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Published on


Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 96   
Jeremie Third Arroyo
Is thata real finger?
SapphirePanda Gacha
They didn’t want anything to do with you, so you have a right to not want anything to do with them
Melissa Davis
Melissa Davis Hour ago
Nava 12
Nava 12 2 hours ago
Look this is about equivalent to a dad or mom leaving there child after 2 months of brith and coming back after 21 years and ask you for a kidney so they can live you are not wrong
Angel Ambrosia
Angel Ambrosia 2 hours ago
If the sister never had any kidney problems they wouldn't have contacted the girl because they have nothing to gain from her. They just wanna use her, and never speak again.
Randomu Fujoshi
Randomu Fujoshi 3 hours ago
Girl you did nothing wrong , it's your ORGANS you are free to do what you want with them.
Judie Ann
Judie Ann 3 hours ago
My half sister never talked to me, when her son had liver cancer, my half sister, half brother and ex stepmother begged me to give a love of liver if I was 0+, I am however had type 2 diabetes at that time and couldn't donate. They haven't talked to me in the past 10 years, unfortunately my nephew died.
Audrey Sisto
Audrey Sisto 3 hours ago
Little Big Cubing
Little Big Cubing 3 hours ago
You are in the right completely, it is your body. They just grabbed you for spare parts
Jose Villanueva Peralta
Nah there the assholes for only contact your just for a kidney it’s your mom leave you and then only contact you Bc you won the lottery but it’s is a bit messed up but shame on them no shame for you
Gracee Low
Gracee Low 4 hours ago
Dont worry, its ur kidney its ur decision. Theres no right or wrong,lives and fate, everyone has a timeframe of life,if they’re meant to die soon,theres no point saving.
Timber Pascoe
Timber Pascoe 4 hours ago
Nah. Your body your rules
Travis Minger
Travis Minger 4 hours ago
I would have done it but I don't think its wrong not to
Wren Rambles
Wren Rambles 5 hours ago
That’s your moms fault for giving her false hope. Not yours. I don’t think you did anything wrong. Especially since your mom wanted to abort you in the first place.
Jessica Dee
Jessica Dee 5 hours ago
Yeah… You’re definitely the asshole for not saving someone’s life because you feel they didn’t do anything for you in the first place. The fuck is wrong with people nowadays
olha ela
olha ela 6 hours ago
I don't think this person is wrong, it's their body and so is the decision.
LLsuper girlLL
LLsuper girlLL 7 hours ago
No 😄
florielle 7 hours ago
as someone who had kidney failure, you did the right thing. the step sister was definitely not a good person and neither was the mom.
CGA vids
CGA vids 7 hours ago
Is that a fake finger? The ending looks gross
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez 7 hours ago
OMG you're not you have the right to say no I do not want to donate my kidney to my step sister you just contact me to get my kidneys to save your stepdaughter you have the right to say that to your parents you go girl
Cami .0.
Cami .0. 8 hours ago
No cuz even tho y’all are related by blood they aren’t NOT ur family so it’s completely ok that they decided not to give up their kidney
Cats! and Music Food
How heck does that nail goes under the skin finger!!!!!!!
Brookarella Style
Brookarella Style 9 hours ago
It’s really a double standard how your “mom” is worried about saving a life now but back then she was quick to take one 🤔 I’m sorry you had to go through this. I wish your half sister would at least try to have a relationship with you!
Katherine Robertson
Fanatics nail
Katherine Robertson
Wow that nail is COOL and cute
joyce stolpp
joyce stolpp 9 hours ago
Girl don’t worry you’re right your family was just using you I completely support on your comment if my family did that I would have no regrets saying no
Susan Michael
Susan Michael 9 hours ago
You are not selfish giving up a body part is a big deal why give up your body part to selfish people that didn't give a crap about you in the first place hell no move on down the line get put on the list find a cousin
Julieann1912 10 hours ago
The story is really crappy. I can’t believe they did that to you! On the other hand, watching you make this nail is pretty mesmerizing. And somehow...icky. Yet I watched it 3 times. Human nature, interesting 🤔
sum random dude
sum random dude 10 hours ago
This was taken from a reddit post
Bananaab 10 hours ago
Wait wait I’m trying tk see if these are real stories or stories she made up, I CANT TELL ANYMORE QWQ
ghost kitties
ghost kitties 10 hours ago
Not selfish at all. If your so called "family" cuts you off or is horrible twords you, you have every right to cut them out of YOUR life and you dont owe them jack diddly.
Diss-Abled Gamer
Diss-Abled Gamer 10 hours ago
Send that family 14 bottles of urine to show them what they missed out on when they had nothing to do with you for 14 years.
lily sudak
lily sudak 10 hours ago
i would have done it. it’s a human life
Thomas M
Thomas M 10 hours ago
Na its your kidney, even close family members wouldnt want their close relatives doing that for them because theyd feel horrible but it happens because there is no othwr way, but in this case, they should go find someone else
Mila Mimon
Mila Mimon 11 hours ago
You can live quite long on dialysis....just saying. Also out of all the family, the ONLY match is her half sister?! Hmm, SUS!
Rylie Mohrdieck
Rylie Mohrdieck 11 hours ago
I think they should have been up front. It may have ended the same but if they were honest it would have seemed less icky (at least from my perspective). If they were more open and less assholeish maybe she would have thought it through in a different light. She has no obligation either way though, and (though my opinion doesn't matter) I think she did the right thing for herself.
eee yeee
eee yeee 11 hours ago
Anna Louise
Anna Louise 12 hours ago
Idk... I'm sorry but I would give my kidney to anyone, if it saved their life 🤷🏼‍♀️ I get that shes angry, but I don't think her fucked up family situation is more important than a human life
Tony Somoza
Tony Somoza 12 hours ago
No your not. I would have done the same.
rahma lkhl
rahma lkhl 13 hours ago
Your dad dropped this 👑
Kali Bragg
Kali Bragg 13 hours ago
Kind of yeah I think they are little bit yeah
Shadowwolfgaming 13 hours ago
No ur not the a$$hole
Jordan Coronado
Jordan Coronado 13 hours ago
Omg either you've had a very shitty life or these storytimes aren't all yours 😳 husband has an affair with his "daughter", people abuse the fact that you're blind, and now estranged family asks to take your kidney.
EMPRESS SHION 13 hours ago
I stand by your decision. I mean they only thought of you because they have no other choice. I hope you stand by that decision
The Sour BlueBerry.
The Sour BlueBerry. 13 hours ago
No your not
Michelle Cortez
Michelle Cortez 14 hours ago
I would of done the same 🖖
Tom Rath
Tom Rath 14 hours ago
Well I’m glad you’re alive. Shitty situation and people, but better then death. Stay safe ✌️
Call Me Chad
Call Me Chad 14 hours ago
These are just Reddit stories...
Sarah Sheikh
Sarah Sheikh 14 hours ago
No your not
Shelby Jane
Shelby Jane 15 hours ago
My family is the same they come running when they need something from me
Sunita S
Sunita S 15 hours ago
The mom took her happiness and comfort of a mom then why should she give her the happiness and pride of being an amazing daughter. it's fair and square.
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas 15 hours ago
You are not the asshole, they are being selfish pricks
Gabe 16 hours ago
Whenever your first think is the right thing to do it usually is
sweedel 16 hours ago
No u aren't wrong
Kendra Hawkins
Kendra Hawkins 16 hours ago
I cringe everytime the nail pulls off lol
Victoria Cervantes
Victoria Cervantes 17 hours ago
I hope they hear this story
Ambitchious 20 hours ago
Perfect example of karma.
Claire Bear
Claire Bear 22 hours ago
Nope, not your responsibility and it's unfair for them to put that on you like that..
Vidalia TheOnionQueen
no you're not an asshole. they are basically strangers to you. blood relation means nothing. and you may need that kidney one day
Ariella Parker
You were not a ass it is you're kidney you're choice
Jayden's songs and vlogs
Your in no way the but hole. They are
Amber in the box
Yah...ok. so losing a kidney may be life saving...but u need ur kidneys Dont listen to what others think. What if u get older amd end up with kidney issues urself. Ur fine.
Jay Gacha
Jay Gacha Day ago
It’s your choice
Julia Day ago
Abigail Gonzalez
You did nothing wrong it’s your body you don’t owe them or anybody else
Santi So Blessed
Family or not, you don't owe anybody anything
Toyia Edwards
Shy Puckett
Shy Puckett Day ago
Did ur step sister die if not then thank God she is still alive if she did you fucked up big time🙁😑
Annie Steinmann
Yo why does that go so far in to your finger? Doesn't that hurt?
Kato Corido
Kato Corido Day ago
Ya I am going to fight for a family that doesn’t care about me ya fuck them and they want my kidney NOOPPEE!! Fuck them again You are a good person keep doing what you are doing ❤️
Raptor_Squadz Hx 2
No because it's payback
Wet Paint
Wet Paint Day ago
Fuck THEM!!!
e j
e j Day ago
What did they ever do to deserve that girls body organs lol. Cast her aside until she could be of use?
Darlene Maisonneuve
You are right in your decision.Pray for her.🙏💕
Agustin Gonzalez
For some reason I don't believe any of her stories
Snakehead Defenders
When you wipe and your nails are a bit to long:
Lil_pep Day ago
Lol shout out to the people insisting to me that her stories are real
an_idiot Day ago
"Oh hey kid I have never bothered to contact or done anything for wanna donate your kidney to your half sister who also has done nothing for you?" No?
Conny the dog
You shouldn't give your kidney to someone who was willing to just kill you before you were even born's other daughter
Red_priest Moto
This video is cancer lol
Kivo And Stecy
Your not obligated to donate
Emily Fearless
I need a kidney can anyone spare one 😬🤷‍♀️
Rodrigo Fragoso
It a tuff situation to be in but you the only one that can say yes or no
Harrison High
If they just want your Kinney then their the assholes
Faythe Day ago
#NotAnAssHole .
Justice Kirker
No .why cause someone who contacts you after abandoning you for YOUR organ doesnt deserve to talk to you or breathe the same as you let alone have your kidney for fucks sake
brian Drazen jr
brian Drazen jr 2 days ago
I feel if your family don’t call you does nothing for you but finally call you for something they aren’t family at that point you never grew up with them they did nothing for you in life and then go and ask you for something
Sarah 2 days ago
You don’t need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm. Remember that.
JaylenIsOP 2 days ago
*Doesnt talk to you for 14 years* “Your a bad person for not giving me your kidney”
Darthcalyx 2 days ago
I would say they are more selfish as the only reason they talked to you is for something you had
Yannie Valaziotis
Good for you girl
GSE K.J. 2 days ago
There’s to many people calling them her family...that’s not her family this are relatives ion know bout hall but I think there’s a big difference
fireassassin gaming
I’m gonna have to say I doubt this story. It sounds like something out of a cheesy web novel. Straight up, I can find plenty of scenarios out of books that are the same. I cannot help but doubt this story for being a sympathy card, and preying on the lack of knowledge in that area. If it is true, of course, sure, I’ll apologize, but I need some evidence other than witness. TLDR this is a fake story ripped off of a Webnovel or something like that. It is just a sympathy card to get views. I might be wrong, and things like this happen, but I personally don’t believe it rn.
fireassassin gaming
fireassassin gaming 15 hours ago
Could be true too though. Idk
Faith Helton
Faith Helton 2 days ago
Girl no !!! You are not wrong ... this is the same woman/ family who didn’t care enough about your well-being for 14 years . Hell no . Keep your kidney and quality of life . They have lists for stuff like that ...
Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf 2 days ago
Ah, the good ol ulterior motive
Samuel Hughes
Samuel Hughes 2 days ago
The only reason your mother contacted you was to get your kidney. Maybe your mother should get to know you better before doing that crap.