ago
Girl I'm wearing that exact snuggie thing LMAO I never know what to call it, but it's SO comfy and warm!!!
kidus berhe
kidus berhe 5 days ago
When you raise a child in the hoods
Alivia Snyder
Alivia Snyder 5 days ago
Me after watching that episode of criminal minds where the unsub uses a dog to snatch kids: don’t help look for the dog.
hizkia m
hizkia m 5 days ago
Mariam M.M.
Mariam M.M. 5 days ago
does anyone know where this scene is from?
Julie Maddox
Julie Maddox 5 days ago
Is this from a movie ? If so what movie
Lia Franson
Lia Franson 5 days ago
Everything 5 days ago
Omg I love this so freaking much 😂😂😂
Amani Ahmed
Amani Ahmed 5 days ago
I love these
SubCreate 6 days ago
This girl is s Baddie
Sas Bro
Sas Bro 6 days ago
I love Jennie 😁 she makes me laugh. She looks so different when she does all the characters, and they are believable too. Keep it up x
lola 23
lola 23 6 days ago
Mel Brown
Mel Brown 6 days ago
Stranger: get in I got candy! Me: well ur van is ugly so just hand me the candy Stranger: WHY ARE WE STILL HERE JUST TO SUFFER!?! Me: I can't lie Stranger: Be nicer! Me:my mom said I can't lie :^) Stranger: just grab a candy from the van and leave Me: I can't go in a Strangers car sorry!
Toe bean enthusiast Beth
This reminds me of shallon from snl guy who did the sound probably had inspo from it
krhonda Craig
krhonda Craig 6 days ago
Your expressions are priceless 🤣 I could watch your videos all day lol
Z7Z7 6 days ago
This is the American version of baby yebin 😂😂
mine cloud
mine cloud 6 days ago
0:12 😂🤣
Changsoo Lee
Changsoo Lee 6 days ago
Changsoo Lee
Changsoo Lee 6 days ago
Eliana Slivia
Eliana Slivia 6 days ago
Imagine living close enough to your friends that it’s not a 15 minute drive (min) on the highway
Yash 6 days ago
I need to stop re-watching this every other day of my life.
Hasini Sankoori
Hasini Sankoori 6 days ago
hip hip to jeenie weeine !!!! like
Rylee Lockard
Rylee Lockard 6 days ago
Dad, can I walk to Chad's house? Yeah but thats a rough neighborhood so remember what do you do if someone offers you drugs, I am down how much for crack No 👎 Yeah I am not down with any of your crack What if someone tells you to get in their van I AM ON MY WAY No no stranger danger Yeah yeah thats what I meant What if someone tells you they can't find their dog and to get in and help them search for their dog Oh this one's easy you help them find that frickin dog Nooo Right right Frick that dog What if someone offers you candy I will take my shirt off for a snickers Ykw maybe I should just drive you there Soo.. don't take my shirt off for a snickers bar
Ewa Feen
Ewa Feen 6 days ago
Scary & Cute at the same time.
Neash 6 days ago
This so so cute
Widyasari Purba
Widyasari Purba 6 days ago
If your kid meer dagerous stranger out there, they wont be as happy go lucky kid like that anymore So better go drive them
Ikra Kaleem
Ikra Kaleem 7 days ago
No one: Literally no one :: Not even a single soul:: Me: why is she wearing two coloured socks🤣🤣
•Mei Mei
•Mei Mei 7 days ago
I don’t even have friends so no worries
Lera 7 days ago
My parents would’ve have grounded me for that mouth haha.
ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴛᴇʀ_ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ
The fact that he ignored his kid sweared 😂😂
Lula Wilson
Lula Wilson 7 days ago
This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.
Harriet Murray
Harriet Murray 7 days ago
I’m not taking my shirt of for a snickers that maybe for a coffee crisp
Mystery legend
Mystery legend 7 days ago
My favorite part was "we find that fucking dog" that would be me lol
Alexis Bluemke
Alexis Bluemke 7 days ago
I did the first one but it was candy and I ran away before the old man could catch me 😀
Ben Pytleski
Ben Pytleski 7 days ago
This is the best video I've ever seen!!! Lol
Karly Martinez
Karly Martinez 7 days ago
That Roblox kid
That Roblox kid 7 days ago
Right right f*ck that f*ckin dog I loved that so much
Isabella Horne
Isabella Horne 7 days ago
Spice gaming
Spice gaming 7 days ago
I literally keep scrolling down and finding this
fiškus 7 days ago
Why does she lowkey looks like G-Dragon when making some faces
Hannah Blauer
Hannah Blauer 7 days ago
Bro grabbing her outfit at the end like that - on point😅😅😅
Zayne Hernandez
Zayne Hernandez 7 days ago
Angel Luk
Angel Luk 7 days ago
Lmfao 🤣 I'm down how much for crack ....wtf ... Kids ..funny 😂
Loretta Stiles
Loretta Stiles 7 days ago
Genius ideas and work on these videos! I am still laughing over her what flight attendants do when they are not busy video.
psychocat 1
psychocat 1 7 days ago
The only thing I can relate to is dad: what if a person says like I can't buy my dog can you get in here and help me find my dog me:that's easy dad:what me: you help him find that fucking dog
Yolanda Ndlovu
Yolanda Ndlovu 7 days ago
Lucky Shah
Lucky Shah 7 days ago
Omg that kid should become a stand up comedian and a dancer🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xinjal Rai
Xinjal Rai 7 days ago
I really love your acting and your so funny I have watched this vid for yours so many time and I still can't stop laughing 🤣🤣
Thibo Meurkens
Thibo Meurkens 7 days ago
This looks adorable but it’s also nightmare fuel 😂
BulletZoid 7 days ago
Sayah Saju
Sayah Saju 8 days ago
Omg she looks so cutee❤️
• Simp4thesmp •
*how much for crac-* Honestly I would probably ask that, but I know I'd be more on the side of pulling out my knife-
Ludo18Bit 8 days ago
F a c e
Amy Equestrian
Amy Equestrian 8 days ago