Streetball Legend GETS HEATED vs Ballislife Squad!! They CALLED US OUT So We SHUT THE PARK DOWN! 

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The Ballislife East Coast Squad pulled up to Lake Eva which is Duke Skywalker's home town. This ended up being the most hype park takeover yet! The whole squad showed out once again. Slim was trying to put everyone in a body bag, Duke showed out for his home town, Austin got saucy. We also had a former and 1 streetball legend on the opposing squad who did his thing as well.
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ballislife 4 days ago
This might have been the most LIT one so far.. what y'all think!?
Kyzo 13 hours ago
I think you need to learn the language.
NoWayPrince Day ago
Esteban Kobe
Esteban Kobe Day ago
@Oakley Vihaan Yea, I've been using flixzone for years myself =)
Oakley Vihaan
A tip : watch series at flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.
Z Kizzle
Z Kizzle 3 days ago
@K Dubb stfu do u not know who we are big Haines city shit🏀🥇🌴
Molik Brown
Molik Brown Hour ago
Wait so they willingly jumped with Slim? Trippin.
Unstoppable AJ
Yeaa we not gonna talk about that setup at 25:25
juju 3 hours ago
3:58 😆👏🏾🏀
PENCILHOLIC ! 6 hours ago
What is the beat name?
Jerry Barnett
Jerry Barnett 6 hours ago
Bro said he sit on that shit and got spined in a washer machine
UnseenHoopersTH 7 hours ago
Greetings from Thailand! Awesome game!
RawLifeOfZOË 7 hours ago
Most LIT def ‼️🔥
Samu Lee
Samu Lee 9 hours ago
LoBo LoCo
LoBo LoCo 11 hours ago
Duke is taking over this squad. Monstar
Matias Escudero
Matias Escudero 12 hours ago
Para cuando los subtitulos en español! Mucha gente hispanohablante mira los videos! Saludos desde argentina
Kaleb McNally
Kaleb McNally 13 hours ago
why the blonde dude look exactly like my myplayer
# Coach2win
# Coach2win 14 hours ago
3:56 WTF throws ball up takes 3 steps and continues dribble 😂😂😂
Tenzin Samdup
Tenzin Samdup 15 hours ago
the last game, dude in the black shirt did a post game interview lmfaoooooo
Josiah Rivera
Josiah Rivera 15 hours ago
bro i go to this part every day😭😭but the one day i don’t go they there
Seth Stepp
Seth Stepp 16 hours ago
Polk county is getting big fr
Mike Dee
Mike Dee 17 hours ago
Duke was getting straight buckets and showing off that trampoline bounce
DopeDo 18 hours ago
19:55 i had to watch that 5x how did he get back so fast like DAMN
ThatBoiBlack 20 hours ago
Jordan had Dennis Rodman down there talm bout some no run protector
Stanley 2 Drippy
Stanley 2 Drippy 20 hours ago
Duke pulled out the snipe today!!😤💯
Nuke Jr.
Nuke Jr. 21 hour ago
Slim a Demi god
TheKen674 21 hour ago
23:04 y’all gave y’all a extra point lmaooo...
Presto 22 hours ago
Does zack lavine have a twin brother street hooping? :)
Wayland Lewis
Wayland Lewis 23 hours ago
Wayland Lewis
Wayland Lewis 23 hours ago
Blond hair and purple and white... They LIVE
Big Glock
Big Glock Day ago
Duke tuff asf , like a versatile bam adedayo
Don Q
Don Q Day ago
"Ballislife" The new And1🔥
Sam Marino
Sam Marino Day ago
😂 😂 😂 He do got 2 left feet backwards
V Day ago
The girl in the red from the first game had alot of junk in the trunk
Tray Bandz
Tray Bandz Day ago
Man get this man some help🤣🤣
Reilly Mcmaster
Zach hurt still?
Bill Good
Bill Good Day ago
Come to victorville california
James Ashton Jr
Salute my brother
Chris Redfield
This is what a basketball video should be like , so much positivity and even the 2 cops were involved with the dunk and jokes around damn !
Jarvis Dixon
Jarvis Dixon Day ago
Standup officers they need a raise immideatly
GokuHitEm Day ago
Nah he did son dirty 4:00
Philly Mac
Philly Mac Day ago
Supported 💙✌️☠️✌️
Jet Spamm Lifestyle
The guy with the blonde twisties can’t go left
Nickie Stiix
Nickie Stiix Day ago
That was beautiful!
Caleb Woodruff
The Slim Reaper !
Bret Fast
Bret Fast Day ago
When he tired to throw it off the back board and it went it that was a three pointer his foot was behind the line
Rick Rijuana Productions
Who was the streetball legend?
I knew that was tru baller
Einom 203
Einom 203 Day ago
So nobody gon talk bout how he left homeboy hanging 🤧
keon walker
keon walker Day ago
Next time y’all should just shoot for ball 🏀 ball don’t lie
Elvir Fale
Elvir Fale Day ago
26:25 lol that’s where that cocky stuff will get ya!!! Hahaha cringe face
Kyle S
Kyle S Day ago
Duke is a real one, he's needs to take over frigas channel 😆
Babydafis Day ago
that boy dunking like bam adebayo
Andy Ausman
Andy Ausman Day ago
Thought it was funny everyone got hyped when man threw ball in ain't it bounced of the ground he catches it and shoots... ummm travel. Wth!
Slix Day ago
The dude with the duke stopper shirt look kinda special
Slix Day ago
Havin yo name on a 4 hour old list looks like it helps
Randal Skillz
Is that True Baller?
The most free 12s I’d ever get
Were you right?
My man said I'm the duke stopper I just need a tall center 🤔🤙🏻
Dionell Bumbrey
The stopper just wanted to be apart of something that ninja can not ball
Steven Houston
The man against the 1v1 saying if he had rim protector 🤣 this ain’t 2k babyyyy!!!
ClevelandBruh 2 days ago
“Whatchu bouta do to him?“ Slim - “kill em like always” Shit had me weak !! 😂😂
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 2 days ago
Hahahaha... when a dude has ONE WING tattoo, that means it HURT too much to get the whole thing!!
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 2 days ago
Man... imagine if Slim payed DEFENSE?!!?!??! If you can jump that high to DUNK, you should be BLOCKING SHOTS all day!
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 2 days ago
Make a shirt called "the constipator"... aka DUKE stopper..
Papy Kake
Papy Kake 2 days ago
I'm not gonna lie this type of hooping content makes me happy asf 😅
silent_ride_home 2 days ago
Yall would hate me lol I box out in street ball and everything
iheartsamus 2 days ago
Hit em with that double dribble!
Fantasy23Legend 2 days ago
21:41 "I sit on that bullshit" *immediately gets crossed up* 🤡😂
Fantasy23Legend 2 days ago
21:22 We not going to point out that clean block 👀
@zzambles As the guy in the video said, "this is street ball!" If you slow down the video he got all ball before any possible contact. Most people won't even try to block it. That was pretty awesome if you ask me
zzambles Day ago
Fantasy23Legend 2 days ago
18:18 that "bullshit" was on you homeboy
Fantasy23Legend 2 days ago
You all rushed the court because of shenanigans when you should have at 18:18 that is sad y'all
Pawel Bak
Pawel Bak 2 days ago
That was epic as fuck!!!! slim murdered it !!!!!!!!
Serve 3000
Serve 3000 2 days ago
Tru balla out their killing them boys Dime55 all day
Austin Cotmon
Austin Cotmon 2 days ago
The best part was 25:45🤣🤣🤣🤣 niggas said attempted murder
Bron 14
Bron 14 2 days ago
The short dude with curly hair kep on jumping for no reason lmoa
Tj Masterbarber
Tj Masterbarber 2 days ago
if you freeze frame the block that shit looks fake hes so high lol
Justin Barnes
Justin Barnes 2 days ago
Damn 12 out there dunking
Israel Macedo
Israel Macedo 2 days ago
@ballislife Kevin gates lookin ah main 🚫🧢🤣🤣🤣🤣
SunShine Gorilla
SunShine Gorilla 2 days ago
U need one of them dudes on every scene tho, but look at this man's face 4:18 "stop the shenanigans"☠️😆😆
RiChCiItY510 2 days ago
All this love and unity over hoops I love to see it 🙏🏽🏀
Nassau Made JJP
Nassau Made JJP 2 days ago
cash nasty needa react to this video
SneakGeek 2 days ago
Homie hit that And1 Hotsauce move on the court🙂 crowd just went left..
Leo Taddeo
Leo Taddeo 2 days ago
Slim is my favorite one to watch
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd 2 days ago
Ball is Life East intra squad scrimmage please
Ronnie Dee Jr.
Ronnie Dee Jr. 2 days ago
No cap 4:00 is crazy
teddyt314 2 days ago
Jordan had Rodman
Divingz 2 days ago
basketball brings everyone together man its beautiful to see
Antonio G
Antonio G 2 days ago
i dont think i ever heard slims voice tbh
Isaiah 2 days ago
Ballilife vs. The Akatsuki in game 3?
cory lark
cory lark 2 days ago
“I sit on that bullshit” *Proceeds to get crossed* 😂
Papy Kake
Papy Kake 2 days ago
That guy is funny as hell 😂
Kenjie Kenjie
Kenjie Kenjie 2 days ago
Wasn’t that a double dribble/traveling? 3:55
Dre James
Dre James 2 days ago
why we hypin a double dribble lol
Follow__Tr3 2 days ago
When he fake pass it and shot the three My God 🙏
6GotEm Gon3
6GotEm Gon3 2 days ago
Yaw Thought Dude With The Blonde Dreads Was Arterrio Morris Too ?
Jimmy S
Jimmy S 2 days ago
Best shot was the alley oop turned granny layup at 12:00 XD
Sole Music
Sole Music 2 days ago
Duane Bradley
Duane Bradley 2 days ago
Come to memphis, tn. When you can
Michael Hunt
Michael Hunt 2 days ago
6:38 😬
Leacy jones
Leacy jones 2 days ago
I seen that old head with the gold teeth hoop before serious ball skills
Chris Lou
Chris Lou 2 days ago
7:52 What did he SaYYyyyyy
Maximus Burrell
Maximus Burrell 2 days ago
We not gunna talk about the highlighter dude at 6:24 and 8:28?
hofsnicolas 2 days ago
5:55 clamped the fuck outta him lol
Chris 2 days ago
bro since when did anyone pull up to lake eva