Sweet & Salty Nuts! 

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2 cups raw shelled peanuts, 1 cup sugar, ¼ t salt, ½ C water

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Feb 17, 2021




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Olivero3000 14 minutes ago
"Those are some good looking nuts"- Lynja 2021
fish brains!
fish brains! 22 minutes ago
I became i Lynja turtle!
rhea T
rhea T 43 minutes ago
"Then proseed to spend 30 minutes of your meaningless life... Me: well that took a turn
nyah gill
nyah gill Hour ago
That slight pause after "as much as me?" made the sentence way funnier than it already was
One With The Console
Alejandro Gurule
Alejandro Gurule 2 hours ago
lynja: "I'm feeling nutty" me: " OH MY GOD"
Pekpeka 3 hours ago
"Those are some good looking nuts!" Me:Thanks?
r1_fr0g 3 hours ago
Lynja: Do you love nuts as much as me? Me: *changes subject* and I quote..
Lil Taigo
Lil Taigo 3 hours ago
Baby Lynja:Those are some good lookin nuts Me:Why nuts
Devon Davis
Devon Davis 4 hours ago
You should make fajitas
8od0tMobile 4 hours ago
Betty Trevino
Betty Trevino 5 hours ago
LOL do u love nuts Me. Turns off phone befor mom hits me with FLIP flop
Marck andrey Larang
My not innocent brain is acting up
Vape Cat
Vape Cat 7 hours ago
aguy 7 hours ago
Thats what she said
Jams Hatchet
Jams Hatchet 8 hours ago
This reminds me of “you’ll love my nuts”
NEEV RAWAL 8 hours ago
Evelyn 9 hours ago
Lol my dad opens the penuts
Dead Mem2020
Dead Mem2020 9 hours ago
I swear to god,Lynja is like the cool aunt/grandma
Shane Guerzo
Shane Guerzo 10 hours ago
"and proceed to spend 30 minutes of your meaningless existence" me : I spend 4 hours of my existence for random knowledge…
eeggplanto eggo
eeggplanto eggo 10 hours ago
Thats what she sais
caca kustia
caca kustia 11 hours ago
Omg this video is what i've been looking for. I swear when i was kid I love this snack so much. Thanks lynja
Debangana Mitra
Debangana Mitra 12 hours ago
Lynja:Then proceed to spend 30 minutes of you *meaningless existence* to get a- Me:EXCUSE ME? WHO SAID UR EXISTENCE IS MEANINGLESS? ITS MEANINGFULLLLLL
Locket -
Locket - 13 hours ago
She be on go wit the blik tho 😂😂
Cheeky Boii
Cheeky Boii 13 hours ago
"Spread your nuts" i really need a psychiatrist now
Cheeky Boii
Cheeky Boii 13 hours ago
"until your nuts are sticky" I mean its hot in here so....
Ellie Langford
Ellie Langford 13 hours ago
Im allergic to nuts :(
Rozii Foxx
Rozii Foxx 15 hours ago
Guys, nuts are *food* stop making dirty jokes when you know it’s not that kind of nut
stratsboneless 15 hours ago
Yoongi’s pillow
Yoongi’s pillow 16 hours ago
Mina Love
Mina Love 17 hours ago
Ahahahahaha OMG😂
Emmanuel Akinbo
Emmanuel Akinbo 17 hours ago
The beginning sounded so wrong
Emmanuel Akinbo
Emmanuel Akinbo 17 hours ago
Linda: do you like nuts as much as me Everybody 13 and older : scrolling through the comments
caprisun all natural ingredients
Deez nuts
janelle 18 hours ago
ik she did not say “until ur nuts are sticky take out the blixky”
Chocolate_Mochiis 18 hours ago
Lynja that intro is sus 😳
FallingPotaytoes 18 hours ago
my abuela makes the absolute best sweet-almonds, and she uses cinammon and its just- 👌 same with arepas and empanadas
Dinhosaur 18 hours ago
yes, my life is meaningless WITHOUT YOU!
Lost Mute
Lost Mute 19 hours ago
The end of season 5
Cauã '-'
Cauã '-' 19 hours ago
Deez nuts Sorry
Girlz Gaming
Girlz Gaming 20 hours ago
Sweet and salty nuts that taste amazing! Me:😬😖😕🦠
Nee 21 hour ago
Great content, love it!
actually darwish
actually darwish 21 hour ago
I just eat the skin
Vadoz 22 hours ago
Not penuts
Eryk Gamer
Eryk Gamer 22 hours ago
Thats kinda sus 😳
Shinsou Hitoshi
Shinsou Hitoshi 22 hours ago
*"Those are some good looking nuts"*
Spy 22 hours ago
*Instructions unclear, I’m now in the emergency room for baking my nuts.*
Cooking Kids
Cooking Kids 23 hours ago
I fell i love with Deez Nuts since first bite
Kwaii Quesada
Kwaii Quesada 23 hours ago
Heh this was goodn resipe i made it cuz i love penuts and they are yummy
444GOD 23 hours ago
Your voice is so fucking annoying
Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis 23 hours ago
Luckily I had earbuds in...lol my parents would’ve thought I was watching somethin else
Aztech Illumna
Aztech Illumna 23 hours ago
This shall beat gordon ramsay
Ny-Jianah Zeigler
Pull out the blicky 😂😂😂
InkLink Day ago
I've never seen a bag of nuts that big
"Do you love nuts?" _Gets cut by my scrolling down_ Me: Wait WHAT
NecroMeowcer Day ago
super cringe
Jonathon Hobson
Im alergic to nuts :c
Anthony Day ago
Af nan
Af nan Day ago
How will the people like me who has no little lynja will measure? :,( we gotta starve
Tobenna Okoli
Lyjna be showing you she still got it in her old age if you know what I mean 😏😏😏
blackrussian clip
“add penis” me: hey i’m using that.
timo de visser
What set you reppin lynja
Ellie-anne Cottis
I don't like nuts sorry
Thiago LC
Thiago LC Day ago
Lynja do you like nuts juice?
Sabita Aktar
Sabita Aktar Day ago
You are such a great person ❤️❤️🥰🥰
YRN_sewshy Day ago
Lynja that intros kinda sus 👀
Big ros Big memes
This is so horse shit jeez
Aesthetic. Day ago
*P%rn Hub Has Enter The Comment Section*
Ꮆ卂爪乇尺 乃ㄩᗪᗪㄚ
Grandma made deznutz recipe so sweet
Poop Lemonade
"Those are some GOOD lookin' nuts"
Matias Trujillo
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei Day ago
Bird Brain
Bird Brain Day ago
*Or* you could just buy unsalted peanuts instead of going through the hassle of shelling them all...
Czarvell Lee Ynoy
"Meaningless existence" it hits me
MarielCarey Day ago
This video gives PHub advert vibes
Maria Schwab-Chesaru
Me* mmmmmm * Also me * alergic to nuts *😪
•øffłîñé_ śÿśtém•
“Those are some GOOD LOOKIN NUTS” Me: *looks around to see if anyone heard that*
Minity Peppermint
"BABY LYNNY YOUR TOO YOUNG FOR THAT" This is the part we should be talking about
peanut Day ago
look at my name above the comment YOU FU-
Michael Westen
Cacti, Not Cactuses
She prob lives in New Jersey if the nuts are from shop rite, that’s a local brand
peppa gangsta
“Until your nuts are sticky” *yes*
"Of your meaningless existence" I felt that...
Florin Toma
Florin Toma Day ago
Hmmmm did she say until my nuts are sticky lady’s and gentleman we found another 1
Do u love NUTS as much as me 🤔😂😂
SpeedWeed Day ago
Me when I hear nuts: *well this just got intresting*
Ryan Heywood
Ryan Heywood Day ago
Ha Ngoc
Ha Ngoc Day ago
I hate nuts!😞
Prabu Bramantri
Uuhhh my kinda nuts
ToadTastic Day ago
sayar saha
sayar saha Day ago
Abyssar Day ago
Imagine having your eyes closed when hearing this lmfao
Le Fishe
Le Fishe Day ago
"W a i t t i l l y o u r n u t s a r e s t i c k y" "S p r e a d y o u r n u t s" " f A m I l Y f R i E n D l Y"
Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee Day ago
Pie Master
Pie Master Day ago
you use the ove glove thats the best oven mitten to ever exist
jazz hands
jazz hands Day ago
Linja is so funny
I don’t add the sugar because I only like salty peanuts
Krinky Stinky
I sure love... nuts?
Mr. LieXX
Mr. LieXX Day ago
Annoying as fuck