Surprised My Pregnant Wife With Dream Car! 

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Surprising Rydel my pregnant wife with her dream mom car, a tesla model y
#FunkFamily #TheFunks @Capron Funk @Rydel Funk

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Apr 4, 2021




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Azayda Brooks
Azayda Brooks 2 hours ago
Kiss you when she comes with your lips
Lola Evans
Lola Evans 7 hours ago
I’m honestly the happiest to see rydel living her dream life, with a husband that loves her more than anything and a BABY now🥺🥺 she deserves that and more❣️ thank you Capron ❤️❤️❤️
Lola Evans
Lola Evans 7 hours ago
Charles New
Charles New 9 hours ago
I didn’t even know this was my dream car until I watch this video 😂
Tyrel Nelson
Tyrel Nelson Day ago
Your awesome
Andrea Humphrey
Andrea Humphrey 2 days ago
What are y’all doing with Rydel’s old car?
Alien- Toilet28
Alien- Toilet28 2 days ago
The kid be like: mom is spoiled= me spoiled
Redheaded Princess
Damn the only thing mu man has given me was finding out he was cheating! With our trash of a neighbor. Yay
Cheer Ziva
Cheer Ziva 2 days ago
You should name the car supreme because the baby’s name is super so you can have super supreme
matthewaqt Ttv
matthewaqt Ttv 3 days ago
Super !
Kristyn Roy
Kristyn Roy 4 days ago
I love the car it’s so pretty
c e
c e 5 days ago
Kacie_ Emmert
Kacie_ Emmert 5 days ago
you can see rydels smile from a mile away
Kristy Thomas
Kristy Thomas 6 days ago
Get the model x for you again
Christopher Papachristou
Did you forget about ur cyber truck???? That’s coming
April Townsend
April Townsend 6 days ago
You can watch Netflix and play games.. while driving.. with a baby in the car.
Jason Kwok
Jason Kwok 7 days ago
I love your videos
Jason Kwok
Jason Kwok 7 days ago
So my mom mom has a Tesla x so u can higher or r power the suspension. And the Simon mode is the best
Jimena Cruz
Jimena Cruz 7 days ago
What are you doing with your other white tesla
Ja Thoj
Ja Thoj 7 days ago
Model 3) model y) model s) model x) roaster)
So He
So He 7 days ago
"I guess i'm just gonna fall in" -Capron Funk 2021
Allyson Rose
Allyson Rose 7 days ago
Such an awesome car. But am I the only one cringing about those white seats with babies and toddlers 😬 I know from having my two god children in my car with black seats it’s even cringe worthy to get the stains out. Toddlers are messy 😂 but each to their own I guess
Riley Paterson
Riley Paterson 8 days ago
I like Tesla’s
TD Dispatch
TD Dispatch 8 days ago
Also what about that cyber truck you apparently got in Ryder tells me what to do for 24 hrs
Bike masters
Bike masters 9 days ago
Damn 3 Tesla’s what next the cyber truck
chuggle gluggle
chuggle gluggle 10 days ago
Didn't he buy her a cyber truck like a year ago?
Cold Playz
Cold Playz 11 days ago
Capron what are you guys going to do with the old Tesla?
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen 11 days ago
How is rydels mom with the stuff that happen we love her (:
BaselIb007 11 days ago
Am I the only one who think Rydel and Kacey are like twins and spend A lot of time together. They both say holy shiz
Davyn North
Davyn North 13 days ago
what day is the baby coming??????
Kamdynn Wyman
Kamdynn Wyman 14 days ago
My mom is actually having a baby girl with Rydel at the same time as her
Andres Cervantes
Andres Cervantes 14 days ago
Rydel is like my mom every car my mom got was white
faze grego
faze grego 14 days ago
Ansara Ali
Ansara Ali 14 days ago
This makes me so happy !!!!
Megan Selvadurai
Megan Selvadurai 14 days ago
Poptarx 14 days ago
That car is awesome😱
Grace McCurley
Grace McCurley 14 days ago
please be very careful posting the front of your house ❤️
Kabel King
Kabel King 14 days ago
Btw my brother gave capron to her wife a car true
Bob Jo
Bob Jo 14 days ago
Hi Hi guys I love your videos I watch them all the time
Laura Dickinson
Laura Dickinson 14 days ago
My heart awww I love how much you love her
Mandy Bowen
Mandy Bowen 15 days ago
spell sexy
Mandy Bowen
Mandy Bowen 15 days ago
did u know that all the models equal sexy
Jimmy Terry
Jimmy Terry 15 days ago
So you bought a whole car for your pregnant wife who is four days from giving birth. You can't be that stupid. But you probably are that fake!
Cooper Tayman
Cooper Tayman 15 days ago
She needs to wrap it to say Epik mom car
Colton Creswell
Colton Creswell 15 days ago
Suhani Kapur
Suhani Kapur 15 days ago
my fav family ever
yt- justin-tristan
yt- justin-tristan 15 days ago
Make the other smal telsa an pikachu
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith 15 days ago
Are we not going to talk about th voice crack 3:22
Devon Wells
Devon Wells 15 days ago
And voice crack
Devon Wells
Devon Wells 15 days ago
Nice car
Archie Briggs
Archie Briggs 15 days ago
Love you guys your the best, keep it up and I hope you guys are ok and ready for BABY FUNK!!! Let's gooooooo
ScopeZ 15 days ago
when is the cyber truck coming @capron funk
Chelsea Isabella
Chelsea Isabella 15 days ago
I can't wait for your son to be born. I wish you guys the best and he is going to be the most loved kid in the world!
Chelsea Isabella
Chelsea Isabella 15 days ago
Love you guys
Joni Sirovatka
Joni Sirovatka 15 days ago
Name it Sawyer
Brown Family
Brown Family 15 days ago
When will you post again
Nate Howard
Nate Howard 15 days ago
i cant believe that when im watching this tomorrows the due date
Amy Davison
Amy Davison 15 days ago
OMG! Rydels due date is tomorrow. Ahhhhhhh I’m so excited!!!!🤰
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 15 days ago
The next video will probably be the labor video 🥺❤️.... let that sink in
Kyle Dishon
Kyle Dishon 15 days ago
He had a x
MIGUEL RAMOS 15 days ago
i love capron
Isabella Bustamante
My goal in life is to find a husband like Capron and just have a relationship like theirs!
juliem_1986 15 days ago
Capron is the best husband ever! That car is so awesome! The summon thing is a little creepy.
Absoweb 15 days ago
Is today the day?
Alex Rangel
Alex Rangel 15 days ago
Where's her cyber truck
Evan Fink
Evan Fink 15 days ago
Andrew Dennison
Andrew Dennison 15 days ago
Your life is the best.
VICTORIA LOPEZ 16 days ago
I thought you got her a cover truck
Kayla Oostenbrink
Kayla Oostenbrink 16 days ago
Just saying your license plate shows! People might track you and stuff! Luv you guys!
Destina Simpson
Destina Simpson 16 days ago
when is that cyber truck coming?
Dijadi 16 days ago
Your baby birthday is the same birthday as mine I’m the 13
Caden Wouters
Caden Wouters 16 days ago
What about her cybertryuck
Drew Kalinauskas
Drew Kalinauskas 16 days ago
We all remember when he bought the cyber truck for her from a say yes video
Drew Kalinauskas
Drew Kalinauskas 16 days ago
So she will have three cars
Drew Kalinauskas
Drew Kalinauskas 16 days ago
Did you not remember you bought Her a Tesla cyber truck
Valpro 15
Valpro 15 16 days ago
Bruh I thought you bought her the cyber truck...
Evelyn Terrazas
Evelyn Terrazas 16 days ago
Imagine driving a Tesla, while getting surprised with a Tesla!
Ash_xx_emo :D
Ash_xx_emo :D 16 days ago
Shes going give birth on my birthday April 12
Best Racing
Best Racing 16 days ago
Can the baby just come
Graham On 60 Hz
Graham On 60 Hz 16 days ago
If you guys got the add of hello fresh song get it it’s so bad
April Perez
April Perez 16 days ago
Rydel push present 🎁
Myles Oaks
Myles Oaks 16 days ago
name the car myles
The outdoors Channel
Name it bobby
Zeb C
Zeb C 16 days ago
Are you guys going to keep the model 3 or give it to a family member
chris arena
chris arena 16 days ago
name it yeti
Brendan Colbert
Brendan Colbert 16 days ago
What happened to her cybertruck?
Henry Severn
Henry Severn 16 days ago
Not gonna lie they are probably in labor right now so exciting I’m so excited to see baby funk
Leia Katsnelson
Leia Katsnelson 16 days ago
She is so lucky to have someone like you
Sophia Soriano
Sophia Soriano 16 days ago
What about the old car
Sophia Soriano
Sophia Soriano 16 days ago
Wait baby Funk is coming so soon❤️❤️❤️
Celine Hamka
Celine Hamka 16 days ago
What are they going to do with the model e
That cool Flipper
That cool Flipper 16 days ago
The baby boy funk will be born on the day we close on our new house . I’m so happy for both of you I’ve been following you on y’all’s joinery and I’m still going too I’m so glad nice people like you and rydel have a nice life.
Leah Orlando
Leah Orlando 16 days ago
April 4th was my birthday no joke
Sharon Stevens
Sharon Stevens 16 days ago
My Aunt is due April 30th
Henjo_Sichgaard 16 days ago
tesla's security is 5 stars...... out of 10
Ceci 05
Ceci 05 16 days ago
Everyone: looking at the Tesla Me: looking at the bunny
Elsa Jahnsen
Elsa Jahnsen 16 days ago
Rydels outfits! Omg i am dying for itt
FroggyPlayz_ 200
FroggyPlayz_ 200 16 days ago
You should call the tesla Rydely
PxrsianXo 16 days ago
This is emotional🙏🏼 I just surprised my mum with a brand new car on my channel too. Making others happy is truly a blessing
SlrryZsbigestfan _101
No way my birthday in 4 days thats so crazy your bby gonna be here in 9 days
07 gamespeakable
07 gamespeakable 16 days ago
trust me i am so excited after 9 days my exams end, their baby will be born and also CALL OF DUTY MOBILE update is coming i am so excited !!!!!!!!