Super Paper Mario: A Love Story 

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In this adventure Mario must stop the heat death of the universe, and Luigi is dead
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May 1, 2021




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RTGame 13 days ago
We've condensed my entire playthrough of Super Paper Mario on my Twitch channel into one video for you guys. This one took a lot of work so please do consider leaving a like if you enjoy it. You should also send love to my editor Cloé through her channels here twitter.com/xashtaricx www.twitch.tv/ashtaric
oh well hey
oh well hey 9 days ago
a 2 hour RT video? awww yea bb
the opening should be a meme
JJ six
JJ six 9 days ago
Why ain't you get Barry
alpha wolf
alpha wolf 11 days ago
Ever since i learned that toad is voiced by the same actress that voices the Witch Salem from RWBY, i can't unsee Salem talking but with YOUR toad voice.
Aidan Finn
Aidan Finn 11 days ago
" we condensed it" Still two hours and 10 minutes I still watched it in one sitting
The Chunkernaut
The Chunkernaut 2 hours ago
I am chunks’s final form
zomedome1 3 hours ago
They used to call dan the "Girth King"
THE IMFAMOUS G 3 hours ago
I watched this in one sitting and I just felt like I went on an emotional roller coaster
Grim 7 hours ago
okay but the edit from the block hitting instructions to the block hitting is slick
Théoden Suhrie
Théoden Suhrie 12 hours ago
This is oddly lovecraftian
Emilio Rojas
Emilio Rojas 13 hours ago
in spanish count bleck is called "conde cenizo" and it says "Cenizo" instead of bleck', also "cenizo" is kind of like ashes and cruel...
The Manager
The Manager 14 hours ago
Luigi was in hell for war crimes. Don't ask, what he did because if you know he walks slightly faster than you.
Kitsune_Kirin 19 hours ago
Someone tell me why I cried over super paper Mario what is wrong with me
Jason Bynarowicz
This game is a golden memory
Gaming Met Noel
The Boomer’s created the Vibe Check
18:04 Mario da snack!
Ryan McCoog
Ryan McCoog Day ago
2:03:35 If I had a nickel for every time Luigi was the key to some ancient evil I’d have 2 nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.
The Templars
The Templars Day ago
It’s hard to sleep when you’ve gotten explosive diarrhea
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Day ago
1:41:25 Bowser, I'm pretty sure your marriage ended when you got sent to hell and she went to heaven.
Tycoonterror Day ago
I thought this was a fan made game but I was wrong
Samantha Leone
This was my first game on the wii and I still play through it everytime im visiting my parents
Sif Day ago
This game is the peak of the paper mario franchise
• Patatoe •
I couldn’t beat this game as kid. Show me the way RT!
azure_karma Day ago
Wow, I never realised how dark this game was as a kid, considering the *onscreen murder-suicide, slavery to pay off an almost impossible debt, Mimi deciding to commit neck snap, mass enslavement and mind control using plants, a forbidden marriage, killing Satan and the literal heat death of the universe.*
Tim Bailey
Tim Bailey 2 days ago
Are we sure this isn't some cursed Kingdom Hearts spin off
Welp 2 hours long so I'll be hear till 3am I love this game but only remember around half way through where it gets gappy memories are strange
Gab Gabriel
Gab Gabriel 2 days ago
How many times has Luigi died in this game?
Connie Spiderman
Connie Spiderman 2 days ago
We don't insult Merlon for being racist and separating Blumiere and Timpani by turning her into a Pixl
zomedome1 2 days ago
fun fact: if you put the floro sapien sprout on luigi and defeat count bleck with luigi, the sprout will be on mario instead of luigi
ImTheHatMan 2 days ago
I knew he was going to refuse the pure heart in the beginning.
Kim DeJohn
Kim DeJohn 3 days ago
this game is unironically a masterclass in storytelling
Linon 13
Linon 13 3 days ago
Is it wrong that I came back for mario to watch his brother die then immediately move on?
Giovonni Peploe
Giovonni Peploe 3 days ago
i suggest you play paper mario thousand year door, my favorite game
xSoporific 3 days ago
W game
Radiation 95
Radiation 95 4 days ago
Wish Nintendo made more games with good plots and story.
Jenna Garza
Jenna Garza 4 days ago
*"SuPeR pAPEr MaRiO!!!!!!"*
Kree McCormick
Kree McCormick 4 days ago
Forget how many blecks count how many times Luigi died
MirrorglassArts 4 days ago
Im crying
smartsport 4 days ago
your Toad voice sounds like pubescent Yoda X'D
ViniDZN2 4 days ago
I drank one every time the word "Bleck" fell and I didn't get to watch the whole video in one go
Tricky Tbone
Tricky Tbone 4 days ago
This game both caused my archanapbobia and made me cry at the same time
bakerystoe 4 days ago
yoo my favorite mario game
CadetRedShirt 4 days ago
Taking sips of cider for every Bleck still gave me alcohol poisoning
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 5 days ago
Ahem! Today...
Captain Shark58
Captain Shark58 5 days ago
2:02:43 WHAT?????
Oscar Carrillo
Oscar Carrillo 5 days ago
Made a speed run
Edwiin Andres Mosquera Marulanda
Where is the bleck counter?
Jacob Wigginton
Jacob Wigginton 5 days ago
Mad Weegee
Mad Weegee 5 days ago
22:06 That's when I stopped watching, this timestamp is for me, but use it if you want to
Johnathon Ward
Johnathon Ward 5 days ago
tippi is always drunk
ThePurplePheonix 6 days ago
Someone in the discord server ranting mee6: 1:47:51
Mad Titanic
Mad Titanic 6 days ago
Luigi = Anti-Christ Waluigi = Christ confirmed?
TheLolbitGamer 6 days ago
Remember, the first vibe check was done by a boomer.
Vaclav Kresina
Vaclav Kresina 6 days ago
my favorite part is when the pixl goes FUCK
Gaming Amatuer
Gaming Amatuer 6 days ago
RT: **Refuses to save the multiverse, killing trillions in a slothful display of indifference** RT: What an inconvenience! I have to rewatch these cutscenes!
bruh the sequel
bruh the sequel 6 days ago
Imagine this scene around 50:11 but with Princess Peach
Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach 6 days ago
This game had a guy named flint making the water dirty and harmful. This game has wya too many coincidences.
SnoopyWhale5 6 days ago
Nathaniel McShane
Two parents grieve for the loss of their only child, who they raised and loved despite knowing that she would likely have to leave them early. Luigi: OKIE DOKI
JJ5Gamer 6 days ago
How do you causally wait in a chest for 1500 years against your own will
It’s Rammy
It’s Rammy 6 days ago
this is my child hood
P Todd
P Todd 6 days ago
Strange you can't just threaten to put the bridge guy back into 3d and leave him to die.
Eternal Mood
Eternal Mood 6 days ago
Dimentio: “And so I arrive, like a sudden windstorm at a kindergarten picnic.” Bleck: “…” Nastasia: “dimentio what the fuck does that mean please speak normal, k?”
Sickle Cell
Sickle Cell 7 days ago
I honestly hope nintendo makes a game purely about timpani and bleck. No one else, just a game about them
Duane 427427
Duane 427427 7 days ago
you can beat this game in 2 hours?
NovaBren 7 days ago
Jebus what's with Nintendo and making deep background lore that's super depressing-
Arcsin 7 days ago
yo hold up why does he keep saying he doesnt have long to live at the end of the game? why? whats wrong bro?
Arcsin 7 days ago
i like that the fact dimentio didnt call luigis mustache a shag proves this is the uk translation and not the us one
Game Stormer
Game Stormer 4 days ago
Wait does he actually say that? I've never played this game before and this is my first time seeing it
Arcsin 7 days ago
Jade Lin
Jade Lin 7 days ago
I have never wanted to inpail myself so badly through my skull..... I understand Iwantdie now.
Pixelated Perfection
50:22 I like how boomer is just off to the side like "I want no part in this"
Ben Seer
Ben Seer 7 days ago
Bowser the Mario villiain and Voldemort the Harry Potter villain both get royalties when you say their name
mayo 213
mayo 213 7 days ago
God tier game
Batabii 7 days ago
Why is it so hard for you to say "three"?
Gumbee 7 days ago
Count Bleck is Graf Knickwitz in German so yeah
Fresh Grilled Panini
Man, I forgot how incredible this game was. It’s been years since I played it and I’ve missed it ever since. I couldn’t catch the streams but I’m joyed to have still experienced it again. I really need to get this game again
BlueCayser 7 days ago
Who knew Nintendo of all companies would predict what a redditor would be like
Daddy Skee
Daddy Skee 7 days ago
HOLY FUCK THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD I REMEMBER I USED TO CRY OVER THIS GAME (i was like, 8 and hadn’t experienced a good narrative before)
Krishnan Subramoni
This game somehow feels like complete fan-fiction, but it isn't, and I love it. The story of Count Blumiere and Lady Timpani was really sweet, and Count Bleck's evil gang being friends was also really sweet. Peach and Bowser get some great character moments. And everything else is just pure memes. This game is the whole package. Thank you RT for showing me this lovely game
Marcus Daloia
Marcus Daloia 7 days ago
51:17 No, RT, you don't understand. Octopus and/or squids, and some insects, basically have this thing where they basically jack off onto a limb and then fist their girl, or possibly just have their junk be that limb, so take a moment to think about what you're using your GIRTH against there.
Sawlky 7 days ago
Every other full playthrough of this game is at least 10 hours, props to you for completing it in only 2 hours!
Void_Box 7 days ago
This game was a hidden gem on the wii. Hopefully more people seeing it through you will revive the fandom at least somewhat.
ShadowSonic44 7 days ago
Will you be doing any of the other side stuff such as the pits of 100 trials? I would love to see more of this game!
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 7 days ago
45:55 Yeah, that's where I got stuck. Explored as much as I could without that guy, didn't even know he was there, never made it to the door. That was as far as I got. I would be stuck on different parts for days up until now, I think mostly just the rubee part. Didn't even know how to discern the real lady by the fly, I just guessed. 53:25 This clip was actually all I got to watch in the livestream lol.
DemoWolf 7 days ago
I actually got invested in the story.
Ju Reid
Ju Reid 8 days ago
I loved playing this game
something original
I love this game, no one can tell me it isn't great, good at least to some but I absolutely love this game
Comrade Pripin
Comrade Pripin 8 days ago
.....when was the last time someone saw Mario actually unclog a toilet?
Ephraim Snow
Ephraim Snow 8 days ago
50:02 i didn't know this was a good game
Eccentriastes 8 days ago
Man this is so nostalgic. I wish more people remembered this game.
That Gaming
That Gaming 8 days ago
Count Bleck is just Thanos
Moe Szyslak
Moe Szyslak 8 days ago
Thousand Year Dpor when? I want to see all of the good Paper Mario games here.
breadsmeme 8 days ago
"Ay 1 question" "Yea?" "Guess what theme the game PAPER MARIO has" "I don't know, maybe like you draw stuff to progress and save people?" "NO! FOOL, YOU ARE WRONG, THE THEME IS OBVIOUSLY... **INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL!**
Jorja Davidson
Jorja Davidson 8 days ago
A reminder to everyone- the toad said princess peach was stolen, no kidnapped, so it doesn’t count this time.
Orion Thornheart
Orion Thornheart 8 days ago
This has been my favorite video from this Channel, entertaining throughout the entire thing, and just a quality video that is also 2 hours long. shouldn't ask for more, But I will, please more videos like this!
crazy bird
crazy bird 8 days ago
You know I was expecting RT's reaction to mimi's true form a bit more since it looks like a spider
Mr Everything 70
Mr Everything 70 8 days ago
Mario: Pulls a Scorpion and comes back from hell. Peach: Is canonically the only one that goes to Heaven. Bowser: Is feared as a monster by the guards of the underworld Luigi: Technically the Anti-Christ
Inquisitor Bobdole
I despise the claim that luigi doesn't pay rent. Luigi is the richest person in the mushroom kingdom thanks to the jewels and mansion. He simply decides to keep his older brother company in the tiny shack he owns because peach doesn't let him sleep in the castle because luigi is a good brother. You dare disrespect luigi again, I will find you and give you a long lecture on brotherly love and kirby deep lore
Kappi 8 days ago
I love this kind of videos. Lets play from you are so good :)
Mae 8 days ago
I still play super paper mario till this day because I love it
Fresh_Knight 8 days ago
I still keep my game theory that this game had nothing to do with Mario for the first like 20% of development
Toast Is Good
Toast Is Good 8 days ago
28:50 Mario becomes a terrorist
UnderLeaves 8 days ago
RT should stream Portal 2 next!
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