STUNNING from Lionel Messi! Barcelona trounces Athletic Bilbao 4-0! | ESPN FC Copa Del Rey Highlight 

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It might've been a rather quiet first half from Lionel Messi and Barcelona, but a four-goal second half propels Ronald Koeman's side to glory in the Copa Del Rey final. Goals from Antoine Griezmann, Frenkie De Jong and a double from none other than Messi himself ensures an emphatic second half.
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Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
OOO 9 days ago
Commentators are trash
no u kid
no u kid 13 days ago
Some trash commenters
anvarik 14 days ago
chill bro why screaming like a madman
Nicolas Aguilar
Nicolas Aguilar 15 days ago
Vamos por la liga😏❤🏆
TOXIC SCORPION 2.0 15 days ago
Olé olé olé olé olé olé
someone 15 days ago
oh hey we won a trophy, nice, didn't expect that
Joel Jimenez
Joel Jimenez 16 days ago
Joel Jimenez
Joel Jimenez 16 days ago
I just think ythe commentaries from the sport channels are big fan of Messi it really ruins the experience of the game messi mss o sea no names seth KEEP YOU PANTIES ON BUDDY
Bobby jack
Bobby jack 16 days ago
commentator is sooo annoying
Jack Maye
Jack Maye 16 days ago
Imagine the commentators being so annoying that they actually ruin that amazing Messi goal
christian 16 days ago
How does ESPN not have 1080p come on?
Raihan Ahmed
Raihan Ahmed 16 days ago
Samuel Whalen
Samuel Whalen 16 days ago
And that's why you never let Americans commentate on football matches... (I've never cringed harder)
With Witt
With Witt 17 days ago
Wish Ray Hudson did this one
Fable 17 days ago
im not saying i could be a better commentator but im certain theres someone else
Steven Peters
Steven Peters 17 days ago
The commentators are annoying
lazarus plentiful
lazarus plentiful 17 days ago
Messssi... never leave... never leave! lol, great game.
K Cuba
K Cuba 17 days ago
commentary is so cringe
The-Saiyan-Race 17 days ago
English commentators don't EVER need to say Goal for 5 min.. leave that to your Spanish speaking counterparts!
RJBURGER 17 days ago
This commentating issss baaadd
i See Kings
i See Kings 17 days ago
Why is bruce banner a commentator
Nate 17 days ago
Jesus seb stfu
Killian Winn
Killian Winn 17 days ago
bruh the commentators on this one sheesh
Rizzo RIZZO 17 days ago
This dude is the absolute worst play by play guy I’ve ever heard. Worse than Ray Hudson even.
Vlone Troopz
Vlone Troopz 17 days ago
Ray Hudson is good
Hip Priest
Hip Priest 17 days ago
These commentators suck. Where’s Roy Hudson?
Arcturus Flame
Arcturus Flame 17 days ago
US commentary mad cringe
Abdullahi Bilal
Abdullahi Bilal 17 days ago
i really hated the commentary. why,?.?.?
*Messi goes back to 2014 look* Ronaldo: “huh looks inter-.esting”
Thomas Rokita
Thomas Rokita 17 days ago
PLEASE Stop putting the final score in the title. It removes the suspense for those who were not able to catch the match
André Carvalho
André Carvalho 17 days ago
When sir Moreno calls Messi a baller😂😂😂😂
Valen Alvarado-Lorrin
Alba De Jong and Griezmann are apparently godly in this tournament. They are good in laliga but not like this my god
Fernando Iturburu
Fernando Iturburu 17 days ago
Still the King.
Soviet Bravo Six
Soviet Bravo Six 17 days ago
This man sounds like He's an Anime Character powering Up....
Luis Gamboa T
Luis Gamboa T 18 days ago
Verguenza del Athletic, 2 finales y no gana ninguna jaja
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 18 days ago
At that dreaded time, when he eventually stops playing top tier Football, his next move will not be to Newells or MLS, just take your rightful position in the Louvre. La pulga is football's masterpiece.
Long Yong
Long Yong 18 days ago
Its the beard
The Unveiling
The Unveiling 18 days ago
Why does it looked fixed or Messi is just too good
Adit Kumar Parida
Adit Kumar Parida 18 days ago
masterclass from messi... but de jong performance was more awesome
Adit Kumar Parida
Adit Kumar Parida 18 days ago
de jong man.. best ever player bought by barto
camerondpack 18 days ago
espnfc has some of the worst commentary in the sports world.
Tim Filipiuk
Tim Filipiuk 18 days ago
Sebi is such a trash commentator. Jeez
maxphilly 18 days ago
Why are the commentators trying to implement a mentality from other countries mainly spanish speaking countries when narrating the game?
maxphilly 18 days ago
For example it's like english people in some cases saying the car black instead of the black car even though that's more on the technical side not so much on the idiosyncrasies.
Mr. Bondhus2You
Mr. Bondhus2You 18 days ago
Doesn’t even matter anymore now that this stupid super league has just been formed. Absolutely ruined world football as we knew it
Bardia Tube
Bardia Tube 18 days ago
Neymar. Fati. Messi Pedri. Puig Busquets Alba. Araujo. Mingueza. Dest Ter Stegen Manager: Xavi 😍🔥🥶❄️
BLVK Demon47
BLVK Demon47 18 days ago
Khalid 18 days ago
Messi never leave 😂😂
arsonwars 18 days ago
Copa del rey final
Chiva Gringo
Chiva Gringo 18 days ago
Ale Moreno stfu
Steven Fuentes
Steven Fuentes 18 days ago
Here are all the Bilbao goals 4:30 6:53 and 8:16
Fitness 18 days ago
The one and only! Messi!!!!!!’n
Sepehr Rastani
Sepehr Rastani 18 days ago
2:12 This man literally killed everyone with earphones.
Brian Pearl
Brian Pearl 18 days ago
Announcer is annoying
Levon Saiyan
Levon Saiyan 18 days ago
The commentary is so bad it almost ruins the goals
Biño 18 days ago
Please don’t scream like that if you’re white
Max Krieger
Max Krieger 18 days ago
I wish that announcer would just shut up. So irritating.
PvP 18 days ago
Why hasn’t Koeman used started griezman he’s the best striker we got
Samuel Wolk
Samuel Wolk 18 days ago
Compare the lagia lagia anounsers to the premier league anounsers!!!!
Here we go
Here we go 18 days ago
These commentators are trash.
Ex.scopez 18 days ago
where was this in the champions league? smh
Mendoh 18 days ago
Yes, Barca only successful in Spain
Salman Haider
Salman Haider 18 days ago
Somebody please get sebastian salazar off commentary. He is a disaster.
Rico ツ Gaming
Rico ツ Gaming 18 days ago
Messi with no beard😳
Jango Bango
Jango Bango 18 days ago
Stop having Ale as a commentator, he sounds mad at everything ffs. Every game he does its like sitting in a car with someone you had an argument with
Jack Scheerle
Jack Scheerle 18 days ago
This commentator needs to be stopped
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis 18 days ago
How did Ale get stuck with that God awful annoyance Salazar?
It’s-Michael 18 days ago
Messi only did good bc the beard is gone 😂 jokes aside Barca played class today
Sketch for success!
i wish messi and ronaldo played together 😔
Super Shooterz
Super Shooterz 18 days ago
These commentators suck
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 18 days ago
Commentator pisses me off
Mana Azizsoltani
Mana Azizsoltani 18 days ago
I have listened to Alejandro Moreno run his mouth, criticizing Leo and Barcelona for MONTHS. I hope that us Culers can hear something positive from the ESPNFC analyst after such an amazing performance. Força Barça. Sempre Culers.
cjbotts 18 days ago
This commentator should be ashamed of himself
Luay 18 days ago
American commentators are the scum of football commentators, I want to lose my hearing when I hear them talk🙉
Xavier Calderon Jr
Xavier Calderon Jr 18 days ago
Wow without Inaki Williams Barca is deadly
alpha sigm
alpha sigm 18 days ago
y’all can’t try to convince me this commentator isn’t annoying
Eddie Hart
Eddie Hart 18 days ago
Messi!!! Never Leave!!!!
Matt Greer
Matt Greer 18 days ago
Beardless Messi = big problem for everyone else
just angel
just angel 18 days ago
But what happened when they play against Real Madrid???
Sting3R 18 days ago
commentator so cringe
Komil Shukurov
Komil Shukurov 18 days ago
Can we take a moment and discuss how terrible the ESPN pundits are as commentators 🤪
Costahh 18 days ago
The commentator is annoying asf
E. Carter Uslabar
E. Carter Uslabar 18 days ago
Looked like vintage Barça today
john mikhaeil
john mikhaeil 18 days ago
"NEVER LEAVEEE NEVER LEAVEEE" Other comentator: wait u want him to stay?
Chidera ann ugwu
Chidera ann ugwu 18 days ago
It's the commentators for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 18 days ago
great teamwork
Alejandro 18 days ago
Its like Atletico was playing like they didn't want it.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 18 days ago
Bro this guy just screams. Awful commentator
Hellzangel 18 days ago
0:43 why does Luis Enrique look kinda sad? Lol anyone?
Arnulfo Trejo
Arnulfo Trejo 18 days ago
This is the best english commentary keep it up
laSimp1icite 18 days ago
New generation of announcers is bad
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam 18 days ago
Mess is far ahead of anyone in terms of attacking ability. Only Neymar and De Bruyne come close.
MSS entertainment
MSS entertainment 18 days ago
Trash commentary
jose ramirez
jose ramirez 18 days ago
The commentators suck
Editz Made by me
Editz Made by me 18 days ago
Laporta was the only hope
chuk tyson
chuk tyson 18 days ago
Jordi alba underrated
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 18 days ago
Messi went from 50 to 25 real quick 👁👅👁
Mwelwa Nguni
Mwelwa Nguni 18 days ago
The commentators are terrible
Fai_2nice 18 days ago
Never leave, never leave! 😂😂😂 shaved Messi is goated
sonof amun
sonof amun 18 days ago
our new boy Pedri gonzalez got more trophies than harry kane already ohh boii
Maxwell Pope
Maxwell Pope 18 days ago
Thanks Gomez for telling us that “Messi is a player” 😂
mena eshak
mena eshak 18 days ago
These commentators are so annoying gezz
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh 18 days ago
No beard Messi is fantastic
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