TABS NEW UNIT CREATOR BATTLE (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) 

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today blaza and i make overpowered and dumb units in the new unit creator in totally accur
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Nov 25, 2020




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Comments 100   
Mostafa Elabd
Mostafa Elabd 4 hours ago
I heard stick bug dance
Sean marcus Serato
Sean marcus Serato 8 hours ago
I like when he said pirate monkey hahahahaha
Matthew Quinita
Matthew Quinita 8 hours ago
Do u know jojo bizarre day?
Denny Rommel
Denny Rommel 14 hours ago
tofuu Frog
tofuu Frog 16 hours ago
Georgia Stogsdill
Georgia Stogsdill 19 hours ago
Socks:Don't make them to over powered socks later:SMALL MAN WITH TWO MINIGUNS AND A GIANT KAREN!!!!!!!!
Steve Joji
Steve Joji 19 hours ago
I like how the clubber was dancing in the log
Rolleroll Rally
Rolleroll Rally 21 hour ago
Why cant u make a war between the money army and the socks army
Sebastian Garcia
it just sucked the dragon
Aria Noel
Aria Noel Day ago
I don't know if I'm late but can you add one punch man and then add the Reaper that would be some serious Showdown❤
veena rathore
do minecraft but 15 scound lava rise and with lourgest modpack
Tyrone Dark
Tyrone Dark Day ago
Blaza: so 49 is the limit. Me: what about r8.
Mr Jon
Mr Jon Day ago
How the hell am I not subscribe new to this channel this is too good for me (mostly the jokes)
Mirian Rojas
Mirian Rojas Day ago
I like the fact that blazas face a bit
Kay Soe
Kay Soe Day ago
8:38 zoom meet
No Stop
No Stop Day ago
Socks literally makes blaze the tree giant
Matias Hännikäinen
The giant monkey with the rock is the beast titan
Phantom_Asain- 07
omg its confirmed blaza is mongrals second account
Sandra Farinha
Super potassium
Brycen Cassel
blaza hmm i could make a super strong person nah monke go brrr
Frighty Day ago
Blaza: he’s so frikin slow Hotdog: omae wa mou shindeiru
Nate Is Cute
Nate Is Cute Day ago
MeAnd DaBoizz
Why does blaza like monkeys?😂🤣
Tinka van der GAARDEN
Did u see blaza’s face at 10:15
ERIC HE 2 days ago
The banana monkeys like a halfling
abdul zaman
abdul zaman 2 days ago
The bee monkeys are meant to be called bonja
Nat Armstrong
Nat Armstrong 2 days ago
Blaza vs socks Socks just snipe them
Mike Orlopp
Mike Orlopp 2 days ago
5:05 the blubber dance
Atozgamin World
Atozgamin World 3 days ago
Socks: Blaza. Subtitles: Plaza, Blasa. Autocorrect: Blaze
Wesley Jeansonne
Wesley Jeansonne 3 days ago
Ahhh yes the little mini gun man refrencing school shooting ahhh brinhs back memories
Dustin Santiago
Dustin Santiago 3 days ago
You said not to make them overpowered and what do you do? Your first character is a little man with two giant miniguns
Q Fam
Q Fam 4 days ago
Desert eagles
its3d5 Animations
Me makes fun of quiet kid in class: quiet kid: 2:41
The Rose Flower
The Rose Flower 4 days ago
The tiny fast guys remind me of the flock of flesh destroying birds from the croods
Zi Rui Song
Zi Rui Song 4 days ago
Should’ve made Blaza vs Socks
Iwo Sapryk
Iwo Sapryk 4 days ago
Blaza be like: reject humanity return to MONKÈ
I Love Llamas
I Love Llamas 4 days ago
That "What you see at 3AM" one reminds me of the other mother from Coraline.
I Love Llamas
I Love Llamas 4 days ago
The say hello one is literally The Quiet Kid 2.0
M1337 N
M1337 N 4 days ago
Blasa: 'he is big boy monkey' gets shot now your 10 feet under
Kajma Family
Kajma Family 5 days ago
You guys should battle eachother using them
Royce Stires
Royce Stires 5 days ago
Why did blaza only make monkeys lol
Me: tiny Socks: makes me happy by making me have epic guns
patient609 Slaught3rU
when some of us are fans of MonkeyMan the ytuber but then we be making fun of a monkey man in TABS XD.
TheCryptixPlays 5 days ago
4:07 unnoticed jojo reference
Loyal Wolf
Loyal Wolf 5 days ago
*me realizing that the channel name is socks for 2*
karon hernandez
karon hernandez 5 days ago
karon hernandez
karon hernandez 5 days ago
The big monky Is THE FUNYYEST
Yee 5 days ago
9:27 bowling balls be like
Thediamondcrossbow Plays
Thediamondcrossbow Plays
mechabeast17 5 days ago
I saw his face for three seconds
Panhavorn 5 days ago
Hezry Harith H.I
Hezry Harith H.I 5 days ago
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf 5 days ago
Lindsay Martin
Lindsay Martin 5 days ago
Something tells me Blazza likes monkeys
Beniamin Dudash
Beniamin Dudash 5 days ago
10;14 blaza face
Will Deigan
Will Deigan 6 days ago
That was awesome!
Ivar Bjärgård
Ivar Bjärgård 6 days ago
I love the blaza animation
Eshaan Shareef
Eshaan Shareef 6 days ago
I think blaza is physically fit and tall from the knowledge I gained
Eshaan Shareef
Eshaan Shareef 6 days ago
Ur graph is not accurate it’s result is 99.8%
• FireZilla. 07 - ファイヤージラ •
“Giant Monkey With a Rock” Me, an Aot fan: *Hol up*
Marlon Abogado
Marlon Abogado 6 days ago
You should made saitama
Richie Kusnadi
Richie Kusnadi 6 days ago
BigCrypton43 6 days ago
5:05 whoah man thats kinda sus and un kid friendly my guy
Omega god439
Omega god439 6 days ago
10:15 blaza's face reveal?
Some Whale boi
Some Whale boi 6 days ago
*pulls out a ninja star* “You like jazz?”
WWestwego 6 days ago
Make a healer, except with negative damage which actually makes it damage, I made a character like that. it beat everything I made and everything in the game by itself. * they were all a big army*
Orlando Rivera
Orlando Rivera 6 days ago
Is it just me or does blaza sound like hosuh from danplan
Rick Scheurweg
Rick Scheurweg 6 days ago
10:14 i see you
TheRealBlaze 99
TheRealBlaze 99 6 days ago
is that blazas face?????
Jonah 6 days ago
roshan mehaboob
roshan mehaboob 7 days ago
blaza's army is what balloons td should have been
Kilisha Racine
Kilisha Racine 7 days ago
There is monkeys with a Gitana they’re called Orochi I think 💭
David Bolisoi
David Bolisoi 7 days ago
i made that rabbit
Chinny Shogun
Chinny Shogun 7 days ago
I saw blaza face and say hello is super powerful
Life Sux
Life Sux 7 days ago
A quarter of Blaza's face at 10:14
Hossam Mashhady
Hossam Mashhady 7 days ago
Its say hello but say hello has 2 mini guns and a helmet for protection!!! 👍
Aaron 5782
Aaron 5782 7 days ago
Who else saw blaza’s face
Amar Shrestha
Amar Shrestha 7 days ago
Suzanne Foti
Suzanne Foti 7 days ago
he danceing
Heather Lyman
Heather Lyman 7 days ago
Hot dog: *Narato runs into clubers,”Gotta Go Fast
King.of_anime Asta
“Giant monkey with rock” you mean BEAST TITAN
Nelkyng Robinson
I found another attack on titan fan
Red Lex
Red Lex 4 days ago
It's so true my guy download 9anime to watch dbs Broly and aot for free
TPV GENGAR 5 days ago
I just got it its true
Brawl boy19
Brawl boy19 5 days ago
Aubrey Chiemmongkoltip
Nani be a jaw titan?
Xbkskekk Ndndnkrkf
How you do against 2 mammoths 🦣 puts 3
battle projects
battle projects 7 days ago
Make a socks for 9
Luzaria Arias
Luzaria Arias 7 days ago
I love it
Arian Hossain
Arian Hossain 7 days ago
Ngl big big chungus be looking thicc And the GAINT MONKEY WITH A ROCK be lookin menacing at you menicing
Matt Lee
Matt Lee 8 days ago
10:15 Is that blaza's face?
Milc 8 days ago
Giant monkey: *kicks a unit* Also the giant monkey: First comes rock...
Heiorphant Roblox
Rocket Romance
Rocket Romance 8 days ago
V̤̈ K̤̈ö̤ö̤k̤̈
8:22 look at sans in the corner of the fireplace with the other plushies
dice gaming
dice gaming 8 days ago
Blaza Face in vid
Tyler Yin
Tyler Yin 8 days ago
The squalid oval specifically matter because pump differently train modulo a ill-fated streetcar. nine, sturdy violet
Unk Gaming Unknown_GamingREAL
12:10 Me: attack heli
Fizzy Bink
Fizzy Bink 8 days ago
13:04 Ok I cracked the code, Blaza grabbed the Mammoths nose, or trunk. And he squeezed it so it couldn't breath. And it died.
Maria Galvan Perez
Instead of zombie apocolispe a NANI apocolispe Like if you agree
mia zharina lin
mia zharina lin 8 days ago
and say hello is the OP unit and he will kill all the farmers and clubber
Unknown caller
Unknown caller 8 days ago
10:07 he do be shinging tho
Edward Acuña
Edward Acuña 8 days ago
Who wants to bully kids now
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 8 days ago
That was three not 2