Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 32 

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Niko is joined by stuntmen Aaron Toney and Gui DaSilva to break down some of the craziest stunts in your favorite Hollywood films.
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Campbell Bologna
Campbell Bologna 15 minutes ago
Me:*sees falcon and the winter soldier* My mind: Looking strong John
Jesus Tejeda
Jesus Tejeda 41 minute ago
React to Nobody, the bus scene or any action scene really. Amazing movie 🤩
eddebrock 5 hours ago
They should react to "Martial Arts Beatdown: Mario vs. Waluigi (stuntpeople)" here on youtube. Preferably the entire Mario Warfare Movie, but at least that scene.
juicyNathan 8 hours ago
Спасибо большое за видео, комментарий для продвижения вашего ролика
Gracie McCarthy
Gracie McCarthy 8 hours ago
If anyone of y'all are Lupin fans, I wanna see how ya react to the stunts from Lupin The 3rd's Live Action 2014 film. Specifically that car fight scene.
Nathaniel Cereceda
Nathaniel Cereceda 10 hours ago
you guys should react to this scene from a movie called kung fu jungle (or kung fu killer in some countries) where donnie yen fights the main bad guy in the middle of a highway and eventually they start fighting and pole vaulting with these absurdly long staffs. Can't tell if the staffs are real the whole time or if some vfx were used so it could be a fun mashup of expertise lol
PardonMyExistence. 12 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: reloads are the coolest part of fps gaming as well
PardonMyExistence. 12 hours ago
We all know an r rated falcon and winter soldier is coming
DrakeEvancore 12 hours ago
Shoot'Em Up. Its campy on the level of bollywood. The fire fight at Smith's home Base.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 12 hours ago
Caleb Forbes
Caleb Forbes 15 hours ago
Hey you should do dogfight scenes from the Battle of Britain.
Sarah P
Sarah P 16 hours ago
Oh please do the jack/hannibal kitchen fight scene in Hannibal season 2! Gratuitously violent men-with-gun fight scenes had never appealed to me before I started watching y'all's channel and appreciating all of the skill and effort that goes into choreographing a fight, so much so that it's really more like a skilled + technical collaborative dance (with the editors, actors, stunt people, stunt coordinators, overall directors, etc) than an actual fight. Now I love the dance of it all, the interplay between the actors and doubles, emotion and physicality and all that. But before this whole realization, the jack/hannibal fight scene from Hannibal (nbc) season two (featured in both the premiere and finale) was one the stand out scenes I actively enjoyed due to how it made me realize that elegance and pacing and a certain dance-like quality could be integral components to a fight sequence; it's probably not the most technical, but it's still one of my favorites today
Holly J
Holly J 18 hours ago
Here is a suggestion for a rad stuntwomen you can have as guests, Caryn Mower and Shauna Duggins. Another idea is to see up and coming stunt performer(s) and their perspectives hustling and rising up the ranks.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 12 hours ago
Stunt idea: Jason Bourne Where the motorbike police hits the car and flips over
Joseph Kamm
Joseph Kamm 21 hour ago
You guys should react to how horrendous RE: Retribution is. The worst fight scene was in the end. Seemed like the stunt coordinator was Paul W. S. Anderson. Lol.
Les Steel
Les Steel 23 hours ago
Frank Dux 🤦🏼‍♂️
soki324 Day ago
To me, one of the most iconic set on fire stunts is in Freddy vs Jason where Jason gets set on fire and walks through a corn field. I would like to see anything from the Pirates of the Carribean movies
Norbi Whitney
React to this! us-first.info/player/video/r75iZp-eqKNko4U.html
Rick Prömmel
You guys should look at stunt progression in Alias
duncan rmi
duncan rmi Day ago
good shout on "seveneves", wren. I'm reading it 'properly' rather than the audio version. stephenson worked for blue origin when he got the idea.... & now ron howard's attached to direct the movie version. any thoughts how that might work out?
Phani Chandu
Phani Chandu Day ago
React to telugu film gudachari you will be amazed at its budget
John Retallick
It would be interesting to see you guys talk to stunt men/women about stunts done for comedic effect. I was watching the Eurovision movie with Will Ferrell. He drops from a wire on to a stage with quite a thump and it’s hilarious. But also a pretty good drop too. I’m sure there are some classics they could dig into.
nood dood
nood dood Day ago
the story of bloodsport was based on a complete fabrication by a fake martial artist. look up the life of Frank Dux. there was never a competition called "kumite". all kumite means is sparring. Frank Dux was a straight up grifter and should be remembered as such.
Simon Walker
Simon Walker Day ago
Could you get the stuntman to react to dom tomato? Insane freerunner. us-first.info/player/video/o6-JhLGbiK2lYaM.html Does the largest front flip drops without mats, medics or ceremony
Julien Day ago
It would be grate to have stuntwomen react to the first stunt women : Gibson, Pearl White and Ruth Roland
nadine lachman
Sherlock Holmes (2009) film with RDJ's fight scene
jorge aquije
jorge aquije Day ago
You guys should react to the action scenes in the crow.
Jason Chou
Jason Chou Day ago
Can you react to Hawaii Five-0, season 4 episode 11, 23:50, Daniel dae Kim gets dragged down the stairs
liam M
liam M Day ago
Stunt idea: Jason Bourne Where the motorbike police hits the car and flips over
Cold Day ago
Hey, i think you guys could do a react bad and good gci, try putting godzila 2: King of the monster (2019) Or godzilla vs kong (2021)
Greg Rietwyk
Greg Rietwyk Day ago
I could imagine an entire episode of VFX artists & Stuntmen react dedicated to Hardcore Henry!
An AustintatiousGamer
At the beginning of without remorse a dude gets straight run over by a car and it looks like the mans just took it
I would love to see a breakdown of the hose fight in Transporter 2. That scene is both badass and hillarious.
RickACG Day ago
This fall in Spawn is worth analyzing in a future episode us-first.info/player/video/gbuZnZmloaGkfoU.html
Kade Shimada
Kade Shimada Day ago
I want to see the stunt man Man‘s react to fast and the furious because there’s a lot of good stuff in there like fast and furious five where Ryan Enterrado jump off a car into the lake
Ja Day ago
Please react to the movie “Nobody” ’s bus fight scene 😁
Arron Harvel
Arron Harvel Day ago
Do Air Force one please
Would love to see you check out the fall from Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 3 Minute 9:05. Is it CGI? Or did a stunt man do the stunt and they cut with out anyone noticing to a shot, where you see walter white again??? The shot just left me with all these questions.
JimC 2 days ago
'Order of the Black Eagle' stuntman's head is runover by ATV. Would be interesting to know what may have happened from a Stuntman's perspective.
Muhammedlee 2 days ago
React to the chaos rising Trailer
Rashmi R
Rashmi R 2 days ago
I wanted you to react to the Eiffel Tower fight scene in rush hour three.
Some Potato
Some Potato 2 days ago
Can't believe you guys are falling for the Frank Dux crap, That guy is a fraud.
Some Potato
Some Potato 2 days ago
All that Hard Boiled love! ❤️ Hands down the best gun play movie ever made! It's a shame that hardly any of Woo's HK movies have a proper HD release.
Stephen Utterback
The Good Place chapter 35. Fight scene!
Vincent Slone
Vincent Slone 2 days ago
PLEASE do the 90's kids movie(s), 3 Ninjas. If you grew up in the 90's you'll most likely remember how great they were....and how atrocious they are now HAHA!
Eric Stevens
Eric Stevens 2 days ago
at 10:00 talking about dummys they do still use, i just saw one in the new movie tenet at the end when the lady throws her husband off his boat and he falls over backwards and hits his head/neck on the railing, it would've definitely killed a person and looked great.
Beverly Ashley
Beverly Ashley 2 days ago
Please do Fight Club! Specifically the scenes where Tyler is beating himself up!
MrJarofmayo 2 days ago
Do mortal kombat!
marshall t
marshall t 2 days ago
Have they reacted to the fight scenes from Barry yet??
Manuel Traversaro Sasia
I want them to break down the fight scene in Troy, the one between Héctor and Aquiles. ♥️
Kaeden Sanderson
Kaeden Sanderson 2 days ago
Aaron (the dude on the left?) is incredibly beautiful. Just the most aesthetically pleasing man. And that’s saying a lot cuz I’m a lesbian.
SanDee McGeek
SanDee McGeek 2 days ago
talkin bout guns fights, i remember that as a kid, i did in fact realize something "unreal" within the Show A-Team. whenever the big fight with the baddies occurred, there would be a lot of shooting and EVERY TIME there would be these straight lines on the floor where gunfire hit! did anyone else notice that? 🤣 even as kid i thought "ohhh they're not really shooting anything, that must be something hidden in the sand that blows up dust, it's too straight of a line!"
Thomas Wormsbaecher
There is a really cool, Asian style fight scene in the „new“ Escape Plan movie(Escape Plan: The Extractors; from Minute 1:12:00)
David Moya
David Moya 3 days ago
Hey Guys! There is this scene from Spider-Man 2 that has always blown my mind as a stunt. PLEASE take a look at this clip and feature it on your show. I would love to see what you and the stuntmen think of it! us-first.info/player/video/fK6KYJmecpt_lWA.html
HyperArts Miles
HyperArts Miles 3 days ago
Not sure if you’ve done this one. But Ong Bak 1. Tony Jaa does a fire stunt where his pants are on fire and he does some crazy moves. Check it out
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 3 days ago
set on fire, thrown through a window, landing on a moving vehicle - sounds like every Jackie Chan movie ever made.....
Dukki Moon
Dukki Moon 3 days ago
Would love to have Aaron’s take on TKD in City of Violence!
Paul Riemann
Paul Riemann 3 days ago
These guys ought to know better about Bloodsport. There was no Kumite. Frank Dux is a pathological liar. He's a con man who has been thoroughly exposed. Nevertheless, Bloodsport is a great movie.
Justin Tucker
Justin Tucker 3 days ago
If you haven't already, you all should check out Tak Sakaguchi. I'd love to see some videos on movies he's been in. Versus, Death Trance and Madness Musashi are definitely up there. Definitely would like to see Aaron and Gui's reaction to him if they don't already know about him.
Sal Scalici
Sal Scalici 3 days ago
I definitely recommend some reactions to Jon Bernthal Punisher action scenes
Damien M
Damien M 3 days ago
Batman Begins. Not a truck, but he technically gets lit on fire and jumps off a balcony onto a car. Close enough
CJ 3 days ago
Girl in the spider's web. 26:35 How is this done? Is this CGI or practical? Is there a different stunt person for every type of vehicle?
Bin Ladin Official
Commando: one man army 2013 : indian actor doing stunt himself through a open car window
b0zz1380y 3 days ago
Have these boys done the raids, shot to the head and the night comes for us please!
Rizza Ramon
Rizza Ramon 3 days ago
Hey guys, could you do sub zero vs scorpion from the new mortal kombat movie? Spoiler alert. In the final fight theres a scene where subzero catches scorpion's chain spear but it disappears for a short while and then reappeared. Please break that down. Thank you.
Elizabeth F
Elizabeth F 3 days ago
they are really good US-first channel
TikkTac 3 days ago
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic
Manoj K
Manoj K 3 days ago
You guys are my favourite channel. I want you guys to do Koma. A Russian mind bending thriller . Please do a segment on the CGI on it. You guys will love the effects.
My Name's Nerdy Jeff
React to Hardcore Henry (2015)
Yato Gallaxtin
Yato Gallaxtin 4 days ago
React to this guy's stunts in IG chebotarev_evgeny.
rensaudade 4 days ago
us-first.info/player/video/gbiqZ7CAea16mXE.html Screenrant is copying you
Shriram B
Shriram B 4 days ago
"The Night Comes For Us" review the Final Fight.. i think here is some very nice footages you can review i guess. plz have a look
Dean Lyew
Dean Lyew 4 days ago
More stunts and fights from Warrior!
XoSwMeOeKdEoX 4 days ago
I would love to see you guys break down the fight choreography of the pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty
Riley Just
Riley Just 4 days ago
There is a scene in WW84 where WW scoops these two kids out of the way of a car in the street and you can clearly see the kids were doubled with dummies lol check it out
JoseStrong 4 days ago
Check out the Nevers ep. 3 walking on water fight. Never seen anything quite like how they did it. And there a bit of a breakdown after the episode
Cedrick Lemay
Cedrick Lemay 4 days ago
One thing GSP is bad at is speaking his actual first language. Jesus christ he is bad as acting in french. I would love to see him in any scene, but the second he open his mouth, i just can'T
Lee O'Reilly
Lee O'Reilly 4 days ago
Could you guys react alto some stunts from Ninja Assassin? Thanks
Club Faizan
Club Faizan 5 days ago
react to this ip man scene if you haven't us-first.info/player/video/mrlton1rpZmgrHU.html
Optimusprime809 5 days ago
2 stunt people in the same show, so good!
barneystuta 5 days ago
You guys should definitely check out Tony Scott's Unstoppable (2010). Tony Scott crashes trains and Denzel Washington (not a stuntman) runs across the top of one!
ninjaeris131 5 days ago
Isn't Kali the martial art that Oliver Queen always does in Arrow?
Bowman 5 days ago
I never understood why those dudes decided it would be a good idea to run away from the FALCON in wing suits...
Jamackey 5 days ago
Insider have posted a video 3 days ago stealing almost every subject, script and sample videos. It's pretty much the same thing without the conversation
LoH Bros
LoH Bros 5 days ago
Jiu Jitsu (2020), really poorly rated, probably rightfully so, but some of those fight sequences were commendable and a lot of fun. They've got that John Claude Van Damme triple cut on a front flip kick backwards near the start, then they go into a hardcore Henry type sequence which was fun. So, bad movie but I appreciated the effort in some of those sequences and they might even be worth a look
Dr. TriggerHappy
Dr. TriggerHappy 5 days ago
Love to see them react to Boss level on Hulu
Jens Nielsen
Jens Nielsen 5 days ago
Booooo! I just caught up on the whole Stuntmen React playlist! Now what am I going to do!?
Colby Propst
Colby Propst 5 days ago
Could you react to Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin doing their own stunts for the sword duel in the "Princess Bride"
Doug Funnie
Doug Funnie 5 days ago
Gunfights of all time? And no "Desperado"? Mean....
ZaneZansorrow 5 days ago
React to Kamen Rider Vulcan Rampage Fight against Thouser and Jackel
Alejandro Ray
Alejandro Ray 5 days ago
I can’t believe people still believe the Frank Dukes story. He lied and it was a completely made up life.
Add Game
Add Game 5 days ago
one thing that is kind of hard to ignore is that the guy with the gun almost always moves closer with their gun instead of shooting them.
ace52387 5 days ago
any of the scenes from the kick (thai movie) or bangkok knockout
Dr. Svedka
Dr. Svedka 5 days ago
Soooo in Doctor Sleep, a stunt double gets thrown about 6 feet in the air, and lands on the longest staircase outside of Wolf of Wallstreet. Please look at it!!! About 2 hours and 40 minutes in roughly
DeShawn McDonald
DeShawn McDonald 5 days ago
Lol is it more racist marvel is like yeah just cast the same black guy to do the stunt double for two people or more racist that I didn't notice lmao
dethmaul 5 days ago
I just thought of this: How did the stuntguy do the first johnny blaze jump in Ghostrider without fucking killing himself?? That double helmet bounce was NASTY.
MWMIV SPEAKS 5 days ago
Philip Nass
Philip Nass 5 days ago
Would be interested to see them talk about the 2d fight scene from Kung Fury. It’s ridiculous but so much fun.
Epic Nexus Studios
The First Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr and Jude law, Has a man on fire going through a window into a carriage. (sorry not a truck). Can't think of any other examples of this.
jpedroam 5 days ago
Hey! There's a portuguese stuntman you could do a Stuntmen React Episode with. His name is Bruno Salgueiro, he has a youtube channel where he posted a video also reacting to stunts in movies with his stunt team coordinator David Chan (check it out here: us-first.info/player/video/nN56dW6JpmWMiZc.html). His channel name is Bruce Willow Fitness and Stunts. You can watch this video to see what he's about: us-first.info/player/video/iteFa7CTo32Vjp8.html This is his stuntman reel: us-first.info/player/video/f5uLg5aXYpppopM.html He's a really cool guy and has made some crazy stunts, like falling from a cliff with his hands tied and got hit by a car (in two separate scenes xD).
Derek Chatman
Derek Chatman 5 days ago
I just saw the realest FX in the Amazon Prime movie, Without remorse. It a scene where a character gets ran over by a van. It looked crazy legit. I thought of you guys as soon as I saw it. You should analyze and review it!!