Teacher Accuses Student of Doing Drugs **REACTING to Myself on Dhar Mann** |Ayden Mekus 

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In this video I play the role of Adam, the perfect well-behaved boy that the teacher adores. I could do no wrong, at least that is what the teacher thought. My best friend, Devon, plays Marcus, a boy that has gone through an unfortunate set of events. Drugs are found in the classroom, and of course, without any proof, Marcus is blamed. This story is one of the best and most enjoyable videos I acted in, as it sends out a very positive and inspirational message. Watch it and you will see a very interesting and emotional ending that will leave you speechless. You will see that it’s not on the outside of what you see in a person that matters as much as what comes from within. Treating others with respect is a life changing message for everyone. Never judge a book by its cover, as the inside of the book can be very surprising.
Hey guys, it’s me, Ayden Mekus, and I welcome you to my US-first channel. Today I'm reacting to myself on Dhar Mann once again, “Teacher Accuses Student of Doing Drugs, Instantly Regrets It” Check out Dhar Mann www.dharmann.com/
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May 2, 2021




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Esme Alberto
Esme Alberto 3 hours ago
You shoulf really look at sssniperwolf's reaction to this
Uh_lexy_boo lexy
Uh_lexy_boo lexy 3 hours ago
Uh_lexy_boo lexy
Uh_lexy_boo lexy 3 hours ago
He got ban on tiktok
rocket4409 3 hours ago
don’t do drugs kids
Gus Browner
Gus Browner 4 hours ago
Why are you reacting to a video you were part of didn’t dar man show u a preview
Nazia Iqbal Khan
Nazia Iqbal Khan 4 hours ago
Haha when Ayden do the cowboy that was so funny and his mum was it too hahahha
IamMelona !
IamMelona ! 4 hours ago
AlwaysArchie 5 hours ago
you should react to dhar mann memessss! I luv your videos btww
akshitha 6 hours ago
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 6 hours ago
are you aurthur
flowerxash 7 hours ago
Tʜᴇ ɪɴᴛʀᴏ ᴛʜᴏ-
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
1:15 wow how are you so funny yeah pls stop your so cringey
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
im sorry but get a fresh trim or get you eyebrows cut like holy your eyebrows are something else
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
0:37 bru cringe hit me so hard holy
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
nah i thought drugs were good welp time to stop taking acid
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
cringe just hit me so hard o holy you are cringey
sydin 5201
sydin 5201 8 hours ago
0:01 woow you are so funny yeah shush😐
jamal Manyeche
jamal Manyeche 8 hours ago
Your adopted
MineX Ghost
MineX Ghost 9 hours ago
My name is Ayden to
ʀᴏʏᴀʟᴇ ʀᴀᴛ
*can we just take a moment to appreciate the intro.*
Zandro and levi
Zandro and levi 10 hours ago
You have been doing drugs but its not true its just pills
Kawasho Tv
Kawasho Tv 12 hours ago
The squad should react you on dharman
Xfrim Xfrim
Xfrim Xfrim 12 hours ago
*A l a b a m a M a n*
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 13 hours ago
Hi Ayden
Maria Padilla
Maria Padilla 14 hours ago
Hi. Loue.EYou
Jamalimowatt10 15 hours ago
did anyone one see that miss karen has two diffrent eye color
Ashley Rogers
Ashley Rogers 15 hours ago
aydens doing drugs oooooooooh!
James Gibb
James Gibb 17 hours ago
ayden mekiiii
Xavier Diaz
Xavier Diaz 17 hours ago
I think the mom said "make sure to SUScribe"
spencer jackson
spencer jackson 17 hours ago
Anaya Primes
Anaya Primes 17 hours ago
ayden is the imposter mom the bom
Anaya Primes
Anaya Primes 17 hours ago
no she did not Harris Kpokai
Zombie Mincraft
Zombie Mincraft 18 hours ago
BROOOOO I cannot be the only one who said Adam’s Apple when Adam gave her an Apple
articassassin 18 hours ago
ay ayden x devan
angel Santana
angel Santana 19 hours ago
Trish Lewis
Trish Lewis 19 hours ago
I can’t wait too see is mom when they caught ayden
Legend Gacha
Legend Gacha 19 hours ago
the teacher has different colored eyes....
Pierre Carter
Pierre Carter 20 hours ago
Chaos The baryonyx
Chaos The baryonyx 21 hour ago
2:08 heck she sounded like sniperwolf
Gracelynn Gray
Gracelynn Gray 21 hour ago
Miss.... Karen
Softball Life
Softball Life 21 hour ago
The teacher had different color eyes
Simran Spring
Simran Spring 21 hour ago
Can we just appreciate that Ayden turnes his comments on
James Fletcher Jr.
James Fletcher Jr. 22 hours ago
You’re acting so innocent but when the generator saw you ooooo u got caught
James Fletcher Jr.
James Fletcher Jr. 22 hours ago
Aidan I think you were in this video
Nick_KingXD 22 hours ago
Hey dude How old are you
Nick_KingXD 22 hours ago
LOL AYDEN i love your Chanel its funny
Your local softie boy
racist teacher be like:
Wildcraft Pro
Wildcraft Pro 23 hours ago
im duckus when it comes to reacting
Ayden Soto
Ayden Soto Day ago
Shifting I ment
Ayden Soto
Ayden Soto Day ago
You be whiten you're cokane
Ayden Soto
Ayden Soto Day ago
Ayden sus
Cedric L. Hall, Jr.
2:19 look away
emily delmastro
how do you get in dhar man
Shahin Haque
Shahin Haque Day ago
TSO Vanilla
TSO Vanilla Day ago
I’m called ayden too
Jack Zimm
Jack Zimm Day ago
Dhar mann is Unrealistic
Jack Zimm
Jack Zimm Day ago
Cringey intro😐
sneaky Day ago
its him 😱🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Kai /ducky YT Official ✔️
I FUCKING HATE U MRS KAREN WHAT IF HE AINT IDIOT sorry get really mad when stupid ppl do this
Iman Aksamija
sniperr wolf is watch this too
GalaxyGameer Day ago
Ayden is on Drugs 😲😲
Adheesh Shah
Adheesh Shah Day ago
Are u actor of D Mann
Hetal Sookhareea
Are taechers like that nowadays?🤔🤔
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas Day ago
Michelle Pieterd-mitchell
AJ mangili
AJ mangili Day ago
he did hes homework but he did not bring it
ZackMarfori_playz 890
Yo wasup ayden congrats at 1.15M subs
Alejandra Tovar
Why is it because he is BLACK hummmm
gsly perez
gsly perez Day ago
Yolanda Reyes
S oh dude I was just just kidding
da booty of YT hi
Mrs karen SHE IS A K A R E N
James Scott
James Scott Day ago
Who thinks this vid is racist
Melisaa Annesley
In de
Drus 13
Drus 13 Day ago
Adam: gives apple to teacher Teacher: Aqcuired, Adam’s Apple
Carter Nelson
Who is Aiden
Abdul Day ago
Ok I've just seen this today and I have to say Ayden's mom is really cool. The video is AMAZING. Your mom is AMAZING. Now we all know where u get your positive attitude from. Anyways I really loved the video and I hope to see another reaction video with your mom in the future. Have fun in Maui. Byeeee
natykilleryt Day ago
Puppys Play
Puppys Play Day ago
I like how her names Miz Caren "here comes Caren"
Cupcake Lover
Adien is friends with Piper Rockell but Adien is also with Dhar Mann. SO COOL😁
Joseph Romero
Sazxsssdssss,lslssllslslalslslsllslslslslappslsls Slslslslslslslsllslslslsllslslslslslsslslslls
Casey Cousins
That teacher is racist because she assumed it was Marcus because he was black
Crazyladderdude 80
Me who all ready watched the video Me: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.
The teacher name is Miss. Karen because she a KAAAREN!!
Shannon Joern
I watch a lot of darh Mann videos
Tina Huang
Tina Huang Day ago
Lol the joke RED handed
kiera fleck
kiera fleck Day ago
Adam's apple 🍎
prisca kagusuru
😱 what
NotScummy Day ago
Karissa Schwoerer
She should have been fired
Fox AND ZHC Army
First lol omg lollll
Mackenzie Jonietz
In the wig you can see blonde baby hairs
Corina Wheeler
Congrats on 1 million subscribers!! I love you ❤️
ayden was the imposter
Terminator Aka fruity squad
Don’t draws the dude he’s a secret spylol
Tyra Dower
Tyra Dower Day ago
I ❤darh nann
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor Day ago
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor Day ago
She is mene
binokam78 2 days ago
You are friends with piper rokellei i saw you in a video when she pranked you about her age😂😂