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Family swap, the students at Beverly Valley High School are doing a social studies project. They are all switching families with other students from their high school. When the rich girl and normal girl switch families they experience each others lifestyles. The high school students must learn the values and different family dynamics from the family they have switched into as part of the high school project.
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Apr 20, 2021




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Ryder Pearce
Ryder Pearce 8 minutes ago
When is riya’s birthday?
Morgan O’Donnell
Morgan O’Donnell 51 minute ago
I love this!!!!!!
flowers like 300
Dan and Rea make a video when cinnamon loses money
flowers like 300
Do you knew you make a vid me
Elfin X Jongkook Army
Where is mrs p
Kirsty Scanlan
Kirsty Scanlan 2 hours ago
is it just me or has riyas voice changed
Wendee Button
Wendee Button 2 hours ago
Can you please do a video of of cinnamon with of her if she had like a kid that she takes care of thank you ❤️🙏🙏🥺😭
Wendee Button
Wendee Button 2 hours ago
Did you do anything with Cinnamon's kids look like if she had one but she takes care of it I want to video like that please thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
luna Marquez
luna Marquez 2 hours ago
wait , cinnimon is regina , strawberry is gretchen , rubarb is karen 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Leana Grigoryan
Leana Grigoryan 3 hours ago
I would love this tootsies mom and cinnamons dad hooking up and they would be step sisters then team up and try to make them break up👻
Rose AGT
Rose AGT 4 hours ago
How does the maid like Tootsie less than Cinnamon??
Isabelle 7 hours ago
mhel bolves
mhel bolves 7 hours ago
Rose AGT
Rose AGT 7 hours ago
Could actually be great for kids to do this to get exposed to other cultures and socioeconomic classes so they can be more aware as adults. But most families wouldn't want to host their child's random classmate for a full week and it could also just wind up making people feel even more insecure if others knew about their home life, like if you weren't very affluent and lived in a crummy neighborhood or were missing a parent etc.
isabel pimentel
isabel pimentel 7 hours ago
Hey dan and riya can you make riya a glow up please
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
riya is perfect and beautiful the way she is so shut
isabel pimentel
isabel pimentel 7 hours ago
Also i love you guys ❤❤💝💝
Aishmeen Kaur
Aishmeen Kaur 8 hours ago
Can you really do a video I am Bro everyone is always waiting for your videos can you please do a video now
natalia james
natalia james 9 hours ago
I miss u guys
natalia james
natalia james 9 hours ago
When are u guys going to post I am waiting
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
or there is still a video in the works
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
they post every 2 weeks, there is probs a new video comin’ tomorrow
Alexis Petraitis
Alexis Petraitis 11 hours ago
i rlly hope that toosties mom starts dating cinnamons dad and then they get married and toosie and cinnamon are step sisters
Ans Evans
Ans Evans 11 hours ago
I’m so excited for the next videoooooo omgggg
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
probs comin out tomorrow
Venice Playz
Venice Playz 12 hours ago
I like there videos but they take forever to make the other videos
Venice Playz
Venice Playz 12 hours ago
And I know they have another channel but still
jackson 12 hours ago
I love bvh
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
been addicted for 2 and a half years, almost 3
Jing Rou
Jing Rou 12 hours ago
I think they should make a video of when tootsie and cinnamon were friends!
Jessica Linda
Jessica Linda 13 hours ago
You should make a video when cinnamon is nice to everyone
Mae Tea
Mae Tea 14 hours ago
Soooooooooo......when will you guys get a netflix show??? You need one I'd watch you guys on repeat 24/7
Redx Lover
Redx Lover 14 hours ago
Umm 2 weeks where is the video?
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
calm down like damn
Anonxmous0 6 hours ago
give them time, it’s probably comin out tomorrow it’s prob in the works
Delilah De Soto
Delilah De Soto 14 hours ago
Alina Andradee
Alina Andradee 14 hours ago
I think cinnamon is a nice person it’s just the money makes her feel better than everyone
Sisters In Stem
Sisters In Stem 14 hours ago
Tonya Gallant
Tonya Gallant 15 hours ago
The best video ever I want them all the time I like them all they're like my parent Tumi and you like a personal friend but no one knows about Hsu in them have you ever had friends I have plenty of them US-first social media I make it so I don't have Facebook
Itz_HamsterPlayz 15 hours ago
Beth be like :Are you inlove with my daughter?! " Yes" Where do you see yourself in 10 years? " I want to become....." YOU HAVE MY BLESSING OF DATING MY DAUGHTER! "Beth logic : If he's rich he's good U-U"
Arabella Cruz
Arabella Cruz 15 hours ago
I don’t like your hair🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍦🍮🍦🍮🍮🍮🍩🍩🍩🍏🍏🍎🍐🍓🍒🍑🥭🍑🍇🍑🍑
Huesten Johnson
Huesten Johnson 15 hours ago
You guys should do a video of where cinnamon finds out about strawberries, US-first channel, and then she gets really mad at strawberry and kiss her off the foot off the cheerleading team, and then strawberry gets really mad and goes home, and then it's at, pops up. He says, somebody mad at you. Well, here's a potion to erase their mind, but then it ends up erasing everybody's mind.or you should do another, ask a question to Beverly valley high and I love y'all
tmalia mcfarlane
tmalia mcfarlane 15 hours ago
When are you guys going to upload a new video.I’ve been waiting so long lol
🦒tanya play's🦒
Cinnamon you suck 😝🤣
Aliyah Ramos
Aliyah Ramos 15 hours ago
Are u gonna make a new video
Shaza Shaza
Shaza Shaza 16 hours ago
For the first time I actually feel bad for cinnamon bc she can’t see her dad that much and she can’t see her mom
Miranda Maenhoudt
Miranda Maenhoudt 17 hours ago
Can you pls post
Shanoya Gunning
Shanoya Gunning 17 hours ago
I loved when cinamin was doing laundry and she just throw the thing In threre with the clothes and then she said her maid would be so proud and then she flooded the whole entire house.
Danina Preteni
Danina Preteni 17 hours ago
When are they gonna make a new video
Becca Wilde
Becca Wilde 17 hours ago
You guys are amazing actors I love your videos!
Angela Averis
Angela Averis 17 hours ago
Hello Person
Hello Person 18 hours ago
gamerGalaxywolf_e wolf
i have a qestipon for tootse and riya sorry if i spelt your guys names wrong why yall so pritty
Lara Mba ango
Lara Mba ango 19 hours ago
I just hope after Cinnamon stayed at at Riyas house her dad will stop being cheap, get a better house, a Tesla, and a maid(most likely part time).
Grace Ryan
Grace Ryan 19 hours ago
Them: posts new vid one day me : OOO TIME TO WATCH
Shani'z Food Gallery
You should make a beverly valley Haigh US-first chanal
Siba Ibrahim
Siba Ibrahim 20 hours ago
Part 2 pls 👀
Sunset facts react Yt
It’s two people howww do they do it 🥺🥺💕💕love u guys I have reawatched all ur videos so many times ly🥺❤️💍💕🤍🥰
IhasFace 20 hours ago
Pls. Do. A. Nother video pls. L. Love. Your. Videos. Pls. L. Love. You. Guys. Pls. You. Guys are. My. Favorite US-firstr
Jana Alothman
Jana Alothman 21 hour ago
can you do a video that cinnamon loses all her money
kerron Edmondson
kerron Edmondson 21 hour ago
Riya is rich
Desmon Baker
Desmon Baker 22 hours ago
i would switch families with cinomon because she is rich
jane doe
jane doe 22 hours ago
yea ikr
Rushan M
Rushan M 23 hours ago
What if totsie’s mom is cinnamon’s mom and cinnamon’s dad is tootsie’s dad
Jana Abualjebeen
Jana Abualjebeen 23 hours ago
Cinnamon got picked in the best family I want to be in that family
Malia Uwaifo
Malia Uwaifo Day ago
I have that same bunny phone case that tossi has
Caitlin Kollar
lacey lyons
lacey lyons Day ago
Is cinnamon/ria sick she sounds sick
Fun and Smile
Can u pls do one where cinnamon and tootsie have a nightmare about their parents getting married then they wake up at the end
c. Bhuvana
c. Bhuvana Day ago
When is NEW VIDEO?????
Dixie Day ago
I love you I watch you from a long time and I will ask you a quo’s Timon are you a caple
Charmaine Sweet
Ashina Vimal
Ashina Vimal Day ago
Can you pwease make a video about Cinnamon meeting her Dad so she will feel better, supported and surprised
Nico Miguel Basada
When your worst enemy's crush dumps her for you. Petition for Sam to hate Cinnamon and dump her for Tootsie. And to make Austin, Riya's Boyfriend. AND to allow boys in Riya's house
SlothyMaT Day ago
Is it just me or is it just that rhubarb seemed a little “Normal” near the end of the vid
ilylia Day ago
do you guys still use tiyas house for cinnamons house
Can you post everyday? Please 🥺
Prashna Rana
Prashna Rana Day ago
Well it is only for a week
Prashna Rana
Prashna Rana Day ago
Seek sit down OK hi what do you want to do to see
aldijanabby Day ago
I did not know that riya was rich Like her dad is rich but soooooo chep
Neale Cooper
Neale Cooper Day ago
Hi it’s actually me Emma I’m just on my dads account could you make a video of Cinnamon’s dad coming home
titty fish
titty fish Day ago
Duuude I remember I used to watch these videos like everyday in primary school :0 can't believe Raja is still with whats-her-face, it's been like what 2 years?
Stella Scarborough
Could you please respond I have a question? Can you make a rich nice and not bratty not spoiled smart girl named Sarah? Like as rich as cinnamon
alex imvu
alex imvu Day ago
I need more!!!!
SnowFlake Clouds
I like Cinnamon she’s cool
Malina Zubel
Malina Zubel Day ago
HMZAK Day ago
Omg so sad
HMZAK Day ago
Omg so sad
Lindsey Schuelke
I really love this video 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mincraftswap Luckyblocks
His house 🏘️ you can
Friends Loves
3:12 cinnamon has a whole new voice
Mwah Diors
Mwah Diors Day ago
SugeWyd Day ago
Isn’t tootsie friends with kandy
Dionna Sanchez
I love dan and riya I watch them every day can I get your merch I want it so bad !!!!! Hey Riya and tootsie
CrAzY FoR MySeLf
Paola Tapia
Paola Tapia Day ago
is dan and riya a thing
Bored To Death
Bring lacienega back i really want some *drama* *drama* *DRAMA*
Panda Hit
Panda Hit Day ago
You guys just passed my street and my sisters birthday is may 14th and she loves you so much if you could just say happy birthday that would be great love you guys so much
shiny 4ever
shiny 4ever Day ago
It's been 2 weeks since you posted might as well take the whole month off pweesee in really want another vid
•penguinszq •
Where’s miss p🥺
Mason’s Gaming Channel
26:09 well you better swim to your room got me cracking
Purple Rat
Purple Rat Day ago
I wonder if they just have a room in their house for each character
Luis Alencastro
can you pls do an update with Austin and Rya and cinemen and dan.pls
Marley Gayle
Marley Gayle Day ago
Make a new vidddddddddddddddnow
Evelyn Serwaa-Akoto
I want you to make videos super fast I love your videos thanks
Molly Downes
Molly Downes Day ago
Is it just me or was Cinnamon's maid not very nice to Tootsie
Emmaxlily vids
Cin- aggnesse ☹️
・himiko Toga・
‘Not for you, but i will definitely need some’
He officially quit
Vacation Disaster!
He officially quit