Strange cats 🐾 

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Lots and lots of strange cats!
No worries, they are ultra friendly :3
Cat is chat in french :D
The song is Mario paint- Gnat attack!


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Apr 2, 2021




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reimi 15 minutes ago
This will never not be funny
Маинлеон 30 minutes ago
1:12 ъуъ
ItzUnicxrn Gaming
ItzUnicxrn Gaming 42 minutes ago
b u f k a t s
Lemono Guy
Lemono Guy Hour ago
My last 2 braincells when i try sleep:
Nazakio O_O
Nazakio O_O Hour ago
What to do when you approch a spider cat (1) Chase them . (2) Get your catball . (3) slow down and befriend it. (4) hug and activate catball to capture (5) enjoy the cat . CONGRATS YOU HAVE CAPTURED A SPIDER CAT SPIDER cat Health Bar : 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Stamina 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️ ( drops Cookies )
GachaBoop Hour ago
I cant be the one thinking that the black cats are soot gremlins
1:37: me: awwww
Implozia 2 hours ago
Is always the black ones.
Aaliyah Alexander
Aaliyah Alexander 3 hours ago
*Strange cats? You mean cursed cats right?*
ඞ Frostypop ඞ
ඞ Frostypop ඞ 3 hours ago
3D to last reminds me of molten Freddy
Null 3 hours ago
I was watching this while lying in bed then I tasted something weird in my throat and I sat upright and my nose was bleeding and all the blood spilled down my throat so I rushed out of bed getting blood on my floor and I got tissues and the bathroom looked like a crimescene with all the blood it was weird but I'm asking is it normal if I was to swallow blood because I did
Orange Splat Productions
lauren funny
lauren funny 3 hours ago
1:40 shade from hollow knight moment.
N-ter The sandbox
N-ter The sandbox 3 hours ago
These cursed black cat images are getting out of control
Mementos 3 hours ago
I'm waiting for the apandah collab
SketchySketches 4 hours ago
The 4 cat types of the apocalypse: Buff cats Liquid cats Photoshop cats Black cats
Zacchaeus Caldwell
Zacchaeus Caldwell 4 hours ago
Lol what we feck
stickman pro
stickman pro 4 hours ago
Charli 4 hours ago
i love how literally all of the black cats were cryptids HAKJFKLDS
MrPoli 4 hours ago
1:34 Amogus
Small Boi
Small Boi 4 hours ago
Were is this song from?
The Public Speaker
The Public Speaker 4 hours ago
This gave me a stomach cramp, i laughed that hard
Celeste Hoot
Celeste Hoot 5 hours ago
1:35 that’s my type of cat
cy x
cy x 5 hours ago
Yup is this undertale music
Ricochet Yt
Ricochet Yt 5 hours ago
1:27 just ordinary cats in anime be like
Drip Goku
Drip Goku 5 hours ago
Amo- 1:34
Tim Can
Tim Can 5 hours ago
Not sure what I just watched
Nerd Girl
Nerd Girl 5 hours ago
*CATS* 💪😺
Svajūnas Krivickas sva20jas10
the strange cats are.... strange
windows 9
windows 9 6 hours ago
1:14 lel
Betzabet Puentes
Betzabet Puentes 6 hours ago
Meowieycat 6 hours ago
The 2 to last was my favorite
Ario Radman
Ario Radman 6 hours ago
Monster octopus cats
Ario Radman
Ario Radman 6 hours ago
Flying cat
Ario Radman
Ario Radman 6 hours ago
Among us cat
Ario Radman
Ario Radman 6 hours ago
Spider cat 🤣
Marcin sky6
Marcin sky6 6 hours ago
Romeito Garcia
Romeito Garcia 6 hours ago
Can't you do part 2 please
Caleb Lawson
Caleb Lawson 7 hours ago
the animation in 1:23 is so smooth omg
Mates Křen
Mates Křen 7 hours ago
1:00 *when i give my last drink to my LIL cute catie .w.
tru :
tru : 7 hours ago
cat evolution be like
FurBer Kara
FurBer Kara 7 hours ago
Many of them so cursed angry as fuk
McDonald's to keep me alive
Hawk moth:weird battle Cat noir:game on Cat noir:
Seoo aoo eoo
Seoo aoo eoo 7 hours ago
Mette Møller
Mette Møller 7 hours ago
fat boi: *RUN RUN RUN RUN* sit down on da flowers
Sasha Korytnikova
Sasha Korytnikova 8 hours ago
That one before the one with the squirrel gives me transfurmation game flashbacks
adropintheocean 8 hours ago
this is my favorite video on all of youtube
heavy gaming
heavy gaming 8 hours ago
0:06 fun fact ive seen this exact same cat a few weeks ago
Peaceful Toy World
Peaceful Toy World 8 hours ago
Those are some cursed cats but most of the black ones are creepy
Matthew Contreras
Matthew Contreras 8 hours ago
0:45 fortnight be like
Matthew Contreras
Matthew Contreras 8 hours ago
Only og’s know this
Ben Nicholls
Ben Nicholls 9 hours ago
котейка 10 hours ago
Я одна здесь русская?
Edna Bispo
Edna Bispo 10 hours ago
1:35 amogus
Lotus 10 hours ago
I ask you to work on a game.
Lexie Westerhof
Lexie Westerhof 10 hours ago
I can’t stop watching this over and over
Ender0xzy YT
Ender0xzy YT 10 hours ago
Erone 10 hours ago
My iPad was turned off and I was so startled when I heard the sound-
Canuka 11 hours ago
when i go to school 0:56
2lazy :T
2lazy :T 12 hours ago
Why are there so many muscle cats
robot cat owo
robot cat owo 12 hours ago
cats go beat up some dogs
ayoub moh
ayoub moh 12 hours ago
0:25 reality:fat cat is HERE to sleep kekeflipnote:FAT FAST CAT AND slep
Liam Galaini
Liam Galaini 12 hours ago
Lambada Test 2: Very Odd Cats, Strategic Petting.
Abbey Axogen
Abbey Axogen 13 hours ago
Omg this was uploaded on my birthday and i love cats. I have my own curled ear cat.
Huzur Huzur
Huzur Huzur 14 hours ago
me: u so fat my Cat : oki 1:21
Diego G.
Diego G. 14 hours ago
1:34 amogus
King ope 86
King ope 86 14 hours ago
A Glass cat 🐱
0911623788z 15 hours ago
1:35 amogus
Samira 16 hours ago
0:51 16 pack
Fresilia Huang
Fresilia Huang 17 hours ago
・ツsᴛᴀʀʀʏ ᴀʙʙʏsシ・
Liked the milk cat
Leo03 18 hours ago
1:43 All hail to Lord Cathulhu
Ярослава Тримайлова
Why is there a ъуъ?
Hadiprawira Ahmad
Hadiprawira Ahmad 18 hours ago
all of the stronk cats: haha no one will defeat us >:) the black sussy at 1:36 when he kills all of them:
Tequaine Chang
Tequaine Chang 18 hours ago
If these cats team up no do you win
Zenek Zadyma
Zenek Zadyma 18 hours ago
you make my day a lot happier now :D S T R A N G E C A T S
Laugh Out Lolly
Laugh Out Lolly 18 hours ago
Part 2?
minecraft omega
minecraft omega 19 hours ago
0:52 looks like my cat
DiscardedMantifera 20 hours ago
me: on final exam also my brain:
Reyin Jantan
Reyin Jantan 21 hour ago
cijioko :3
cijioko :3 21 hour ago
J'ai l'impression d'avoir vu cette vidéo avant il y a 2-3 ans
shafayet islam
shafayet islam 21 hour ago
I love this types of funny pixel art animations
daniel huynh
daniel huynh 22 hours ago
big funny
Harley Bar
Harley Bar 22 hours ago
Black cat that love it takes look more like a ghost that has Dyck he did that house and husband scared of the humans lately
Dream The Pokémon champion
somebody PLEASE tell me what the music is
uwu kana
uwu kana 22 hours ago
black cats ar no pupoled kittens
shy muffine
shy muffine 23 hours ago
Omg stop lol
Brendan Downs
Brendan Downs 23 hours ago
Your Majesty has returned
david bfdi
david bfdi 23 hours ago
rip flipnote
Seally Of Approval
Seally Of Approval 23 hours ago
Coco Toco
Coco Toco 23 hours ago
Vervalamis Bell
The battle cats
Anna Carter
Anna Carter Day ago
1:46 all cats 🐱= liquid
Isla Bell
Isla Bell Day ago
Can we just appreciate how SMOOTH this is? Like damn
Canal da Lili Ferreira
rikkielacio Day ago
0:17 This won't make me stop laughing
Kasia Day ago
omfg never change. Just stay like this forever, please
Dominguez Charles
Cats are living liquids(no bad meaning) confirmed
Marie Murphy
Marie Murphy Day ago
1:36 amog us.
つのつの Day ago
Said a scholar. Cat is liquid
Mugelbbub16 Day ago
1:36 if someone gave me a cat that looked like this I'd cremate it
Our Cats :3
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