Swapping Makeup Bags with Bonnie Hoellein 😂 

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Hey guys!! I’m SO excited about today’s video!!! BONNIE HOELLEIN IS HERE!! I love Bonnie SO MUCH and I was SO happy that we were able to collab on a video! I hope you all have fun watching us swap our makeup bags :) Don’t forget to check out Bonnie’s channel and SUBSCRIBE! She’s literally my favorite person ever lol. Love you guys so much! Have an amazing day! xoxo
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A lot of single eyeshadows ;)
L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara
Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
L’Oreal True Match Foundation
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Benefit Hoola Bronzer & MAC Contour Shade
MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Cheeky Bits
TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer
MAC Lipstick in Faux
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel
Morphe Continuous Setting Mist
What Bonnie Wore:
Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil
Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer
Thrive Causemetics Filtered Effects HD Translucent Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara
NYX Angel Veil Primer
Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Thrive Causemetics Sun Chaser Bronzer in Rhea
bareMinerals Gen Nude Blush in Beige for Days & Pretty in Pink
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Dose of Colors Desi X Katy Lipstick in A Mauve Story
Smashbox Primer Water
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Dec 8, 2018




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Kinsey Baldwin
Kinsey Baldwin 5 months ago
Love you Bonnie
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh 8 months ago
yes do it again
Lena Hall
Lena Hall 9 months ago
How do i get the makeup case?
vincent wright
vincent wright 10 months ago
You to are so CUTE
judy sharp
judy sharp 10 months ago
Bonnie you should totally should do beauty videos I can’t tell you how many times how many times I’ve watched you vlog and said to myself gosh! her makeup is flawless.
judy sharp
judy sharp 10 months ago
Ellie should too
Valerie Davey
Valerie Davey 11 months ago
I am looking forward
Jennifer Bonsall Taylor
This video made me smile. I wanna come do my make up with you both!
Calling her Bonnie doesn't change my mind in the simple fact that she looks exactly like Drew Barrymore, especially during the 3 step set with the handy fan. This was such fun! Thanks for sharing & have a great day today!
Lacey Fae
Lacey Fae Year ago
This was super cute! You are both absolutely lovely! I just subscribed to Bonnie and watched the video linked above, but her comments are turned off so I can’t enter the giveaway...😢
Taya Dulcich
Taya Dulcich Year ago
Unfortunately, the comments on Bonnie's channel has been turned off so I hope two comments on your channel will count. LOL.
Taya Dulcich
Taya Dulcich Year ago
Yes!!! That lipstick rocks on Bonnie. Also, I just bought Soft Glam a week ago. I am more of a silver girl. Seeing Bonnie in that gold makes me want to try it. You two were a lot of fun.
Lori Hannah
Lori Hannah Year ago
Great video - please do more like this! Thanks!
Galagya Year ago
My name is Bonnie, & it's a pretty rare name, so I'm not used to hearing it unless someone's talking to or about me, right... so this was immediately too weird. Can't do it.
Brennan Harmon
Loved this! Been binging your videos for a month now and I’ve learned so much but I love your interaction with other people! You should do more like this 👍🏻❤️
iiLxrrryii Year ago
"Oh you have so many brush flavors" ... We all say it
my life
my life Year ago
Ali and bonnie does your lipstick or gloss come off when you eat or drink I know something that doesn't come off lipsense it's amazing try it it is amazing
Kate Norman
Kate Norman Year ago
You guys are so cuuuute!!
jazzy 12345.
jazzy 12345. Year ago
Omg you both don't need makeup yo both are gaorgas with and with out
Barbara Ball
Barbara Ball Year ago
I loved this. You guys are great and your make up looks awesome
Loooove the lip color Bonnie!!
Emily Kriebel
Emily Kriebel Year ago
I love this video you guys both look great!
2 of my favorite youtubers together! ♡♡♡
Oleo Lenry
Oleo Lenry Year ago
I will not support this channel anymore. Bonnie is nothing but a money hungry, fake, twisted individual.
Abigail Porter
Such a lovely video, thank you! I am so far behind with your videos but this was worth the wait!! xXx
Aquatic _dolphins
I love all of your makeup lookes
Ruchi Goradia
Ruchi Goradia Year ago
Yes bonnie Ur lip colour looks great
Ruchi Goradia
Ruchi Goradia Year ago
Bonnie you just so beautiful...even without makeup...you are truly a natural beauty
Sydney Coburn
Sydney Coburn Year ago
Sydney Coburn
Sydney Coburn Year ago
You guys are so talented! Love you guys
Abbigail Rogers
Love that all of the makeup videos are like 20 minutes longer than the other ones ha! I love both of y’all so freaking much I cant explain it in words
Katelynn McDonald
22:54 we love bonnie
Isla Fenwick
Isla Fenwick Year ago
is bonnie related to ruby {the mum} in 8 passengers ?? they look like sisters
Jennifer Jiang
Jennifer Jiang 10 months ago
Yup they're related also to Ellie (ellie and jared), Julie Deru (derucrew)
Emmalee Dalman
Isla Fenwick they are sisters !
emily l
emily l Year ago
Isla Fenwick Yup!!
Vanessa Hall
Vanessa Hall Year ago
Such a fun video😂y’all are beautiful and watching you guys apply makeup inspires me:)
Crystal Fuentes
Two lovely ladies that I completely adore!! This was such a great video👏🏼🤗 YES Please do another!!! Ig @ Familyfuentes6
Kylie Babb
Kylie Babb Year ago
This collab was amazing!!! I feel like most collabs seem fake and not genuine but y’all had this vibe that was very genuine. I loved this video so much and y’all have got to do another collab soon!!!❤️❤️❤️
Isabella Clark
Your videos are amazing but I think you just need to work on your brows a little bit that’s about it you are so pretty and don’t even need makeup
Lucy Collier
Lucy Collier Year ago
You both are so beautiful with and without makeup. Yes I liked my own comment because no one will
Angie Elliott
Angie Elliott Year ago
Angie Elliott
Angie Elliott Year ago
Pur is the bomb!
Angie Elliott
Angie Elliott Year ago
I was actually cute in high school!
Heather Wiltgen
Please do another video like this. This was so fun!
Tiffany Thompson
Bonnie, it hurts me to hear you being so down on yourself....you are beautiful and you do beautiful on your makeup ❤
Deema Alrefai
Deema Alrefai Year ago
You're so Professional allie
Harper Thompson
Bonnie looks more like a buety guru
Sherry Miller
Sherry Miller Year ago
I am 9 and I do my makeup and I don't use US-first
simon boyce
simon boyce Year ago
Love this vid pls do more collabs
Kelsey Vlogs
Kelsey Vlogs Year ago
Giveaway I have watched u too for so long u are my favourite US-firstrs and love the make up look and I would love to win the the makeup so I could try to do a different look xx thanks and love u too xx
Addie_ boo
Addie_ boo Year ago
I always watch you Bonnie all your kids are gorgeous💝
Cecilia Trace
Cecilia Trace Year ago
I really like this
Tessa’s Life
Allie looks like Colleen Ballinget
That lip color looks so natural and beautiful on Bonnie!
Kacey Smith
Kacey Smith Year ago
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does eyes first. I usually make a mess with my shadow
Froglandzia gaming
i wear makeup and im 8
Melody Lai
Melody Lai Year ago
Emily Sublett
Emily Sublett Year ago
Hey luv both of you guys xoxo Emily
Leanna Ruiz
Leanna Ruiz Year ago
I almost peed my pants when I saw two of my favorites working together!!! Loved it♡
Bernie Haefner
You should do it on New year's
Mercedes Suter
I have had to wear makeup since I was 2 years old and know I am almost a 12 year old
Delia Almao
Delia Almao Year ago
Hi my name is Amanda and I would really like to win ima new subscriber and I just saw the video and I love it I would really like to win it would mean so much to me and I love doing my makeup I have a US-first channel called Amanda almao bye
XxMqliax X
XxMqliax X Year ago
James Charles who?!
N Ab
N Ab Year ago
You two are the best and so beautiful 😍
Julia Simer
Julia Simer Year ago
You girls are so cute and energetic! 😍
Nicole Lemieux
You are the best US-first
Kaela McDonald
“You have so many blush flavors!” I’m DEAD! Lol ilysm this is a rly good collab!
hey it's kylee B
I watch ruby and her kids channel
Zoe Marissa
Zoe Marissa Year ago
23:07 you have so many blush flavors 😂
Inês Santos
Inês Santos Year ago
i love u !!! ♡♡♡
Tiffany Webster
Love your videos Allie! You’re the only beauty vlogger that I regularly watch. This was a fun video. Nice to meet you, Bonnie!
ellie paige
ellie paige Year ago
Megan Clark
Megan Clark Year ago
I swear she called her Hunnie at one point
Eileen Melling
You are the best you tuber 😇😍👡👠🐇🏠💯
Lachlan Hill
Lachlan Hill Year ago
Bonnie, you laugh so much like ruby
Claire Main
Claire Main Year ago
OMG i subbed and liked both videos
Angelica Lopez
Ya'll are so gorgeous 😭😍
Bella Giorgilli
Is bonnie related to the 8passengers
Natasha Walker
Both of your eye looks uhhhh 😍💔
Klaudija Kožul
ebony harrison
I’m watching this at 3am (Australia) for tips I have to do my mums makeup for her work party tomorrow morning
Saarah Adnan
Saarah Adnan Year ago
I have liked ,subscribed and have click the notification Bell. Hi allie. That is very generous of u to give away so much makeup of such good quality. I dont ever enter in give aways and this is my first time. It would mean the world to me if i win. I really like the classic box. I really want it and have a nice reason behind it. My Insta gram handle in saarah_adnan. P.S. I have DMed you my reason behind it would be nice if u read it. ILYSM. Much love,Saarah.Plzzz check ur dm
Saarah Adnan
Saarah Adnan Year ago
Hi allie. That is very generous of u to give away so much makeup of such good quality. I dont ever enter in give aways and this is my first time. It would mean the world to me if i win. I really like the classic box. I really want it and have a nice reason behind it. My Insta gram handle in saarah_adnan. P.S. I have DMed you my reason behind it would be nice if u read it. ILYSM. Much love,Saarah.Plzzz check ur dm I have liked ,subscribed and have click the notification Bell.
hiraka hiku
hiraka hiku Year ago
newly subed ayee gt gd vids btw
hiraka hiku
hiraka hiku Year ago
newly sunbed ayee gt gd vids btw
Caterina Moranti
Girls I love you both and I loved this video! You should make videos like this again... PLEASEEEEEE!
Haley Gore
Haley Gore Year ago
Allie you don't need foundation your skin is perfect
Haley Gore
Haley Gore Year ago
At the beginning I could have sworn you had your face don't when you where doing your eyeshadow
Haley Gore
Haley Gore Year ago
I must be your sister myw name is hailey
cindy magana
cindy magana Year ago
Loving the make up looks!
Madeleine Aceituno
You both have beautiful teeth and smiles😍Kinda jealous...
izzy ogro
izzy ogro Year ago
The lip color looks so good!
Joanne Seto
Joanne Seto Year ago
Love the lipsticks... 😍
Meredith Brian
Who is the winner????
Kayla Willock
Kayla Willock Year ago
I love this video
Jessica Nasr
Jessica Nasr Year ago
I love this video 💕
What a fun video! Bonnie’s makeup looked amazing on her and I love her hair! It was cute seeing how excited you both were.
Connie Cunningham
Your channel is amazing
Kylee Bahas
Kylee Bahas Year ago
lofitears Year ago
Hi, ily
Roshni Year ago
Hey Allie.. I and my little sister would share these stuff and use them. We can't afford to buy them.I would be really happy if I win this. :) IG handle: preetiipatil