Super Load Stuck!!! Has Tator Met It's Match??? 

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A 250,000 pound (113,398 Kg) gross weight Super-Load at 140 feet (42.7 M) long sitting on 13 axles has difficulty navigating a tight corner into an electrical power substation and gets bogged down.....stuck, with the rear steerable axles off in the mud and the Mack truck (prime mover) spun down in soft gravel. Can Ron and Tator get it straightened out and moved, OR has Tator met its match??? A very special "ARC" nemesis episode!!! Please SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER!!! Thanks for watching and God bless!!!
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Miller Industries, Century 1150R rotator on a Peterbilt 389X chassis 50 ton 5 winch www.guardianangeldevices.com/m/towtruck-safety-light/?code=122 Follow the link for special pricing on the Guardian Angel Elite seen in this video. You can also use Coupon Code: 122CLIP) feniex.com/ yankum.com?afmc=26 #ronpratt #guardianangeldevices #midwesttruck #millerindustries #halo #sdmo #illumagear #feniexofficial #toy #toytruck #dodge #hemi #yankum #traileze #tow #towlife #century #rotator #recovery #car #truck #fire #firetruck #apparatus #aerial #denver #colorado #pro #mufrti #scfd #scpd #peterbilt #crouchtowtrucks #code #thief #gehl #bobcat #skidsteer #pjtrailer #1 #hill #offroad #steer #crash #mshp

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Apr 30, 2021




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Jeff Bradford
Jeff Bradford 14 hours ago
"It's humid out here!" Missouri, where the humidity is always 99% or it's raining. Brings back memories.
James Gearhart
James Gearhart 15 hours ago
Love the merry-go-round of chains
Josh Horton
Josh Horton Day ago
How do you keep all the change and what not old
Victor Farias
Its amazing and really great. Vic
james may
james may Day ago
Sure uts a big load and heavy but your not dealing with anything to do with high voltage period
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan Day ago
God Bless you Ron for showing your viewers what you have to go through in this business. Your expertise and discipline is a guide to those who wants to take up this job as a profession.
angus thompson
Hey Ron if there doing this a fair bit the should be extending the path
Big Mex Detects
Why so many thumbs down . This host did a great job .
Leonardo galang
not good idea
Michael B
Michael B 2 days ago
I think this truck needs more wheels !! super load goes across bridge, you start across and bridge collapses!!! now if those front set of wheels would steer like the back ones on that dolly(jeep) it might be capable of some eradic steering !! ?? what was the purpose of lifting the tail and lowering it after moving it over??
GSZero 2 days ago
Is lugging chains around the most annoying part of the job? Edit: Just getting to the part where you talk about the 5/8" grade 100 chains. I'm feeling more and more sure about the answer to my question now lol.
Lloydstrom 2 days ago
Years back I built those transformers at Waukesha Electric Systems here in Waukesha, Wisconsin. That looks like a smaller one too. Massive weight indeed. Craning them around the factory was always fun. 3rd shift sucked tho.
MrAli171 2 days ago
What a amazing tow truck
jmmurphy1977 2 days ago
Neil Stanford
Neil Stanford 3 days ago
Awesome Ron that was one hell of a job takes the trusty old gator to the rescue
John S
John S 3 days ago
Well done and good teamwork too.
Bruce White
Bruce White 3 days ago
I love your professionalism in your videos there is alot us younger tow operators can learn from a guy like yourself Mr Pratt keep up the good work
shammy keyz
shammy keyz 3 days ago
That kid standing so close to the chain gave me anxiety
Clifford Davis
Clifford Davis 3 days ago
Why not just use a hydraulic jack on a thick steel plate at the pivot point between the two sets of wheels to make the pulling a lot easier and less dangerous?.
Brian Hoxworth
Brian Hoxworth 3 days ago
I'm guessing thats the road to the divergen channel. One of the old fishing spots back in the day. Cape and Jackson sure has grew up.
brian baker
brian baker 3 days ago
No you could not ; It over the front ¿
M K 3 days ago
watching that kid go under the trailer deck was exciting enough for the whole hour. someone should get him a pry bar.
Barb Wright
Barb Wright 3 days ago
I love wreckers, if I had the money I’d own one so I could ride along
David Dean
David Dean 3 days ago
That towing lorry has more gear than the dealership. Brilliant kit and well stowed and looked after. 250 tons? Short I suppose.oops just seen end credits. 250,000 lbs why don’t you use tons there’s less No’s. = 111 1/2 tons.
Mike VanVolkenburgh
God bless
KTTK 4 days ago
I can see why this has 1/2M views in a week, can't learn this in a classroom. A key decision for me was not to leave until they tried to move the trailer. Great video.
Ein Mensch
Ein Mensch 4 days ago
23:48: How is such a serious corrosion allowed for heavy transports?
joey stories
joey stories 4 days ago
This man is fun to watch.
The Dowsett Downs
Work in substations now retired. The substations were designed around how equipment was to brought in, especially a problem when substations are energised. Generally all our transporters would be on concrete roadways. I would increased the width of the concrete road beforehand. Today there is computer simulators which will allow you to design the roadway.
Nicholas Cody
Nicholas Cody 4 days ago
When Ron says it’s not that exciting but you’re literally sitting here watching, biting your nails and wondering what’s gonna happen. Lol
hippieboi 4 days ago
I am very impressed with that lazy Susan contraption, that’s a hell of a set up
Syrnian 4 days ago
140 friggin feet. Huge.
Hollywood redneck
It's always about the safe small movements. Can you imagine what could have happened if you pulled it farther each time and how much side movement there would have been when the other guy lifted the tower...
king0cans 4 days ago
I have many years pulling bigger trailers. Also heavy wrecker work. I would have done this a little different. But nice to see you all work together. Good job!
David C
David C 4 days ago
As an electrician for 34 years, that was cool to watch. I love my job.
Ed big truck
Ed big truck 4 days ago
Nice Job.
Rick Champlain
Rick Champlain 4 days ago
Alex Morrissey
Alex Morrissey 4 days ago
Nice work. My first thought is "Why didn't they pave the area to allow easier access?" I'm sure this has happened before.
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson 4 days ago
Masterful competence and teamwork!
gwharton68 4 days ago
Great job as always. I think the substation should think about tripling the width of that gate or quit bringing in such long loads.
Frank Brants
Frank Brants 4 days ago
The only BooBoo I found was the layout of that sub station's entrance in relation to the road.
shadrapala006 4 days ago
Jose L Sierra
Jose L Sierra 4 days ago
Strong man (Ron Prat) ............wow I was exhausted just looking at this job. I remember a job we did in PR driving a 60 ton load unto a ship used in WW2 that open in the front with a cat tractor, the ship went down 15 o20 feet !
Jalthealus davis
Jalthealus davis 4 days ago
This was more exciting than anything I see at my warehouse job. I would have loved to see the process of how the load made it through the entrance.
Mr Strong
Mr Strong 4 days ago
Throughly enjoyed the footage.
leroy marra
leroy marra 4 days ago
one hell of a rig man
Anthony Cadiou
Anthony Cadiou 4 days ago
Good show$$$$
Brian King Welding
That tator is space age compared to the brand new state of the art one I ran back in 2001
Howie 4 days ago
This reminds me of sitting in the front yard in a lounge chair watching the grass grow.
Ronald Gillman
Ronald Gillman 4 days ago
And line the Jeep up with the road?
Ronald Gillman
Ronald Gillman 4 days ago
Ronald Gillman
Ronald Gillman 4 days ago
Why don’t they disconnect the keep and realize it?
andre bulteel
andre bulteel 4 days ago
au le prau
fred flintstoner
fred flintstoner 4 days ago
How much capacity of that transformer? I use to be high voltage technicians for 7 years.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 4 days ago
Great video. Interesting to watch....thanks....and God bless you too.
Jay Charland
Jay Charland 5 days ago
mmm 2016
mmm 2016 5 days ago
Thank you .. From K.S.A🤚🏻
Forge20 5 days ago
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike 5 days ago
I have not a single idea what you guys do and knows it takes a whole lot of know how to move something this big but lifting up on it wouldn't have helped get it to slide. Like I said, I don't have a clue. Just like learning new things.
MrBen527 5 days ago
John Elliott
John Elliott 5 days ago
Please get a silastic wedding ring your metal band is a mess waiting to happen.
Wayne Barnhart
Wayne Barnhart 5 days ago
WOW!! Mr. Pratt .. I'm very impressed !! I have a friend of mine that is a truck driver that I shared this with . I also told my friend that the saying goes .. "Only Real Men are Truck Drivers " 😎
Ian Fiddes
Ian Fiddes 5 days ago
First time viewing that is one beautiful rig
Shawn Choate
Shawn Choate 5 days ago
I like how you tried not to show the guy that was smoking on film
Charles Foley Sr
Charles Foley Sr 5 days ago
You heavy wreacker guys always amaze me. Great job. Thanks for the video.
Bob longdickder
Bob longdickder 5 days ago
Your brain farts I called blonde moments
hugolafhugolaf 5 days ago
«its» match.
Jon Mullins
Jon Mullins 5 days ago
9:23. How's it go again?
Blazer02LS 5 days ago
Steerable axles would make it so much easier, sometimes. Only issue would be the cowboys who decided to counter steer and take up 2 lanes at a time...
Ken Prevatt
Ken Prevatt 6 days ago
That chain turntable is a nice set up
Ken Prevatt
Ken Prevatt 6 days ago
Lol that intro music is the bomb sounds like old Bonanza music I keep waiting for ole Hoss and Lil Joe to ride up
andrew webster
andrew webster 6 days ago
if i was near or lived in this Mississippi, i would totally apply to at midwest truck cause i love this kind of work.
Michael Guinn
Michael Guinn 6 days ago
Love them "back up cameras"!! Also the Lazy Susan for storing your chains is awesome!!
Redacted 6 days ago
this made me worried watching this, I have just completed an impressed voltage course. You are seriously in risk working near those substations Ron ! Totally shocked they were even allowed in there with that truck, trailer and load without the power being shut off. The way impressed voltage works and charges metal objects near stations is super scary and still not fully understood yet. After having seen some of the pictures and videos of people that have come into impressed voltage, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Please take care when near them, especially working the job you do. It’s a killer that lurks in the shadows, one you can’t hear or see.
David Sparks
David Sparks 7 days ago
I heard those transformers are full of a very nasty liquid...TY...INTERESTING AND GOD BLESS YOU SIR...(READ REVELATION 18(all) It is the WTC of 9/11 in 2001(now 20 years ago) Babylon was used as example of the largest city on Earth when John penned Revelation on Patmos...NOW WHAT TIME IS IT??!!!
Raúl Macías
Raúl Macías 7 days ago
Hola buenas noches me da gusto que saques más videos
brandon boyd
brandon boyd 7 days ago
That A-team intro...
danhero666 7 days ago
7:35 is that a cracked crossmember or just peeling paint?
Ricky Allanson
Ricky Allanson 7 days ago
icaremore 7 days ago
Good stuff.
wireedm1 7 days ago
That was fascinating to watch, thanks for posting.
Captain G
Captain G 7 days ago
Ron, bit off topic but have you seen these bar headlamps www.lightbarheadlamp.com/pages/bf20?gclid=CjwKCAjwhMmEBhBwEiwAXwFoEbCv24dcZji5nNsPk2I6yt0mvGlumvcGq4Z_E3wUbUCaB8WSwKWyKBoC4fMQAvD_BwE
Mike Joyce
Mike Joyce 7 days ago
1:56 This is only a 2-lane bridge..... for 2-wheelers only HAHA
lesley williams
lesley williams 7 days ago
Bruh never get to close to the cable might snap and take both your legs
GDMHification 7 days ago
i watched the whole video it was like watching spiderman...
Robert Chryssikos
I see you lift the bus up I wood like to see you lift a box trailer up
Edward Carberry
Edward Carberry 7 days ago
Ha, Substation work, just what I love doing! What is the American voltage for that transformer? 25/138? Yes I have installed/removed 7 of them as well.Although I do prefer the panel wiring.
Jake Ford
Jake Ford 7 days ago
Its a steerable how the hell did that happen
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 7 days ago
What would be an average billing for a job like this? As my company could use someone like you in the future. PS.. You need a can of yellow spray paint... You've got some rusty scratches on the wear and tear parts... LOL...
Thomas Leonard
Thomas Leonard 7 days ago
Beautiful Rotator. Always cool to see what different drivers are able to do with these Awesome Rigs.
Henk Mulder
Henk Mulder 7 days ago
Was Nice watching Ron
Henk Mulder
Henk Mulder 7 days ago
Very interresting Ron
Brain IsFullofNonsense
The safest place to stand would be on the OTHER side of the trailer. Cables that break under high loads can cut a man in two. And the view isn't that much better from this side. Not referring to you, but that helper that you told to ”mind the cable”.
Thomas Leonard
Thomas Leonard 7 days ago
This is kind of cool, as a journeyman coil winder 40+ years ago I have wound the legs that go inside of these transformers, moved the sheet steel they are made from and the completed transformers with a 100 ton overhead crane. Brings back memories. Learned a lot doing that job. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.
PJ Quinn
PJ Quinn 7 days ago
That is some size of a rig for that weight over hear in Ireland we would be able to move that on 9 axles 4 in tractor and 5 on rear of the trailer is the axle I am guessing ye are restricted on axle weights for what reason is it I always wondered great video thanks
Ron Pratt
Ron Pratt 7 days ago
Yes, we are restricted to individual axle weights as well as certain lengths due to our bridge systems, safe braking distances, and several other factors. Thanks for watching and God bless.
jon Barfield
jon Barfield 7 days ago
I have a video of something like this truck expect it had a pusher rig hooked in the back . It was in West Virginia mountains.
Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle 7 days ago
Thanks for sharing this and God bless you too!
Jim Kotan
Jim Kotan 7 days ago
Ron -- Captain Grammar", here. It's is a contraction for It Is. Its pertains to ownership. So the correct usage would be "Has Tator Met Its Match". (No Apostrophe). Thoroughly enjoy your videos. Glad you got that kid away from the chains/cable. If, by some insane chance that cable or chain snapped he would have likely lost a limb...
Barry White
Barry White 7 days ago
👍 Nice job!!!
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