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Feb 22, 2021




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Samantha Manduriao
Mateo Torquatti
Thank you Justin ❤
Ben Clara
Ben Clara 2 hours ago
Thank you Justinnn 💜💜💜
Oscar Nava
Oscar Nava 3 hours ago
Thanks a lot JUSTIN BIEBER 😍😍
We're so blessed everyone say thank you to justin..🥰🥰🥰
Clifford Southern Abbott Concoctions
That was amazing.
Melina Salinas
Melina Salinas 8 minutes ago
He is amazinggggggggggg
Karla Quiroz
Karla Quiroz 29 minutes ago
This is the best performance, love you Justin 🥺🥺🥺
Life with Hazel
Life with Hazel 33 minutes ago
My bby ❤️
Yazid Taufiqurrahman
Yazid Taufiqurrahman 42 minutes ago
This is soooo incredibly amazing Idk why it didnt hit 1M
Sophia santos
Sophia santos 49 minutes ago
thank you Justin Bieber for always saving my life! I love you 💜💜💜
Sophia santos
Sophia santos 49 minutes ago
the way Justin sings is so perfect and angelic! it always takes away all my sadness! it always shows up on time! 🤍🤍🤍
Pedro Gutiérrez
Pedro Gutiérrez 53 minutes ago
Lonely was amazing..
stéphanie Porto
itsKRIIZZZ_ _ Hour ago
Tnx Justin n Spotify for giving us this performance... Hope more live performance like this with deferent Artis...
Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin
Ingrid beatriz Barahona Martinez
¡Bello como siempre! 😘😘
music love
music love Hour ago
Can we please get the full remix of lonely 😮 that was fire
Cheyanne Bentley
He never stops amazing me, he has grown so much in these past few years and I’m so so glad and proud and so fill for joy for him. 🥰🥺🥳🤍🙏😘
Ashish Hour ago
I m going to uninstall it🤬
Ashish Hour ago
Worst app ever I have seen too many ads 🤬🤬
Cintami Fithri
I can't stop smiling while he sings. Love him
BTS Indian fangirl
BTS Indian fangirl 2 hours ago
Lonely song perfectly hits my heart........ I promise you that I will be with you forever Justin♥
Ben Clara
Ben Clara 2 hours ago
The lonely end plsss i love thatt, drop lonely remixx justinnn
gabriella 2 hours ago
Ratan Singh
Ratan Singh 2 hours ago
I loved my headphones after this 😂😂
Valentina Pabón
Valentina Pabón 3 hours ago
no comments but W O W
Pato amoroso
Pato amoroso 3 hours ago
i needed it so badly. this is beautiful. he's so talented♥
Valentina Pabón
Valentina Pabón 3 hours ago
Jon T
Jon T 3 hours ago
you kill it Justin in a nice way
don mata tan
don mata tan 3 hours ago
Te amo justin haceme un hijo galan
Sr Enderdragon
Sr Enderdragon 3 hours ago
SPOTIFY has a channel on US-first :clown: ( youtube music ) :clown:
Luiz Alien
Luiz Alien 3 hours ago
Heaven - Lee
Heaven - Lee 3 hours ago
Cynthia Banks
Cynthia Banks 3 hours ago
His voice 🙈😚🙈
Lucky Anthony Zulueta - Music
One day I will be able to meet Justin Bieber. ❤️😘🇵🇭
Onel EXO
Onel EXO 4 hours ago
Onel EXO
Onel EXO 4 hours ago
Luke Cowen
Luke Cowen 4 hours ago
As good as his voice can be still there was no need for the pitch correction on his microphone here, just annoying
Anna-Lena Ruffradikal
Belieber forever. Love you JB
Dominique Roberts
Dominique Roberts 5 hours ago
I love this man music and his voice ♥
aylla kamilly
aylla kamilly 5 hours ago
aylla kamilly
aylla kamilly 5 hours ago
xlizzmonster 6 hours ago
arslan 6 hours ago
it's real amazing that spotify got launched in my country pakistan and now this video got uploaded, real blessing day.
Carol Sousa
Carol Sousa 6 hours ago
Prince of pop
John Boss
John Boss 6 hours ago
American good American justin bieber seriously good money American California very nais seriously you good gays good boy you seriously Ellen you justin bieber seriously like for you Ellen DeGeneres show seriously
John Boss
John Boss 6 hours ago
Good morning justin bieber you good music English seriously ai my laik you music ai my an UK seriously you good big brother boss dy boss American Canadian you good seriously ai laik my music you rispect you my seriously justin bieber
Tiah Parsan
Tiah Parsan 6 hours ago
Absolutely loving his fashion at the moment too. Looking like a cute lil Aussie 🇦🇺🦘
maaa si le puso corazón a su interpretación, lloré :(
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith 6 hours ago
Is it just,me but Justin nailed it I mean "anyone" shocked if u don't like that song hearing this should change your mind. This is the fifth time I'm watching this And lets not forget his journals performance 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Justin really means it this year👏
M 6 hours ago
did anyone notice that he sings the chorus the way Camila sings it in her version? ❤️❤️❤️
King willkong
King willkong 6 hours ago
King willkong
King willkong 6 hours ago
King willkong
King willkong 6 hours ago
Chordnificent Covers
The drummer in the last few seconds of Holy🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
ITS DENVER 33 minutes ago
Best Holy live performance 🙌!
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 7 hours ago
Ur great actor
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 7 hours ago
Never too young for marriage
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 7 hours ago
Serving 2 master u do well with drama for now. gave u live cause ur ill
akshata govekar
akshata govekar 7 hours ago
It been decade but still can't get over Bieber fever❤ #Foreverlove , justin is blessed with the best voice..keep going.. Always a #JB lover ❤
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 7 hours ago
Jb can fool anyone once u turn ur soul can't changed
always music
always music 7 hours ago
Those visuals are so good it kinda messes with my poor brain 😂 I love his voice
DE LA ROSA 8 hours ago
Justin Is incredibel and his voice is unique and unmateched that is why I am his fan and because he has and has plenty of talent ♛♕♡
Junid Tinoco
Junid Tinoco 8 hours ago
barbero 8 hours ago
rdn farhan
rdn farhan 8 hours ago
love you justinnn ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Crystel Julbz
Crystel Julbz 8 hours ago
Justin’s voice is ♥️
Bianca M.
Bianca M. 8 hours ago
RivHype 8 hours ago
that remix of lonely though! that was amazing!
kaushik maity
kaushik maity 9 hours ago
Aleera Kent
Aleera Kent 9 hours ago
My favorite two song from you so far is lonely and love me
Bad Girl
Bad Girl 9 hours ago
Oaoaoa Myyy laaav🤧💜.
Rita De Cassia Vianna
Quelle incroyable interprétation !!!C'est très touchant!!!So Nice!!!
Ahmed Fareed
Ahmed Fareed 9 hours ago
Legand legand💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Ritesh Auti
Ritesh Auti 10 hours ago
He got some style
The Messenger
The Messenger 10 hours ago
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JOF Musik
JOF Musik 10 hours ago
WTF!? *This instrumental IS great* 💯🔥🔥🤯🤯
DEWAN WAIJE 10 hours ago
Love it ❤️👍🏻
DEWAN WAIJE 10 hours ago
This was epic ❤️❤️
Joshua Smale
Joshua Smale 10 hours ago
Mans Voice is literally unmatched 🤷‍♂️
K Brown
K Brown 10 hours ago
That’s was awesome great ending
Shysh 10 hours ago
So good! Laawwdd
Alexand jx
Alexand jx 10 hours ago
love justin
Luísa Ferreira
Luísa Ferreira 10 hours ago
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Justin Porter
Justin Porter 10 hours ago
That was freakin cool.
Bhumi 10 hours ago
He even sings so so good live I mean he is unpredictable🖤
NmodelH 11 hours ago
One blessed Canadian boy.
vickie thom
vickie thom 11 hours ago
Oh my God I love his voice!!
Chiku 11 hours ago
After watching his performance I subscribed to the Spotify channel 😅
Cel Drew
Cel Drew 11 hours ago
Bieber's voice is art
vickie thom
vickie thom 11 hours ago
No wedding ring? What is up with that?
NIINA & ILIINA official
Austin Morden
Austin Morden 11 hours ago
I’m so thankful we live in a time to experience something like this
Koral C
Koral C 11 hours ago
Definitely I can see some micheal Jackson influence, I’m glad u haven’t changed. I love u I. It’s so beautiful that your telling your adult story so far
WILLIAM 11 hours ago
Hey Spotify I recently upgraded my acct to premier but I miss those Spotify ads is there a way I can here those interrupting ads 🥺
me bibah
me bibah 11 hours ago
BABA YAGA 11 hours ago
As a former beileber stop this holy shit go back to your 2015 glory
BABA YAGA 11 hours ago
Dude you're flopping hard
Shiela Ramos
Shiela Ramos 11 hours ago
The best singer😍😍
Andrei Neagu
Andrei Neagu 11 hours ago
Christmas came earlier! ❤️
Alexis Hewitt
Alexis Hewitt 11 hours ago
i’ve loved him since one less lonely girl and i’m still in love w him
Buuny 11 hours ago
Justin is Luv ❤️
Royce Abraham
Royce Abraham 11 hours ago
Justin is amazing just the way he is❣️.Always my favourite artist
Cris Armellin
Cris Armellin 11 hours ago
Spotify Stream On