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Feb 16, 2021




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Gil Ojeda
Gil Ojeda 25 minutes ago
Thank you Bucs..Sincerely a Die hard Niner fan
siberiamoscow 25 minutes ago
2nd pass to Gronk was a frigging cruise missle.
dkchen 29 minutes ago
I hate Tom Brady..... I’m a bitter Rams fan.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 hours ago
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Mercedes Barton
Mercedes Barton 3 hours ago
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Hank Q
Hank Q 4 hours ago
Every player damn near 🎤 up and yet we can't hear what Tom said to Tyrone crying a$$?? 😂😂😂😂 honey lodger full of 💩 TB didn't call him nothing he hadn't heard on the field before.. why would it have been any different on the biggest day of the Sport?
Carlos Cerna
Carlos Cerna 5 hours ago
Love it !!!
Hank Q
Hank Q 5 hours ago
And BTW the NFL @2:37 wants you to know this is a fixed game and that the have Patty Mahomes back by sharing the excuses NOBODY ASKED FOR!!! 😂😂😂😂
Hank Q
Hank Q 5 hours ago
Imagine being born and raised in Tampa and then being drafted by the Chiefs just to lose your rookie year at home in Tampa to Your home Team and Tom Brady... Imagine being from KC and being drafted to the Bucs and your first year you end up going to the Super Bowl against your Hometown team KC.. And then your Hometown Back in KC throws you parade 😂😂😂😂 #DavisTwins #BlueSpringsMo
Chris George
Chris George 9 hours ago
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Adam Elam
Adam Elam 12 hours ago
Straight domination.
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks 12 hours ago
Love how after the White pick the Buccaneers players were like children haha.
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni 12 hours ago
When are they going to show the highlights of Brady and Gronk keeping KC to 9 points? Oh that's right.
JON R Wieszchowski
JON R Wieszchowski 13 hours ago
🏈 Bucs Defensive & Offensive Line was the Best I've seen since becoming a fan in 1987. 🏈
Athletics_ 82AB
Athletics_ 82AB 13 hours ago
I appreciate it tampa, means a lot.
Chaz Hagenes
Chaz Hagenes 13 hours ago
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Patrick Asplund
Patrick Asplund 13 hours ago
This one really was special.
Jarvis Jones
Jarvis Jones 14 hours ago
Nfl loves their biracial angel of an qb lol
JON R Wieszchowski
JON R Wieszchowski 15 hours ago
🏈 Tom Brady looked like a Real "Live" Superman Action Hero in the Super Bowl, didn't he? 🏈 Go Bucs...❗ SB55 Champs🏈
Eric & Shelly
Eric & Shelly 15 hours ago
Mabel next year we’ll walk the to the red kingdom
Eric & Shelly
Eric & Shelly 15 hours ago
For chiefs fans at least
Eric & Shelly
Eric & Shelly 15 hours ago
Congrats on winning but the game was just disappointing
Eric & Shelly
Eric & Shelly 15 hours ago
That game was BS😡🤬
Aubrey Davis
Aubrey Davis 15 hours ago
When Arians calls Brady kid 🤣
MRwabash 1070
MRwabash 1070 18 hours ago
This was one of the worst super bowls I’ve watched it was not competitive
Regular Guy
Regular Guy 22 hours ago
Can't wait for the name change "Tom 8rady"
John Blackhead
“Daddy, are we going to the Super Bowl again this year?” “Probably honey.” 😂😂😂
John Blackhead
When Gronk is healthy he’s damn near impossible to cover.
John Blackhead
The Bucs defense made Mahomes irrelevant and Brady did what he always does. Props to the OL. They rarely get recognized and their performance was phenomenal. Tom could have read a book in the pocket.
Nicholas Emanuel Wheeler
5:50 Best shot of the GOAT. Cinematography 101 at 💯
Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce Day ago
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Martin Zavala
Otis Whitton
Otis Whitton Day ago
Is this video censored in Kansas City? 🤣
Kavionte Blems
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quest 77051
quest 77051 Day ago
tom brady has MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES. he's tom brady in public. all nice and easy. on the football field HE IS (T. BOY). ready to take your freaking head of and use every brain cell to win the game. THE G.O.A.T.
quincydq1 Day ago
Moral of the story “defense wins games”
quest 77051
quest 77051 Day ago
C N Day ago
12:25 PM: "comon defense gimmie one stop here" KC DEFENSE: "LOL NO"
Jack dull
Jack dull Day ago
I was surprised that the Cheifs didn't rush the ball more with Williams. It could of opened up their passing game.
Frank Lajuan
Frank Lajuan Day ago
Great talents comes and goes but the goat remains the greatest of all time. Congratulations Buccaneers you deserved ...
ashwin naik
ashwin naik Day ago
Mahomes was on point , he dominated the running yards!
quest 77051
quest 77051 Day ago
he had no choice lolol. 500 yards running from the buccs defense lolol.
Bobbieblwc Stoutxkeb
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Rawted Yardie
Even the background music was awesome! The last Stars wars episode when the “Bucs rebellion” crushed the “chiefs empire!” I love it!
Rishi Arvind
Rishi Arvind Day ago
NFL films gave KC all the protection Mahomes missed from his OL. Commentary was one sided! Underplayed Tampa’s offense and highlighted Tampa’s defense only in a way to make excuses for the Chiefs. Protecting the golden child by throwing shade on Tom Brady....on Tom Brady. WTF!!
Flick Clan
Flick Clan Day ago
Does anyone not notice when Fournette scored a td SML Logan was featured in the crowd
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown 2 days ago
Arians: "nickle and dime it" JPP: "throw a bomb on they ass" Shaq: "hehehe"
Charis Benno
Charis Benno 2 days ago
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dante040 2 days ago
People given the Bucs D all the praise which they deserve quite a bit but they're neglecting the fact that the reason the Chiefs could not run the ball was because the offense threw up so many points. You can't be running the ball when you're down 3 possessions
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown 2 days ago
The chiefs overcame obstacle after obstacle?!?!
dante040 2 days ago
In the beginning the Chiefs receivers were dressed like the prison cheerleaders from The Longest Yard
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 2 days ago
The Chiefs went into that game thinking it would be all just the way were used to. You simply cant handle Brady, Gronk, Brown, Evans, White etc like that. Chiefs were cocky and got handled!
Really tho
Really tho 2 days ago
Rigged ass scripted ass bullshit just like wwe john cena script as MFs Nfl finally got there poster boy
VFSactor67 2 days ago
19:14 I thought I couldn’t love the man that is “TB12 (Tom Brady)” any more, until I heard him say THAT to his teammate!👌🏽...He truly has proven he’s THE G.O.A.T. - GREATEST Of All Time, not just in the game, but as a person!🎉🙌🏽
HanieSeob 2 days ago
13:31 Suh aiming for Mahomes 😂 Boy that is one scary sight. Suh is such an imposing man 👌👏
Ha Haa
Ha Haa 2 days ago
yeah im pretty sure almost all quarterbacks are kinda intimidated by him lol. if not just for some of his dirty plays in the past.
Harrison Craig
Harrison Craig 2 days ago
I still think Mahomes and a lot of these running QBs create self inflicted pressure. They start scrambling the second a guard gets close to them instead of moving around in the pocket. Your line can't protect you if you're running out of the pocket every time there's any form of pressure. They also never ran any screens and gave up on the run and rarely did short passes. I put more blame on the game plan and Mahomes than the O-line, but Mahomes looked good while failing, so people just gonna act like it's all on O-line.
Richard Charging Cloud
press pat e z plan
Tao Chen
Tao Chen 2 days ago
Venusaurxl Who cares
These feminine ass receivers tryna show off they abs lol. Soft. Desperate for validation.
SavvySteak 2 days ago
If anyone has learned anything form watching football. You can't be a back to back champion while beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl
angela pamela
angela pamela 2 days ago
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Langdon Biggs
Langdon Biggs 2 days ago
Devin White is gonna be running my Bucs Defense for years.
Aubrey and ava
Aubrey and ava 2 days ago
Little bit to what Skip has referred to on many occasions, as there is two Tom Brady’s ..! 1 the loving father and goofy regular guy and 2 - The switch were he goes into psycho Tom..! Notice his daughter at the end , she notices his pic on the billboard and says that’s your mean face..! 😂
Jose Alexi
Jose Alexi 2 days ago
Give Brady's O-line a bonus. Give the entire Bucs defense a bonus too!
Jose Alexi
Jose Alexi 2 days ago
2020 Regular season: 2 losses to the Saints 1 loss to the Chiefs 2020 Playoffs: Saints: handled Chiefs: embarrassed!
carolyn miller
carolyn miller 2 days ago
Pure contrived bull s!:+!!! This crap was so rigged.
Jose Alexi
Jose Alexi 2 days ago
To all the losers saying the REFs should "let them play" I reply "enforce the rules." Holding is holding and should be called every time. Ditto for pass interference, offsides and ruffing the passer.
will be real
will be real 2 days ago
I really have to say that the defense was in fact the mvp of this superbowl, this is the best defensive effort I've witnessed in my 3 decades of watching football
David Motyka
David Motyka 2 days ago
I have been telling the Raiders they need a defense.
MustafaGT 2 days ago
“It’s snowing in KC, it’s nice here”, and you thought that was going to be in your favor 😂😂
Henry Rollin
Henry Rollin 2 days ago
The Buc`s Won the SUPERBOWL. stopped the Chief`s from being back to back champ`s and the New England Patriot`s are still back to back Champion`s. THX BUC`S!
Shane Jones
Shane Jones 2 days ago
Bless mahomes heart tho that man did amazing things that game. The raw talent is off the charts...
Shane Jones
Shane Jones 3 days ago
I didn’t realize suh was really about to take mahomes life on that rushed throw tyreek bobbled for the pick
Juju Gohard
Juju Gohard 3 days ago
The chiefs look kinda like turned prison males.
Rey B
Rey B 3 days ago
How do you pay a QB half a billion and he doesn’t throw a single TD in the super bowl.
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 3 days ago
adit tangkere
adit tangkere 3 days ago
Too many excuses for a team that just won a superbowl last year! Lost to a team that was 7-9 (previous season) without scoring a touchdown. Pathetic!
Brian Kimball
Brian Kimball 3 days ago
“It’s snowing in Kansas City “ It’s also snowing there in Tampa. Confetti, just not for you guys.
Pierre Lacasse
Pierre Lacasse 3 days ago
How many screen passes did the Chiefs throw ? That would have slowed down Buck's DL.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 3 days ago
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Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 3 days ago
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Wally Chinchilla
Wally Chinchilla 3 days ago
It's the G.O.A.T's favorite time of the year.
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris 3 days ago
This team imo is the best team of all time.
Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce 3 days ago
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Gary Vincent Villapando
tyreek hill had to call for help men..the chiefs need help...hahahaha..✌✌✌✌✌✌✌..😂😂😂😂😂
gene bennett
gene bennett 3 days ago
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Fluxuate X
Fluxuate X 3 days ago
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don dark
don dark 3 days ago
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David Du
David Du 3 days ago
KC were way too cocky.
Eddie May
Eddie May 3 days ago
Vivi's "Daddy!" is the best part
Lety Vázquez
Lety Vázquez 3 days ago
I hate those sweatpants of the chiefs. Look as if they have maxipads
Chris George
Chris George 3 days ago
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HELLO DEAR 3 days ago
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Archonic 3 days ago
That defense will remain immortal.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 days ago
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Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
Crazy how this is Tom Brady’s first SB blowout win.
One hand Clapping
“Wucha gone do”?
David Carreon
David Carreon 3 days ago
Funny intro, chiefs got demolished
Yu Od
Yu Od 3 days ago
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James Vaughan
James Vaughan 3 days ago
watching Brady with his kids is just awesome
aorn Eiamruang
aorn Eiamruang 4 days ago
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Marcello Bullsye boi
12:40 you see Logan on here
White Men CAN Jump!